Army: Cost of renaming nine Confederate-named military bases has nearly doubled


Confederate generals’ names on nine military bases were ordered to be scrubbed by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin last October, after a two-year study recommended the change, and Austin accepted the recommendation.

But on Thursday, Lt. Gen. Kevin Vereen, the Army’s deputy chief of staff for installations, told a House committee the renaming of the nine bases would cost $39 million, according to Army Times.

Last year, the naming commission estimated the cost to be $21 million.

Military bases were named for Confederate officers primarily because of their historical significance in the American Civil War and their contributions to the development of the U.S. military. Following the Civil War, the military established a number of forts and military installations throughout the southern United States. Some of these bases were named after Confederate military officers as a way of recognizing their service and sacrifice, and as a way of promoting national unity and reconciliation. In recent years, some have likened it to supporting white supremacy.

Then came the choking death by police of felon George Floyd in Minneapolis in 2020.

“All this changed in the aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd in 2020. Many people protested systemic racism and pointed to Confederate statues and bases as part of that system. Congress established the commission in the National Defense Authorization Act of fiscal 2021. Then-President Donald J. Trump vetoed the legislation because of the presence of the commission, and huge bipartisan majorities in both houses of Congress overrode his veto,” the Defense Department said.

In January, the Department of Defense began implementing the name changes, which will include not jus the names of bases, but posts, ships, streets and more named after Confederate soldiers.

The services and other Defense agencies have until the end of the year to complete the process.

Retired Navy Adm. Michelle Howard chaired the congressionally mandated Naming Commission. The commission’s mission was to provide removal and renaming recommendations for all DOD items “that commemorate the Confederate States of America or any person who served voluntarily with the Confederate States of America,”  the Defense Department wrote.

Additionally, any installations that have street names or buildings named after Confederates will be changed. The Navy will rename the cruiser USS Chancellorsville, which commemorates a Confederate victory, and the USNS Maury — named after a U.S. Navy officer who resigned his commission to fight for the Confederate Navy — will also be renamed. Battle streamers commemorating Confederate service will no longer be authorized, the Defense Department said.

The bases to be renamed are:

  • Fort Benning, Georgia will become Fort Moore, after Army Lt. Gen. Hal Moore and his wife, Julia Compton Moore. Hal Moore received the Distinguished Service Cross for heroism in the Vietnam War. Julia Moore advocated for military families and is credited for the personal notification of death procedures now practiced.
  • Fort Bragg, North Carolina will become Fort Liberty.
  • Fort Gordon, Georgia will become Fort Eisenhower, after President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a five-star Army general and served as Supreme Allied Commander of forces in Europe during World War II.
  • Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia will be known as Fort Walker after Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, the first female surgeon in the Civil War, and the only woman awarded the Medal of Honor.
  • Fort Hood, Texas will be Fort Cavazos, named for Army Gen. Richard E. Cavazos, who received the Distinguished Service Cross for heroism in the Vietnam War.
  • Fort Lee, Virginia will be named Fort Gregg-Adams, after Lt. Gen. Arthur Gregg and Lt. Col. Charity Adams. Gregg was a key figure in the integration of black soldiers into the Army. Adams was the highest-ranking African-American female soldier in World War II.
  • Fort Pickett, Virginia will be Fort Barfoot, in honor of Army Tech Sgt. Van T. Barfoot, who received the Medal of Honor for his actions with the 45th Infantry Division during World War II in Italy in 1944. Barfoot was Choctaw.
  • Fort Polk, Louisiana becomes Fort Johnson, after Army Sgt. William Henry Johnson, who received the Medal of Honor posthumously for action in the Argonne Forest of France in World War I.
  • Fort Rucker, Alabama will be Fort Novosel, after Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 Michael J. Novosel, an helicopter pilot who received the Medal of Honor for a medevac mission under fire in Vietnam when he saved 29 soldiers.


