Peltola says she is willing to help form coalition majority, such as ones they have in the Alaska Legislature


Congresswoman Mary Peltola on Thursday told a public broadcasting reporter that she is willing to form a coalition majority with Republicans. On Thursday night, the House held its 11th vote for Speaker, and for the 11th time, the Republican majority failed to elect Rep. Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield, Calif., who has been the House GOP leader for years.

“Anything that gets us communicating with each other rather than talking at each other would be a good thing at this point,” she was reported to have told the reporter.

Peltola has voted for the far-left Democrat Hakeem Jeffries 11 times. She said he is still her choice and that she was not enjoying the dysfunction.

“The gridlock over the Speaker vote is not normal or good for anyone. I am not enjoying this – I don’t think anyone is, and Alaskans deserve better,” she reportedly said.

“That said, I have always been willing to work with people regardless of political party. If there are members who want to form a coalition majority like we often see in Alaska, I’m open to discussing that. Anything that gets us communicating with each other rather than talking at each other would be a good thing at this point,” Liz Ruskin reported her saying.

The Democrats have stuck together and Jeffries has 212 votes — six votes short of the 218 voters needed. No Republican has bolted to vote for Jeffries, although Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida on Thursday voted for former President Donald Trump to become speaker.

McCarthy has 200 votes, and 20 Republicans voted for someone else or simply “present.” A historic 12th vote will take place starting Friday at noon, and negotiations are ongoing on Thursday night at the Capitol.

The responses to Peltola’s statement on Twitter were mixed. Some Democrats told her to “hold the line,” and others said that Republicans are insurrectionists who can’t be trusted.

Some of the typical Twitter responses:

“She’s folding already? @RepJeffries is our speaker, he’s won every vote so far. They can get behind him or they can continue to embarrass em themselves and put the country at risk. Call them out!”

“You can’t give the Republicans anything because they certainly aren’t going to be trustworthy with the Democrats. These same Republicans removed the security measures into the House chambers and many supported the insurrection. These Republicans don’t believe in ethics, either.”

@MaryPeltola enjoyment isn’t an issue. Good governance is— please hold the line with the Dem caucus. Those are the values you were hired by your people to uphold.”

“I am a senior who depends on Medicare and SS. I am a woman who wants to ensure my daughter and granddaughter has the same rights that I have. I support gay and transgender people. Unless there is a Republican that supports all of the above. Hold the line.”

“Stay united! Follow your leader for strategy. Talk to them PRIVATELY about ideas you have for moving forward. Do NOT talk to media (unless this is part of strategy all agreed on). #DemocratsAreUnited


  1. What fellowship can light have with darkness? Coalitions stand for nothing but the politicians themselves. They agree to keep funding each other by compromising and trading away the wealth of the nation and the rights of the people. No to coalitions.

    • Thank the RINI Begich voters.
      Their 2 time, 3rd place Loser who voted for Ethan Berkowitz over Amy Dembowski – this is ON THEM.

  2. I doubt we’re headed there, but after 12 failed votes, who knows? There are many centrists that might be attracted to such an arrangement. The problem is that, unless the coalition was 99% conservative with a couple of window dressing blue dogs, it would be political death for any Rs that joined. They’d certainly face party backed primaries in two years for failing the MAGA purity test (never work with Ds). Ds that joined would certainly face some backlash, but they could mitigate this by pointing out that some voice in a majority is better than no voice in the minority.

  3. So the GOP is on the verge of giving the House away. Smooth.

    Without a doubt, the GOP is useless organization.

  4. Entirely laughable. A coalition of right-wingers and Mary Peltola – styled communists? Including AOC and the illegal aliens? LOL. Too many episodes of “My Favorite Martian” have been consumed. And the Conservatives in the US Capitol have more brain credibility than the pathetic RINOs in the Alaska Legislature.

  5. Democrats act like a machine while Republicans are just parts. I’ll take the parts to build something better

  6. Totally a fan of the even-minded, integrity-rich Representative Mary Peltola.

    Downing- I’ll send you ten bucks if you don’t delete my comment (like you do for 75% of my brilliant comments).

    • You have brilliant comments?
      And… you owe Suzanne $10. Will be very interested to see if you actually follow through.

    • Lucinda
      We are conservatives. We don’t eliminate speech that we don’t agree with. We debate it. It’s what the First Amendment is all about. Even when all of us here, roll our eyes when you put up a statement like ‘even-minded, integrity-rich’ and add it to mary’s name, rest assured that you have every right to make that statement anywhere in America. That includes in print or in person.

      The real question here is, do YOU agree that those of us that disagree with your ‘worldly’ views, have that same right of free speech?

      One more thing; any time you use your freedom of speech, understand that the reason you have that as a right, is because of those of us that have served our country as military members, police, and even foreign service (ambassadors, and state department), etc.

