School superintendent won’t allow Dr. Ben Carson to speak at local school


When Dr. Ben Carson comes to Anchorage for a speaking engagement next week, local educators arranged for him to also appear in a school assembly at Mountain View Elementary School, one of the most diverse schools in the nation.

After all, Dr. Carson was a kid once and attended a school just like Mountain View. Now, he’s a brain surgeon.

But Dr. Carson won’t be able to speak at the school. The superintendent has put his foot down on the school assembly, which was scheduled to take place during the first full week of classes.

Carson served as the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development during the Trump Administration. He ran for president in 2016. He is also an accomplished brain surgeon, having performed the first successful separation of conjoined twins who were attached at the back of the head.

Tickets to the Ben Carson event on Aug. 22 can be found at this link.

Carson, now with no future plans for politics, is the coauthor of a book published last fall on education: “Crisis in the Classroom,” written alongside Armstrong Williams, and famed civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump.

Carson said the book was conceived due to discovering that “people from multiple viewpoints who all felt the same: That the school system was failing the children, and if they’re failing the children, they’re failing our nation.”

In November interview, Carson said the “havoc and chaos currently plaguing our society have many of their roots in the dismal educational environment that has been allowed to fester in many communities throughout our nation. We really need to be talking about this and not just sweeping it under the rug.”

But Dr. Jharrett Bryantt, who has been superintendent of Anchorage schools for 16 months, is not, evidently a Carson appreciator. He said nyet to the visit.

A request to the school district to verify the claim that Dr. Carson is being banned from the Anchorage schools has gone unanswered, but credible sources tell Must Read Alaska that the arrangement had been made with the school principal, and when the Bryantt learned of the visit, he personally intervened and disallowed it.

Dr. Carson will be speaking at Cornerstone Church Aug. 22 as the keynoter for a fundraising evening with the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club. Gov. Mike Dunleavy is said to have helped arrange for the Carson visit to Alaska and will be accompanying Carson during at least some of his time in the state. Word is that a trip to a school in the Matanuska-Borough School District is in planning stages.


  1. You can’t expose minorities to another minority who possesses non-minority mentality! That will ruin their perpetual victimhood and dependence on the state!

    • He was not allowed to speak because they may have thought he was a religious fanatic 😉

    • Perfect comment! Why would you want a successful black man raised by a hardworking single mother in America speak about his hard work and achievements ? I find Dr. Carson both humble and very passionate about what he speaks to . Always enjoyed listening to him . Voice of reason !

      Now fire the the educator who denied his speech and send him home packing !

  2. Please, Dr Carson, come to Kenai Central High School! Our youth need to be inspired by your words!

    Shame on ASD to deny students the opportunity to learn from an accomplished man such as Dr Carson.

  3. One more big reason to pull your kids out of this school district!!! God forbid our children get exposed to a brilliant and honorable man🤬

  4. Why did the school board hire this unqualified Texan guy. All these politicians come up here from soy areas (where they can’t win) of the country and the actual alaskan leftists have such an inferiority complex that they elect these far left weirdos who then intern find more far left weirdos from out of state like bryant (unqualied)and the diversity inclusion equity guy from Washington (anyone could do this D.I.E stuff it’s complete nonsense)for nonelected positions (I’m guessing cause they’re gay) they couldn’t find a non qualified Alaskan leftist to run ASD or literally any Alaskan for the D.I.E position these far left weirdos created. ( At least an Alaskan leftist might pretend to understand the culture) They had to go all the way to Texas and Washington for this? I don’t know how many people on the ASD SB are Alaskans but I’m sure like the Assembly not many

    As far as bryant cancelling Dr. Carson I really hope you’re wrong about this one Suzanne He seems like a bright spot in a disgusting world of politicos he dredged in for a limited amount of time. Did you try to reach out to Carson’s people?

    • We need to fire the superintendent. There exists no reason that the taxpayers of Anchorage should be required to pay the salary of an individual that continually attempts to marginalize the people that pay his wages.

