Anchorage Assembly asked by Democrat official to condemn member Jamie Allard for sharing this poster, because Canadian truckers are ‘white supremacists’


An Anchorage resident who has a communication position in the Alaska Democratic Party has asked the Anchorage Assembly to take action Chugiak-Eagle River Assemblywoman Jamie Allard, because he says she supports a truckers convoy organized for Feb. 6 in Anchorage.

“I wanted to write this morning to encourage the assembly to take immeidiate action to condem Member Allard’s activity organizing a fundraiser to support white supremacist and terrorism activity.  It appears that Member Allard, according to the attached flier, has organized a truck convoy, at the start of Black History Month no less, to raise money in support of the illegal occupation of the Ottawa, the capital of Canada, an ally of the United States by white supremacists, holocost deniers, and racists,” Leon Jaimes wrote to the entire Assembly.

Jaimes is a Democrat activist who was a delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention and more recently became chair of the Communications and Social Media Committee for the Anchorage Democrats.

Jaimes quoted the Canadian Parliament’s Black Caucus, which said the Freedom Convoy across Canada over recent days was an “opportunity for White supremacists and others with extreme and disturbing views to parade their odious views in public.”

The Canadian Parliament’s Black Caucus caucus made other false claims that Jaimes quoted in his letter. “This is unacceptable. These displays of hatred and violence offend Canadians and have no place in our country.”

Jaimes went on to say that “Allard has posted pictures of herself with the III% flag flying overhead. The Three Percenters Original National Council was one of the organizations that sent their members to attack our U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021…”

As for Allard, she said she isn’t clear who the three percenters are or to what what photo Jaime is referring.

“This behavior by the Member is unacceptable. It is contrary to the interest of Alaksans. In addition to being our allies, much of our supply chain comes through Canada. We should not and cannot afford to be supporting illegal hate and terrorim activities against their national capitol,” Jaimes wrote, apparently quite hurriedly and without checking his work for typos.

Allard, who represents Eagle River and Chugiak on the Assembly, has shared a social media flyer about a truck convoy being held Sunday at 1:30 pm, starting on C Street near Cabela’s and traveling to a rally at the Eagle River Lions Club the to support Canadian truckers who are protesting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s vaccine mandates.”


  1. What a hate filled man he is. Jamie Allard represents me in Eagle River and I couldn’t be more proud of her representation! Whenever someone on the left doesn’t like something that you say or do they call you racist or a white supremacist! This gets very old and tiresome. People have a duty to stand up to tyranny and when they don’t you have people like Jaimes come in and dictate your life. Stand for freedom you stand for life and free! Maybe Mr Jaimes should join his cohorts in LA or San Francisco where the left rule….how’s that working out for them?

  2. If Mr Jaimes , “who has a communications position” with the Democrat party, wants to be taken seriously, he should at least learn to spell holocaust………not “holocost”.

    He should also review the first amendment and SCOTUS decisions on freedom of expression..

    But then………he wouldn’t qualify as a Democrat

  3. Hyperbole and allegations, that’s all they are. And they are unfounded. Where is your proof? Do any of the leaders of these organizations, that this crazy individual sites, have any convictions for hate crimes?? Are there any convictions of any of the people in the leadership of these organizations that are cited, that have been convicted of any crime at associated with white nationalist crime, like the KKK or or those of the mindset of the Southern democrats?

    I think not. This is just another attempt to control the narrative and cast a cloud of doubt over well meaning people that are just sick and tired of the medical tyranny and the government overreach.

    The Candian people have stood up and are peacefully speaking. The only real question that remains is, will the government leaders that are entrenched in their power grab willing to listen to the people and back off.

    We will see, as history is our only real reference; history suggests that the government will incite violence and force the people into complaints.

    Kudos to our Canadian brothers and sisters for standing up in the face of medical tyranny and shaking their fists and saying no we will not comply..

    In closing, I must admit that I’m a bit embarrassed as an American, as the movement did not start here in our own country and that our northern brothers are the ones that stood up and stepped into the gap and are taking all of the risk.

    Let’s hope that Alaska has a huge turnout today, a turn out to support our Canadian brothers and let’s hope that the convoys that are being organized in the lower 48 have a great effect across the American psyche and force Americans to come to terms with being well fed and losing their liberty or standing in the gap and taking the risk to force the government in to realizing that liberty is always 1st.

  4. Such amazing tolerance for an opposing viewpoint that enjoys a wide spread of support in Alaska, the lower 48 and Canada!! These are the same truckers that bring us our weekly food supply from the port but also across the border!!