      Your welcome, now please use your rights wisely.

    • Lucinda, I am surprised to learn that you haven’t been a regular financial supporter of Must Read Alaska.
      I guess I presumed that being an even minded person you had already ponied up to keep the lights on at Suzanne’s establishment. Doing so of course enables you to continue sharing your brilliant comments with us knuckle draggers! ( of course you might want to use smaller words, ugh… )

      I hope we can agree that Must Read provides a platform for an open exchange of information, ideas and opinions and as such is deserving of our financial support. Please stay engaged on Must Read Lucinda, I’ll keep my sunshades handy as I search for your utterances…

      • Stand by for more refreshing cool water in this desert of reason. I’ll continue to provide you a path toward civility, common sense and compassion. If Suzanne will have me.

        • Lucinda, I am hopeful that you will be able to contribute an occasional watering of the fruitful soil that is Must Read Alaska.
          Regarding civility, I believe it is the hallmark of a civilized people, not unlike the ability to make poo ? poo go bye bye!
          Best wishes in the New Year and I look forward to reading your comments!

        • Lucy, ok, so first it’s brilliance and now it’s cool water in the desert? I’m confused ? , if just for the moment.

          How about this, you will doubtless add your composted comments into the fertile soil of the Must Read Comment garden and together we hopefully all will grow? Does that work?

          As for civility, it’s my observation that good manners come in second behind the true hallmark of a civilization, that of course being the ability to make poo ? poo go bye bye!

  7. Well, she must have an Alaskan education. Doesn’t understand how a democratic process occurs in a Constitutional Republic? What’s happening in Juneau Is borderline illegal. Mike Shower investigated this.

  8. It’s funny that they think Jeffries is in the lead, just because he had the most votes. The amount doesn’t matter, unless he hits 218. That’s less likely to happen for Jefferies than it is for McCarthy. I’m enjoying the holdout though. I would love to see a strong, conservative Speaker. In the end, I’m sure McCarthy will make whatever deal he has to, in order to get the votes.

  9. As much as I dislike Peltola’s politics, it would be good for the country and certainly good for the State if she crossed party lines. One would think that she could cut Alaska a pretty good deal considering that otherwise she is going to spend years as the States sole representative and also be the most junior representative in the minority party, thus being rendered completely ineffective.

    • Bob, Mary has no intention of crossing party lines. She’s talking about a coalition like we have here in our senate where REPUBLICANS cross the line and we get a Dem to lead the group. Like most Dems, she just lied all the way to the end about working across the isle!

    • She actually isn’t the most junior rep. That would be anyone who won their first election to Congress in November. Because Peltola won the special election, she has more tenure in the House than any incoming freshman rep. Small difference, but that small difference means she is higher on the totem pole than any incoming freshman rep

    • Since Peltola was elected in a special election and took office in September 2022, she has seniority over any Representative elected in November. The Wikipedia page 2022 United States House of Representatives elections has a good breakdown of newly elected candidates. There were 33 Democratic Reps that will be junior to Pelota, 46 new Republican Reps, ranking Peltota at 356/435.

  10. Dark money advertisement being aired lately.
    “pick your four favorite animals Johnny “
    Third choice was a snake…….
    Need I say more.
    “See, wasn’t that hard after all “

    • I have heard that ad.
      Stupid does not begin to describe it. The problem with RCV is not the ranking, it is what is being ranked. There is no comparison between animals/colors/soda/whatever and politicians. But, the dark money wants you to think selecting a politician to represent you is a “If so-and-so is not there, then the next guy will be fine…”

  11. Peltola should do some basic research on Hakeem Jefferies. He is arguably one of the dumbest members of the House who to this day still believes in the thoroughly debunked Trump Russian Collusion Hoax that cost the nation tens of millions of dollars and wasted years of Congressional time.

    • Dumber than MT Greene? Don’t think so.

      Greene said, “They want to know when you are eating, they want to know if you are eating a cheeseburger which is very bad because Bill Gates wants you to eat his fake meat that grows in a peach tree dish.” And “Not only do we have the DC jail which is the DC gulag, but now we have Nancy Pelosi’s gazpacho police spying on members of Congress…”

      • So, there are dumb people on both sides of the political aisle.
        Does that mean Jefferies is not one of the dumbest ones? Seriously? is that all you have?

        • Well, I guess it’s tough to pin it down but Taylor Greene is light years below any other politico, except maybe Trump, Giuliani, Lake, McDaniel, Powell, Herschel walker, Lindsay graham, Matt Gaetz, Boebert, Abbott, Tshibaka, santos.

    • So in your mind, Frank, voting for Hakeem Jeffries is best for Alaska?

