Dunleavy joins lawsuit challenging CDC over cruise ship sanctions


Gov. Mike Dunleavy said the State of Alaska is joining a Florida lawsuit against the Federal Centers for Disease Control.

The Florida lawsuit challenges the CDC’s shutdown of the cruise industry through its “Conditional Sailing Order” on the grounds that it goes beyond the scope of the CDC’s legal authority, the governor said in a press release. 

The CDC has failed to recognize the cruise industry’s voluntary safety measures and the safe resumption of cruising in other countries, he said.

Over 400,000 passengers have returned to cruising in nearly a dozen other countries, resulting in less than 50 confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to Dunleavy.

The Conditional Sailing Order also doesn’t take into account the high vaccination rate of Alaskans, the effectiveness of the vaccines against COVID-19, and the low COVID-19 hospitalization rates in Alaska, Dunleavy said.

The CDC also requires expensive and time-consuming “trials” for ships before they could return to service.

“Cruise ships have demonstrated their ability to provide for the safety of passengers and crew, and Alaska has led the nation in vaccinations and low hospitalization rates. We deserve the chance to have tourism and jobs,” Dunleavy said. “The cruise industry is vital to the economic health of Alaska. Alaska has already suffered an economic loss of $3 billion due to the cancellation of the 2020 cruise ship season, and faces another (unnecessary) economic loss in 2021.”  

“Through this lawsuit, Alaska seeks to protect its citizens and its interests by forcing the CDC to act within the limited authority Congress granted it,” said Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor.

“CDC simply does not have the authority to arbitrarily shut down an entire industry,”  Taylor said.


  1. The idiocy of shutting down a perfectly safe industry under the guise of “safety” is idiocy. There are people that have waited their whole lives for the opportunity to go on a cruise, let free people live free. If you are scared, don’t go on a cruise!!

  2. The cruise industry is dead until the pandemic is brought under control. Suing the CDC wont change anything. Who would want to get on a cruise and end up being quarantined for 2 weeks.
    Another stupid idea from a not very bright goobenor.

  3. It’s a very wise thing to do to get clarity regarding liberties and authorities. Oddly in a rum in Juneau 75 people in agreement can come up with a usurpation even if they all agree. Because there are limits imposed on government by our permanent republic Constitution. Because if 75 don’t have authority they can’t make new ball of wax of authority and bestow it away to whomever seems right regardless of their charm or avarice. So that’s precious about the Constitution.

  4. Their is massive pent up demand for this safe industry. Local cruises to and from Alaskan ports could be a better way to see Alaska, You avoid the passport requirement and get more tourists on ships in a safe and comfortable space in the best and last Frontier. We need to help the cruising restart. With the great weather we have, our season could even be extended into late September.

  5. Excellent Duleavy. Our congressional delegation should grow a set and sue the CDC as well. They are not brazen enough though, bunch of weaklings.

  6. The pandemic has been under control for some time. Its the fake news mainstream media that keeps it alive. Dr. Fauci, the CDC, local health departments are all overstepping their authority. Granted, 5,000 capacity cruise ships may never sail at full capacity again but there will be visitors. Time to stop the tyranny and move on with life, or life as we know it (or knew it) will become increasingly grim.

  7. Thank you, Governor D.
    May we suggest the lawsuit include the demand for evidence supporting CDC’s reasoning for –not– shutting down America’s cruise industry during viral outbreaks such as Norovirus, Zika, Ebola, swine flu, bird flu, annual flu, West Nile, Chikungunya, and dengue fever.
    These viruses are arguably just as bad, or worse, for Americans than China flu, cruise ships go where these viruses are readily acquired, yet CDC management didn’t shut down America’s cruise industry because of these bugs… why?

  8. I recently saw an interview where Governor Dunleavy was explaining that Alaskan authorities could work with the Cruise Industry to help provide safety so people could come and experience the awesomeness of Alaska. It was done relating to the Canadian port shutdown from the US. The CDC case is in the same class. We need to get businesses rolling again. Will we have more cases? Sure. This pandemic may be winding down, but it is not over. Does that mean we hide? No! If you are afraid, get the vaccine and continue to live your life. Alaska needs and wants the tourists. And I like the suggestion for local Alaskan tour boats out of local Alaskan ports. Keeps the tourist dollar in Alaska!

  9. When is he going to do something about “vaccine passports?” When? Why doesn’t he join the other states by making vaccine passports illegal in this state? When will he really start protecting Alaskans from tyranny and start promoting real freedom! Suing the CDC accomplishes nothing!

  10. The capable attorney will no doubt ask CDC “under what body of law to you claim jurisdiction”. And, they will have to answer: land (common law), air (trust), or water (maritime). The research has no doubt been distilled.

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