  1. During my 24 years in the Military, I always seemed to believe our military leaders AND the congress had a least a reasonable bit of common sense and intelligence. Now the congressionally mandated commission and the acquiescence of the generals has proven otherwise. $39 million. Can anyone even spell “Dumber than a rock?” I wonder if there was a better use for the $39 million versus denigrating the South?

  2. Wait until the communist SOBs see what it is going to cost when nobody with a Southern heritage will join their woke army. Send the pink hair brigade and the soy boys to defend the beaches.

  3. The nihilistic neo-Bolsheviks are determined to scrub every vestige of US history, heritage and honor as part of their Marxist agenda to tear apart this country before trying to rebuild it, from the ground up, according to their wildly misguided and evil, utopian, totalitarian vision.

  4. What a waste of defense dollars that could be spent for something more useful than bowing to woke revisionist passion. I’m probably not the only old soldier who will always remember and refer to these posts I’ve served at by their historical names as Forts Bragg, Benning, Hood, Lee, Rucker and A.P. Hill.

  5. There are things in the country that need doing but renaming military bases is not one of them. Someone in Washington needs a reset button. Thinking up things to be offended by seems to be the new pass time of a bunch of bureaucrats with nothing else to do with their time.

    • The WHOLE Washington DC AREA are needs to have COMPLETE RESET BUTTON. I’m getting sick and tired of this WHOLE woke and Revisionists propaganda.

  6. Imagine. Another Biden special. The DOD is worried about “white rage”, we’re almost out of ammo, but we can waste money on name changes.

    We’re not a serious nation.

    • Our current military is comprised of 45% minorities. Nice recruitment tool to have racist slaveowners honored at your place of work. As to the cost, a third grader could point to more specious government expenditures with far less benefit. Allowing racism to fester, in any subtle context, will weaken our military and our nation.

      • The only place “racism” festers in this nation is in the hearts of democrats.

        Funny thing. As you point out, the military is remarkably diverse. And was long before the evil Confederate names were on the chopping block.

        Smooth move, owning yourself in your own comments.

        Recruiting would go up if our military thought they were being being recruited to do the job of soldiers. Not remake society in your preferred image. Not a lot of people want to risk their lives for Biden’s dreams of going down in history.

        • Since 1976, recruiting has never been about hiring professional soldier wannabe’s. It’s primarily about numbers. For some it becomes a career; for others it’s an opportunity for advancement. Tell me: What is funny about TODAYS ambitious, patriotic, ethnic young men and women having to suck up their pride to serve our country and March through those gates? I relish the image of recent Medal if Honor recipients being so remembered. Do you?

  7. My university became woke and changed its name, now a couple of bases I called home for a while have become woke. democrats love to change their history that reflects badly on their ancestors.

  8. This is an insult to 1) the Constitution, which says NOTHING about secession, which means the 10th Amendment permits it, 2) the Declaration of Independence, which is a document of unilateral secession from the British Empire … which, if you want to simply ignore the 10th Amendment, was far less “legal” than what the 11 Confederate states did, 3) Natural Law, which Jefferson cited as justifying secession from the British in 1776, 4) three presidents, who clearly endorsed secession in principle (Jefferson, Tyler and J. Quincy Adams), and 5) American History, which shows us that Lincoln ordered the War Between the States to save the union, not to free the slaves.

    • In other words slavery was ok since the Constitution allowed it in 1776 and it is ok to name US Army bases after racist slave owning conferate generals because slavery was legal in the original Constitution. Brilliant reasoning on why woke is not needed.

      • And as usual once again, “frank”, you are wrong, wrong, wrong.
        The US Constitution did NOT allow slavery, it merely did not (yet) at the time of ratification condemn it. And as for your typical radical leftist, Marxist dogwhistle of “racist”, just STFU already. We normal, rational, sane people are tired of your BS and hypocritical, neo-Puritanical, sanctimonious and specious moralizing.

