Alliances revealed: Mat-Su School Board candidate pulls child-grooming Trevor Project into campaign


Sydney Zuyus filed for school board in the heart of the conservative Mat-Su Valley, and then has proceeded to use social media to reveal her positions in what some see as a passive-aggressive way

It turns out, Zuyus is a big supporter of the Trevor Project, which is a transgender support nonprofit providing transgender services, secret counseling, and legal support to children — a lot of it without parental consent.

And anyone who opposes Zuyus — beware: She proceeded to make donations to the Trevor Project and GLAAD in honor of a constituent who dares to disagree with her positions. GLAAD is the Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, a media-monitoring nonprofit.

The Trevor Project was caught in a sting set up by a mother, who posed as a 15-year-old in order to see what kind of grooming was happening.

“A mother who is dealing with her own child’s gender dysphoria posed as a 15-year-old gender dysphoric biological female to access services online with the Trevor Project on Sunday. She found that every step of the way, she was guided further and further into affirmation of being trans, with no stop gaps along the way where a kid could be told that maybe they weren’t trans, and should take a moment to think about it,” according to the account documented at The Post Millennial.

“The mother, referred to here as Gloria though that’s not her real name, presented herself as confused about many things, but sure of being “not cishet,” and interested in knowing more about detransitioning.What emerged in the online chat with a representative from the Trevor Project was advocacy for transitioning, no information about detransitioning, and apparent certainty in the face of an uncertain teen who didn’t know where to go for help,” the website wrote. 

The Trevor Project guided Gloria to resources on hormones, including how to get them without parental awareness, chest binding, and an introduction into a community of teen transitioners.

“My child spent a lot of time on The Trevor Project website when she first asserted a ‘transboy’ gender identity around age 12,” Gloria told The Post Millennial. “She also spent a lot of time on Tumblr, Discord and other sites at the time. I had no idea they were actively grooming my child into trans ideology and a new belief system.”

Zuyus, who is running hard from the left on issues involving transgenders in the school setting, is trying to unseat conservative incumbent Kathy McCullom.

Zuyus is a communications professional at the Mat-Su Health Foundation, and yet has chosen to taunt voters who support parental rights.

While it’s uncommon for candidates to aggressively engage those who disagree with their positions by donating to causes simply as a way to badger and silence people, it’s not unheard of. In 2021, now-Sen. Forrest Dunbar made a donation in the name of Must Read Alaska’s publisher Suzanne Downing to “Choosing Our Roots,” another organization that assists children in choosing a gender alternative path by providing them shelter and other services.

Zuyus is supported by the teacher’s union, and the majority of her donations come from teachers.

Two years ago, Zuyus made a video of herself, proclaiming to be a Snake Queen:

Those who criticized Zuyus for it also received a dollop of her ire on social media:

“OOooOOoOoOoo, get ready, folks! They found me out!,” she wrote. “Via a time-lapse video of an illustration I did I don’t even know how many years ago, you all now know I am a Snake Queen! (See the aforementioned snake below).

Mat-Su Freedom Alliance, please, I beg of you, do NOT let your graphic designer quit their day job. However, I’ll give you points for comedic value. Not a ton of points but hey. Workshop it, you’ll get there. 😂🥰

It was apparently Zuyus’ way of deflecting the point that was being made by critics, who were taking interest in the candidate’s recent works of art and personal expression, and making sure voters were not being fooled by her attempt to appear conservative.

Also running from the Left for school board is Dianne Shibe, who is trying to unseat conservative incumbent Richard “Ole” Larson. Shibe is the former president of MSEA and has one of the largest campaign war chests in the state, with $38,227.59 reported in her 30-day report with Alaska Public Offices Commission. Most of her donations are from unions or from outside the Mat-Su, and outside the state.


  1. She’s telling EXACTLY who she is and what she stands for.

    It’s up to the voters of MatSu now. Will they bother to vote? If so, how?

  2. My guess is she will definitely dominate the 18-24 age group who are not living in reality yet.
    Those that are sponging off working adults with families and school age children will think she is Gods gift to children of ALL ages.
    With social media being used to capture youth with no consequential voting experience or some without even a high school diploma will think she is definitely the “Snake Queen” which is “So Cool” and woolah…She will be crowned.
    The Bellamy Bryantt circus will make Barnum and Bailey look like a sidewalk circus when their party fires up the Mat-Su schools with their woke ideology.

    Call it what you want but that age group hasnt the comprehension to be selecting policymakers for education of young children or any children for that matter.

    • The progressive fools in charge in Anchorage are never satisfied with the communities they have warped with their woke ideology and are always looking for more passive low vote communities to take over.
      Lunatics in a Bright Red Eastern Oregon town imported homeless people from across the entire nation to vote and they successfully took over the town and renamed it after their warped leader in the early 80’s.

  3. Raising kids was difficult the last generation. Even more now in wicked, disrespectul families. God reads hearts. God’s justice and mercy is perfect.

  4. Mat Su wake up!!! Are you going to allow this gender grooming to happen right under your noses!? Or are you going to be silent and stupid too scared to have a stand. What is going on is an agenda to kill all masculinity. Stop promoting it, allowing it, and kick it OUT of the schools! It’s child abuse at the highest level. Leave children alone! Mat Su, WHERE ARE YOU!??