      Jeffries repeatedly said the 2016 election was illegitimate because Trump won and Hillary didn’t. He said history will never accept Trump as a legitimate President. He said Russia rigged the election.

      But you be you, Frank, and say that voting for this whackadoodle as Speaker for the U.S. House is somehow in the best interest of Alaska. As for the rest of the grownups, no thanks.

    • You are wrong Frank.
      Mary Peltola will always to what she thinks is best for Alaska.
      And, I know this will ruin your belief in the system, but politicians are humans just like you and I. And, they have biases, prejudices, and make decisions based on faulty information all the time.
      And, frankly, what Peltola thinks is best for Alaska is not what I think is best. And, since I am part of Alaska, she, by definition, is NOT doing what is best for Alaska.

    • Frank don’t fool yourself; Mary P. is going to what is best for Mary, noting more, nothing less.

        • The Democrats seem to care a lot, a real lot about those that do note vote. Over the past few election cycles, they have been pushing for laxer and laxer voter laws, ballot drop boxes, early voting month, 100% mail in voting, automatic voter registration.
          Looks like the Democrats care a LOT about those that do not vote.
          And, serious question here Bill. Why do you follow up most comments with a giggle? What kind of mental disorder do you suffer from that you think you have to do that?

          • Well CB, both parties are involved in trying to register those that they think will vote their policies-not just Democrats.
            And my occasional follow-up with a giggle is to drive those nuts, that are looking for something that’s not there. And it works especially well on the low-watt bulbs on here. Heheh!

  12. She definitely in NO WAY follows anything what ever Don Young would have done..She lied…lied..lied….Don Young is rolling over in his grave…right now!!

  13. The next to the last paragraph in the article is why I will never agree with committed Democrats. Does anyone suppose that she-he-they-them-zir or whatever would support the constitution to allow me free speech or the second amendment or the liberty to not be forced to pay exorbitant taxes to support their “benefits”?
    Not for a second and THAT is why we shouldn’t cave.

  14. Sixty percent of Alaska voted Republican and our representative is a Democrat towing THAT party line. >:(

    I’m a nonpartisan who voted Republican. I have to wonder what good it did. #TwitterFiles has shown the DNC can’t be trusted with even our most basic civil rights.

    • Many elections having more than two participants often have a similar outcome Manda. That’s the reason many systems require a run-off between top two vote getters (like Georgia, recently).
      Alaska has a new voting system that counts those second-place votes to avoid a run-off election and this instant run-off RCV results in one winning party getting over 50% of the vote. You don’t like it then push for some system like Georgia’s, but it is more expensive holding another election. However you slice it, elections will have consequences IMO.

        • Try coming up with a single “corrupted, manipulated or stolen election” Jefferson. And point out why, assuming you’ve come up with one, such an election would have any more consequences than a proper one. Take your time here. Heheh!

        • Now Jefferson honey. Those claims ONLY apply to Trump and his garbage truck drivers. There is ZERO evidence that democrats “stole” the election. You’ve made the claim before it like all election deniers you have no evidence.

          If you can offer just a whiff of a counter narrative to the damning overwhelming evidence produced by the January 6 commission, I’m sure we’d all like to see it.

  15. No thank you, the legislature in Juneau hasn’t been doing the peoples work since the started the coalition BS.

  16. My intention was to imitate a silly goose here. What must prevail is a 1776 US Constitutional structure. Would the occupant from Alaska recognize such a structure and defend and secure this structure? The US Constitution is not particularly “vanilla” but would incorporate controversy as the US moves away from corrupted, favored corruptible practices.

  17. Wouldn’t it be refreshing and even incredibly groundbreaking to see Mary vote to support McCarthy as speaker in the best interests of Alaskans. Much of her campaign literature claims she wants to work to represent us all. A move like this could send a loud and clear message to her fellow dems that it’s not just about party.

  18. In other words, screw the people you represent. They will work for a government that is for the government and by the government. Do you ever wonder why you never hear them referring to the Constitution unless it somehow fits their narrative? Do you ever hear them say, lets reign in spending and ensure the people’s rights are protected? Do you ever hear them say, lets weigh our legislation against the constraints of the Constitution before passing it? Alaska is edging into another left coast State. If you have taken a look at what has happened to California, trust me, you do not want to go there! Welcome to tyranny, may God help us all.

  19. A better strategy for Peltola would be to ride the fence like Daddy’s Little Princess does. Making a loyalty alignment with Jefferies wont pay dividends for Alaska and Alaskans. Rather, remain a Democrat, sell your vote to the Republicans for yearsw to come, bringing home the Bacon for Alaska and Alaskans. (Hint: You’ll get fantastically rich doing so, you’ll remain in the “Swamp Power” for very long, and you might even do something good for Alaska).

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