  5. The Leftist Leaders have imprisoned Anchorage. It is now a Police State. Your future looks like Frisco, Portland or Seattle—-Probably Worse. Your tax dollars supporting the prison you live in. Union Muscle is the power behind it.

    • Yup, Sarge. 43 years in this once great city and it’s just turning into another tired, leftist shithole. It’s only a matter of time before they go full-retard and decriminalize crime.

    • The Alaska version of arkancide exists… When they decide to put someone on ice, shall we call it “glaciercide”? Or when they shoot down an aircraft, shall we call it “suicide by missile”? Beware, I’m serious – not just snidely. It will get more prevalent before the end comes or we find the cojones to put a stop to this communist insanity. We simply MUST regain control of the schools.

    • “The Leftist Leaders have imprisoned Anchorage. It is now a Police State. Your future looks like Frisco, Portland or Seattle—-Probably Worse……….”
      100% true, Sarge. Probably worse. The Left cannot afford the ideological loss of Anchorage, the power center of Alaska. Prepare for heavy seas………..

  6. What a shameful and disgusting decision. Dr. Carson is among the greatest Americans living today. To have him speak to those children would be a wonderful start to the school year. I just called the superintendent and expressed my displeasure with his shameful decision. I suggest you all use the link provided and do the same. Thank you Suzanne.

  7. I can only assume the new superintendent is racist, because Dr. Carson is a world-famous physician and all-around amazing human. ASD is on the collision course with failure, underachievement, and irreversible indoctrination.

  8. I just sent a note to superintendent informing him of what a great opportunity these kids would have to hear a speaker such as Ben Carson. His motivation of why he looked at education the way he did as a child and how he got to where he is now, could change the trajectory of a listening child’s life. SMH at the lost opportunity, especially for the children at the diverse school he could have impacted….

    • It doesn’t have anything to do with race. It’s all about politics. The powers want to control the minds of the students. So why would they put someone in there To talk to the students and sway their thinking away from what the powers want them to think? I would never hire Hillary to come and speak if it were me in charge but that’s just me.

  9. So sad. So glad I retired when I did from ASD. Not the same school district! Dr.Carson would be a great speaker for the Mountain View School.

  10. Dr Carson- Come out to the MatSu where there are still morals and decent people.
    We would love to hear you speak to our families and kids.

    • Sadly that is changing fast. So many people moving out here are not conservative. They just want more real estate for their money, and they are bringing their politics. It will take work to uphold conservative values and I fear too many have enjoyed not having to get involved all of these years.

      • Do you remember Ben Stevens and his Valley Trash remark? I remember the Mat-Su Borough, just 10 years old, with a total population well under 10K people. We had two legislators. Now? Heck, I don’t even know! Six? Ten percent of the total Legislature? As conservatives flee Anchorage, it makes Anchorage MORE Marxist, and as increasing economic power concentrates in the Valley, it attracts The Beast more and more.
        It really is time to flee the Valley, too. I remember Anchorage when there were as few people there as in the Valley now.

    • “…….where did this liberal clown come from?”
      The modern American university system. Go ahead; try to find a qualified replacement who isn’t yet another clone. I’ll watch………

  11. That’s superintendent needs to be fired. Dr Carson is one of the most proper guys in our entire nation. He’s an inspiration, God fearing wonderful man.
    Rose up from poverty, single mother fulfilled the American dream. Just shows how insane things are.

  12. God forbid kids in Anchorage learn they can be something besides a victim.

    Don’t forget: the alleged super doesn’t even qualify for the job. Also his last placement was so bad the state of Texas had to take it over.

    • Masked Avenger: The comments I heard from local educators is that they were upset they hired someone out of state that has never been a principal until they saw his interview because he interviewed so well. For me, especially because of who I heard this from, it just means he’s a very polished and confident young speaker and “interviewing well” in front of this school board is an automatic negative for me. It is interesting to see him speak at school board meetings. You hear all of the school board members fumbling around and then you hear this superintendent and it is a stark contrast. I think he’s more qualified to be a news anchor or a sales rep for high-end medical equipment. For some reason, he really reminds me of Justin Trudeau who was a director of a high school drama club, and I wouldn’t even trust Justin to do that.

