Another switched-up male swimmer sets a college record on a women’s team


A young man who swam competitively for three years in college as a man, then underwent transgender treatments and switched to the women’s team, has set a new record for New Jersey’s Ramapo College.

The man, who is now a senior going by the name Meghan Cortez-Fields, took first place and broke the school record in the 100-yard butterfly at a meet that brought six colleges together for the Cougar Splash Invitational in Dallas, Pennsylvania.

Cortez-Fields also took first in the 200-yard individual medley and second in the 200-yard butterfly. He won at least one heat in three of the four women’s meets this year, according to Ramapo News.

Ramapo College’s Instagram account quickly posted a congratulatory note about his win, but then deleted the post after women’s athlete advocate Riley Gaines called out the college for discriminating against women.

“Ramapo College swimmer in NJ goes from less than mediocre male swimmer to a record smasher competing against the women. Hm, where have we seen this before? #SaveWomensSports,” Gaines wrote on social media.

Last year, transgender Lia Thomas smashed the NCAA freestyle, after having competed at a mediocre pace for three years as his biological gender for University of Pennsylvania, then switching to the women’s team and becoming the school’s champion swimmer, and most notorious trophy taker. He tied Gaines for fifth place, but the NCAA decided to give the fifth-place trophy to Thomas. Gaines has become a crusader for girls and women in athletics since that experience. She was in Anchorage last weekend to continue her public speaking tour and raise the issue of fairness for women competitive athletes.


  1. He didn’t win anything. Nothing, quit saying he did. Couldn’t win against men so he acts like an idiot and beats some girls, big deal. Bet his parents are proud, ha. Hopefully he doesn’t procreate .

  2. This crap will continue until all the female athletes quit participating.
    No, do not quit the sport. Just stop competing. If there is a male swimmer on the platform, when the gun goes off, do a cannonball into the pool, and doggie paddle for a bit. Do as little as you can to ensure you keep your scholarship (if you have one).
    These pretend females are making a mockery of collegiate sports, and if it is already a mockery, help them out. Make it even more ridiculous. (Heck… why not slip a massive “adult toy” into the front of your swimsuit as well. At least, every swimmer will be handicapped by the protuberances.)

    • Best possible response. Just stand on the starters block (no idea the term) and flatly refuse to participate in said race.

      You can shame the shameless boy, but you came embarrass the hell out of the sponsors and the organization.

      • Exactly.
        I do not know details of any athletic scholarship, but I will hazard a guess it does include some requirement to participate in the sport.
        So, participate.
        Cannonball from the side gets you into the water, and splash around a bit constitutes swimming.
        Same with any other sport. Get a soccer scholarship, and the other team has a dude on it. Run around a bit, sit down, kick the ball out of bounds at every opportunity, whatever. Make mockery of the sport. Tennis? Miss every serve. Golf? Use a putter to drive from the tee, and then use a pool noodle for the next shot.
        Track and field? Wear a horse costume to the 100M dash.
        Does not matter, make it ridiculous. So ridiculous the NCAA, or sponsors get embarrassed. it is the only “protest” they will listen to.

  3. May I ask a question? Why do we continue to post these articles about these mental defectives?? Right next to it, an article defending women’s sports from a real female athlete. This is what the sick individuals THRIVE on. Attention. Boycott them, do not allow your kid to swim against them, and never attend a meet. That is how you deal with this. I’m sorry these men thinking they can take some hormones to make them a girl, while running around with a stick in their pants!
    Twisted, sick people that think this is possible, and to boot, immerse children into it by making them deal with it. That is child abuse all day long!
    Boycott the Transgenders…. All of them.

    • Ridicule it.
      Ignoring it, boycotting, etc… will only give them the ammo to accuse you of transphobia.
      Turning every woman’s sports event into a clownshow will make a difference.
      Cannonballs from the side by every participant but the dude will make it ridiculous.
      Distort every other sport similarly. Wear a halloween costume to a foot race, dress up as a horse, a car, or a rocket. Then run in circles.
      Use rule #5 against them.

  4. Another male Loser who cheats women to get ahead. No matter what these men want people to believe they are, the basic core of them, they are Abusers of Women.

  5. Oh well. This will teach GenZ women and girls a lesson a real life lesson in gender studies. Sometimes you got to let the girls and women suffer just a tad to wake them up from their fantasy world of girls can be boys and boys can be girls.

  6. Here we go again. Commenters on here blame the young man for “cheating.” But he’s not cheating. If the rules allow him to compete against women why blame him?. His participation is only the symptom of the real problem…. that is, the idiots in charge. These idiots are our fellow Americans… the woke ones; including your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, teachers, politicians, etc. Do you regularly confront the woke regarding their reprehensible ideology? If not, then you are also part of the problem. So, just sit back; don’t make waves. Just complain behind your fake name on MustReadAlaska…. as our culture unravels.

    • Nice post Wayne, didn’t really think of it that way. I think the drug testing issue might work. If a guy takes steroids to improve performance and is caught, its over. We all remember Lance Armstrong. It should be the same for the trans guys. Steroids or opposite sex hormones in your body, you’re disqualified. BTW, like you I don’t hide behind a fake name.

    • Just because a man found a loophole in the rules that allows a man to compete against women does not make it OK.
      Besides, the problem is not specifically this man.
      It is the system, controlled by leftist idiots, that allows this man to compete that is the problem.

    • With all due respect Wayne, you have no idea what people are doing to ‘make waves’ or not, do you? You want a Hero but you need is guerilla fighters.

  7. If it’s got an apple it’s got a banana and if it’s got a banana it’s not a legit competitor in women’s sports.

    Sure this is some form of lying, cheating mental defective but the real question is, aren’t there supposed to be responsible individuals disallowing obvious cheaters? Why are those people not being replaced w/ those capable of spotting an Adam’s Apple?

  8. Whoops. Spotted the problem; hyphenated last name. Clearly raised by a mom w/ severe penis envy and s/b expected to be a nutbar as an adult.

    • Gotta love the women who are so “woke” that they will not take their husbands name as is the custom. They are striking a blow against the patriarchy.
      Instead, they choose to keep their Dad’s last name.
      Yep, I’m convinced.

  9. THANK YOU for calling him what he is…a he. I can’t stand all the journalists who go with the “preferred pronouns”. It’s refreshing to see honest reporting.

    • If anyone ever dares ask me for my “pronouns”, I am going to tell that person: “If you cannot figure it out at a glance, by looking at me — an obvious man with a beard —- they you are clearly too stupid for me to bother interacting with further.”

      • I am torn between saying my pronouns are “Trump/won” (and you are a bigot if you do not use them), or telling them to take a guess. I am an adult, and I will not be offended if you get them wrong.
        Tough call.

  10. Until women stand up to this stupid idea it will only get worse.
    I have suggested that we mom start their own leagues and only invite biological women. If it’s private then you could tell the feds and their very wrong rules to go pound sand. Women have fought hard for women’s rights and recognition and now the feds say it’s normal to pit men against women.
    How about we sue to stop politicians from using bathrooms that are not unisex? Make Nancy pee with
    Biden in the same bathroom with no doors or partitions.

  11. There are terms that we, within mine own relative age, would have referred unto said ‘athlete’ such as this.

    And, of course, this would have been before said self-identification of said individual, as honestly, that would never have been given a chance, and for a valid reason.

    We, the masculine of the species would have simply referred to this individual as a feline individual, not within relation unto the female or our species, of whom strength exemplifies their existence, but of the weakness of which exemplifies their own individual existence of a true lack of strength, in which they exhibit wholeheartedly, day after day, for the rest of their miserable delusional lives.

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