Chauvin verdict: Guilty, guilty, guilty


The verdict is in: Minneapolis former Police Officer Derek Chauvin is guilty on all charges: Unintentional second-degree murder, guilty, third-degree murder, second degree manslaughter.

The announcement was made at the Hennepin County Courthouse in Minneapolis, Minn. in the trial for the charges against Chauvin for the May 2020 death of George Floyd, the 46-year-old black man whose neck Chauvin pinned down with his knee on the pavement of a south Minneapolis intersection for more than nine minutes during an arrest.

Floyd, who had a long history of drug abuse and violence against women, died as a result, the jury decided. A video of the apprehension shows Chauvin pressing his knee against Floyd’s neck, in what was said to have cut off the man’s air flow as police attempted to contain him. Floyd was high on drugs at the time of his death.

Politico reported “It was an act of police violence so searing that it set off a nationwide racial reckoning nearly one year ago.”

President Biden, speaking from the White House this morning, said, “I’m praying the verdict is the right verdict. The evidence is overwhelming in my view,” clear direction from the highest office to convict. He did not call for peace in the streets, and neither did Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who encouraged protesters and rioters to up their game and “get more confrontational” if the verdict went the other way.

National Guard troops had headed to downtown Minneapolis before the verdict was read. At the Capitol in Denver, Colo., lawmakers left the building and all cars had been moved from the parking lot nearby. In Los Angeles, law enforcement is on alert in anticipation of widespread rioting. In the nation’s capital, police helicopters took to the air.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot told potential looters: “Don’t test us because we are ready.” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler declared a state of emergency.

Sentencing will be in eight weeks, the judge said. He could spend up to 40 years in jail. At the end of the hearing, bail was revoked, and Chauvin was taken into custody in handcuffs. His legal team is expected to appeal immediately.


  1. Medical examiner report says Floyd showed up at the hospital with a 98% blood oxygen level. Asphyxia? Go figure.

  2. Because of Maxine Waters these will probably be overturned on Appeal. She and all National Politicians need to keep their mouth shut. She tainted the jury and the jury was afraid if they did not convict they would be targeted.

  3. Justice served on an officer that does not reflect the compassionate qualities most American law enforcement demonstrate on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if you are red or blue, respecting everyone’s right to live is universal. Most people I know didn’t watch the entire 7 minutes and it’s understandable because of how hard it was to do. I forced myself to do that difficult task and I have yet to meet anyone else who did that believe that officer Chauvin did nothing wrong. RIP to the innocent man killed. It doesn’t matter that I’m a Republican and George was prob a democrat, that he was an opiate addict and I am not, or that he was black and I am white. The commonality we share that is more powerful than any difference is that we are both AMERICANS. He was my teammate and like family, we don’t chose who is on our team. If George and I ended up in the same foxhole in a war against a foreign enemy, I would be willing to die for George Floyd or any other American on my team in a fight. and I have a feeling George would have fought to the death for/with me against any foreign invader as well. It’s not easy to do, but I even recognize Portland antifa trouble makers as still being my teammates. I don’t agree with their behavior and would be supportive of helping them straighten up their act, but I would never disown any fellow American .. especially the prodigal ones. In fact, they need the most support and intervention.

    • Yours is the best I’ve read on how to look at this tragedy. You leave little doubt as to who you would choose to have your back in that foxhole, between these two, and I agree.

  4. That’s the way it works. We cede to 12 people who heard weeks of evidence, decided unanimously, and ultimately fulfilled their duty under the rule of law. Anyone got a better idea?

  5. Art Chance was right about the verdict in this trial so far now lets see if he is right about the the post trial motions….

  6. @Charlie Bussel- He may get a retrial and a change of venue on appeal, but I don’t think he will be or should be acquitted.

    I’ve done a lot of force cases in arbitration and helped with several in court, so I sorta’ know the territory. I’d have been very comfortable with a manslaughter/involuntary murder charge and conviction. I don’t think Chauvin had any love for Floyd and may well have had personal animus from their prior association, which doesn’t seem to have been in the record at trial, but I don’t think Chauvin meant to kill him.

