Applications for Anchorage Assembly seat for Chugiak-Eagle River will open on Tuesday


As Rep.-elect Jamie Allard heads to Juneau this month to represent District 23 in the Alaska House of Representatives, the Anchorage Assembly is getting ready to replace her until her seat can be decided by voters during the regular April 4 election.

Applications for the Chugiak-Eagle River seat will be taken starting Jan. 10 at the Anchorage Municipal Clerk’s Office, and the application period closes Jan. 17.

Interviews of the nominees will be done by the Assembly, which by then will have one unelected member — the replacement for Sen.-elect Forrest Dunbar, who will be replaced on Friday, Jan 6 during the same process.

The interviews for the Chugiak-Eagle River seat are scheduled for 2 pm, Jan. 19, with the decision made immediately following the interviews during an official meeting of the Assembly that is scheduled to start at 4 pm.

The period of service will be from Jan. 19 to April 25, when the winner of the April 4 election for District 2, Seat C, Chugiak, Eagle River, JBER will be sworn in.

The application packet can be found at this link.


  1. I can absolutely, positively, definitively guarantee you that the Bolshevik Nine majority on the municipal assembly will pick yet another neo-Marxist radical leftist as their temporary replacement for Allard’s seat. It is as predictable as the sunrise.

  2. The choice has already been made. Why waist other peoples time with a phony interview process. The assembly has proven time and again to be beyond the law. Now our district will have no representation. Time for a tea party. Defund the Assembly. Separate from the municipality.

  3. The fix is in. I’m sure they have already a twerking tranny selected to represent the conservative folks
    of Eagle River.


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