    • “……the alleged super doesn’t even qualify for the job…….”
      But he fits the school boards agenda better than OJ’s glove. That’s why they fought to seat him.

  13. It would be great for a guy of his caliber to speak to the kids. It could spark an interest in someone to go into medicine. Imagine being able to help someone after strokes to restore coordination so they may return to functioning well and happiness. But no. Anchorage children must be near drag queens instead. Why is that, exactly?

    • Thanks AG. I forgot about holding kids hostage for Drag Queen Story Hour.. The Superintendent needs to Go.

  14. Please complain to the ASD School Board who hired “the Bryantt” — as the article calls him. Also, complain to the Alaska Professional Teaching Practices Commission about this behavior. And don’t forget to vote new people on the ASD School Board at every opportunity. Our children need unbiased leadership and that is in short supply with the current administration.

  15. Politicized schools. Go figure. This man is an inspiration and should be heard. He has nothing bad to say about anybody, rather than it is acceptable to be normal. And if you don’t carry a chip on your shoulder that you can accomplish anything in our great country. What kind of sick-owes would be against his message? Certainly not the same people that we entrust our children to. Careful not to call him a racist, that might not work out so well.

  16. First thank you SD.
    Bring this to light .
    Copy the link for this page and send to every:
    Congress Man you can

    • What a disgusting racist thing to say! You’re suggesting that skin color should determine behavior.

  17. Anchorage School Superintendent Bryantt as a community member should be welcoming Dr. Carson to make a presentation to a school assembly.

    For many Alaskans, civil rights and discrimination issues date back around the 1940’s or earlier. The right for an Alaska Native girl to go to a public school, the Alaska Anti-Discrimination Act of 1945, and a civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who believed in equality and justice.

    Diversity today is important in Alaska. Dr. Carson has a wide range of interests, backgrounds and experiences. Superintendent Bryantt should welcome this opportunity for students to hear from Dr. Carson.

    Chief Justice Bolger and Justices Carney, Maassen and Winfree signed a letter to “fellow Alaskans” in 2020. Here below is one paragraph from their letter.

    “We recognize that too often African-Americans, Alaska Natives, and other people of color are not treated with the same dignity and respect as white members of our communities,” the justices wrote. “And we recognize that as community members, lawyers, and especially as judicial officers, we must do more to change this reality.”


    Supertindent Bryantt, the school assembly needs to be allowed to hear a presentation from Dr. Ben Carson.

  18. So. The individual with no ‘earned’ power, but rather entirely ‘given’ under false pretenses, disregards the individual who has not only ‘earned’ acclimation worldwide, but wishes to be a true educator of children to be everything they can be, rather than what the failed supposed ‘educator’ from a failed experiment within another State deems necessary regarding one of their ‘own’ schools within their ‘own’ district.

    Jharrett Bryantt is but a useless, created by the useless Anchorage School District Board, troll.

    No improvement of education within ANY level shall occur under his watch, of which I am certain he would be proud of, so long as his radical leftist agenda is successful.

    What a pathetic piece of human garbage this supposed ‘Superintendent’ is….

    Though, at least, I suppose, he has established his ‘territory’ by squatting around every educational location within Anchorage.

    And yes, I mean squatting, because this boy doesn’t stand when doing so, pathetic example that he is.

  19. This is what we get for garbage from other states. We had a great candidate in Frank Hauser (Principal of the year at Service, Superintendent at Sitka)Then they hire Ms Bishop (who said she was going to retire) train him to thousands of our taxpayer dollars. So she ,as probably planned, goes to a higher education job.
    In my opinion, no one better to speak to the title one (diverse groups of children )then DR. Ben Carson.
    DR. Carson, I apologize for the incompetency and rudeness of this so called Anchorage Superintendent
    If I had the power, I would recall Margo Bellamy and most of the Anchorage SchoolBoard.