  5. There are just as many Americans of color against the mandates as any other group of people. Maybe more. And since when did truckers become a racist bunch? Anyone can drive a truck or work any job in America. This is the most idiotic attempt to dilute the obvious message that I have seen. We live in a nation of mutts, and few Americans have but one blood line. This is why this racism scam is not going to work up too many people. Go back to your crayons. We have heard enough of this bull.

  6. Has this woke snow flake watched any of the video footage coming out of just Ottawa and not other places in Canada and listened to the various nationalities speaking up for Freedom! All unified Canadians,. This Guy needs to look past the end of His Nose

  7. Bad grammar means a sub par education and it goes along with the thought process presented here. Good grief, there is this computer program called spell check. How is being against a vaccine mandate racist? We all know, it’s the last line of defense when there is no intelligent refutation.

  8. As a Native American married into a Jewish family, I want to condemn certain Anchorage Assembly members as a fascist, terrorist group that supports the enslavement of American citizens while denying them their constitutional rights and their education. They spread misinformation and deny people basic needs and freedoms.

  9. Suzanne, was looking forward seeing your website changes this AM. Am I missing something? I read you site via iPhone. Either way, thank you for your work.

  10. Leon Jaimes is another race baiting DemoRat POS that just wants to keep stirring that race pot any chance he can get. Pound Sand buddy… White Supremisists?? Really? No it’s called we are all done with this Covid charade and Jamie Allard is exactly who we need right now… Fight back and fight dirty! The Convoy is doing its job!!

  11. How typical for the Regressive Democrats (gotta stop referring to them as having anything to do with progress)… Flinging vitriolic mud at anyone who disagrees with whatever they are pushing.

  12. Allard is stealing from the —– who support the radical right. Truckers have nothing to do with this protest. The Qnons are behind this

    • Oldman Dude, you are so right! All those trucks are not even real, they are Qnon holographic images! Obviously everyone thinks the Mandates are cool especially Truckers. That’s why Justin Trudeau is in hiding. I need to hook up with you and smoke some of your weed sometime cuz it must be really good!

    • Some of the comments on here accusing QANON of being the brains behind the Canadian Freedom Convoy remind me of an old Mark Twain saying, “Don’t argue with stupid people – they will drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience”!

  13. Typical Socialist Democrat operative. Sling crap, without proof, and see what sticks.
    If the Leftist Assembly is true to form, they’ll rush to condem Anchorage’s favorite conservative. If they’re able to find five working brain cells, they won’t bring it up.
    Are we no longer innocent until PROVEN guilty in this nation?

    • Socialists are not dumb. It’s not the outcome that they care about, it’s the process itself that makes you go broke while you are defending yourself. They have a PAC that pays their legal bills where as the people they accuse end up having to defend themselves on their own dime and don’t have a PAC to back them up.

  14. By calling these peaceful, and diverse, truckers “white supremacists and terrorists,”…..Leon Jaimes has outed himself as a psychopathic liar, and should be treated as such.

  15. Just as some of the Jan 6 protesters were instigated by plants to enter the capital (Ray E. for one), there’s a real false flag operation going on in Ottawa with MSM reports of Nazi and Confederate flags being flown and violence occurring with the peaceful, non-violent protests in order to make these outlandish claims of white supremacy and hate. I hope those bad actors get exposed for who they are, the real haters from the left, just as this Demo operative is doing to Jamie Allard and this rally of support for our neighbors in Canada who are trying to regain their freedom through peaceful protest.

  16. Anchorage Dems using a new playbook I see:


  17. Why stop at just condemning Jamie Allard, Leon Jaimes?
    Why not also demand an execution and auto de fe for her, with a public burning of Allard in Anchorage Town Square? It would be right in line with your wildly intolerant attitude and obvious hatred for all those who do not think exactly like you.
    Is there anyone who still wants to deny that this growing and radical intolerance by the neofascist left, and hysterical demonization of dissent and differing opinions, is EXACTLY analogous to the spirit that prevailed during the Nazi’s rise to power? Go ahead, I dare you!

      • No, you are wrong, Steve, this Covidian hysteria and authoritarianism IS exactly analogous —- notice that I specifically do NOT say “identical” — to the radicalization, intolerance, demonization of others, hatred, calls for violence against dissenters, and other forms of political extremism that accompanied the Nazi’s rise to power in 1930s Germany, and also to the Bolshevik’s rise to power in 1910s Russia for that matter. And make no mistake, the Covidian Cult is about nothing if not about power; ‘public health’ is just the fig leaf with which they attempt to mask their power-seeking agenda.

  18. I don’t agree with this johnny come lately montanan. People come in all colors. Canada is particularly welcoming to tribes from afar. Dim dems barking up the wrong tree as usual. His work in cyber means to me he and ilk are the reason most people are stepping away from democrats now. Zero trust.

