Anchorage Assembly to meet, but will they vote out Felix Rivera as chairman?


Tuesday’s special Anchorage Assembly meeting is to formally certify the recent municipal election. But also on the agenda is a surprise item: The reorganization of the Assembly, with a new chair possible.

Some Assembly members have requested the reorganization; they want Chairman Felix Rivera to be replaced immediately. Assemblywoman Suzanne LaFrance’s name has been floated as a possible new Assembly chair, along with Assemblyman John Weddleton.

During the last Assembly meeting, Rivera stunned the public when he read a statement defaming Assemblywoman Jamie Allard of Chugiak/Eagle River, calling her xenophobic, and saying people like her do not belong in Anchorage. When she called for a point of order, he cut her microphone. Assemblyman Chris Constant then said it was her fault for not calling for another point of order.

Rivera had just come off of a victory against a recall effort launched by residents of his district, and his breaking of Robert’s Rules of Order to publicly denounce one of his Assembly colleagues revealed the real Rivera.

Whether the group trying to remove him as chair has enough votes is uncertain. He appears to have the support of Assemblymen Forrest Dunbar, Chris Constant, and Pete Peterson, while it’s certain that Assemblywomen Jamie Allard and Crystal Kennedy have had enough.

The Anchorage Assembly meeting begins at 5 pm at the Loussac Library at 36th Ave. and Denali Street. There is limited time for public testimony on the agenda. You can watch the meeting at this YouTube channel.


  1. The oligarchy in the assembly chambers will never replace Rivera as chair. Constant, Dunbar, Peterson, and Zalatel are firmly ensconced in Rivera’s camp.

  2. Rivera getting a little too hot for the Democrat party leadership leaders? Time to take him off the stove before Anchorage really wakes up voting a new course of action this may?
    Dont know much about lafrance, but she carries herself as a weakling to carry out the Democrat agenda like the rest of them, give her a little power and she be annoying bully worse than Rivera, while Weddleton he looks too nice. I remember what happened when Rivera left the room what look like a potty emergency, and the audience got mad at that lawyer caller putting down Allard causing the audience to had start yelling.
    If anyone will be more suitable as a new chair for a contentious Anchorage the best member will be Allard. Democrats will never Allow it.

  3. Has Felix the Pontificator, sitting on his throne, expounding his dictates about who belongs and who does not, suddenly become a liability for the Leftist? I had hoped for more of his logorrhea spew prior to the Run-Off for Mayor. If this rumor of re-organization is true, the leftists pulling the levers behind the scenes are not as stupid as the one that is currently the “Assembly Chair”

  4. He’s not going anywhere, the votes just proved it. I’m not in his district but I guess the people who are either like him or are unaware of his behavior. This is normal for anchorage now, the conservatives are too late, too old or too lazy to make a change.

  5. They have every intention of devaluing a great deal of real estate in the largest village in the state. Under UN internationalist influence we will: lose value in our properties, lose the character of a city we built before they arrived, ruin quality of life, lose our US form of guaranteed republic form of government, further erode our “education system”, lose our healthcare availability and our cultural identity. So, by all means keep voting in those people who hate your interests. They’ll show you their dental work but theirs hearts are far from your interests.

  6. Clowns in the Legislature; clowns on the Assembly. If Rivera is replaced, most likely it will be a shell game by Dunbar supporters.

  7. Hunter They tried that, the recall failed
    This loser needs to go but How?
    Anchorage is getting bluer by the day.
    Then there will be burning of buildings, here in anchorage just like Portland

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