  20. Darkness cannot comprehend Light, accordingly the School Board and their chosen Superintendent operating in their ignorant blindness cannot allow a light to shine, pity that because it’s about the Children , not their Political Agenda.

  21. The biggest sign of cowardice comes when someone will not hear all views on a subject. Obviously,the Superintendent has something to hide. Shame on him. If Dr. Carson wants to feel welcomed he should come to Matsu. I would cook him dinner. Glad I no longer live in Anchorage and very happy my friends homeschool their kids or send them to a private school.

  22. This superintendent should be terminated, he is unqualified, and a racist. ASD should be ashamed. I hope other schood boards invite him to speak. What a opportunity missed to hear such a inspirational and intelligent man

  23. Someone should interview our superintendent about this, who appears to be the opposite of a brain surgeon.

  24. Absolutely NONE of my family grandchildren or extended family will ever attend public school anywhere in Anchorage.
    ASD can go to hell. The woke school board with the wretched president Bellamy can ride her flunky Texan super all the way back to Texas.
    We do not need nor want any of their queer agenda being exposed to our children.
    Dr Carson is an opportunity of a lifetime and dr Dolittle Bryant is showing his true colors.

  25. What’s the chances that the “superintendent “ wouldn’t welcome with open __________ ( you fill it the blank)
    That guy that was allowed to bring bud lite to ashes.

  26. Maybe Dr Carson is the wrong skin color. A white motivation speaker will remind the kids they are inferior.

    • Now you’re talking Legislature. Good luck with that. If you think the ASD is corrupt, kick it up a pile of notches there, and poke your finger into it. See if it remains attached……….

  27. This, the second year of our “Supervisor” is pulling back the curtain on what he is truly about. An unhinged leftist true believer, who is afraid of anyone who challenges his perceived reality. Fire this A@@wipe before he implements his true beliefs into this school district, which is already broken.

  28. I truly hope that the Mt. View Elementary School principle has the assembly with Dr. Carson anyway. Either that or have the assembly at the next school board meeting with students attending with duct tape covering their mouths, wearing ear muffs. What a bastard, can I say that here. I just did.

  29. AND(!!!), to think our precious Tax Dollars are are wisely spent … on the order of 45% of our annual property tax to support ASD. I think we’re beginning to recognize the common denominator to a failed system … ie: poor – inadequate and biased leadership at the ASD. If we continue this path and acquiesce to this mis-management we will no doubt suffer the consequences, all of which, will lead to a lower quality of life.

  30. Dear Superintendent Bryantt:

    Just so you know, I have sent emails to the school board, Mayor Bronson, and our Congressional Delegation regarding your refusal to let Dr. Ben Carson speak to the students of Mountain View Elementary.

    Your refusal to let Dr. Carson speak, speaks volumes of what I had initially suspected of you, but is now confirmed. You are a stark, raving mad leftist, who cannot let a message of hope and aspiration be spread to a minority group that might perhaps, find inspiration and exit your leftist hell hole. I honestly do not know why the Anchorage School Board decided to hire you, a person who did not meet the minimum requirements for the job as our Superintendent.

    Know this: I will make it my personal mission to eject you from your position, and eject you from our State.

    Kindest Regards,

    • Brett : Ditto
      I have sent the above plus the Gov., Several Senators and congressmen, The Alaska Black Caucus, along with sever News hosts and outlets. Let the light shine on this Racist

    • Excellent job Brett! Get the word out to as many individuals possible.
      Hopefully shame this fool out of town. He has absolutely no ground to stand on.
      Thank you for your extra effort!

  31. Seems selfish and short-sighted at the very least considering that he “personally intervened.” I’m assuming that he may have been 1.) triggered by Carson’s faith, pro-life stance, two genders only views…etc. Or, 2.) he is carrying the water for the national chapter of the NEA and/or the American Federation of Teachers president, Randi Weingarten. Since the Anchorage School Board authorized his hiring I would hope that they would also overturn Bryantt’s decision which, on its face, has all the elements of a hissy fit. Will they do the right thing or, tow the NEA/AFT party line and allow baby boy’s cancellation to stand?

    • What is wrong with you?

