Alaska Native Vietnam vets get burned as Interior Secretary Haaland puts two-year stay on their land allotments in Alaska


At first it was just a temporary stay of three months. Now, the Interior Department announced it will impose a two-year stay on implementation of new Public Land Orders in Alaska. These are land orders that have already been signed and would have granted homestead land to Alaska Native Vietnam veterans, who missed out on a special land grant that occurred while they were serving their country.

Many Alaska Native veterans may not live long enough for the two-year stay to be lifted or to benefit from a possible “next White House,” which could reverse the action of the Biden Administration.

During the first week of the Biden Administration, President Joe Biden put the temporary stay on the four public land orders that had been signed by former Sec. David Berhardt, during the last week of the Trump Administration. These were orders that Alaskans had waited on for years and were some of the final deliverables of the Trump Administration.

The Alaska delegation of Congressman Don Young, and Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan had hoped for a more productive working relationship with Sec. Deb Haaland when they voted to confirm her. Young, as Dean of the House, introduced her to the Senate, and both Alaska senators voted in favor of her confirmation, after having discussions with her about the unique matters that pertain to Alaska.

The yanking back of the land is because of the Biden Administration’s focus on climate change, according to the new order.

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“Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland has chosen to start off her relationship with Alaska by going back on the promises she made to me prior to her confirmation, undermining rural communities, and stabbing Alaska Native Vietnam-era veterans in the back,” said Sen. Dan Sullivan.

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“The impact will be felt most acutely in rural Alaska, where communities will be denied access to gravel resources to build out local village infrastructure and ANCSA and Statehood land settlements will be further delayed. Most egregiously, though, this misguided decision will drastically limit the lands available to thousands of Alaska Native Vietnam-era veterans who were unable to select land allotments due to their military service.

“It is deeply saddening and shameful that, as a result of Secretary Haaland’s decision, Alaska Native veterans who served their country admirably, and have waited decades for land allotments, may not live long enough to see them. I have spent an enormous amount of time explaining this situation to the secretary—including just before the announcement—but she put her allegiance to radical green groups over heroic Native veterans and other Alaskans. Secretary Haaland owes all of these Alaskans an explanation and, frankly, an apology,” Sullivan said.


  1. Here, hold my rattlesnake, he’s not like other rattlesnakes, he won’t bite you. Deb Haaland is an example of why no one should ever vote for a democrat for any office or trust a democrat appointee, ever.

  2. And they deserve an apology from all 3 of you for supporting her. Hopefully they will remember this when elections roll around.

  3. I emailed Sullivan and asked him not to confirm her now he has pie in his face. My Vietnam Brothers once again get screwed by the States Congressional delegation blantant disregard for Alaskans. I hope Alaskans remember this next election.

  4. Haaland owes them land, not an apology! How stupid are our reps to believe anything she promised, knowing her track record?
    The State needs to start a lawsuit on their behalf. Hasn’t this country crapped on Vietnam Vets enough?

  5. I thought our delegation was more astute than this. Really, really disappointing. They have no idea who we are dealing with.

  6. You have to remember that liberals are liberals first. It comes before their country, their ethnic group, their state, their city, their neighborhood, their family.

    Liberals are liberals first.

  7. Our senators have been played. Capitulation is a sign of weakness to the left. Why do we understand that and they don’t – is it to cut future deals, play politics or is it that our representatives are just ignorant. I will go with ignorant. You don’t negotiate with these people they despise America and everything it stands for and until people start understanding that they will continue to run all over us and this country. I feel there are very few Democrats left that still love their country and what it was founded on. This is why Trump was hated and attacked incessantly. He understood them and the” Swamp” they live in. The scary/sad part about this is we have three plus years left with this administration and the the best is yet to come! Actions have consequences.

  8. She keeps stalling they could all be dead before they get to do anything with that land. How generous and diverse.

  9. Lessons learned and relearned:
    Never apologize to the Left. You will not be forgiven. Might as well stick to your guns, even if the Left declares they are offended.
    Never assume a compromise on your part will be reciprocated in kind by the Left. The Left won’t even say, “Thanks.”
    When the right is accused (again) of practically anything, understand it is often exactly what the Left has done and often IS doing. Sample accusations made by the Left – illegal interference in elections! Racists!, Sexual predators! Rioters! Domestic terrorists! More racists! And on it goes.

