Anchorage school superintendent says his canceling of Dr. Ben Carson’s visit is within his ‘case-by-case’ authority


At Tuesdays’ school board meeting, Anchorage School Board member Dave Donley asked School Superintendent Jharrett Bryantt, “What board policy was the basis for your denial of former U.S. Secretary Dr. Ben Carson speaking at Mountain View School?”

Must Read Alaska on Tuesday had reported that although brain surgeon Dr. Carson, who was the first person to successfully separate head-conjoined twins, had been scheduled to speak to students while he is in Anchorage next week, the superintendent intervened and canceled the engagement.

Bryantt responded, “Sure, ah, that’s a great question, member Donley. There’s not a specific policy. It’s within the authority of the superintendent to make that call um … I’m happy to summarize some of the thinking that went into that perhaps at a ‘Board Connect’ but we respectfully declined the invitation,” Bryantt said.

Donley continued: “So if Vice President Harris was in town, and she did a fundraiser with the Democratic Bartlett Club, would you not let her speak at one of our schools this year?”

Bryantt said that it was not a situation that he has encountered, “but these situations are case by case, um, this isn’t necessarily a partisan thing, this is really about protocols, and keeping the focus on what it needs to be, which is on back to school and safety.”

The exchange between Donley and Bryantt begins at the 18-minute mark on this meeting video:

Carson is coming to Anchorage and will keynote an evening for the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club. His friends arranged for him to speak to students at the school, where many students attend and live lives mirroring his own upbringing. He went on to become a famous brain surgeon, who ran for president in 2016, and then became the 17th secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Trump Administration.

In his autobiography, “Gifted Hands,” Dr. Carson describes his journey from an angry, struggling young boy with every disadvantage to the director of pediatric neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

“As a boy, he did poorly in school and struggled with anger. If it were not for the persistence of his mother, a single parent who worked three jobs and pushed her sons to do their best, his story may have ended tragically,” says the description of his book at Amazon. “A man of humility, decency, compassion, courage, and sensitivity, he now serves as a role model for everyone who wants to achieve their God-given potential.”

Last year, he has co-authored a book on education, “Crisis in the Classroom.”

For tickets to hear Dr. Carson speak, head to this link.


    • And our schools should not be political. Ben Carson is a decent, intelligent, honest, principled man and has a remarkable story.
      Inclusion in any way causes exclusion to so many

      • The Anchorage Republican Women’s Club should have extended an invitation to the Mountain View PTA, for a luncheon field trip that PARENTS could decide to attend, children in tow.

        Parents — not irate members of the school board — should determine whether their children are exposed to partisan rhetoric.

        • Sophie, Sophie, wildly disingenuous Sophie.

          There is NO evidence that Dr. Carson was going to speak on any sort of partisan matters in his cancelled presentation to the school children. But it is understandable that you would assume such to be the case, as if he were a fellow-traveler radical leftist extremist, er, Democrat, then of course, yes, he would naturally have introduced partisan rhetoric into his presentation. That is invariably what the radical leftist scorpions do — because it is their nature, given their political beliefs (insane as they are) are their ersatz religion.

        • What kind of partisan rhetoric, would a person like you expect a man like Dr. Carson to a group of elementary school children? I mean I’m sure he wouldn’t come in waving trans and rainbow flags but I’m sure a humble man such as Ben Carson would check any political ideology at the door and just give an inspirational talk It would be a refreshing reprieve from the unionized indoctrination preached at them everyday

        • What is partisan about a black man who rose from poverty on his own to become the pinnacle of successes? Is that so very repugnant to you that you would prevent his story from reaching children who are being raised much as he was, in poverty, with little hope? I do wonder about progressives and what progress they think they are making. Apparently very little.

        • God forbid kids here they can be almost anything they want to be if they work hard.

          Who needs to hear positive reinforcement?

        • I am good with that. I know… weird, I am agreeing with Sophie on something. Who would have ever thought it would happen.
          Under one condition. All other speakers, and I mean ALL of them, get the same treatment. If former President Obama wants to speak at a ASD school, he gets told no, he has to go through the PTA. If Taylor Swift wants to speak, same treatment. If Mr. Levine wants to speak… yep, talk to the PTA.
          Why? Because parents should (rightly I might add) determine who and what their children hear. (And, that extends to the classroom as well. So, if you are in the camp that parents should not see the lessons before hand, change your mind now.)

