Anchorage Assembly special meeting set for Friday to replace Forrest Dunbar for East Anchorage seat


Sen.-elect Forrest Dunbar is off the Anchorage Assembly, which will meet in a special Friday meeting at 9:30 am to interview the five applicants for Dunbar’s seat serving the East Anchorage neighborhoods.

The meeting will take place at the Assembly Chambers on the ground floor of the Loussac Library, and then an official meeting of the Assembly will convene at noon in the same location to vote on and swear in the new temporary Assembly member, whose term will end April 25; a regular election takes place April 4, when the incumbent chosen by the Assembly will be able to defend his or her seat, if they choose. That seat will again be up for election in 2025.

Dunbar was elected to the Alaska Senate and will be sworn in in Juneau on Jan. 17.

Applications for the position closed on Jan. 4. The applicants for the District 5, Seat H temporary seat are:

Of those who filed, Harry Crawford has the most political stroke with the liberal-controlled Assembly. He was a Democrat state legislator in the Alaska House of Representatives from 2001 to 2011, and ran against Congressman Don Young in 2010. He again ran for the Alaska House in 2016, losing to Lance Pruitt.

Jim Wojciehowski also filed on Jan. 4 before the deadline. He is a physician assistant who has become a regular observer at the Anchorage Assembly meetings and often provided public comment on Covid policies during the pandemic panic, providing his medical expertise and viewpoints on lockdowns that were somewhat contrary to the Berkowitz Administration’s mandates.

Hilary Morgan, who filed on the last day possible, has a massive resume in nonprofit work and consulting, including working as CEO for the YWCA in Anchorage, and former director of Brother Francis Shelter. She ran for Alaska Senate in 2015.

Rich Foehner is retired from the U.S. Army, has filed.

Finally, Joey Sweet was the first to officially file. Sweet is a former student regent to the University of Alaska Board of Regents and was a legislative intern.


  1. How to predict the winner: which one is the most obnoxious, most flamboyantly gay, raging socialist who hates freedom, hates the Constitution, and sees America as in need of an enema?

    There’s your winner.

  2. Thanks Suzanne, very interesting to see the applications.
    BUT, no Dustin Dardin? ….. perhaps you missed an application?

    I think Dustin would have a real shot, everyone knows him down there.

    • Last I recall, Dustin lives in Sand Lake. Wrong district. Didn’t someone in these comment threads recently suggest Mia Costello, who also lives in Sand Lake? C’mon folks, let’s have at least a basic grasp on reality here.

  3. I would suggest that the Assembly take a straw vote at Mad Myrna’s on these applicants. Just to gauge community support before voting.

    • I just assume that they have already been doing so.
      Although they may try to shake things up this time, and pick a transgendered homeless handicapped black woman from the Sullivan instead.

  4. Forrest Dunbar is irreplaceable. The Assembly should’ve retired his seat and sold commemorative t-shirts to raise money for the up-and-coming Equity Team.

  5. Or they can let the public vote for that district and make it the peoples choice. But that is to hard for them to accept that.

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