Peltola’s first time sport fishing? She shows reel rookie mistake


Fishing her entire life, and going with the “Fish, Family, Freedom” motto on her campaign, Rep. Mary Peltola still hasn’t figured out how to hold the rod and reel.

In doing it all wrong, maybe she’s actually saving fish, because she sure isn’t catching them using the “upside down” fishing technique.

After being gone from Alaska for weeks, Peltola hurried back to the state Monday and quickly posted social media photos of herself on the banks of a stream, fishing with some women friends, as if she has been here all along.

But she was holding the rod and reel upside down, a classic rookie mistake.

Her trip to Silver Salmon Creek in Lake Clark was filled with late-night card-playing, beading, and hanging around with some women friends and her ever-present campaign manager Anton McParland, resulting in photos he put into the social media universe.

The other fishing mistake Rep. Peltola made is she kept her distance from the stream she was casting into. Normally, a fisher gets as close to the water as possible, but she is standing back.

What is extraordinary is that no one on Peltola’s staff — her photographer and her campaign manager, included — saw that she was doing it wrong. They were not experienced enough to spot the mistake.

Her faux pas didn’t go unnoticed by the public. On Facebook, one reader wrote: “Who stands that far away from the waters edge when fishing, and holds a spinning reel upside down? Answer, a democrat politician who has never fished before, and is just out for a photo op to appear to be what she’s not.”

Another wrote, “You’re holding your rod upside-down!” Someone wrote, “How embarrassing that an Alaskan can’t even hold a dam fishing rod.”

We found a tutorial on the proper handling of rod and reel, which is something that her non-Alaskan campaign manager may wish to review:


  1. lulz, Mary your D.C. elitism is showing. anybody sure that she’s actually an Alaskan? where’s her birth certificate probably. She’s from NYC

  2. Mary is a fishing boat captain. Captains don’t do the fishing, they have people for that. I am sure you have heard the saying from the people out of western Alaska say about fishing with a rod and reel. “We don’t play with our food”.

    • Total BS, sir. I spent many years in a southwest Alaska village and everybody fished with rod and reel as well as net, jigging sticks and traps. Many also had commercial permits. That argument holds no water.

        • Get her out on the range with Obama’s shotgun for a round of trap or skeet. This is so sad… so Frank …. she only drove a boat … but I thought “fishing” was a big thing for her.

    • What a Cope lulz .why’s she moronically trying to “play with food” then? a pandering photo op?
      Her dumb slogan is either empty political platitudes

      or more nefarious

      Family= Surender your children to the State

      She ain’t a boat captain she’s a politician and like about 99% of politicians she’s corrupt at best evil at worst

    • Fishing boat Captain, my a–! The only photos I have seen of Mary Peltola on the water show her in a small outboard skiff.

      • That’s a typical democrat,,, steer your uncles skiff while sitting on his knee and then claim your a fishing boat captain. Liar.

  3. Just like that transportation sec Pete B putting on the virtue signalling performance of pulling his mountain bike out from the back of the SUV to show that he was riding to work for climate change.

    Politicians have been casting illusions and lying to the public way longer than I have even been alive. How do the sheep keep getting fools by them time and time again?

    • Ever notice that the politicians never come to Alaska in winter? Let’s see him pull out his mountain bike in winter!

      • Mayor Pete would simply just have his servants drive his warm gas guzzler SUV about a block from where he needs to be then pull his bike out a the back to make it appear as if he’s green just like he does back home in D.C.

  4. The entire Mary Peltola story is fishy. As the now famous words of Mitt Romney apply to Mary Peltola, “you don’t belong here!”

  5. She should stay there. She is not wanted in Alaska from the true Alaskan people. The transplants need to get out.

  6. Typical leftist.
    Thinks making a claim is the equivalent of doing it. “Commercial fishing captain 14” or something… But, cannot tell which way is up? Seriously, I know commercial fishing is rod and reel, but seriously, I find it tough to believe you can make money in fishing, but not know how to hold the rod.
    I hate fishing, abhor it really. Never liked it, do not like it. But, even I know how to hold a rod.

  7. I’m sure she just uses a subsistence net to catch fish where she’s from, rod and reel is for tourists…… but hopefully a small amount of fish, think my sister got like 300 fish in one tide… there are times you don’t want to put net out, that was during th 1989 ? strike in Bristol bay ….

    • Nope. You can just move the spin handle to the other side, it’s pretty easy to do……unless you’re a democrat.

      • Exactly! Unscrew a nut and swap the crank out to the other side. Everybody knows that. Admittedly though, I have seen people on the beach fishing that way. It comes from using the old closed face reels which are on top of the rod. Thing is, using a spinning real like that is backward and awkward. When I see people doing it I can’t help but think that they are somewhat retarded.

  8. Said sad “story” is the equivalent of telling someone they are blowing their nose the wrong way. Maybe someone can enlighten MAGA folk on the proper way to fulfill a successful insurrection against the U.S. Government?

  9. Someone of Peltola’s status doesn’t fish for herself, she gets someone else to go out and fish for her much as Palin went to fish camp to chit-chat without doing any work. It’s too messy of a job and too much hard work for either one of them.

  10. You can make that reel right or left handed you just have to unscrew the handle. If she is right handed she already has the correct reel since you hold with the right hand and reel w the left. Boat captain of a what?? a skiff??

  11. Boat captain of a what?? a skiff?? You can make that reel right or left handed you just have to unscrew the handle. If she is right handed she already has the correct reel since you hold with the right hand and reel w the left.

  12. What a grifter she is. Other than rote form replies from her office she never communicates. Don was more Alaskan and worked harder for Alaska than this grifter masquerading as a Representative ever has or will.

  13. Life is nothing more than an endless, limitless photo opportunity. I’ve heard it referred to as “Main Character Syndrome “. I’m sure she even has her own theme music constantly playing in her head.
    Not that unusual I guess. So many are like that.

  14. MAYBE(!!!), Mary-P isn’t used to handling the business end of a high performance rod with expert skillset, especially when hooking up with a big and juicy catch? I’m sure she could take some professional lessons from the ladies at the GABC on International Avenue? Maybe, she can organize the ladies of exceptional skill-set, helping them get proper organization from some of our best Union Representation!?!?!

  15. At least she has her extra-tuffs angled towards the camera in a rather awkward stance, that’s how you know she’s Alaskan cause the boots she wears. The only thing missing is a Salty Dawg Saloon hoodie, maybe next photo-op.

    • hahaha I’m so sick of that look especially the extra tuffs rolled down with the cute little pictures and they’ve never seen a speck of mud.
      she looks like a tourist trying to get an ”authentic alaskan experience” shes probably a created person from NYC

  16. The problem with the photo is not holding the gear upside down. Lots of leftys do that at least for a little while on spinning gear until they can reverse the handle. Also do it with bait casting gear that can’t be reversed. Biggest problem is where she is holding the rod, at the end of the handle. Any decent fish on will rip the pole out of her hand and into the water. Of course, given how far from the water she is standing, whether or not the lure / fly is actually in the water is up for debate. All in all, a rookie mistake from the fishing grandma. Cheers –

  17. Boots made in China, $140.00
    Fleece jacket made from petroleum, $90.00
    Putting glaring hypocrisy on display for all to see….


    • Boots made in China, $140.00
      Fleece jacket made from petroleum, $90.00
      Alaskan Native political puppet made in Seattle and San Francisco: priceless

  18. 10 to 1 says she doesn’t hold a current Alaska sport fish license. It would be pretty easy to find out. AWT interested at all? Probably not…

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