        • Sophie: I agree teachers shouldn’t teach partisan rhetoric as fact. This we agree on. But Dr. Ben Carson as a guest speaker for an assembly that happens one day pales in comparison to DEI and gender ideology and climate alarmism and all of the left wing propaganda BS that is embedded into our school district and crammed down our children’s throats. I mean, look at this superintendent being so brazen to tell us an obvious lie to our face that this wasn’t a partisan decision while Rachel Levine is embraced with open arms. What are we supposed to do with that so we can demand AND RECEIVE the respect that is needed for healthy discussion and debate? Sincerely wonder what you believe differing perspectives should do that get selectively shutdown like this.

          What I would like to see is Dr. Ben Carson and Rachel Levine both being allowed to be guest speakers and let kids parse on their own what is valuable.

          I have no doubt though that Dr. Ben Carson would be much more cautious about being partisan compared to Rachel Levine.

    • Asd is used as a prop by every other group…..just not conservative straight Christian’s of color,huh? That’s where you draw the line?

    • We wouldn’t want anyone who has ever written a book to speak to our most precious assets. How embarassing for Anchorage. We really do s*ck.

    • I highly doubt the obviously intelligent Dr Carson would ever benefit from a speaking engagement at ASD where a Diploma is worth less than the dribbled on toilet paper floating around the stalls in the bathroom.

    • It is a very old, formerly respected position that a guest speaker at an educational institution be allowed to sell or give away literature that fits the speaker’s narrative.

      I’ve seen it done more times than I can count.

      In rare occasions if said speaker has a book/literature thought to be inappropriate, those issues are discussed beforehand. The result being nothing is sold and if asked, the student is directed to a local bookstore.

      This is only a issue because a sad little man who isn’t qualified for the job is scared of his union or blacks people seeing a successful black role model.

    • Don’t forget unqualified for his job and incompetent. Being racist and politically motivated are also among his unsavory character traits. Don’t forget to vote out the ASD School Board (except Donley) at the next opportunity.

  1. Our “JR” superintendent needs to go.
    Should never have been hired.
    Did NOT MEET the requirements for the position.
    Yet the “liberal” School Board hired him to further their left-wing agenda.
    How much did the taxpayers have to pay for his “Nanny”?
    Bryantt should re-pay the taxpayers that cost.

  2. Initially, as I understand, Woke Bryantt wasn’t minimally qualified to be a superintendent of Anchorage schools and a “mentor” was hired at an exorbitant rate to “show him how to do the job”. Is he still learning and is the “double pay” for a single job still in effect.?

  3. Yes, why would they want young minority kids to meet a successful minority man. It falls outside of their teachings that they are victims who live in a vile racist country with zero chance of ever becoming successful themselves..

  4. perhaps a few people would like to ask the superintendent about how he came to this decision
    be carefull though simply asking democrat school officials questions might get you landed on F.B.I watchlists these days


  5. We learn by imitating successful people. Superintendent Bryantt and the School Board majority that hired his sorry carcass are determined no minority gets anywhere near Dr Carson or thinks about emulating his life, thus perpetuating their victimhood endlessly. Why? Because successful people don’t need them. Cheers –

  6. I bet his mother is a Christian and kept her eyes fixed onJesus. Most single mothers have their eyes fixed on reconciliation with the child’s uhm what you call him or she seeking a new man. That’s why her boy would turn out well without a dad in the home. See. Single mother’s children aren’t more at risk for troubles and tragedies if she follows Jesus. Fatherless or motherless children no more at risk to prison, anger, or addictions than children of a married couple who don’t even know Christs salvation and forgiveness.

  7. Boy Bryantt’s reasoning behind the disinvitation of Dr. Ben Carson has nothing to do with race, though Boy Bryantt’s belief within racism by low expectations is obvious.

    Boy Bryantt’s reasoning behind the disinvitation of Dr. Ben Carson is twofold.

    The first, is ideological. As Boy Bryantt is a never achieved ‘Constant’ portrayal of what is wrong within the public educational system, he is but a troll believing that he holds unto the bridge that he resides under, and controls who is tripping upon it, regardless of whether said tripping members far supersede his resultant educational standards.

    The second, and more importantly, is philosophical.

    Boy Bryantt’s philosophy is based upon intellectual malfeasance, that is, the complete lack of actual intelligence, and promoting the teaching of said same, that is ideology over instruction within constructive education.

    • Apparently the success of a black man against all odds is partisan in your playbook. Got it. You are that sick sort of racist that thinks nobody can get ahead if their skin color isn’t white. Very sad, but true, of the “progressive” mindset.

      • Tamra: the superintendent said to Dave Donley, the only conservative on the school board, that the decision was “not partisan”. Thus “Not partisan” my buttocks.

  8. Apparently, Superintendent Bryantt does not know that he works for the School Board. And School Board president Margo Bellamy doesn’t realize that relationship as well. I say the board should overrule the superintendent and let the chips fall where they may. BTW, where is the local NAACP? Where is the Alaska Black Caucus? Crickets. Show Jarrett Bryant the door and pay his way back to Houston, TX, to the totally failing school district he fled.