  10. This new fraudulent administration is all “Smoke & Mirrors” with nothing short of complete malcontent, deception, and evil in their hearts, minds and actions. All the media buzz is the clear and present danger from the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, N-Koreans, etcetera when, in fact, the greatest threat to freedom is none other than the liberal democrat.
    Yet, the liberal democrat regime continues to be re-elected, treated as a trusted leader, and not held accountable. So, who is to blame for that(?) … Look in the mirror!

  11. Deb Haaland is a member of the Laguna Pueblo tribe in New Mexico. The tribe participates in economic activities that are green. These activities include running the Dancing Eagle Casino and allowing uranium mining on their land. These activities have brought in a lot of green. Luckily for them, Joe Biden approves.

  12. IMHO. Many Democrat supporters never read the story about the Frog and Scorpion.
    What the Democrats are doing to their voters and ultimately the end result of their actions.

    This is a story of the scorpion and the frog.
    Once upon a time, near a river lived a scorpion. The scorpion lived in a cave. One day the scorpion decides to leave his cave. “It is far too dark and dingy. I can’t stay here anymore,” the scorpion thinks. “Let’s go look for a new house.”

    So, the scorpion leaves its cave in search of new home. It looked everywhere, but could not find a suitable house. Soon, the scorpion came to the river. Now, the scorpion did not know how to swim. It stood by the river, thinking how to get across.
    Now, the frog was suspicious of the scorpion. Yet it replied, “how can I help you, scorpion?” “Oh, you see, I have to go to the other side of this river,” the scorpion explains, ” Could you be kind enough to take me there?” “Why should I? I can’t trust you and your stings!” the frog exclaims. “But, mister frog, I can’t swim,” the scorpion tells the frog. “If I sting you, we both die in an instant!”
    Then the frog says,”I see, you do have a point. Alright then, I’ll take you to the other side.” So, the scorpion hopped on the frog’s back and the frog jumped into the river. The frog began paddling as fast as it could. Suddenly, when they were half way through, the frog felt something sharp around its back. “What is that?” the frog asks the scorpion. Then, the frog realized that the scorpion had stung him!
    “What did you do, stupid scorpion!” the frog exclaims as the dizziness starts to take over him.”Now both of us shall drown!” Without any regrets, the scorpion says, “What can I do? This is my nature.” “I should not have trusted this scorpion,” the frog thought as he drowned.

  13. The Vietnam war ended the year I got out of hi school. I was a teenage alcoholic.
    There were politicians in those days too.
    I am still a functioning alcoholic, they are still non functioning politicians.

  14. John Sloane, I believe NV has the most land under Federal Control, and even California has about 45% of the land within it’s borders owned by the Feds.

    This decision to halt the transfer according to the story above, followed the Biden administrations plan to correct Climate Change, I suppose a title transfer produces Green House Gases? To quote a line from the 1979 film Apocalypse Now, “over here the Bovine Excrement stacked up so high you needed wings to stay above it”

    Oh, Dan Sullivan, did you learn anything today?

  15. The warnings were all over the place. They were warned. There’s no excuse. They chose to let this, and everything else that will, happen. To top it off, Haaland’s actions aren’t the only issue.
    So, what is so personally important to them, that they would deliberately throw all of Alaska under the bus? Well, themselves are. Self-interest has to be it. They’re padding their futures, at our expense.
    Our job now is to figure out if there’s any way we can pay them back, throw their self interests in their faces. Make their self interest unprofitable. Maybe even claw back some of their “padding”?
    Prayer … not “God please help us” but please forgive us for our own self interests, and grant us wisdom and courage to fix everything that we can fix.
    We have consistently blessed Israel … and Yahweh (God) has promised many blessings in return.
    I believe that America still has a grand mission, even greater than ever, in some not too distant future.
    To do that, America has to be very wealthy and strong. I believe that America has a tremendous future, completely independent of our lack of any real merit. We’re here for a grand reason.

  16. In what world did our representatives not see that coming? Don’t hold your breath for that “apology,” Dan.

  17. Past time for a statehood compact lawsuit, and another one to secure allotments for those vets.

  18. But at least she’s an indigenous woman. So much for voting to confirm nominees based entirely on sex and race. Thanks Dan. Thanks Lisa. Big Fail by both of you. Cheers –

  19. The Alaska Federal congressional delegation is out of touch with reality.
    All because Haaland checked the box on being an Indian.

    Who does she screw over with out batting an eye, her fellow indigenous people.

    The Politically correct Lisa,Dan, and Don had to make the correct moves simply because of optics.

    Please do not bother these folks with the radical positions Haaland has been promoting for years. Plenty of History to base a no confirmation vote.