      • Slavery was never ok, which was why the Constitution was specifically designed to end it (3/5 compromise). The anti-slavers didn’t initially have sufficient power to end it upon ratification. But they had sufficient power to keep the slave states from dominating the newly formed republic.

        And for 87 years, they did pretty well walling slavery in, putting economic pressure on the South to end it until all their efforts were undercut by the Taney Court’s awful Dred Scott Opinion, which ended up triggering the Civil War. 620,000 dead, 3 Constitutional Amendments later, it ended in the US.

        The bases were named after Confederate generals in an attempt to heal the deadly rift, something the current wokesters seem to have forgotten in their single minded effort to create yet another deadly rift. But you already know that, don’t you, Frank? Cheers –

        • The bases were named during the Jim Crow era as part of rehabilitating the South’s image and maintaining white supremecy. Most of the Confedrate Generals named were competent leaders, AP Hill was awful. But you already know that AG, don’t you

          • “White Supremacy”?

            OMG, that’s dumb. Even from you. “White supremacy” as you define it wasn’t a concept then, any more than transgender was. Were they fighting to uphold the patriarchy, too.

            Dont babble about historical concepts in modern terms, and misinterpret history using them.

            Helpful hint. Most southern generals were and are widely regarded as vastly superior to their northern counterparts. That’s why the north wanted them to lead the Army of the Potomac so badly.

            AP may have been the least accomplished, but he was a damn sight better than almost anyone the Union put in the field. And he fought like hell.

      • History is not there for you to like or dislike. It is there for you to learn from it. And if it offends you, even better. Because then you are less likely to repeat it. It’s not yours to erase. It belongs to all of us!

  9. Everybody feeling relieved to not have to hear the names of the officers who sacrificed their lives and the lives of many men who willingly went to battle to defend the stubborn white democrat plantation owners who refused to give up their investment of the slaves they purchased and owned? I doubt it at least not till every person with a sliver of ancestry who is connected to someone who somehow was associated with a slave gets a million dollars in reparations. THEN they will be happy because of all the suffering and hardship they have had to endure ever since their great great great granddad worked for room and board and it will all come at our expense instead of the decendants of the rich democrats who bought the slaves and benefitted from ownership.

      • Why, Maureen? Why should those names be expunged? They are part of our history, regardless of how much you radical leftist extremists would like to send most or all of it down the memory hole.

      • But consider that these are names of military bases. If you are not, or have never been in the military, why would you be offended? How come no one has asked the military branches that control these bases what they want? And not some room full of generals, but the rank and file. I’ve been on several of these bases and not once was I inclined to support slavery or leave the Union. I love military history and can recognize that most of these officers performed their duties to the best of their abilities and were fine soldiers. In my mind they fit into the same category as many of our founding fathers: some of their conduct was legal or accepted in their times but would not be tolerated now. But that’s ok. They all contributed to this country in their own way and brought us here to this present day. I’m sure if they jumped forward in time, we have many aspects of our present society that THEY would not tolerate. It is, quite literally, different times.

        • I can’t imagine any US soldier on base wasn’t ar least confused by being at any base named after folks who wanted to destroy the United States.

          Put them in a military history book if you want.

          I have a hard time believing you Paul are ok with naming our bases after our enemies.

          • That’s because it escapes your progressive worldview. Soldiers “get” soldiers. And most don’t care either way. Or at least didn’t until Obama “corrupted” the military.

            I knew you were myopic and anti everything that you don’t like, but never thought you outright stupid until now.

            The Confederacy wanted to leave the union. Not destroy it or the US. As was their constitutional right.

            It was the north who engaged in wholesale destruction, including rape and murder of non combatants, while running all over the Constitution they were duty bound to protect.

            Lincoln, Grant, Sheridan, and Sherman would all be hung for war crimes and crimes against humanity if they behaved like that today.

            But oppression by the most brutal means possible has long been a hallmark of “progressive” thinking.

