Bedroom video? Palin says Julian Assange, who Wiki-leaked her emails, deserves pardon


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has called for the presidential pardon of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

All is forgiven, apparently, for his leaking her emails and photos.

“I made a mistake some years ago … and I’ve learned a lot since then,” said Palin in a video, adding that it’s “coming down to the wire” and she wants more Americans to speak out on Assange’s behalf and “to understand what he has done and what has been done to him. He was working on the people’s behalf to allow information to get to us so that we could make up our minds.”

Palin made the video plea from what appears to be her bedroom, while sitting on what appears to be her bed with what appears to be her dog behind her. It’s not exactly a boudoir shot, but her flannel shirt is unbuttoned to reveal a close-fitting camisole.

Assange is the Australian editor, publisher, and activist who founded WikiLeaks in 2006. After the 2010 leaks, the United States government launched a criminal investigation into WikiLeaks.

Assange leaked thousands of email messages; the ones most relevant to Alaska contained Palin family photos, along with evidence the governor may have conducted Alaska business via her personal Yahoo account — all leaked after Palin became Sen. John McCain’s vice presidential running mate.

WikiLeaks also leaked numerous documents from the Alaska Democratic Party in 2016, which showed the party was in trouble with its base for rigging the electoral votes for Hillary Clinton, when most Democrats in Alaska voted for Bernie Sanders.

Among those passing along intel to the National DNC was Kay Brown, then-executive director of the Alaska Democratic Party, referencing the help she’s received from Hal Gazaway, the chair of District 19 Democrats.

Other WikiLeaks emails showed former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz delighting in the fact that Ethan Berkowitz, the now-former mayor of Anchorage, is Jewish.

Also appearing in WikiLeaks leaked documents are items on now-Sen. Elvi Gray Jackson, and Anchorage Daily News reporter Alex DeMarban, who was described as having “a difficult time comprehending and recording information,” by the then-communications director of the Alaska Democratic Party:

Assange’s fiancée has also asked President Donald Trump for a pardon of the WikiLeaks founder, to stop Assange from “falling into the hands of the Deep State.” Stella Moris asked Trump “show mercy” before he leaves the White House.  

Assange is currently being held in Her Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh, men’s prison in Thamesmead, southeast London, England. A judge is scheduled to rule on Jan. 4, 2021 about whether he should be sent to the U.S. to face justice over leaked classified military cables that pertained to the Iraq and Afghan wars.  Moris told Fox host Tucker Carlson she believes Assange will not get a fair trial if he is extradited. 

“Everyone agrees this is a terrble case,” Morris said to Carslson. “It is the end of the First Amendment if it comes to pass.”


  1. There is a GIANT difference between free speech and illegal hacking and disclosure of classified information. We live in a world tainted by sin and many are the evil agents seeking our demise – secrets are necessary, unfortunately, for the sake of national security. Assange needs to be made an example of – that he is in a British prison is to his benefit. I agree with the statement that he would not receive a fair trial here. Members of our security apparatus have a way of getting even with those who betray them, and Assange would be high on their list… Sarah, you’ve made a mistake with this one – nice that you’ve learned what forgiveness is, but this is the wrong example to publicize and the wrong way to do it. Those who think Assange is a hero are clueless and likely genuine Biden voters…

    • Australian Assange hacked nothing WikiLeaks ever published. The real criminals are the ones who classified information about an illegal war in IRAQ, then tried to cover up the murder of Reuters journalists in the field. Want a properly crooked journalist in this whole mess, look up Judith Miller, note who she works for now, they’re the real axis of evil.

    • …or people who understand freedom can’t be maintained with a huge state apparatus that is shielded from answering for their actions by declaring “national intelligence – top secret”. That’s more of a USSR thing than a USA thing…

      Not a Biden guy – but a smaller, more responsible government guy…


    • Rich, Have they actually proven that he actually performed the hacking? if not, then I would argue that he is protected just as the other media outlets by releasing information. kinda like doing a news report on information that was provided to them. in his case, he just posted it out there for the world.

    • Uh, what exactly did Assange release were “national security”? Are you implying that the DNC coordinating to keep Bernie from winning in 2012 and 2016, and people in the media gave Hillary all the questions before the 2016 election shouldn’t have been published because those, too, were somehow “national security” risks?
      Nothing that Assange, Edward Snowden, or any other whistleblowers exposed were “national security” secrets. No whistleblower should be targeted for telling the truth about our corrupt government. They’re ONLY targeted for exposing the government’s illegal acts. I’m sick of our government using “national security” as an excuse to NOT turn over FOIA or other requests. I and every other tax payer own the government; they do not own me or anyone else. There is very little our government does can be truly considered “national security” anymore. This is simply used to cover up their wrongdoings.

      • “Nothing that Assange, Edward Snowden, or any other whistleblowers exposed were “national security” secrets.”
        What they did expose is a growing danger from within, to our Republic, that could destroy us,

  2. Taylor Swift ,,,,, Kardashians ,,,, LaBron James ,,,,, Palin ,,,, ect. Don’t really care what they say ,,,, somehow athletes , entertainers and politicians who quit OFFICE think I care about their opinions.

  3. Can you name anything published by Assange that has been proven utterly false? No? That’s proper journalism, unbiased, unfiltered, unimpeachable. Pardon him POTUS!

  4. Any comment from the Anchorage Mayor;s office or from members of the Assembly or do any of them even know who Julian Assange is ..??

  5. Where are Hillary Clinton’s State Department e-mails? Assange had hacked them. Why have they never surfaced for the public to see? Why isn’t Clinton being prosecuted and serving time? Trump promised us that she would be brought to justice.

  6. Nice to see Sarah speaking out on this subject.
    Please include Ed Snowden to the pardon list.
    Both of these individuals have only acted in the best interest of the people and no harm has been done to “national security” whatever that may mean.

  7. Not the typical setting for a press release. But, would she have been more believable if carefully coiffed and scripted in a studio? I don’t believe so. I respect her for this plea for a pardon for Assange, a man imprisoned for doing journalism.

  8. Assange revealed the —- of our government and governments around the world. He’s a hero and an honorary American patriot in my opinion.
    He deserves not only a pardon, but an award would be a proper gesture.

  9. Forgive and forget by Sarah? I don’t think so. There is more to this than what she claims. Something is up! Maybe the beginning of a campaign perhaps?

  10. They should name a grade school in San Francisco after Assange ….hear they’re looking for new heroes.
    Would there have been a Trump Presidency w/out Julian Assange?

    • If she had succeeded in her bid for the vice-presidency, getting primed for the presidency, she would have been acclaimed for her success.
      Her bid failed, but she tried. Have you never tried, but failed?

  11. Ignoring a message because you do not like the messenger is childish. Whatever you think of Sarah is not important, but her message is.
    Julian Assange and Edward Snowden did we the people a great service by revealing truth. Incredibly brave to go against the worldwide MACHINE. Many around the world regard them as super heroes.

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