    The hinge of this case is the inordinate amount of time it took the EMTs to arrive. Chauvin mad e a bad decision as the time ticked on, he should have released Floyd. As Floyd stopped struggling he should have released him and perhaps began applying first aid. He simply made a bad decision and kept him restrained anticipating the arrival of the EMTs, and by the time they arrived, Floyd was effectively dead. That satisfies the elements of a manslaughter charge.

  7. Interesting Louder with Crowder episode last week where he replicated the knee on the neck for 9 minutes.
    Its wasn’t comfortable, but without the drugs it was a totally different outcome.
    I feel badly for Derrick and Floyd. Police are in a bad spot as of late, with unrealistic scrutiny placed on them. Derrick was called to that scene, he wasn’t looking for it.

  8. Appeal on “change of venue.” Order a new trial. That’s how the double-murderer OJ Simpson beat his rap.
    A South Central L.A. venue as opposed to Brentwood venue.
    Black women should be looking up to Derek as a savior, not murderer. Chauvin helped get rid of a thug who abused women, assaulted pregnant women, stole from women, used drugs most of his life, sold drugs to children, etc. This is the woke culture shame. The “reawakening” is around the corner. Get ready!

  9. Well in my humble opinion the jury had no choice but to find Derek Chauvin guilty, especially after what Maxine Waters said yesterday. Plus the jurors lives were threatened throughout this process by the rioting thugs burning, looting, damaging property in their own city, their own neighbors and neighborhood. Yes I believe they had no choice but to find him guilty. Regardless if he was or wasn’t guilty.

  10. This will be successfully appealed. I am hearing that aspects of this may even go to SCOTUS.

    • Chauvin won’t live that long IMO. He’ll hang himself before he gets put into the general population.

  11. If you lose your courtroom appeals, you’ve lost. You don’t attack the courtroom.

    If you lose your election recount, you’ve lost. You don’t attack the Capitol.

    That’s the way this Country works.

  12. Gonna be an appeal, for sure. The guy didn’t die from asphyxiation, he died because his heart stopped. The facts are completely blown off to support a narrative that Floyd died because of the actions of someone else. Floyd died because he swallowed a lot of drugs, he died because he was reported committing a crime, he died because he chose to resist efforts of a cop to get him to cooperate. It is just amazing the complete dismissal of any personal responsibility on his part for the results of his interaction with police that day.

  13. Now the riots will be termed celebrations not protests. Lets loot, I mean shop at the foot locker, hurry. Side note why is it ok for Watters to incite violence?

  14. BILL YANKEE, if even one juror speaks of influence or pressure from Mad Maxine then mistrial. I didn’t follow the case closely so I have no opinion of his guilt, but I did see her (and Biden’s) rants, and if any juror also observed, that is prejudicial. Why cant they just allow the system to work? Why do these narcissistic egotistical megalomaniacs think they need to push their faces into everything (that answers itself). Oh, and I would like to see an honest investigation into Ashli Babbit and Jocelyn Adam’s killings but they aren’t newsworthy.

    • I have no idea why this was addressed to me but, from my reading of your screed, I’m left with “you’ve been watching too much Judge Judy.”


    Show us the definitive, unbiased evidence that George Floyd assaulted one women, let alone multiple women. Show us the definitive, unbiased evidence that George Floyd sold drugs to children. It sounds like you are blaming the murdered man, which occurs frequently, especially when the victim is a black person. Even if all of your allegations were true, and I cannot find any facts that supports it, that still does not excuse Derek Chauvin’s deadly use of force. Murder is murder, regardless of the character of the murdered person.

