Ask MRAK: Whatever happened to ‘Westchester Goon’?


Dear MRAK, Where did Westchester Goon, the vicious Twitter political pundit, go? He’s not on Twitter anymore and his account is erased. Signed, Sorry to See Him Go

Dear Sorry,

We’re glad you asked. In fact, the question came first from former reporter/editor/photographer and itinerate political junkie Matt Tunseth who wondered aloud on Twitter as to where the prolific Twitter troll who goes by the name of “Westchester Goon” went suddenly last week.

Mr. Goon’s page on Twitter went dark. His troll friends miss him and were worried for his well being.

Never fear. We found him. His name is Barry Piser and for the past couple of years he has been sending snarling invectives, nastygrams, and snide vilification about Alaska conservatives.

We have the receipts to show that Piser has been sending hundreds of these unpleasant Twitter messages about people like Mayor Dave Bronson, his staff, and others in the political sphere. And it appears from the time stamps that he has been doing so from his desk at Chugach Electric, where he works for Julie Hasquet, the communications director, former spokeswoman for Sen. Mark Begich.

Evidently word got back to Hasquet that Piser had been “outed” and his identity was now known to a few caring folks. This is a very poor look for Chugach Electric to have a political operative pounding away on the keyboard while billing his hours to Anchorage ratepayers. It’s especially unfortunate that the board of Anchorage’s only electric company has a special meeting set for Friday — about unrelated personnel matters.

Piser’s Twitter account went “poof,” erased overnight last week.

That means the troll tribe will no longer see his well-designed fake news releases using Municipal letterhead that looked very real, and posting them accompanied by breathless commentary, such as this:

One of many elaborate Twitter pranks by Barry Piser aka Winchester Goon, which have landed him in hot water.

Piser not only has the aka of “Westchester Goon,” a pun on Westchester Lagoon, the body of water near his home in Anchorage, but he also has gone by another handle, “@bpfromnp,” meaning Barry Piser from North Pole, one of his hometowns.

We are in possession of dozens upon dozens of his tweets, many of which are quite elaborate and all of which appear to be posted during working hours, raising the question of what exactly are Chugach Electric Cooperative ratepayers getting for their money. Here is a slideshow of just a few:

Piser-Goon’s followers on Twitter include the entire press corps in Alaska, including the editor of the Anchorage Daily News and the reporting staff, most of the bloggers and other media personalities, such as Nat Herz, Liz Ruskin, Matt Buxton, as well as hundreds of leftists in the political realm on Alaska: Assemblyman Chris Constant, Assemblyman Daniel Volland, Assemblywoman Austin Quinn-Davidson, Rep. Andrew Gray, Rep. Maxine Dilbert, Sen. Forrest Dunbar, Jason Grenn of Ballot Measure 2, the Blue Alaskan (Matt Beck), 907 Initiative, the Alaska Center for the Environment and more on the list of more than 700 who have consumed Piser-Goon’s attacks on the mayor and his staff.

Goon used to work for the municipality as a public information officer for the Health Department, but now he’s parked at the power company, working for Hasquet, who can be none-too-happy that he has been discovered to be a political operative who is apparently not working on behalf of ratepayers, but on behalf of the Alaska Democratic Party. On the other hand, with her background, she may have been in on it all along. This is, after all, how the Deep State operates in 2023 — hand-in-hand with the media.

But a word to Piser — you should not only have erased your Twitter account, but also your Amazon wish list … Spicy!


MRAK Cares


  1. If I had known about this under my watch, I would have publicly shamed and fired his *as on the spot. The nerve. On a company computer no less, on company time. This is as low as an employee gets. Likewise for Ms. Hasquet.

    • There isn’t any evidence he was using a company computer. This article correctly noted that he was goofing off on company time, but its far more likely he was using his personal phone to tweet. Not excusing his massive blunder, but let’s not libel him when correctly calling him a careless jackass is sufficient and not actionable.

  2. Cool. I follow a handful if AK politics accounts/forums on Twitter and Reddit, mostly for the lulz, but also for the conversation. Per the algorithm, MRAK is also part of this, since by the transitive property logic applied in this article, if I follow MRAK and Goon, they are the same. I even pay $5 a month for Matt Taibbi’s substack, and his ironclad writing has recently proved that everything on the Internet I don’t like is Orwellian Communist Woke, and if I get made fun of, I’m being silenced by the deep state!

  3. This expose will undoubtedly be seen as “ a call to violence” by the left. Nevermind that they are ones wishing death debilitation and harm in conservatives. I hope pisser responds in his own words to us readers of MRAK, unless of course he’s already here trolling……….cman? Yankee? Maureen? Frank?

    • Or, more likely, all of the above, Floyd.
      You know that fairness, honesty and integrity are concepts merely laughed at by radical leftists. It is a tactic squarely in their wheelhouse to pretend to be more than one poster in an online forum — gotta try to maintain that illusion of consensus, after all.

  4. If our nation was’nt still being led by the aging 1937-1958 boomers, america will tank under gen z and millenials leadership for misguided leadership.

  5. Re: “discovered to be a political operative who is apparently not working on behalf of ratepayers, but on behalf of the Alaska Democratic Party”.

    It’s the Democrat Party, not the Democratic Party. As my European Friend said, the American democrats are autocratic, not democratic.

