Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar dumps on Anchorage public on his way out the door to the Senate


Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar has let the public get under his skin. So much so, that he spent much of his resignation letter criticizing the people he represents.

While most of his letter was a review of his perceived accomplishments, Dunbar could not pass up the chance to have the last word in disparaging those who have called him to task over spending and Assembly priorities. As the Anchorage Assembly grew more radical in recent years, the taxpaying public pushed back, with more and more people attending meetings to voice their disagreement with how their elected representatives were governing.

“In this earlier period, we worked with prior Administrations to sell ML&P and invest the funds in the Municipal Trust, where it will provide sustainable revenue for generations. We rebuilt the Anchorage Police Department through academies, investment in nonsworn staff, and the purchase of a new headquarters. We passed several landmark labor policies to grow our next generation of skilled tradespeople. Personally, I was honored to sponsor Anchorage’s first ever Indigenous Naming Ordinance, to partner with Ms. Quinn-Davidson to declare Anchorage a Purple Heart City, and to work with Mr. Petersen to see that East Anchorage received the investments it deserved. To this day I keep a piece of the ribbon we cut at the Chanshtnu Muldoon Park hanging from my rearview mirror, a reminder of the power of our neighbors working together,” Dunbar wrote of his accomplishments.

He also blew up the Anchorage budget from $481 million in 2016 to over $587 million in the most recent operating budget passed, the largest in Anchorage history. But he did not mention that in his resignation.

Not everyone appreciated the increasingly radical Assembly. Anchorage conservatives criticized the Assembly’s Covid policies, and to try to rein in the hard tack to the left. The people voted for Mayor Dave Bronson, not Dunbar, in the 2021 election. Anchorage business owners showed up to point out to the Assembly the corruption in former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s Covid shutdowns, which favored establishments he had financial ties with.

Dunbar, elected first in 2016 and again in 2019, and 2022, ran and lost for mayor in 2021. He ran and won a state Senate seat in 2022.

In his resignation letter, he said that starting in 2020, the public presence at the Assembly became an unwelcome disruption:

“Unfortunately, starting in 2020, we saw the heightened presence of national politics infect our local government, driven in large part by the COVID pandemic and those who saw it as an opportunity to divide our community for personal and political gain, with the Assembly as the primary target. Those same forces politicized our homelessness crisis to a degree never seen before and brought frequent disruption, chaos, conspiracy theories, and election denialism into our Chambers. Their shameful actions literally cost the lives of some of our fellow residents, and the fallout from their behavior continues to be felt to this day,” Dunbar wrote.

This fall, the Anchorage Assembly severely curtailed the public’s ability to express its opinions by eliminating the first half hour of public comment.

Meanwhile, over the past few years, Dunbar has been caught on record saying that the U.S. Constitution is shot-through with racism — “all of it,” he said.

Earlier this year, he had the Assembly kill an ordinance so that the public could not testify on its dissatisfaction with the way Anchorage elections are run.

“It has been the case in the last year or so that when we start to testify on items regarding elections, we tend to give a platform for people spewing misinformation on our elections…” Dunbar said, arguing that tabling the ordinance was necessary so there would not be public comments, as required by law.

Dunbar’s last meeting this month was marked by a party thrown for him by a few of his liberal colleagues, including a cake decorated with cucumbers, baked by Assembly staffer Clare Ross. Assemblyman Pete Petersen played the guitar during the Assembly’s dinner break. The Assembly gave him a hand-painted portrait of him and his cat. And he posted a video of his last meeting on Twitter. His resignation becomes official on Jan. 3, and the Assembly liberal majority will appoint someone to hold his spot until the April regular municipal election.

Dunbar goes to Juneau in mid-January, where he will be far from the opinions of the public in Southcentral Alaska, and will only hear the sound of the echo chamber of the state capital.


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  1. I have a suggestion for the cucumbers. But I would not like to offend all of those who voted for him. They can enjoy his work in the senate. If you happen to be out in Alaska, “run, Forrest, run “.

  2. His voting record on the assembly was anti private sector especially small business that were deprived of Covid money President Trump sent the state and municipality, which left 50 million for the assembly to play with while many went out of business., theft.

  3. look in the mirror and say I am one of the problem politicians who Anchorage voters did not like. You were the problem not the taxpayer good riddance .

  4. Forrest Dumbar is a raging lunatic. His, is a combination of left-over rage from years of confusion, and reconstituted rage from wokism, entitlement, and mental disorder. It’s all there for the public to see.

    • Keep this freako away from the kiddos in liberal Juneau. Unless you want your kiddo to become an LGBTQ. This scourge has an agenda.