  5. Weren’t employees of the Mat-Su Health Foundation involved in various local affairs in Palmer until people started revolting? I seem to remember something about the recalled council members and/or the attempted cancellation of Colony Days. Usually, I remember these things clearly, because it helps to connect the dots.

    • The council was pretty much tossed out over the “Braided River “ fiasco.

      This will be an interesting test of how much the rot of Anchorage has infested MatSu.

  6. Make it abundantly clear that Sydney Zuyus is not welcome in the Mat Valley. She is a demented lost soul desperately needing professional help.

    Please don’t give her any time for the crap she is espousing.
    These people individually and as a group are psychotic.
    Hold your ground get her and them out of here.

  7. The tactics tell everything you need to know: lies are the tool of the devil. Allowing this person to get elected anywhere is to concede ground to evil. MatSu, don’t follow Fairbanks’ lead – get off your butts and VOTE, and give your friends rides to the polls.

  8. If Ole doesn’t win again the district and communities out here will collapse like Anchorage. Don’t let this happen- Vote for common sense.

    • Ole and Kathy need to win their district seats. We have a good school board right now that protects the children. If the two evil creatures posing as women get in, I wonder if we’ll see a mass exodus from the school system?

      • They certainly dictate their christian bias. Not sure if that ‘protects the children’ kind of like no church in the world with their pedo clergy protects children. Kids commit suicide because parents are informed about things the kids will get beaten for if they don’t have protection.

  9. Let’s hope she is not using campaign funds to make those donations. If she spends her own money, let her. This juvenile, thin-skinned behavior is clearly not public office material, especially when you consider she belittles the very people, whose vote she is courting.

  10. Getting excited over a YouTube video a person made out of high school, is exactly why no one can take Alaskan conservative seriously.

    We have serious issues from homelessness to housing crisis to exponential price of fuel, and what Are we supposed to be getting motivated to vote over???? A silly YouTube video, and a woman who clearly let the internet raise her child who’s now upset about the result.
    “A mother who is dealing with her own child’s gender dysphoria posed as a 15-year-old gender dysphoric biological female to access services online with the Trevor Project on Sunday. She found that every step of the way, she was guided further and further”

    So the same mother who let her 12-year-old spend hours a day on adult websites, is now surprised that a teen website for trans kids, has resources for trans kids?

    Did you know that if you go to the United States military website, you can just sign up to join the military and there are no stop gaps. Nothing to tell you what might happen to you if you join the military?

    This is the classic case of a mother neglecting her child, open and shut. A 12-year-old has no business on tumblr or discord, let alone spending hours at a time on these websites. She didn’t raise her child and so a bunch of random internet creeps did, Who is to blame here???

    Do we control every random person on the internet, or do we raise our own children?

    • Nice try at deflection Jenna.
      The real question here is how do YOU see this candidate for school board? Do you find her posts and answers mature and appropriate for a position, dealing with the education of children?
      Do you think that if you have a concern as a parent, you will get a reasonable answer from Ms. Sydney, if she is elected?

      A candidate running for office, who posts things like:
      “OOooOOoOoOoo, get ready, folks! They found me out!,”
      “Mat-Su Freedom Alliance, please, I beg of you, do NOT let your graphic designer quit their day job. However, I’ll give you points for comedic value. Not a ton of points but hey. Workshop it, you’ll get there. 😂
      implying a potential constituent has mental issues due to lead paint….
      In my opinion such a person does not have the required mindset to deal with difficult questions regarding the education of kids, budgeting and policy.

  11. You don’t like what she stand for Vote against he on
    7 November, there is is a picture of her in the Regular Election Brochure. Only way to get rid of them do not invite them to have access to our kids.

  12. I always wondered what it would be like to run a troll campaign for political office… to go out there and say and do the most extreme nonsense just to see how far you can go. But this woman is doing it already!

  13. Zuyus and Shibe are bad news for the Mat-Su. There are many of us that have lived here and worked hard for a very long time to make this community the pleasant and conservative place that we call home. A level headed conservative school board is far more important than many people realize. Local , State and Federal government as well as society in general are currently in a state that is as chaotic as I recall in my lifetime. I believe that a deterioration in academia is one of the major root causes . Out of control liberal left wing nut cases continue to brainwash and indoctrinate our youth when what they sorely need is a solid basic education. The clear choices to insure that our school district stays the course for a positive outcome are Kathy McCollum and Ole Larson. We can’t afford and do not want a “snake woman” or an NEA shill.

  14. There are plenty of Jesus loving private schools to send your kids to if public education scares you. But imposing conservative Christian ideology on secular education is wrong. Like it or not, the Matsu school district has a diverse population of far right, far left and middle of the road citizens as well as their offspring. Bible thumping Pentecostals side by side with loud and proud gay and transgender people. As a straight middle of the road non-religious citizen, I feel both sides deserve a voice. I don’t agree that a conservative minority ’owns’ the valley. The idea of controlling teens is laughable. You love them unconditionally and help them make good choices. But telling them who to be will do nothing but alienate them.

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