  16. To Jeff Irons: I watched the whole video, too, and I actually think most people did. I believe the officer OVER-REACTED very badly, however, I’ve never been faced with trying to subdue a large, drug crazed “criminal”. And to say that Mr. Floyd was an “innocent” man is a major stretch. He was yelling “I can’t breathe” over and over before he was even put on the ground. That was probably a drug reaction but I’ve seen it before–even from white drug addicts being arrested. It’s the new thing to say when an officer attempts to handcuff you. While I appreciate your efforts to be unifying and righteous, I don’t think your crocodile tears could have been any larger. (I wanted to get out a violin but I don’t play.) Your heart toward your fellow man (except Mr. Chauvin) is in the right place but that’s not going to save our country and the serious destruction in our society. Because, unfortunately, while you are actually correct, a huge percentage of people in this country will not return that kindly compassion.

  17. I’m just tired of the racism on all sides – from any side. I don’t know if the jury reached the right verdict or not, but that is the way the system works – “due process of law”. Mad Maxine needs to go away – and that the riot didn’t happen will protect her from incitement charges. Biden should have kept his mouth shut. The two of them likely will be the cause of overturning the verdict on appeal – and our nation, and the families involved, will suffer for it. The prospect of another year of this stupid in the msm celebrating racism is enough to raise my blood pressure significantly. There are still lots of questions. Racism will go away in two or three generations if we stop practicing it and teaching it to our children.

  18. TB, George Floyd rap sheet (he mostly plead charges down to avoid trial):
    George Floyd moved to Minneapolis in 2014 after being released from prison in Houston, Texas following an arrest for aggravated robbery
    Floyd has more than a decade-old criminal history at the time of the arrest and went to jail for at least 5 times
    George Floyd was the ringleader of a violent home invasion
    He plead guilty to entering a woman’s home, pointing a gun at her stomach and searching the home for drugs and money, according to court records
    Floyd was sentenced to 10 months in state jail for possession of cocaine in a December 2005 arrest
    He had previously been sentenced to eight months for the same offense, stemming from an October 2002 arrest
    Floyd was arrested in 2002 for criminal trespassing and served 30 days in jail
    He had another stint for a theft in August 1998
    Note the plea for home invasion and holding a gun to her PREGNANT belly. I can post all of the details if you like, but he plead to avoid more serious charges.
    This doesn’t justify his ultimate demise, but facts are hard things for some (you?) to accept.

  19. “If you lose your courtroom appeals, you’ve lost. You don’t attack the courtroom.

    If you lose your election recount, you’ve lost. You don’t attack the Capitol.

    That’s the way this Country works.”

    Let me turn that around a bit;
    If Derek Chauvin had been found innocent, there would have been massive looting and destruction all over the nation. They would have attacked the courtroom, the jurors and multitudes of people who had no association with anything to do with Floyd or Chauvin. That is the new tantrum behavior if things don’t go their way. You apparently haven’t been paying attention.

    As for the “attack” on the capitol, give me a break. The protestors walked into the building unimpeded. There was indeed some vandalism. No looting, no burning, AOC wasn’t threatened. Yes, several people died of possibly related causes, but not by direct trauma from “attackers”. Yet a woman, Ashli Babbit (say her name), was actually murdered, You would label her an “attacker. Amazingly, no one has yet answered for her death, where is your anger for that? She was a veteran, not a drug dealer/addict. Many of the “attackers” are sitting in jail to this day with no due process. Two years ago, the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill was occupied by leftist protestors seeking to block the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh. Were you angry then?

    Unfortunately, that is how our country now works. There is no equal justice anymore. It is mob rule orchestrated by the media. There was absolutely no way Chauvin was going to get a fair trial. Between intimidation, threats, and statements by people like Maxine Waters and Dementia Joe, the verdict was a forgone conclusion.

    • It’s hard for me to comprehend how someone could be so blind (and stupid).
      The onion has a pretty good take on this with their view of the judge in the trial saying right after reading the verdict: “That’s strike one” and giving Chauvin his badge and gun back.
      I’m sure you can appreciate this Steve. Heheh!

  20. Who remembers the Senate primary candidate that:
    a) nearly beat Natasha Von Imhof in the primaries,
    b) thinks George Floyd’s murder was fake?

