Anchorage Daily News stopping delivery to Kenai Peninsula


Subscribers of the Kenai Peninsula won’t get the Anchorage Daily News delivered after August, according to a letter from the circulation department.

“Due to circumstances beyond our control combined with rising operational costs we can no longer support print distribution of the Anchorage Daily News to the Kenai Peninsula. As a current subscriber, you’ll have unlimited access to all of our digital products, including the e-edition – a digital replica of the print newspaper, across most platforms and devices,” the circulation manager wrote.

The newspaper is converting all Kenai accounts to digital status as of Aug. 7, for a cost of either $15.99 a month or $17.99 a month, depending on the payment plan chosen by subscribers.


  1. The current ADN digital subscription is $216 per year now? I need to send Suzanne some more money so that I can continue saying that I donate more to her than the ADN subscription price.

    • And even the crossword puzzle is about third grade level knowledge. Ok Suzanne, get ready to be the number one read news in the state!

    • Not me! I use to go to Soldotna every morning to get coffee and read the paper (usually ADN). It’s been over 6 years since I’ve bought an issue of the ADN and it will be a LONG time before I buy another….. unless I run out of toilet paper!

  2. You mean, the Anchorage Daily Page. What a sad and pathetic shadow of what it once was.
    Even though I usually did not agree with their editorial slant, at one time the Anchorage Daily News was quite an excellent newspaper. I bemoan the death of newspapers, which despite the existence of the internet leaves us all much less uninformed.

  3. Not offering the under-educated a newspaper is like giving up when your home catches fire. Now they will all believe the earth is flat!

  4. Regrettably ADN does not publish news. It publishes the opinion pieces from the associated Press, Washington Post, and the NY Time which are cloaked in news pieces but reflect the liberal biased opinions of their owners and chief editors. ADN is in a failing mode because they have so few subscriptions and are losing more to the point that very few advertising dollars are generated. Without advertisers a newspaper is doomed.
    One of the reasons there is so little advertising is that the paper has such a liberal bias in not only its editorial pages, but in reporting the news. Conservative readers will not put up with that bias. And will look elsewhere to do their advertising. Period.

  5. Poor Anchorage Daily News. Their predjudice and narrow-mindedness is costing them money.
    If you going to be preferential, you do lose your reach.

    ADN needs new editors, writers, and staff right down to the receptionists.

  6. Cancel the ADN – the digital edition is worse than the paper… you can’t line your bird cage with it.

  7. Notice all the Liberal Rags are now charging for online subs, and censoring said subs.

    ADN is dead! Not life support, but dead!


  8. I wish the Juneau Empire would cease operations, they are nothing but a propaganda tool for liberal elitists from Washington State. Kenai should consider themselves lucky.

  9. For better or worse the ADN has a terrible and declining business model. I will not mourn its passing.

  10. Humm….and how useful will the digital version be in the honey bucket? Nah, used to carry a copy for emergency honey bucket use, then realized it was an insult to my backside.

  11. it will be interesting to see how many just move on and forget converting ….at any price….we gave up our subscription over two years ago and are certainly better off without the ADN…..

  12. Not mentioned in the article is how many subscribers are impacted by this change. I suspect it might be quite small – perhaps in the low hundreds.

  13. Finally. Onward to non-delivery to Mat-Su and even Anchorage. Obviously, the initial key is to pay their employees to stay home. Most importantly, just think how many trees have been saved!

  14. I’ve lived in Anchorage for 34 years. The ADN has ALWAYS had a left wing slant imbedded in their “news” stories. Not just in their editorials.

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