Anchorage election results: Friday edition


Friday results from the Anchorage Election Office, as of 6 pm:

A total of 62,695 ballots have been counted of the 235,882 sent to voters. This is 26.58% percent turnout.

Eagle River District 2: Kevin Cross has won.

West Anchorage District 3: Kameron Perez-Verdia has won over Liz Vazquez.

Midtown District 4: Meg Zaletel will probably win, with a 462-vote lead.

East, District 5: Stephanie Taylor has lost to incumbent Forrest Dunbar.

South District 6: Randy Sulte retains his lead over incumbent John Weddleton.

The school board incumbents have won reelection.

Two bond issues appear to have failed. Prop 1 and Prop 2 failed narrowly, while the other bond propositions passed.

More ballots will be counted on Monday.

Anchorage Assembly

Eagle River: District 2 Seat A

  • Kevin Cross – 6,030
  • Gretchen Wehmhof – 3,350
  • Vanessa Stephens – 482

West Anchorage: District 3 Seat D

  • Liz Vazquez – 4,558
  • Kameron Perez-Verdia –5,894
  • Nial Sherwood Williams – 564

Midtown Anchorage: District 4 Seat F

  • Kathy Henslee – 4,791
  • Meg Zaletel – 5,253

East Anchorage: District 5 Seat H

  • Stephanie Taylor – 4,670
  • Forrest Dunbar – 6,199
  • Christopher Hall -287

South Anchorage: District 6 Seat J

  • Randy Sulte – 7,924
  • John Weddleton – 7,471
  • Darin Colbry – 252

School Board Open Seats

Seat A:

  • Mark Anthony Cox – 23,456
  • Margo Bellamy – 28,471
  • Dan Loring – 1,829
  • Cliff Murray – 4,224

Seat B:

  • Rachel Ries – 24,119
  • Kelly Lessens – 29,369
  • Benjamin R. Baldwin – 1,978
  • Dustin Darden – 2,752

Prop. 1 – ASD capital improvements bonds

Yes – 30,509

No – 31,441

Prop. 2 – Facilities capital improvement project bonds

Yes – 30,241

No – 31,640

Prop. 3 – Public safety and transit bonds

Yes – 33,913

No – 27,918

Prop. 4 – Road and storm drainage bonds

Yes – 37,520

No – 24,411

Proposition 5 – Parks and Recreation bonds

Yes – 33,801

No – 27,763

Prop. 6 – Fire protection bonds

Yes – 38,189

No – 20,487

Anchorage election update: Wednesday numbers


  1. Okay so did it shift to the left or the right??

    We can’t tell because unfortunately it is a ” non-partisan” election

    Which really just means everybody gets to hide their bona fides

    • The conservatives might pick up another seat but it’s still controlled by the Democrats, lack of voter participation by the right is how they stay in control.

    • That is what I keep asking as well!
      Even in this degenerate, and degenerating, day and age, I have a hard time believing that the majority of Anchorage voters are that ignorant, or that evil.

    • They are running in safe districts. The odds of a conservative winning in those districts are near zero.
      Add to that, an abysmal return rate, and across the board voter apathy, and you get the 25% that do vote, just voting for the incumbent, because it is easier, and frankly, local politics does not interest them.
      That’s how we get leftists.

  2. You deserve the crap storm coming your way, Anchorage.

    They locked you down, denied you the right to choose a mayor, destroyed your economy, and cost your children two years of effective schooling.

    Hell, one of them sleeps through meetings.

    Your response was “thank you, let’s have some more”

    I hope they mask you forever, make your kids all trans, and tax you until you go broke.

    You deserve it. Hell, you just asked for it.

    Note to Eagle River. Get out now.

  3. So called conservatives are spineless theys and thems. Thank you for supporting slavery of your uneducated children.

  4. How can anyone have any faith in fair elections anymore with the likes of mail in voting, Dominion voting machines, government officials who turn a blind eye to blatant election irregularities & a partisan City Clerks Office overseeing the final vote tallies. The Cowardly Lion needs to fund a deep dive forensic audit of recent elections & make it an ongoing process every 5 years. It would be money well spent.

  5. Voter turnout is miserable, you get what you vote for.
    You had one job, Karen, vote out the Leftists!
    I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about the situation that is continuing here. You have brought this on yourselves.
    So, now there will be a mass exodus to the valley….and we will have to deal with more housing shortage.
    The upside to this is that more Conservatives will be in the Valley.

  6. “Ten men shouting will control ten thousand who choose to remain silent.”― Joseph J. Haeggquist
    For all the so-called conservatives who have stood by and allowed this to happen, you have lost your right to complain.

  7. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo to all the citizens who did not vote shameless we have a duty as a citizen vote. We could of won the war only a coward don’t try to fix things move to California non voters. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  8. The results would have been out already, if it were an in person election. These mail in ballots are a disaster. How can anyone think our elections are secure?

  9. I think one notable thing is the Anchorage School Bonds appear to be failing at this time. Whether they ultimately pass or fail, I think ASD needs to see this as the rebuke it was from voters who are not happy with the way the pandemic issue was handled and adjust accordingly. I can’t remember a school bond not passing handily in the past- schools have always had broad support. The fact that they don’t now should be received as a clear message. Unfortunately, the School Board incumbents won, which means it’s unlikely we’ll see much change going forward.