  21. Tonight, Let the burnings begin.
    It doesn’t matter to the deranged leftists.
    They just don’t care about society are anything.
    It’s all about control what side are you on.
    It’s scary what this world, American is be coming.

    I’m sorry for the loss on both sides

  22. Lawyer Shapiro says the video never shows Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s neck but rather his back. The facts do not support any degree of murder conviction. Rather his failure to take alternate action in response to Floyd’s vain complaints and declining consciousness may (or may not) support a manslaughter conviction (disregard). The murder convictions will be overturned on appeal.

  23. AK,
    I I did not say that George Floyd was an angel. I accept the facts that he committed multiple crimes. What I asked for was evidence that he sold drugs to children. I did not see you respond to that. I did make an error in my original post. What I had meant to say was: where is the evidence that George Floyd assaulted pregnant women, which implies he assaulted not just one, but multiple pregnant women. Furthermore, the woman whose was the victim in the robbery he pleaded guilty to was not pregnant. If you have credible evidence otherwise then show it. I would appreciate it if, people on this forum did not state things that are not factural.

  24. Dear Editor, why has the MRAK website changed so that one can no longer reply to individual comments? Hitting REPLY now just adds a comment to the chain instead of indenting it below the previous comment. This new style certainly makes it harder to follow individual threads. Yes, screen width was an issue, but now conversations are very difficult to maintain.

  25. Mr. Peterson, Whidbey Thedog does not condone violence from either end of the political spectrum. The only thing it achieves is to harden the resolve of both sides, and to widen the chasm between them.

    As far as Mr. Chauvin being railroaded, well maybe he was. But how many times in the past have Police been let off the hook for equally egregious behavior? Far, far too many times. I honestly believe that a lot more attention should be given to deescalation training as opposed to target practice and military assault tactics.

  26. We have missed the core problem on this all along. Its all about the drugs and what its doing to our citizens, especially those in the inner cities. What is causing the fatal escalations between our law enforcement and citizens? First, the police are being called to the scene as citizens are in fear for their safety or life. The police respond and meet very unruly suspects leading to these often deadly encounters. If George Floyd had not been under the influence of multiple illegal drugs, the meeting with the police would not have happened. Not saying what happened is right, we just need to address the root cause or these encounters will continue.

  27. For Jeff: Did you watch the full unedited police cam video? From saying ‘seven minutes’, it does not sound like you did. You should watch that video for a completely different view. You should also watch the full trial. This was not justice, it was mob rule.

  28. Lifestyle hints:

    Don’t resist arrest.

    Don’t do drugs, especially fentanyl (thank you, ChiComs).

    Otherwise, you really raise the possibility of something awful happening. Cheers –

  29. Steve you said it correctly. We have a bias court system. The clowns in charge and the media have made claims that should not stand up in court. The threats and violence have made the legal system a farce. We need a trial for Ashli and the person who shot her from a secure space and not in danger of his life but the AG covers it up and the courts are to afraid to rule on the laws we have. The day of reckoning is coming.

  30. “Tobin testified that Floyd’s oxygen saturation levels were 98 percent when he died,”

    If Floyd had a high O2 saturation upon death then he wasn’t killed by asphyxia.

    If he wasn’t killed by asphyxia then Chauvin didn’t murder him.

    That is straight from courtroom testimony.

    This trial and the verdict are a witch hunt and a complete travesty of justice.

    I can’t support throwing a person to the ground and kneeling on him, that’s abusive and should be unnecessary, but the scientific findings simply don’t support a murder conviction.

  31. TB, per reports his drug dealing days started in high school. Women/woman, honestly I didn’t pay that close of attention. I saw the graffiti of him with a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly. Bottom line: he was a drug user/dealer, violent convicted felon. What I saw was that he left five children now fatherless because of his irresponsibility (passing counterfeit money), who will grow to adulthood with the cards largely stacked against them and with a high likelihood that they will follow his trail. The dirty little secret that is ignored, that by making George a hero for his dysfunctional lifestyle, how many young kids are we encouraging to grow up in his footsteps? That is the tragedy, and while we mourn his loss, we should far greater try to work to undo the dysfunction that his life wrought upon society. Unfortunately our politicians and media are trying to exemplify him as a hero for youth to emulate.

