Dan Fagan: After 245 years, have we learned nothing about Democrats?



Our beloved nation declared its independence 245 years ago today, July 4, 1776.  

85-years after our nation was born, our forefathers were tested once again when Democrats refused to abandon the barbaric practice of slavery. They so believed in the right to own slaves, Democrats were willing to die on the battlefield for the cause.  

Abraham Lincoln and the newly formed Republican Party was unable to convince Democrats to end their evil ways so on April 12, 1861, the Civil War had begun. 

Four bloody years later, more than 600,000 American soldiers would lose their lives on the battlefield on American soil.  

Many view the Civil War as a dark time in our nation’s history. But it was also one of our beloved nation’s most noble achievements. 

Fortunately, enough Americans were courageous enough and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice by leaving it all on the battlefield. They took a stand against evil. They didn’t tolerate it, ignore it, or look the other way. 

Even though Democrats lost their fight on the battlefield to preserve slavery, they continued their war on black Americans for decades after the Civil War.   

After the war Democrats passed Jim Crow laws in the South prohibiting blacks from having the same rights as Whites. 

Democrats also led the charge to deny blacks the right to vote. 

Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan, a violent wing of the party designed to intimidate blacks who might speak out against or resist segregation efforts. 

Democrats also gave us the welfare state which decimated the American black family. 

Democrats defended slavery insisting blacks were less than human and therefore could be used as property. It takes a cold, hardened heart to believe such a thing. 

Much like the 1800’s when Democrats denied the humanity of American blacks, they do the same today when it comes to babies living in the peace and comfort of their mother’s womb. 

50 million babies have been murdered by abortionists in America since 1973. 

In the year 2021, on America’s 245th birthday, Democrats are still on the wrong side of the battle between good versus evil. 

Democrats are leading the charge to persuade children, some as young as six, to change their gender. 

Democrats have declared war on capitalism, the free market, and freedom itself. Nothing has lifted more people out of poverty in the history of mankind than capitalism. Why would Democrats oppose it? 

If Democrats could get away with it, they would take our guns away tomorrow. 

Democrats control most of the media, and all of public education. 

They control the presidency, and most of Congress. If they gain more power in Congress, they’ll be able to control the U.S. Supreme Court by stacking it with new, lawless judges.

In 245 years have we learned nothing about Democrats? 

We are now at a point in America that the Democrat Party has so much control and so corrupted so many of our cherished institutions like the FBI and the Federal Justice Department, only a miracle can save us now. 

If you are a person of faith and believe God has a purpose for America, now, more than ever would be the time to pray for our beloved nation.  

Too many have been blinded for far too long to the depravity, and destruction Democrats promote and fight for in America.  

On this, our 245th birthday, may God bless the United States of America. 

Dan Fagan hosts the number one rated morning drive talk show in Alaska on Newsradio 650, KENI. 


  1. Dan:
    We know this ……. Democrats are vicious when they are defended by the freedoms bestowed from our Bill of Rights. Otherwise, they are a bunch of cowards who hide or run when their country calls. In my opinion, they make excellent cannon fodder when an invasionary force tries to bring us down. Line em up!

    • Dear North Pole Patriot,
      A peaceful and gentle reminder: Our Bill of Rights bestows nothing to us. It is simply a very short list of a few of the rights given to us by our Creator, the Lord God Almighty.
      Have a wonderful day, the best you’ve ever had, today in this wonderful state.

      • Joel:
        To my recollection, the BOR were Amendments to the the Articles of the Constitution, drafted by real men who were Patriots and wanted to protect their fellow citizens from the Tyranny and Totalitarianism of the Government. Maybe they were inspired by the Creator, but real, living men wrote the words. Have a good day!

  2. Democrats love big expenditures on themselves……..with other people’s money. Otherwise, they are cheap, chincy bastards.

    • “Cheap, Chincy, Bastards” pretty well describes every Democrat I’ve ever known.

  3. Dan Fagan you did yourself proud penning this piece! I commend your commitment and passion in defending the greatness that America is. The differences between good and evil have never been more pronounced than in todays political scene. Thank you for being so staunchly on the right side of the equation, and for bravely proclaiming the deficiencies of morality that manifest in the left (Democrats)!

  4. Degeneration.

  5. For someone who lives in the South, Dan remains breathtakingly ignorant of its history.

    But this is also the same man who just recently realized Dunleavy is an empty suit, spoke with conviction of Trumps re-election and the GOP takeover of Congress, and resorts to saying “don’t you think” to callers.

    But one of the beauties of this nation is the right to make idiotic, harebrained comments on a stunningly regular basis.

    • Do explain why he his ignorant of history? Also you are right, it is a great thing to be able to make idiotic, harebrained comments on a stunningly regular basis…the left does it constantly.

    • Please, enlighten us, you who hides behind the mask of anonymity. Educate us to your reality. Tell us how Democrats in the south fought to lift the yoke of oppression off the the shoulders of their fellow man. Larry Bird must have been thinking of you when he posted his comment.

    • The masked avenger……..another CNN addict who has his mom put on his cape and mask before he goes flying around the living room, naked, trying to save the day.

  6. Great piece and thanks for putting it together and to MRAK for getting it out…Keep writing Dan, you are making a difference….The swing to the left has slowed and about to change direction, and not a minute to soon..!!!!

  7. The US didn’t deal harshly enough with the traitors in grey in the aftermath of the war. There should have been a lot more dangling from ropes, especially from the political class.

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