          • The south never wanted to destroy the north. They seceded in order to form their own country. If left alone they would not have invaded the north. The southern soldiers wanted to serve their country, so I can sort of relate. They had slavery in their country and when I served, I had ALF, BLM, antifa, and the biden family. I’m proud to have served my country but there are also parts of my country that should not exist.
            And why would a soldier be confused by a name? Contrary to some peoples opinions, most military people are very educated.

          • The Confederate soldiers were just as much Americans as those in the Union Army. They are not our enemies, they are our countrymen.
            I do not disown my siblings because I had an angry argument with them.
            Perhaps history is not your strong point?

          • MA byleaving the US there were destroying the US.

            Paul-soldiers getting soldiers need a museum or clubhouse on your own nickle. Our bases represent the defensive power of America for all Americans, not just those who serve on them. The solier would be confused exactly because they have education. Paul I’m not seeing other countries laud by similar action the enemies of their countries.

            I think your numbers and letters is a good idea. Really.

            CMTTek-YOU might want to check YOUR history prowess. The family members in the south certainly sought to leave thus destroy the US thus allowing an angry argument to prove reason to disown by seceding THEIR siblings in the north.

          • Just because you have a kindergarten level understanding of history does not make you right.
            I bet you think it was about slavery.

          • Maureen. Getting a ‘clubhouse’ on our own nickle is kinda hard to do when our wages come from tax dollars. And whats wrong with professional respect? There are many military figures through out history that would make horrible neighbors but made great fighting men. Haven’t you ever met someone in your profession that simply impressed you?
            Lets take the view of a base name by the soldier vs by another country. You should ask other military members (I’m just assuming that you have not served in the military) that have served on these bases if they have any specific feelings about the names or the people the bases were named after. You will find that the vast majority couldn’t care less. And what outside country would even bother with the names of OUR bases? Has ANYONE here ever heard that some country questioned any of the names?
            Do you realize that military helicopters are all named after native tribes? How should that be different than the base names? Most of those tribes were enemies of the U.S. and fought many battles against our military. What is your view about that?

      • The issue is not renaming the base. It is why the bases are being renamed.
        If the military was renaming the base because they determined someone was more deserving of the honor, that is fine, but renaming them because today some woke scolds decided to crybully the military into doing what the want is not OK.
        History is not there for you to like or dislike. It is there for you to learn from it. And if it offends you, even better. Because then you are less likely to repeat it. It’s not yours to erase. It belongs to all of us!

  10. Any estimate from the government needs to be doubled at least. They lie every time their mouths open. The feds couldn’t estimate the cost of ice cream. People had better start waking up before these ridiculous executive orders, and Biden’s rules ruin this country.

  11. I bet it would cost more to change all the things named after an ex-klansman from West Virginia.

  12. I’d like to see at least one branch of the military get out in front of this and change the names of all it’s bases to numbers and letters. Then look the protesters in the eye and ask them ‘what now?’

  13. Our military and political leadership should focus on the dilapidated state of the armed forces and deploy to protect our borders. Wasting money and dishonoring our heritage by renaming bases are some of the only tasks they can accomplish successfully. Disassociating the names and national historic memory of accomplished and distinguished combat veterans who lived and died with sacred honor from the current neutered military commanded by ignorant, morally vile, vulgar and spineless political appointees is appropriate.

  14. Hey, why let a good renaming fund event go to waste??!! Plenty of $$ for the pockets to go around

  15. Serious question, how many people knew that US troops are back in Syria and that US soldiers got into a major battle over the weekend?

  16. Curiously, when we pulled down the statues and memorials, racism still stuck around. We put up memorials to a drug addicted criminal that died resisting arrest, and still… racism.
    Now, we are going to spend millions to rename bases, and I am sure, racism will be gone after the names are changed.
    History is not there for you to like or dislike. It is there for you to learn from it. And if it offends you, even better. Because then you are less likely to repeat it. It’s not yours to erase. It belongs to all of us!