  32. The judge claimed there was no mistrial because he instructed the jurors to disregard any comments by Maxine Waters, any comments by the News Media, and any comments by friends or neighbors. But the judge cannot make the jurors disregard the threat posed to themselves or their families by an angry mob who is ready to personally seek them out and attack them and their families and burn their homes to the ground if they don’t give a verdict of guilty on all counts. How far will the mob go?. An early sign was that one of the trail witnesses ended up with the bloody head of a pig placed on his front porch after daring to testify for the defense in the case. The judge should have moved the trial to another location and should have sequestered the jury from day one, not just a few hours before they heard closing arguments. Of course, there will be no mistrial granted because the judges don’t want another mob riot or their own houses burnt to the ground. George Floyd did not “sacrifice himself for justice” (as Nasty Pelosi claims), any more than Derek Chauvin “sacrifice himself to answer for the sins of all white cops who have ever mistreated blacks thoughout history”. But that’s exactly what the mob demanded and they threatened the jury to achieve the referendum they believed the trial represented. Hillary Clinton’s attack on the individual in her “It takes a village” diatribe has now been replaced by “It takes a mob”.

  33. RICH THORNE, I’m not a believer in conspiracy theories, but I cannot but help to believe that perhaps the last second interference by Mad Maxine and the handlers of *Biden might be intended to allow Chauvin real chance at mistrial. This would be the most cynical dirty politics to play, but rather than allowing this public event to go away, perhaps they want to use it to keep streets full over the summer and violence in our faces. Of course many of us in red country, where people get along no matter the color of their skin, and their guns shoot no one, will just sit on our porches sipping our tea while watching blue cities burn. But what a stupid dirty ploy by our progressive politician/media to manipulate the situation so. Somewhat like the burning of the Reichstag.

  34. BILL YANKEE, in response to your comment about magical wonderful truthful kind conciliatory Maxine interfering with the trial, who the judge himself reprimanded for her actions as potentially leading to mistrial. And I’m not sure who Judge Judy is; maybe on the Ninth Circuit?

  35. Of course not, Bill, heh heh….

    Chauvin should not have used that restraint, and here is why: if you are an LEO, you must always make absolutely sure that you stand NO chance of killing a person of color- whether they are dangerous or not- because if you do, you will be bringing that wrath of the whole anti-White establishment upon whole communities with burning, looting, killing, etc.

    Had Floyd been white, no problem.

    I believe that evidence shows that Chauvin did not commit murder, but no other verdict was possible in our current dysfunctional society. I think that the authorities were using the John 11:50 protocol.

  36. Amazing how trump humpers follow the “science” when it meets there narrative. Chauvin thought he was judge, jury and Executioner. There are too many policemen and policewomen that think they are the law. They’re not. Right wingers need to stop clutching at there Pearls and understand what is just and what is right. It was 9 minutes and 29 seconds of torture at the hands of a bad cop. What’s worse is the 3 other officers did nothing and are just as guilty of taking a man’s life.

  37. Art, I think he should have got a lesser sentence like involuntary manslaughter. I think there should have been a clause because he is acting in the line of duty with this person who is under the control of drugs, who had just committed a felony by passing counterfeit money and was resisting arrest. A change of venue probably isn’t going to help because the president and the gloating vice president being proud that they locked up a white cop have already weighed in on it and nobody’s going to go against them. Basically the guy can’t get a fair trial in this country which is sad. If they move the trial down to Suwannee county Florida, I guarantee he’ll get a fair trial there.

  38. The prosecution and the president made this guy out to be a great citizen, brother father son and all he was was a dumbass thug that died at the hands of a careless cop. This guy isn’t a martyr. The cop certainly is.

  39. What I find most peculiar is that some lives matter more than others. The lives of criminals killed while resisting arrest are worth much more than the lives of children killed while waiting for a happy meal.