    Nope, not our Reps. In fact, Don Young paraded Haaland before the US Senate. I recall Don saying “ We can work with her”.

    What a fool Don has become.

    Between this and Puerto Rico Statehood, Don needs to retire. After all Don is older than my parents and I am on Medicare.
    Seriously, folks, Lisa and Don need to go in ‘22.

  20. This is what you voted for (allegedly) America. The most anti American administration in history.

    Orange man was so bad you chose economic and individual rights suicide

  21. Yes Joe Drayton. I was very disappointed with Senator Sullivan for voting to confirm Ms Haaland and I wrote his DC office blasting him. I didn’t bother with Lisa, I expected her to vote to confirm. What is Don Young thinking on the Puerto Rico statehood issue and his support of Ms Haaland for Secretary of the Interior. He needs to be replaced with a real conservative Alaskan. He has lost his “fire in the belly” and his will to fight just when we need a fighter.

  22. And you get what you voted for, Sullivan. Sullivan said he thought she would listen to reason, so he voted for her. What a fool. These are not reasonable people.

  23. Alaska delegation were all cowards. They were too afraid of being called racist by a bunch of real racists so they voted her in, all the while knowing she was a liberal, climate change hoax doofus and would simply tie up more land. It is hard to imagine they thought she was going to do something other than what all the other stupid democrats do.

  24. Non woke history confirms that this in-fighting and indian on indian murder was the same thing past explorers found and reported over and over when they came to America, be it the Asians, Vikings, Templars, or Spainards.

    The Indian on Indian hate and warring never ended.

    I guess if you think about it, the American Indians were the original American Military Industrial Complex.

  25. I urged him and Murkowski, via email, to vote no on her confirmation. I got this back from him as a part of a longer email: “It’s also important to keep in mind that a “no” vote would’ve made no difference in Congresswoman Haaland’s confirmation. She was going to be confirmed with or without my vote.” So… he voted yes, and now has issues. Nope. Not buying it. And yeah, I get she would have been confirmed without his vote. But doing the right thing is always the right thing.

  26. I’ts always best NOT to make a deal with the devil. We The People tried to warn you Mr. Sullivan…

  27. Vote OUT Dan Sullivan too, on his next election.
    Dan said, I’m going to vote for her because, she said she’ll work with Alaska, right BS
    Dan your drank the cool aid. Dan You need to resign now, Lisa please do the same, resign now

  28. Secretary of the Interior speak with forked tongue. Just take the land. Vietnam vets are all supposed to be crazy militants anyway. It could be another Alcatraz occupation. Think of the news coverage.

  29. Agimarc, that is exactly, precisely right. They could have confirmed the person with the most experience but instead went for the politically correct choice.

    This is what happens when you choose someone other than the BEST CANDIDATE. I don’t care if you’re female, male, short, tall, young, old, yellow, purple or black. If you’re the BEST, you get the job because you have earned it. Period.

    The dictionary is the only place where “success” comes before “work”. Don’t forget that.

  30. Dan, Don, and Lisa are insulting the intelligence of every single Alaskan by pretending to be surprised by this.
    They were warned that she is a far Left extremist, and happily voted for her anyway.
    What, exactly, did they think she was going to do????
    Only people with a sub 50 IQ expected anything less from Haaland, so these three must have known what she would do, so their “surprised face” is disingenuous at best, an outright lie in reality…..

  31. Haaland seems to be employing the strategy of “waiting them out” surely after 2 years some of these Gentlemen will have passed away, extend the transfer even further until there are none left. Reminds me of an Agathe Christie novel… Ten little Indians, or was it And then there were none?

  32. Back in the ’70s when I lived in the Lower Yukon, my Vietnam Veteran Friends there and in Nome were talking excitedly about news that they would get allotments. Evidently just another broken promise(treaty) by a fickle government………

  33. All 3 of them knew exactly what they were voting for and how she would vote…against Alaska. They are only making their pathetic lip service squawking noises after the fact to try to appease us because they literally think we are stupid.

  34. Trump did far more for the interests of Alaska than Obama or this new O’Biden administration.
    BTW, federal government owns 80% of Nevada with federal land occupation and New Mexico is 70%.

    Suzanne keep up the great work

  35. Charles E. Nash…That’s been my position since 1972, when I turned 18 and was first able to vote. In almost 50 years I have never once voted for a Democrat. I knew they were bad people back then, but today they are pure evil.

  36. Vietnam Veterans need to blame no one but the States Congressional delegation for this blow to their rightful ownership to land.