    • Fort Benning will always be Fort Benning to me. Enlisted in 2009 and that’s where I did my basic training.

      • I did AIT at Ft. Gordon, GA in 1967 and likely it will get a new name. Won’t cause me any grief, at all, but my mind will probably always think in terms of its original name.
        At that time the country was knee-deep in Vietnam and I witnessed little racism in US Army. That said, my cousins who enlisted in US Navy told me racism was rampant. Never did get the reasons behind the difference.

    • Sorry you are offended with the name changes. But I guess even better that you were-per your comment?

      • Not offended by changing the name. Offended by the reason for doing so.
        Like slavery suddenly disappeared, and racism is going to be a thing of the past, or something.
        It is imbecilic to think this will change anything.

          • And, slavery will still remain a part of our history, and racism will remain part of human existence. Names… they are fleeting at best.
            Only an imbecile would think changing the name of a building/base/ship makes any difference whatsoever.

  17. So, when do we rename democrats? They derived from slavery and the south too.
    Where will Ft Xi and Ft Putin be? Can we rename Alzheimer’s Biden-itics?

  18. Go Woke,Go Broke is only true when that entity is spending their own money.
    This is our money. And the purse is bottomless.
    Addiction to OPM is real.

  19. The post war names of these military establishments was an effort to unite the American people after a long and bloody war. These new efforts seem to be devised to do the opposite.

  20. Renaming US Navy ships is a terrible idea. Sailors learn early in their careers that renaming a ship is a jinx. This is taken as gospel and widely accepted. I don’t believe in such a jinx, but some do and I accept that as legitimate just as some people voted for Biden.

    The sea is unforgiving, and there is no reason to test one’s beliefs. Stop changing ship’s names.

  21. America.. Get woke, go broke. Blasphemy in the highest regard renaming all these in my opinion.
    For that amount of cash??? Do we not have better things to spend that money on??? We are going down as a country if this is high priority!

  22. Why should military bases be named after traitors to the USA?

    That is what those confederate generals and leaders all were, traitors to the USA.

    I’m with one of the other commentors above, name all bases a number and be done with it. Then no one can ever complain that one base name is racist or too woke. Fixes that problem right there.

    • They were not traitors, Pablo. It was those like Lincoln, who spat on the US Constitution and refused the Confederate states to secede peacefully, who were the REAL traitors to every principle, above all self-determination and liberty, that the US was founded on.
      I spit on the memory of Abraham Lincoln! He was an evil tyrant, who got exactly what he deserved, only four years too late.

    • I was waiting to see which imbecile bit on this. I’m not surprised it was you.

      Since you either skipped civics or was stoned in class…

      -nothing in the Constitution forbid succession. The southern states had every right to chose to leave if they wished.

      -Lincoln waged war on the south to deny former citizens of their rights. Moreover, the kind of war he waged would likely get him hung by a modern war crimes tribunal.

      -Upon succession, the Confederacy was no longer a part of the United States.

      Treason was impossible. You can’t be treasonous to a nation you are not a part of.

      But thank you for proving once again two important things. Public education stinks and leftists are incapable of common sense.

      A parting gift for you. Ever wonder why so many southern installations were named after Confederate generals? Nope? Not at all surprised. It requires an inquisitive mind.

      A very thin summary since, frankly, you’re not worth a deeper dive.

      -the leaders of the Army of the Potomac (look it up) as a rule respected their southern colleagues as friends -yes, friends- and as skilled soldiers.

      -Lincoln, very well aware the south could easily launch an ugly gorilla war and undue everything the North fought for (forced reincorporation of an occupied people into a country they didn’t want to be part of).

      As part of national reconciliation it was thought wise to recognize the important generals as forced peace went forward. If there was to be peaceful reintegration, the Confederate military leaders had to be part of it.