    • Actually, not quite. Both his parents were career government employees. He can talk about his idyllic upbringing in rural Alaska all he wants. However, that occurred because of his father’s career with ADFG, not because the family strived to make it in rural Alaska. He can also talk about his work experience bagging groceries or working in private law practice all he wants, but his overall professional experience reeks of one more bottom-feeding lawyer gaming the system, as if there weren’t already enough of those types in the world. The “walled garden” atmosphere found in Juneau during that time of year will be perfect for someone with such a minimal real-world perspective.

      • You know a vast amount of MRAK readers are of multi-generational families living the vet benefit dream, right? Or I don’t know ask Art Chance-he lived off a state job for his career, too

        Wait, YOU are in the military and/or have a government job…

        • Never! I been private sector my whole life. I’m part of the workforce team who sells products to make money for the government and nonprofit. employees, who produce nothing to sell, so they have a job.
          Unfortunatly none of my veteran grandad’s children, nieces, and nephews, grandchildren didn’t enlist, he didno’t what values needed
          To pass on.
          I think most mrak readers spent time in the private sector, by the contributors and regulars, like art chance, he has experience working in both workforces, he knows where americas money
          is made and by who.

  5. Bummer that the Anchorage Assembly has spent more time working that cucumber than responsibly representing the interests of those that put money in their coffers.

  6. Forrest Dunbar is a narcisstic, petty tyrant with dreams of grandeur. And the morons over on the lefty side of town believe every stupid lie he tells as they continue to vote for him. What exactually did he do for our city, any if you on the lefty side o town? What has he EVER done that was an IMPROVEMENT? I worked at MLP and remember his lies about where the money would go. As him to tell you that whopper of a story! He is MR MASK N LOCKDOWN. Going to Juneau to hide from we the people, as usual. His petty ordinances to shut us down, his late night sessions with adq to undermine the city when it became acting mayor. You think we hate you now,
    Forrext, we will hate you more and send you more letters, make more calls, etc as YOUR CONSTITUENTS, when you start your tyrannical little “tweeks” to bills, et al. You mean little man with your mean little pen… and you morons that voted him in, watch how he screws you too.

    • Jefferson it sure appears like YOU are so attracted to the power of political office given the immense amount of commenting you do on it here.

      • Maureen, your comment here is such an irrational and illogical non sequitur that it is unworthy of response, other than to point out that fact.
        It does, however, highlight the glaring hypocrisy, irrationality, and psychological projection of the typical radical leftist. Please seek help for your serious mental illness.

        • Emmense amount of commenting-as shown by the extensive host of comments printed herewith your name is not an emotional response.

          Did you want to refer to me as ‘young lady”, too? I am over 60 and well on my way to 70.

          I do see though that you project pretty regularly. Twice right above.

        • Congrats Jefferson.
          Maureen has resorted to personal attacks instead of rebutting your points. That means you have won against a leftist.

          • CBMTTek, it is not hard to ‘win’ against one who is permanently logically challenged and mentally deranged. It is like putting down a pathetic but dangerously rabid puppy — it has to be done, but one derives no satisfaction in the process.

        • I think maureen likes likes-likes you. As a helga in Nicholodian’s Hey, she singles you out as the school girl who’d slap the boy over his head just so he knows she’s there. Hahaha. If MRAK had a dating
          App, Maureen be looking at your profile everyday

      • Well! At
        least jefferson knows right from wrong unlike you. Jeffy as been a mrak reader longer than you. You showed up
        shortly after adn took away its public

  7. This Portlandian elitest is so out of touch with the reality on the ground in ANC.

    People just wanted to be left alone and not ordered around like the assembly decided to do. All their decrees and commands have been proven useless and complete government overreach. Dunbar is projecting when he speaks of bringing national politics into the assembly. The people never issued orders under threat of violence to force a minority of people to bend to their will. The assembly followed national politics of other technocrat progressives around the country and the worst part about it was they drove a wedge in the community, all for nothing. None of their orders had any effect on the virus.

    But go ahead and make sure you don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back dunbar, like it or not you are an authoritarian.

  8. He swore oath to defend the actual rights of constituents in the US Constitutional though without mental reservation(s) or purpose of evasion.

  9. He swore oath to defend the actual rights of constituents in the US Constitution though without mental reservation(s) or purpose of evasion.

  10. Remember that Forrest Dunbar took credit in 2020 for the passage of Proposition 12, the Anchorage alcohol sales tax. He and his assembly cohort pledged to the voters that the funds raised, at 5% on all retail alcohol sales, would be spent *ONLY* on:

    “(1) Funding the police, related criminal justice, and first responders; (2) funding to combat and address child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence, and (3) Funding for substance abuse treatment, prevention programs, detoxification or long-term addiction recovery facilities, mental and behavioral health programs, and resources to prevent and address Anchorage’s homeless crisis.”