    • A classic leftist dweeb, to be sure.
      Just those idiotic glasses are enough to mark him as a radical leftist lunatic.
      And I have no respect for these clowns with the permanent five-day beards, as well (and that went for Joe Miller, too) — either grow a damned beard, or shave, none of this wishy-washing, in-between crap!

  6. I could say something really snarky. I have been on the receiving of much of the hate they spewed. Instead I am truly going to pray for them. Such hate and evilness is truly sad. As an educator I realize someone did not show them much love when growing up. It truly is not their fault.

  7. If his employer doesn’t care particular why should anyone else? He nor his posts were interesting to me and, therefore, I don’t recall one of his tempests. Sari. Try a gain. Everybody is petulant sometimes. Who cares?

    • As a rate payer, I care. He was using the time spent while I was paying him on his personal opinions. If he had so much time on his hands then that position doesn’t need to be filled. This spares a rate high for us who pay for electricity. Either side, this is not right. He needs to be fired.

      • How do you feel about foreign influences now controlling AK rates if some Alaskans apparently qualify socially to have rates to pay? Silent?

  8. I have had the experience of knowing Alaskan individuals and kindly shutting my mouthful for extenuating purposes. SOOOOO, WHEN I blossomed on the internet saying things I truly feel about issues and Alaskan topics I know I upset some. I’m the same kind person I always was, though. I just now realize how dear our US Constitution is and some failures and weaknesses caused by loss of due process etc. Sari if this displaces previous notions re: my milquetoast qualities. People do change for the better Praise to God. Don’t worry, Goon may have a fun new name soon. Or perhaps he’ll find another side to the algorithms.

  9. OH. I also recall jobs wherein time was passing slowly and I said t my supervisor I had a lull in assignments and was there anything in particular he’d like me to have me tackle and was told “Just go online and do some research or shopping or watever”. YES. There are are employers of good will. “To research anything I am interested in.” And so I did. So let’s remember everyone cannot be a criminal just because we would like them to be so we can hate them a bit more thoroughly. :*).

    • Add Facebook……..and the entire internet to that warning. Curious minds wonder how he legally got outed…….not only from his Twitter activity, but his Amazon wish list as well. This story adds to my frustration regarding the incredible number of clearly criminal emails I get from Africa regarding my “WallMarrt” gifts, and other such quasi-English contact attempts. The world has gone completely insane, and the insanity is being allowed by a government who boasts about being in control of everything, but clearly can’t deal with garden variety crime, but will go fully viral on anybody who busts a criminals skull. I’m getting pretty damned tired of it.

  10. Does his Amazon wish list include new glasses or a razor ? Or maybe a book on transitioning. He couldn’t even come up with own avatar he had to take the WU CLAN icon and change it … no talent hack

  11. I don’t give a lick about him trolling. There will always be one of those on the bottom of the bell curve of humanity. But the fact that he’s been doing this on company time is pretty bad. And being on the staff of a utility (by definition, an entity that should remain apolitical at all times) makes the look even worse. I would invite the goon to resign, or maybe the board can help him do that, and then find a new position, preferably in the private sector. Bring his ‘charm’ to MRAK, as we believe in the first amendment and will not attempt to run him off. But we will answer his witty posts, lol.

  12. Awesome reporting! For those that are Chugach Electric customers- call and ask why they hired a guy that hates the energy industry.
    I am slightly disappointed that snapshots of his amazon wish list were not shared, it would’ve been throwing gas on the fire. But hey! Still a nice outing!

  13. He certainly doesnt need new glasses or a razor or a book. he has already “transitioned” himself. In fact I prefer his look as it in itself it protects my family at least. LOL My guess he is in charge of the rate hike committee sniveling to the PUC for more rate hikes from Chugach customers to cover higher “operational” costs????

  14. I Care!! As a Longtime Chugach member (1983) I will categorically state that “ I am opposed to any Chugach employee Not doing the work for which they were hired and especially for pursuing political endeavors during working hours!!”

  15. I Care!! As a Longtime Chugach member (1983) I will categorically state that “ I am opposed to any Chugach employee Not doing the work for which they were hired and especially for pursuing political endeavors during working hours!!”

  16. Must have been raised near the Former North Pole refinery and got some chemicals in his drinking water. Chugach should back bill the moron for time wasted at work.

  17. In order to survive the fake, woke agenda, we need to exercise the power to discern truth from error or false information. Critical thinking to know right from wrong and good from evil.

  18. If Mr. Piser posts his political creations during business hours, doesn’t it follow that he also spends hours researching and rearranging facts to fit his leftist narrative during business hours?! Are the positions of Barry Piser, and Julie Hasquet specifically for the purpose of tearing down conservatives and lobbying for Democrat candidates and the Democrat party? Is Democrat Mark Begich tied up in this? How did Mark Begich get the job of negotiating the buyout of our municipal asset ML&P?! Why are we forced to pay Chugach Electric to hire goon(s) to work against our best interests? Something tells me APOC has not received the appropriate reports.

  19. Jan he isn’t smart enough to have a narrative. In fact I doubt he knows what the word narrative means.

    He is using a computer made of mined and oil byproducts transmitted out using electrons generated from Gas all the while complaining about every product he is using . Intelligent NOT

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