  37. We served during an unpopular war and we’re treated like sh–, I guess things haven’t changed much. Death is close, maybe that’s what they want.

  38. No doubt rural Alaska voters would approve of her because she is native. This is the outcome of identity politics over informed, issue-based voting. You reap what you sew.

  39. When calculating the percentage of state land owned by the feds, you have to include the state’s square miles to figure out exactly how much land the feds own in each state.
    Alaska is huge, and 61% of Alaska’s square miles is more than the combined square miles of several whole states. Alaska is 656,424 square miles, rounded to nearest.

  40. Thanks Don, Dan, and Lisa for being the stupid sumbitches you always are. When are we gonna get people who represent us/US? Quit carrying water for these lying liberals.

  41. All I can do is laugh, otherwise I would just cry. I also served my country, but that is just it. It is not the country I served anymore. Maybe it never was. After this election, I will not even bother to vote anymore. I wish I could say our state was at least honest, but none of them are. Politicians are all too busy enriching themselves and laughing at the plebs. Federal law enforcement agencies are used as private armies for the elites. Kinda interesting to know they had a certain laptop with all kinds of legal violations, but never did anything. Maybe we should actually abolish federal law enforcement. We allow this. All it takes is enough people and they have to ignore it, similar to how multiple states are not enforcing various federal law and refuse to assist federal law enforcement. Until people have had enough things will continue to get worse. I am going to do the easier thing and play my fiddle as the empire falls.

  42. I remember seeing some of the returning Vietnam vets getting spit on in Orange County California airports. People forgot how many of them were drafted. They did not choose that war. And I can only imagine how difficult it was for those Alaskans, draftees and otherwise to serve in those hot jungles. Could things get worse? This shows they just did. There is no reason to delay these land grants. And for it to be done by a blood? No way is that right. I feel so much sorrow for these Vietnam vets. They have had to endure so much, and now this! As a life member of the Air Force Association, I wonder if any of the military associations could be of help in this to put the pressure on Biden? I encourage all members of any of these associations to try to get help in this. I will try to help via seeing of the Air Force Association could put pressure on this person. Any military association members, I encourage you to do the same.

  43. Steve Peterson: High probability that a lot of rural Alaska Natives don’t support Haaland, because they may consider her to be a “radish” … red on the outside, and white on the inside.
    Not nice to call anyone demeaning names, but by gosh and by golly, she is working hard to earn it.

  44. “Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland has chosen to start off her relationship with Alaska by going back on the promises she made to me prior to her confirmation, undermining rural communities, and stabbing Alaska Native Vietnam-era veterans in the back,” said Sen. Dan Sullivan.

    Sullivan voted to confirm because he’s stupid…real conservatives can’t work with liberals. Of course Sullivan isn’t a real conservative because a real conservative would be making daily speeches on the senate floor presenting evidence of the 2020 election fraud and a real conservative would be voting against anything and everything the illegitimate Biden/Harris regime proposes.

    Sullivan, Young and Murkowski are all traitors who are just hoping to get along by going along. In other words they’re all swamp rat sellouts who still haven’t tumbled to the fact that working with the liberals means only giving them half of what they’re demanding.

  45. I know quite a few commercial fisherman that got screwed over because they were drafted during the time the permits were restructured.

  46. I do not like stereotypical comments but it appears they got ‘Indian give’d’ in regards to the land that they were promised.

  47. Red apple. I remember Joe B. saying if you’re not Black if you don’t vote for me. I’m Native and I would never vote for these people.

  48. At least Gov George Romney of Michigan admitted he was “Brainwashed” by Gen Westmoreland, in VN.
    By the inflated body count of enemy dead, when statistically, more than 1/2 the NVA was supposed to have been wiped out by attrition. Gov George Romney recognized a lie. Our Congressional Delegation, Don, Lisa, Dan are too stupid, to recognize a lie “promises” made by a left wing, ardent foe of Alaska Oil and Gas interests. They were brainwashed in the classical sense. They are complete fools ! So much for Representing Alaska !
    Now to have the Federal Land Allotments given to the VietNam Native veterans taken back , really adds insult to injury. You Senator Sullivan Stabbed us in the back by voting for her confirmation along with Lisa. Shame on you !

  49. The deal is when you play in the pen with the pigs, whom you know are pigs, they like it, you get dirty, they win. They all knew what she was when they confirmed her, now they want to whine when they couldn’t control what she does. Really! Hmm, made a deal with the devil & get manipulated. Very typical! The Alaska Natives Veterans lost because of their arrogance. Time to replace them all!

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