    • From a political standpoint – btw its all political – this is a “no-lose” for someone like Bronson or Dunleavy to throw down.

    • Not anymore. My son got tossed out of his shop class because his buddy brought a copy of “gender queer” to class which he obtained from the school library.
      They were making fun of the illustrations and descriptions of how to give proper blowjobs and other whacko content.
      That was the best thing that ever happened because I immediately unenrolled him and we both went over to Alaska Military Youth Academy got him signed up for the next 5 month session. He learned more in 4 months of intense classroom instruction plus another month of trade school training which automaticly qualifies the student to enter the apprenticeship program in the trade of their choice (carpenter electrician plumbing lineman etc).
      He graduated at the top of his class 4.0 which He has never done. He said He learned more in 5 months than 3 years at ASD.
      He is now a heavy equipment mechanic at the largest dealership in Alaska and travels statewide repairing heavy equipment and recruiters are constantly begging him to enlist in the military but His answer is always the same…not until America has a real Leader!

  9. Jharrett Bryantt still does not qualify for ASD Superintendent. Why he is there at all remains a mystery. I presume he strokes Margo Bellamy’s ego, but other than that? What ARE his qualifications? Nonexistent.

  10. My guess, Napoleon syndrome. An EdD vs a medical doctor. Didn’t want to feel like there’s a qualified doctor in the building. That would mean he would have to address him as Dr.

    • My guess a man with a polarizing political presence is not the best to address kids in our school.

  11. We can turn this whole thing over on the wokies heads… Let’s persuade Dr. Carson to speak at a venue apart from the ASD – I would think one of the larger churches near that district would be willing to spare an evening. Invite all the kids and send out flyers to invite the parents too. Turn a whole district full of woke libtards into conservatives overnight by simply telling the truth. This could be the beginning of turning Anchorage back to some semblance of sanity. Even better, ask the local conservative media to attend – perhaps live radio – and make sure the word gets out. Dr. Ben Carson is a great speaker with a great message – don’t let this crisis go to waste.

  12. If you have the authority, but no direct policy that’s being violated, you side the side of liberality and allow the speaker. The only reason to “cancel” Ben Carson is now clearly personal ideological disagreement… which is anything but tolerant.

    • Liberals are not tolerant, at all. That is the basis of their argument: we know what’s best, and everything else must be crushed. They are also convinced they are the smartest and wisest people in any room, which makes it clear that they are anything but.

    • The least tolerant people in the world are the ones claiming to be liberal. There is a reason I do not call them liberals any more. There is nothing liberal about them. They are leftists. Their alter is the all powerful State, and their drug is control.

  13. Within his purview or not, it seems to be a really stupid move. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for these kids.

  14. Ben Carson is guilty of the same thing Clarence Thomas is guilty of. Thinking for themselves as opposed to blindly following the democrat line.

    Nothing scares the left more than a black man who thinks for himself. It might be catching.

    • On a positive spin, it is catching, especially here, and what’s good about the superintendent saying such obvious bs is that he is exposing himself to anybody with half of a brain that isn’t just a partisan bigot.

  15. What does a toddler do when they hear (or are about to hear) something they do not like?
    They cover their ears and shout LALALALALALALA really loudly to avoid hearing it. And, they try to stop others from hearing it as well.
    How is this any different?

  16. My opinion is Bryantt is racist- he thinks black people are only allowed to say and think certain things. If they don’t comply, then they get whipped, or in the 21st century, banned.

  17. He looks/talks/acts like a Jr High School “honor” student who went to Stellar. He talks like his diapers are too tight. He has learned how to protect his @$$ by reverting to executive sessions, aka “Board Connect”. We have reached the point where utterly unqualified, senile or fraudulent presidents, vice-presidents, congressmen, senators, state legislators, municipal assemblies, school board members and their hired lackeys are a laughingstock. They have made WEIRD the norm. They have created a de facto culture where all-things-Left are sacrosanct and must not be ever be questioned or aired into the light of day. Donley needs to blast him while in session. They don’t deserve the respect of their office, simply because they have mocked it.

  18. But he’s ok with a fat hairy man dressed in Victoria’s Secret gyrating in front of grade schoolers. Send this back to to where it came from. ASAP “for the children” as the libs use to say.

  19. The Superintendent’s decision sure prevents kids from hearing from a positive role model who has overcome life’s obstacles to become a very successful person. And positive role models that give kids hope are what kids need.

  20. I have never hear “Dr” Bryantt speak until this article. He sounds very lispy and effeminate. Is he in the process of some sort of transition, or is he happy just the way he is?

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