  40. AK,
    Please direct me to these “per reports” you mentioned. I would appreciate it and I would like to be more informed as I have not been able to find any reputable source that George Floyd assaulted a pregnant woman or was a drug dealer, let alone sold drugs to young children. While the difference between “single woman” and “plural women” might seem a trivial matter of semantics, it has a plays a huge role in criminal and moral behavior, and law enforcement. I stipulate that George Floyd committed many crimes. From the information that I have read, he paid for those crimes. Inflating his highly immoral behavior by falsely including “pregnant women” and “children” seem to have only one purpose: to exonerate Derek Chauvin. Murder is murder, regardless of the victim’s character. Can you honestly tell me that you can watch the death of George Floyd, and not believe that Floyd would still be alive if not for Chauvin’s behavior? Can you honestly tell me that Chauvin, with three additional armed police officers nearby, feared that an unarmed, handcuffed man, laying on his stomach, was a threat to them and nearby bystanders? Can you honestly tell me that Chauvin’s behavior was appropriate and should have been found not guilty? Regarding my belief that there is no evidence of George Floyd assualting any pregnant woman or dealing drugs is minors can be found at Snopes. If you have any reputable evidence to the contrary I would be glad to read it.

    • I don’t know. I experimented with it in Chrome browser, same problem as others have. I think that when WordPress did an automatic update it changed this feature and it doesn’t work for some browsers. I’ll put that on the list for the mechanic.

  41. JMARK and SUZANNE, I’ve said this before several times-I can reply to posts using Internet Explorer but cannot with Chrome.

  42. You looked on snopes! It’s settled then.
    Probably you will get your news from MSNBC, or NBC. All propaganda, because its either a complete lie or slanted to promote a narrative. The so called news and the political parties are one and the same. Often collaborate before they feed us the latest news. Snopes is no fact checker, its ment to make you feel that it is.

  43. TB, you are entirely worked about something which you cannot understand nor comprehend because YOU WERE NOT THERE! So much ‘news’ is out there that by now it takes a dedicated detective to try to ferret out the truth. They can’t even get his kids straight, some say three and some say five (I went with that number). These are the simplest facts: he was a lifelong drug using and at times selling addict; he was a violent felon with multiple weapons charges; repeatedly he tried to get his life straight and failed; and had he not tried to pass a counterfeit twenty and then not resisted arrest he might be alive today if he had survived the drug overdose. On the other hand, a supposedly objective unbiased jury (I would have given them full credit had Mad Maxine not done intimidation) found Chauvin guilty of murder. I do still hold some faith in our system and will let the system work. You need to let it go. You are not George Floyd and no matter how much you immerse yourself in MSNBC you will never know the truth. Trust authority until proven otherwise, say ‘Yes, sir’ and No, ma’am’ as you fully comply with instructions and I’ll bet you don’t end up with a knee on your back. Furthermore, if the authority does abuse you it can be worked out under more calm circumstances probably to your advantage.

  44. BEN, thank you for pointing that out. The worst crimes of all are against the innocent, especially when they get swept under the rug because they fail the narrative.

  45. Why are there so few instances where someone that’s 5’9″ and 140# physically dominates an individual that’s 6’3″ and 223#?
    Is that one weight class in boxing? Wrestling? Anyone? Bueller?
    Floyd had a problem and it wasn’t that scrawny cop. He’d easily overpowered and beaten the living hell out of bigger pregnant women. Everything about this conviction is wrong.

  46. Yo TB. Here’s a fact for you; your google’s not broken.

    If you’d like to refute someone’s perspective, shouldn’t you really have your own? Oh huh is no longer in vogue and others aren’t responsible for spoon feeding you news you’ve previously found too offensive to retain.

  47. Jaded cop, who had a history of poor judgment, meets career felon in the middle of fatal OD. Shooting a man, who jumped out of a building, can still make you guilty of murder or manslaughter. This, and the race baiting, partisan antics, etc are a distraction. Your “leaders” are selling this country and its sovereignty out to China, and trying to get our from under the mess they have made over the last 30 years of endless foreign war and fiscal Mismanagement. At the same time, they are finding ways to preserve their own wealth and power. Wake up. They want you hating each other so you will not pay attention to just how much they hate all of you.

