Sunday reveal: New year, new look for Must Read Alaska



On Sunday, Must Read Alaska’s website will transition to a new design.

While our WordPress development team expects the transition to go smoothly, it’s possible there will be a bump or two as every one of the 7,500 stories, the 128,000 comments, and thousands of digital images and documents migrate into their new categories.

If you see an error on the site, don’t give up, as we’ll be paying attention and fixing the problems that may arise as we go through the design makeover during the next few days.

The website has retained the original design since launching six years ago, and while the format is serviceable, it is time for a fresh look. Our new theme is a modern, cutting-edge news design.

Must Read Alaska launched in 2015 to give a voice to conservatives in the state. At the outset it was a newsletter, and in 2016 it added a website to balance the leftist bias of the mainstream media in Alaska. Today, the website reaches more than tens of thousands of Alaskans every day. The newsletter continues three times a week.

If you are interesting in supporting Must Read Alaska, and getting your ad in front of thousands of conservatives (and liberals) every day, please contact John Quick, Vice President for Business Development, at [email protected].


  1. Thank goodness. While honest fact based reporting has always been a strength of this news site your layout and image quality aren’t quite as top notch. Keep up the good fight.

  2. A new upgrade! Very good! The worse decision a woman makes is letting herself go when she stops caring about her appearence. People are visual especially men.

      • Problem I have, advertising is one thing, but it is covering everything and hard to see between your write ups and your great news.. it flicks all over the pages.Smack dab in the middle of the article.

    • I like the straight talk original format. It’s content that matters. No change necessary. It’s fun to do upgrades but we like it just the way it is. ADN has tried all kinds of “upgrades” but are now completely insufferable to everyone.

  3. Sometimes change is a good thing.
    I don’t see this site ever being diminished to that of a “Drudge Report “it’s been years since I’ve visited that place. Totally unreadable due to the pop ups and adds covering the articles.
    Breitbart is heading that way quickly.
    I have to use a VPN to not be carpet bombed by ads with Alaska‘s democrat liberal senator touting all that she’s done for Alaska.
    MRA is worth donating to and plan to do so in the near future. I started the process weeks ago , but stopped 1/2 through. Due to the kid glove treatment of the fore mentioned “ representative”
    She represents somebody…… but know one in this household.

  4. The advertisements are getting bad. I understand the need to pay the bills and the ads need the clicks to do it, but if we can’t focus on the site content because the ads are too distracting it won’t help. I know I have logged off the site at times because I didn’t want to deal with the distracting ads.

  5. Your site is growing as people will search out the truth. In turn, advertisers will notice and want to capture your growing audience. Nothing wrong with a good revenue stream as I doubt you would ever be included in “Build Back Better.” Those funds go towards keeping losers like CNN and MSNBC afloat.

    • ha. We need to get that clock on Alaska time. I think it’s on the international date line or something.

  6. I think there isn’t enough advertisment specifically from local small business owners when you are looking for a home repair services, stylist, housekeeper services, someplace where you can eat without without being looked upon or not cause you are too ugly for not donning a face mask. You know! Where a customer can get regular good ol american and christian hospitality services and entertainment. As well as which local small business owners will hire someone not appearing nor talking like a democrat. Try going to a well known democrat owned business applying for a job looking conservative, you’d get passed over for the more democat applicant. Which is an interesting american main cities couldn’t be dominated by democrat control, if not for the american spirit and christian attitude of a republican employer in a government, corporate, or private emplowment.

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