      Actually don’t bother. I’m too old and don’t have enough years left to read the list.

      • Your instinct is right. “Kyle” is probably a left wing Antifa agitator. You can tell by his username.

      • I really can’t make sense of the comment policy on this site.
        Makes it really hard to gauge whether or not the ‘conversation’ in the comments section is authentic – or just being stage managed to psy-op the readers into thinking disfavored opinions are not held.

        Go after NBIII, ‘notice’ too much regarding certain classes of people, and boom – deleted.

        Yet left wing Frank Rast stuff like this makes it through.

  32. I guess we can see why bryantt doesn’t have a job ‘back home’.

    Screw the ASD. Let Dr Carson come out to the valley and speak to the kids/parents. He’ll be greatly appreciated here.

  33. We certainly wouldn’t want Anchorage kid exposed to possibly the most famous neurosurgeon of our time. The superintendent is insane. Anchorage needs to kick him to the gutter where he belongs. Isn’t he discriminating against a minority.

  34. We certainly wouldn’t want Anchorage kids exposed to possibly the most famous neurosurgeon of our time. The superintendent is insane. Anchorage needs to kick him to the gutter where he belongs. Isn’t he discriminating against a minority.

  35. Boy Jharrett had chutzpah to do this all by his wee self with not even a bit of guidance from the corrupt filth who own and operate Anchorage’s School Board?
    May we ask you, Governor Dunleavy, –please– begin the process of witholding State funding from Anchorage School District until Boy Jharrett explains himself and formally apologizes to Dr. Carson for acting under color of law to: (a) restrict the right of Dr. Carson to speak and (b) restrict the right of Americans to assemble and to hear Dr. Carson speak.

  36. Jharrett Bryantt last job was described as leading the “Office of Talent” at the Houston Independent School District. Per their website, the Talent Acquisition team was involved in facilitating teachers transition through the school districts onboarding. It has more to do with making sure new teachers have a happy onboarding experience rather than having anything to do with making sure the children receive a good education. I’m sure by putting the teachers first, everything in the end will somehow work out for the kids. Hasn’t it always??

    • Wouldn’t be bad if those teachers he’s onboarding were excellent teachers. But since he considers any teaching or speaking to students by Dr. Ben Carson too dangerous and unacceptable to be allowed, I can only imagine what far left propaganda the “acceptable” teachers he will be onboarding will be teaching.

  37. Those poor kids in Mt View, being led to poverty & crime by “outsider” liberals.
    All liberals that voted for this assembly & School Board should be ashamed of yourselves.
    Especially our very well paid Muni employees …… take the big $ and screw the kids.

  38. I suggest that Governor Dunleavy, who apparently invited Dr Carson to Alaska, escort Dr Carson to the Mt View Elementary School. Or Mayor Bronson could also escort Dr Carson to the school. Call Jarrett Bryantt out and stand up to him and the school board. This is now all about optics. Who will win, the students or Bryantt? It’s the governor’s/mayor’s call.

    • Nice call David! I like that plan. If you have the ear of one of the two (Bronson or Dunleavy) you might share this bit.

  39. Super Bryantt is booking Dr. Rachel Levine to speak to the children instead of Dr Carson.
    Sam Brinton and our very own Chris Constant will be the opening show to get the kids “loosened up” for the Health and Human services Secretary Joe sent our way.
    Dr Levine has a new direction for our children……
    She/He was welcomed with open arms at Illisagvik college in Barrow.
    All the locals were excited to hear about the new courses being offered at the college as a result of Dr Levines visit and photo shoot under the “whale bone” on campus.
    Exciting future ahead for all the native students…
    Its getting real folks.

  40. I wonder what the superintendent is afraid of? Or is it petty vengefulness toward someone immensely talented and successful by his own hard work and not entitlement? There is no logical or sound reason to disallow Dr. Carson speaking at Mt. View. Are parents there aware of the superintendents foolish actions? They should be furious.