  48. Floyd was a drain on society. He had no productive input. Just take take. He was a habitual perpetrator. He robbed, assaulted and frauded his way through life. I’m still wondering how someone is able to speak the words I can’t breathe when it takes air passage from the lungs through the vocal cords to produce sound. If air can go out, then it can go in. Doesn’t this sound reasonable to everyone? These cops knew him from all the other laws that he has broken. Maybe the cop did want to embarrass Floyd by kneeling on his neck in front of everyone. He probably had that part coming since he defies the laws of man. He didn’t deserve to die, but when you live by the sword, it has been said that you will die by the sword. The only reason he hasn’t done any serious time 8 months here 8 months there, is because he was able to plead down his felony charges to misdemeanors. The reason Floyd wasn’t in prison at the time of his demise is because the criminal justice system is overworked and overcrowded by people like Floyd and it’s cheaper and faster to move them through the system as quickly as possible instead of letting them fully pay their debt to society. Here’s a spin on things, if he hadn’t gotten a plea deal, he would be alive today in prison.

  49. GREG FORKNER, you think? I paid little attention to the trial but this much I do know: if George Floyd had not tried passing a counterfeit $20 or had complied with the orders of the police (and survived his OD), he would be alive today. Jaslyn had no chance. Which is the greater crime? Making George Floyd a hero is somewhat like making Al Capone or John Dillinger a hero. And by the way, many of Dillinger’s generation who still lived when I was a child spoke very highly of him for his generosity with stolen money, much like socialists today. Finally, I empathize for the family of George Floyd, especially his fatherless children, and hope someone better will fill the role for the sake of society. Whether the cop killed him, the jury had more information than I and hopefully acted objectively in spite of democrat attempts to sway them.

  50. Are pointed perspectives too controversial for this site? Cops will leave crime riddled cities, the black female politician that spatters anyone that will listen with racially motivated hate needs to go, entities like White Aryan Racists, The Aryan Brotherhood, The Klan, and others will grow in strength and even mainstream journalism will be polarized. Don’t believe me?
    Try googling an article from Esquire magazine entitled “The Manifesto of Ascendancy for the Modern American” and see an unvarnished opinion from a respected source.
    And with that remark I think I might meander off in search of a platform that doesn’t shy from direct albeit occasionally uncomfortable speech. My best to all that enjoy the exchange of anxiety and pap.

  51. Imagine if Floyd just put his hands behind his back from the start, ya know just like Chauvin did in the court room, where would we be today….

  52. BILL YANKEE, really? You were there? You saw it and all the evidence? Very sadly, this morning is reported that at least one of the jurors has gone public that she was intimidated and voted guilty out of fear for them coming to her home and after her. I am convinced that the actions of the democrats are to keep this case alive through appeals to make a summer of unrest with cities burning when an appeal is granted. I fear their agenda, right out of Alinsky. To quote Jay on another thread: “The organizer must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression . . . an organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent; provide a channel into which people can angrily pour their frustrations . . . your function — to agitate to the point of conflict.” – Saul Alinsky, Rules For Radicals

  53. Go watch a 30-year old episode of Judge Judy …….. with 16-year old George Floyd…… accused and convicted of hijacking a Black woman’s car and assaulting her. This guy was trouble for the cops at the onset. Release Chauvin!!!

    • Lak – That video has been disputed as being George Floyd, so I watched it and I don’t think it is him as a teen. – sd

  54. LAKREESHA, flawed as the system might be, and despite probable intimidation by elected officials, we must allow the system to work or we become as depraved as the progressives who use any tactic to win. The jury reached a decision, which rightly should be appealed, so let the system play out. It is tedious and it is frustrating, but we should not free someone based on our own feelings any more than the KKK (democrats) lynched so many in the past. And the Judge Judy case should be easy to prove or disprove, but it doesn’t matter. Except for some capital crimes everyone gets a reset at 18.