      So in one of the few wise moves in the whole mess, Lincoln and co decided honoring them was a smart move. And it was effective.

      I’m not at all surprised you’re ignorant of all this. You’re a leftist and you can find this info on TikTok.

      • Lots to unpack her MA, but I will try to refute your statement.

        First, SCOTUS ruled that the constitution forbids secession (see Texas v White from 1869)

        I wont argue that there were atrocities on both sides of the Civil War, from both US Soldiers and Confederate Soldiers. No one was innocent during the Civil War

        If they were no longer part of the US, why name US military bases after non US Citizens/generals/soldiers? Cant have it both ways there.

        Ever wonder why so many southern military bases are named after Confederate Generals? Could that be the Jim Crow Era Laws to spit in the face of the 13th amendment? To show black Americans that even though the constitution said they were equal, many still thought of them as less than.

        And all those bases having their names changed, not a single one was named or established until the 1920’s. That is 60 years after the South lost. Fort Bragg, established in 1921. Fort Benning 1922. Fort Gordon 1941. Fort AP Hill 1941. Fort Hood 1951. Camp Lee 1946. Fort Rucker 1942. And Fort Pickett 1974.

        Why were we naming a military base after a Confederate general in 1921, let alone 1974? That’s over 100 years after the war ended.

        Lincoln had absolutely nothing to do with naming any of these bases. He had been in the ground for over 50 years when the first of these bases was named after a confederate traitor.

  23. These actions are promoting racism which is what I believe their mission is. This country is suffering from the racial and sexual deviation the left is promoting all under the promise of unity from Papa Sniffy. A divided nation is a weak nation easily manipulated and controlled by adversaries which the greedy Biden bunch may or may not have been aware of while receiving money in exchange for Americas future. This move definitely weakens the military. Xi and Putin are having another toast celebrating the end of Americas dominance the last 100 years. As they boasted in their last meeting “change is coming”. Does anyone remember the last presidential candidate who got elected two terms using that phrase??? Elections have had consequences. Where are the Lefties celebrating pissing away all this money for name changes? Come on cheerleaders. Lets hear it for the grumpy old man who was mentored by the Grand Wizard Robert Byrd who slo joe for some reason has never been mentioned since becoming President. Seems like he has bragged every other “fact” of his past association except for the most important of all!

  24. If Trump somehow gets re-elected, I hope he reverses this. If for no other reason than to watch heads explode all over the blue states.

  25. It’s ironic as hell the ugliest war the US ever fought was to deny a people the right to seek their own future.

  26. Ah good, SD focused in on the fact that George Floyd was a felon, and obviously deserved to die – he had no redeeming value. I mean, forgiveness? Yeah, that’s only for Jesus, not the rest of us. Make some bad choices in life, be kind of a dirt bag, you deserve to die?

    Or how about some honest reporting, just zeroing in on relevant facts. The protests were because George Floyd died in police custody. That’s it. But, of course, that isn’t as much fun!

  27. I’m going with gut feeling here and say that the most vocal people in favor of renaming bases and ships have never been in the military. Just hold on, before you start spinning around with your hair on fire, and listen a moment. Yes, it is a fact that some of these bases were named after officers (usually) that fought for the Confederacy. But that war was fought and won almost exactly 158 years ago. Those men and women were American citizens before the war and once again, after the war. The bases were given names of Confederate officers as a way to NOT rub victory in the faces of a population that was supposed to rejoin the country. No one since has advocated for reinstating slavery or advocated for the Confederacy to once again secede. This is just another batch of wokesters playing like they have hurt feelings. Why aren’t they advocating for other changes in names? No more Ft Apache! Why? because Apaches enslaved other natives and commonly tortured captives. And if that’s so, no more English names like Yorktown. After all, look what the English did to the Irish! Lets just stop naming anything for fear that someone might associate it with SOMETHING bad. I should be forced to changed my name, right? After all The apostle Paul originally made a name for himself hunting down early Christians.
    As for removing names and using number/letters, that was suggested, tongue in cheek, just so that we can challenge the snowflakes to try to find something else they can bitch about. Sheesh.