    • I don’t live in Los Anchorage, but I heard their ads on the radio. The bond ads were the best, they threatened to have bonds on the next ballot if they didn’t get approved this time by saying they wouldn’t put forth any bonds for two (whole) years if they were approved. So get ready to vote on more and bigger bonds next election cycle where they say they really really need them since none were approved in the last election…mark my words.

      • And? Needing the money doesn’t mean it will be awarded. People are angry at the schools right now. In my many years as an Anchorage resident, I’ve seen ASD have a terrific track record of getting any bond they asked for. I recall one time them getting shot down, and they repackaged one massive bond into three smaller ones and got it on their second attempt. But people weren’t angry at schools right then. They are now.

        • And next election they will ask for more. Like you just said one time they got rebuffed, so what did they do? They asked for more the next time and the residents of Los Anchorage complied.

          Los Anchorage needs it’s residents to engage, a 25% voter turnout and a leftist supermajority of voters is a joke.

      • In my humble opinion blackmail is never a grand strategy. I found those ads to be the most obnoxious and annoying messaging I have listened to in a long time. The supercilious tone was truly off-putting.
        In general I don’t mind a bond for emergency expenditures, but my main reason for voting “no” is that to my understanding of the fine print, bonds are not actually designated to the project, but go into the general fund. If you go back a few years, we have already voted on “security upgrades” for several bonds. Bonding for maintenance should never be allowed. The ASD should be required to budget for maintenance and complete projects of that nature instead of deferring them. How many “roof replacements” have we bonded for? Why not budget for them instead?

  10. Anchorage enjoy the hell you have elected for yourself. You should be ashamed… 220,000 voters with a piddly 62000 so far that has come in voting for people that are taking you down. Zero sympathy for ya! Don’t come on here complaining about YOUR CHOICES!

  11. Oh for f’s sake. I’m trying to eat here!

    If there’s a clear indication of intelligence it’s that intelligent groups plan for the future and this group only reacts to current trends. Absent a better strategy Anchorage will be tomorrow’s Detroit. The question at this point is ‘just because you’ve been elected doesn’t mean you have a right to make choices that are not in Anchorage’s long term best interest, does it’? Without consequences there’s no accountability and there needs to be some pain associated with irresponsible choices from a city assembly.

  12. Low turnout, voting by mail, computerized tabulations…the results are very predictable. Anchorage will be just like Seattle in a very short period.

    • Anchorage is much like Seattle now, just fewer people.
      Bums everywhere, just like Seattle
      Loser, leftist city assembly just like Seattle
      Retard, lazy citizenry just like Seattle
      Shitty airline just like Seattle
      Traffic sucks just like Seattle
      Will soon dominate the state’s political landscape just like Seattle
      Once the cancer spreads to the Valley (and it has already begun) Alaska will be fully Californicated just like Seattle did to WA.

  13. Well, again Eagle River did their job and apparently district 6 seems to be tired of John Weddleton. This is why Chris Constant has pushed so hard for the second downtown seat. As it stand right now the Marxist 9 have lost their veto over-ride majority, but with the additional seat the status quo is re-established.
    As for the school board, again too many individuals ran against the incumbent and split the vote.

    • Except for the school board seat. It’s not enough to vote for the assembly seat, citizens need to vote to kooks off the school board too.

  14. So just by brief review, we won one and lost one? So in net everything is even. Is a shame about Liz and Kathy. It’s so easy to just drop off ballot at library drop box. I’m amazed at this crap turnout. 500 people could have made a difference.

  15. This election proves one thing. Mail out ballots don’t change the results. In person voting works just fine. Besides I won’t trust the outcome until I can personally go to my precinct to vote.

  16. Suzanne – Since we have a database of all registered voters and what party they declare, shouldn’t it be easy to see who turned up to vote and who didn’t? So many here assume it’s conservative minded people that didn’t show up, but there is also a ton of people that side with the left only because the only things they see or pay attention to are fed to them through universities, entertainment, twitter feeds, etc, then when it comes to local elections they don’t even know a city assembly exists. Who is authorized to pull data on what demographics voted and how they voted? Can you as a journalist?

    This election highlights a few things to me. Without Eagle River, the school bond would have passed, but Anchorage is definitely purple, if not bona fide conservative because the incumbents barely won. I at least find that refreshing. I’m surprised nobody is mentioning that Cox would have won if the other two would have bowed out in time and Ries would be extremely close. I take that back, AFH mentioned it, I now see. But it should be front in center for conservatives that candidates, even if you love your candidate, should be pressured more bow out before the ballots go out. It is tough with the large window that mail in ballots create. Stupid system. People should be engaged in their local government and actually enjoy the act of going to vote. Proof that people don’t cherish the right enough. Anyway, conservatives struggle with focusing efforts internationally. It’s how Trudeau keeps winning in Canada, despite him being despised by the majority. Another reason we also need to get rid of Measure 2 ranked choice voting and go back to primaries. And we won’t be able to do that without focusing efforts.

    Nial Sherwood Williams, I see you as an ally and I always think you should get a fair shot, but I really wish you would pull out and endorse another candidate when it’s obvious that you help the worst candidate win.

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