  41. I live right by a school and Dr Carson can stand in my yard and speak. I will build a stage with cover for him.

  42. The school principal may be the key here; He or she is likely someone other than a Caucasian (I don’t know). That person is in the driver’s seat of control here. Imagine the fireworks of union versus the ASD. That would be fun, although futile and expensive.

  43. Will we allow the fascist left to shut down free speech in Anchorage? Mr. too many T’s needs to hear loud and clear that we will not tolerate that cancel culture crap in our schools.

  44. In Mountain View Elementary, 88% of the students are eligible for reduced-price lunch. Native American, Hispanic, and African American make up 55% of the school’s demographics. A successful black neurosurgeon with conservative views would be deadly for these students (from a leftist point of view). Good grief, they may be encouraged by someone who is in a minority like them, to strive to be successful in life.
    I wonder if Mr. Bryantt would be persuaded to change his mind if the good doctor would don a dress, false breasts, cover his face with makeup and promise to read some sexually explicit children’s books.
    Shame on the ASD and what a missed opportunity for the children at Mountain View. Remember, elections make the difference.

  45. Any response from the Black Community of Anchorage to override this astoundingly wrong and petty decision by the Superintendent?

  46. 742 4312 is the superintendent’s office number. I called and spoke with his assistant asking as to why he isn’t being allowed to speak. She had no answer, and hated to put her on the spot as it isn’t her decision, but she said something about school starting this week and how hectic it will be with the students going back. Told her the superintendent is being racist and narrow minded. Hopefully he gets more calls like mine.

  47. So I would object to the Young Turks coming to speak to kids because they are ideological spokesmen and they wouldn’t be genuinely interested or capable of being objective and maybe that’s the reason for denying Ben Carson. But here’s my rub. A conservative minded person that is outspoken about their conservative points of view is a biased point of view that is not allowed to influence children, but someone coming in to be a “Chief of Diversity” or a consultant on “inclusion” is someone that is just “following science” and is allowed to make large and major influences on everything our kids and teachers experience throughout all of the schools all year, every year without any debate or discussion that is respected by the superintendent or school board.

    All that said, without any doubt in my mind, Dr. Ben Carson talking to any student or educator would be a huge honor, benefit, and privilege. He’s ultimately getting denied because he’s too famous and famously doesn’t agree with DEI, which is a blaring example of how these arrogant jerks aren’t interested at all in being inclusive and diverse. It’s newspeak. It’s not ‘like’, it IS totalitarians calling people “the oppressors” because they oppose the totalitarians’ oppression.

  48. Here is the absolute irony.
    Had Mr. Bryantt not intervened and simply let the visit take place, there may have been a small new story or a few pictures after the fact and kids would have heard a grand speech…..end of story.
    NOW however this blew up into a PR nightmare for the very same superintendent. That his office or he himself isn’t saying ANYTHING is making it worse. May there be legitimate reasons? Maybe, but instead of handling it professionally, it looks like a petty hit job on a nationally recognized figure, who happens to oppose Mr. Bryantts brand of education.

  49. All the people speaking on here would be up in arms in Barack Obama came to town and was allowed to speak at a public school. Dr. Carson is free to speak how ever he wishes but he does not get to speak to a captive body of students at an assembly in a public school. He can push his Christian Values at any non-public school, forced religion has no place in a public school.

    • You are projecting and while it may rankle some, the former president would be welcome to speak at any school. Like Dr. Carson he certainly has made something off himself.
      Forced religion??? Huh?? BTW the first amendment says otherwise and he is entitled to live his faith. Why deprive kids of the opportunity to have a discussion? Are you really afraid that one exposure to “religion” is going to ruin them for life? Get real!

  50. Dr Carson is a rags to riches amazing American success story every kid should hear him . His mother worked 3 jobs full time for 10 years to get him threw school. His first move after he got working was to buy his mother her own house. This guy is salt of the earth. Let’s also mention that this good man is American African. A minority from the tough side of the tracks. Read his book he clawed his way threw school. Nothing was easy for him. He worked his ass off so his family could enjoy a better life. Cheers to Dr Carson & to hell with the superintendent of the anchorage schools.

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