  19. Can we have Leon Jaimes tested at API? As he is clearly on something and I am afraid for his mental health

  20. Classic leftist MO. Frankly, liberals must be truly stupid people, regardless of education. And pretty narcissistic. . Anyone that does not believe their delusion are white supremists . . Really? Good grief.

    • Jack, yes but only if they are also blind from birth. I saw a Frontline program about this very subject, the show featured a Black, White Supremest named Clayton Bigsby. I think you can still get it on the internet…

        • Sean, what’s the difference, except Chappelle in that hilarious skit revealed all one needs to know about hate and racism. It’s all learned. You know that if you’ve studied the Democrat party in any real and honest way.

  21. While I support freedom of speech, this deliberate lying is seriously offensive. Cancel culture is out of control – and needs to be cancelled – ultimately, it leads to Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth”. A proclamation of Bravo Sierra needs to be shouted from the rooftops and in every media in reaction to this slander against Ms. Allard. Closer in time this will hurt the democrats as they mock us, denigrate us, and lie about us and our love for truth and freedom.

    • For the neofascist radical left, it is not about mere opinions — it is a matter of religion and faith. Anyone disagreeing with their dogmatic, rigidly ideological and outright insane ideas is not just offering a differing opinion, they are engaging in rank HERESY, with all the extreme intolerance, hysteria and violent retribution that Christian heretics suffered from the Catholic Church in the 14th century and the Spanish Inquistion in the 16th century.

  22. Someone needs to pull up his big boi panties. Yeah its terrible that a protest about FREEDOM….occurs during an racially designated history month.
    Probably need to add a couple more secret PUBLIC emails from the assembly that we can’t view.

  23. I saw the truckers from the valley that (I assume) attended this. I live right by the Parks Hwy. Glenn Hwy junction and they were doing loops and honking their horns. People were stopping and taking pics. I had forgotten my phone. I don’t have pics or video. I’m pissed at myself but, proud of the turnout.

  24. It was a beautiful event today seeing everyone coming out waving our american flag high and proud to be an american. This is the crowd who’d proudly stand by any american whether burnt, white, golden, or whole wheat. I hoping this crowd attended church before the event. Cause without the Word we are toast.

  25. Leon plays the card.

    So, now what? Are we supposed to rise up in outrage? That deck is so worn out, no one really pays attention anymore.

  26. The only violence that is going on up there now are people running over protesters/truckers. The people doing the assault with a deadly weapon (yes, a car is considered a deadly weapon when you run people over) are “Antifa”, which is a well known brown shirt branch of the leftist/socialist/democrat political figures.

  27. If you march with people flying the nazi flag, and you don’t kick them out, then you embrace their principle beliefs. It’s not a gray area. It’s black and white. Either you denounce nazis or you embrace them. Our ancestors put their lives on the line to root out and destroy nazis and their sympathizers. Any and all.

    • “… then you embrace their principle beliefs.”
      You mean, John, just as you Covidian cultists have embraced those same principles, such as the demonization and persecution of dissent, the shaming and persecution of a selected group (along with the purposeful public physical identification of that group), the calls for the segregation and isolation of that group, the street violence aimed at all those who oppose your political agenda, the effective merging of corporate power with the government, and the use of establishment organs to propagandize against that group?
      Meet the enemy, John, for he is you.

  28. Leon Jaimes is an activist working with several others (the Blue Alaskan and staffers at Anchorage Press) trying to control the narrative through he main social media platforms : Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Nextdoor. He is one of the mods on reddit/anchorage, a group of about 20,000 and helps keep that group decidedly left of center by downvoting the conservative voices and limiting (by banning) their political posts. ?He does the same on Twitter through the Anchorage Democrats account, but since he can’t ban posts on that platform he has much less influence. Same with Nextdoor. He is at the center of the coterie of hysterical voices claiming conservatives are racists and homophobes that need to be cancelled and he’s for sure helping organize the cancel culture through whatever means possible. Do not visit the Anchorage Democrats or the Blue Alaskan website without using a VPN, because he also is a cybersecurity tech and has the ability to easily geo track the website traffic.

  29. Racist? Terrorism? Are we sure he isn’t watching reruns of 2020? THIS is the polar opposite. How is it possible to interpret what is happening as anything close to what Jaimes is asserting? Is he only getting his news from social media and CNN because that’s a TERRIBLE idea. MSM is NOT news. Their money comes from ads and they do what sells, news or fake news- they don’t care. What is happening in Canada is beautiful! It is salt of the earth, NON-elites taking a stand for their freedom against tyranny. I wonder if it was the bouncy houses or city-wide clean up that sent Jaimes over the edge. The willful ignorance and hate in his letter is both sad and disturbing.

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