    HOWEVER, as we know, the alcohol sales tax revenue has been used for an assortment of other purposes. The majority of these funds have been spent on procuring real estate for homeless persons. This tax revenue has become the assembly’s “slush fund” for anything that suits them even if it is totally objectionable to the greater Anchorage constituency.

    It looks me to as if voters in East Anchorage have been hoodwinked repeatedly by disgusting Forrest Dunbar. He is a liar, he’s unethical, he’s only interested in his self-serving pursuits, and he should not be allowed to claim an affiliation with the Alaska National Guard.

  11. The voters got what they wanted: a pompous, arrogant, self-absorbed little tyrant. Such a classic progressive… “The Assembly gave him a hand-painted portrait of him and his cat.”. That says it all pretty much.

  12. PUBLIC TYRANT instead of “public servant.” Dunbar would *often* completely ignore those who testified at Assembly meetings — focused on his phone instead — blatantly rude.

    Now he has his dream, not having to listen to the truth.Suzanne concludes: “Dunbar goes to Juneau in mid-January, where he will be far from the opinions of the public in Southcentral Alaska, and will only hear the sound of the echo chamber of the state capital.”

  13. We have a tax cap which increases with the value of property. An increased budget would mean Anchorage is wealthier.

  14. So Dunbar where is the accounting of the $50 million of our Covid money the Assembly managed?
    You sound like Poor Pitiful Pearl sitting on the Pitty Pot. Please get over your Anger at us not electing you Anchorage Mayor. Anger only destroys the container it is it.

  15. He won his Senate run. Now this Anch made liberal fascist freak will impact the state. Thanks Anchorage. You created yet another lifelong liberal politician who will oppress the lives of the entire state now. Well done mini Portland.

    • It’s not all of Anchorage as you already know it’s a group of libs trying to destroy us from within. The non voters carry a lot of blame as they think votes don’t matter or there to busy to be bothered that’s why I would like to see a sales tax in place of property taxes so everybody can feel the sting of government. Ask yourself why fight to be a politician and the answer is power and money but the average person doesn’t care until their pocketbook is empty. We had better all wake up to what’s happening to our country and state as we are moving towards the kings and us peasants. Money is power and follow the money.

  16. Since Dunbar thinks that the constitution is “shot-through with racism” to what then, will he swear an oath as he enters the office of State Senator of his Anchorage district? He has sworn an oath and allegiance to the country and this state while in the military, and we have seen how that has all worked out. More of the same I fear.

  17. Say what you will about Dunbar, but don’t forget 1 very important thing:

    He was repeatedly re-elected by his district. Repeatedly.

    This implies strongly he was very much in touch with the voters in his district. They liked what they saw and wanted more.

    Further, it’s not like Bronson stomped him during the election. It was very close.

    Further still, he was elected to State Senate.

    Claims he’s out of touch with voting Alaskans seem to be contracted by fact. Denial of reality doesn’t change it.

  18. “Unfortunately, starting in 2020, we saw the heightened presence of national politics infect our local government, driven in large part by the COVID pandemic and those who saw it as an opportunity to divide our community for personal and political gain,” I think he is describing the assembly.

    • I remember when Americans for Prosperity came to my door in Anchorage-2016.

      I guess that national political campaigning was ok then?

  19. Those who voted wanted results that Dunbar represented. But, these voters may not have been Anchorage property owners who pay for the operation of the city and the muni’s portion of ASD.
    According to the census, only 2/3 of voters state wide are property owners. The remaining 1/3 voters are riding the wave, with no cost to their benefits.
    The muni provides more tax funds to the ASD than for operation of the entire municipality of Anchorage. This former assemblyman helped misapropriate funds from the Alcohol Tax as noted in another current Must Read Alaska story.
    A city sales tax would bring everyone ‘s attention to the costs at hand. An initiative for a city sales tax in April is a step in the right direction. TIME TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD.

  20. Unfortunately, homosexual rage is real, however, it is not psychiatrically categorized as such. That’s more of a layman’s term. It does exist and it is a serious disorder of identity confusion. When the “outing” craze started approximately 20 years ago, specialists in that field of social research predicted a rapid assimilation of homosexual men and lesbians. What those researchers didn’t predict was the overwhelming militant reaction that followed. Persistent identity confusion coupled with a burning desire to even a score with society, no matter how misperceived, is the generator for this new toxicity in our country. Universities, corporations, and politics on all levels have bent over backwards to accommodate the LGBTQ quotient in our society. But those efforts have been undermined by mass media efforts to project a super-assimilation, thereby forcing the gay and trans agenda in all facets of our lives. There is a predictable backlash by the majority of the population, which may be untenable considering the current political winds of our elected officials.
    Political power and control is the weapon of choice by LGBTQ, not passive assimilation. This creates a tension so severe, that open anger, and even violence, is becoming the new norm.

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