  55. TB:
    Go get the 30-year old Judge Judy episode where George Floyd, as a 16-year old felon, receives his punishment…….on TV. The juvie criminal hijacked a car, assaulted a Black woman, then totaled her car.
    Your hero George Floyd was studying to become a thug while Derrick Chauvin was studying in high school to eventually become a cop and protect Black women like me.

    • One alternate juror spoke up about why she felt he was guilty-you’ll have to back up your garbage about one juror speaking of being intimidated that “them might be coming after her.” While you may believe this horse puckey, it’s not the honor system. Put up or shut up. Frankly being racist is the only reason you would post this crap IMO.

  56. BILL YANKEE, at least one juror has spoken out, no word from the rest and properly their records are sealed (for now). I don’t need to defend anything, it has hit the news and time will tell. The fact is that Mad Maxine and dementia Joe both spoke improperly and it leaves a completely unnecessary avenue for possible appeal, which will lead to more chaos in the streets. SCREAM RACIST! That will get you more attention.

  57. Show us where it has hit the news AK! You can’t or you would have in this post.
    You get one more chance. Heheh! And while you are at that tell us why you would need to lie about such.

  58. BILL YANKEE, your replies not work now? Do you know how to use a search engine (I won’t use google and neither should anyone else). Or do you just know how to call names and SCREAM RACIST? Try the search engine (any but google). Gosh, it comes up in Newsweek, NPR, Fox News (I don’t read them but it is there), Star Tribune, toofab, KARE 11, and that is just the first page. Or close your bubble and turn up CNN.

    • As usual you are full of horse manure AK. There is an alternate juror that spoke up about thinking Chauvin guilty for her own reasons but not a single thing about an actual juror speaking about being intimidating.
      For you to lie about such it can only mean one thing IMO. Heheh!

  59. BILL YANKEE, juror #13. Thankfully the rest of the jurors are still sealed, but the fact remains that dementia Joe and Mad Maxine made actions which could be intimidating to the jury. Time will tell and I will remember your gloating if the verdict is overturned on appeal (or just appealed) and blue cities burn. You are an arrogant progressive fool, but I repeat myself.
    And I do not laugh at the misfortunes or tribulations of others, nor their victimization, like the Black merchants of Minneapolis preparing to watch their businesses go up in flames (Smoke In The Pit restaurant is just one).

  60. AK,
    I am not worked up about anything, except your complete lack of responding to my questions. You’ve made an illogical presumption that I am n MSNBC adherent, which is completely bogus. I read MUSTREADAK and listen to KFQD radio. What I do demand, is people do use real facts and critical thinking skills.

    I asked you for some simple questions, which it seems that you did not respond. Is that because you lack the cognitive ability to do so? Or does your ideology prevent you from doing so?

    I stipulate that George Floyd was a criminal. Is that your basis that Derek Chauvin killing of Floyd was legitimate? That has been my sole question. Was Chauvin’s actions legitimate? Should Floyd’s past (criminal) activities been relevant?

  61. TB, if you read my post you can find your own answers by internet search, which may or may not be reliable and you did not witness first hand so you don’t know. My first statement says PER REPORTS. As I stated, there is much information out there and more coming every day, beyond which I DON’T CARE! I’m done wasting brain cells trying to discuss with people who want every off the wall leftist theory debunked with ‘this source and that source’ (you people are becoming like Alex Jones). George Floyd was a lifelong criminal and I hope for some intervention to break the cycle with his children (3 or 5). Chauvin was convicted of killing him but may have grounds for appeal based on inflammatory statements by politicians gumming up the works for their own political gain. That’s it. Beyond that I DON’T CARE and if you want to spend your life getting into every little detail I suggest that you contact Jerry Springer. But I do hope for intervention to break the cycle for his children. Oh, and as to Chauvin, I have no opinion because I was not there. The jury, with much more information than I, made their decision.

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