    • Those bases being renamed were established between 1920 and 1974.

      Seems if America’s leaders wanted to not rub victory in the faces of the south, they would have established and named those bases much closer to the end of the Civil War.

      Fort Bragg, established in 1921. Fort Benning 1922. Fort Gordon 1941. Fort AP Hill 1941. Fort Hood 1951. Camp Lee 1946. Fort Rucker 1942. And Fort Pickett 1974.

      I’ll say it again, I agree with a poster above who stated that all bases should be numbered. That way no one can complain about the name being racist or woke. Solves lots of problems

      • You should never be allowed to use the name ‘Pablo’, because a couple of hundred years ago, this guy named Pablo was really mean to some other guy. I think he even punched him. Twice.

        • And what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

          Do you want to refute something in my post? Or are you just happy to attack my name on this site?

          I refuted your claim that Lincoln wanted to name these bases/forts after confederate generals to help keep the nation together after the Civil War by providing facts that none of these bases even existed until 50-100 years after the Civil War. And you came back saying that my name is offensive and shouldn’t even be used.

          No one is saying that you cant name a person after another. What we are saying is that US military bases should not be named after someone who fought AGAINST the USA in a war.

          Again, how is it bad to name each base a number and offend absolutely no one in the process?

          • You’ve never spent one day in the military and yet you are OFFENDED by base names. Since names hurt you so bad, let’s round up all those names that have ever been associated with anything anyone considered bad and just erase them. Would that make you feel better?

          • Paul,
            you are correct, I have never served in the military. I appreciate those who have and they have my utmost respect.

            My comment has nothing to do with having served, it has to do with naming bases after confederate traitors to the USA. People who fought against the USA in a war.

            I think the people these bases were previously named after should be taught about in school. I am not looking to rewrite history by totally eliminating those people, but I don’t think we should name military bases after people who fought against this country.

            Why are you so desperate to keep these names? Why are you so attached to these confederates?

          • and by the way Paul, you didn’t refute one line of my post. Care to comment on the fact that all of these bases in question were named after these confederate traitors 50-100 years after the civil war ended?

          • Let me point out one thing first; Pablo is Paul in Spanish, but you didn’t know that did you? This name thing is absurd on so many levels. The plan was always to name installations after a few Confederates, as the south had reasons to hold grudges for many years after the war ended and we were trying to smooth things over. Even as late as WWI celebrations were held in former southern states to honor former Confederate soldiers. Those soldiers were fighting for what became their home country. They were Americans before the war and they were Americans again after the war. War was over, we embraced our fellow citizens once again. And they seceded. They never entered Union territory until the war had started, which means that after secession, they were not a threat to the Union states.
            If simply fighting against a US military unit is enough to stop using names, why do we continue to use English names for locations? Don’t you want to remove any German names? After all they drug us through two world wars. Why are military helicopters always named for Native Indian tribes?
            The name thing just has no end. A couple of years ago, it was tearing down statues of people the lefties had never heard of. Now it’s names of bases even though lefties never serve in the military. What’s next? If you had read any of my other posts you would have seen that I even used my own name as the next target. After all, the apostle Paul made a name for himself by hunting down early Christians, so obviously even MY name (and ‘Pablo’) needs to be replaced.
            Would it make you feel better if Ft AP Hill was renamed after the superintendent of my high school, Roland Hill? I can keep a traditional name for a base and you can feel like you did ‘something good’.

  28. This is a good example of why other countries around the world are laughing at our military. Right up there with “pregnancy simulators” and pink high heels. Far less than half the people in this country support this BS.

  29. What a waste of money, no matter how much it is. We could be feeding kids, paying for better education, funding colleges, cleaning up our streets. It is so sad.

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