Alaska Democrats continue to groom Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson to take on Murkowski


The Alaska Democrats have been flirting with the idea for months, but with special session after special session of the Legislature, they haven’t been able to launch Alaska State Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson of Anchorage as their candidate for U.S. Senate. The fourth special session of the year is still under way, even though few are paying attention to no-show legislators.

Over the course of the summer, Gray-Jackson has changed up her edgy, spiked hair style to something more … senatorial. The Alaska Democratic Party has been putting out social media surveys to lay the groundwork for her, trying to build her statewide name recognition.

Before and after the senatorial makeover.

In the latest edition of the Alaska Democrats’ official newsletter, the party makes it clear that she is their preferred candidate.

“Wonder who’s running as a Democrat for Senate and U.S. Representative? We get that question a lot, and we know it’s tough to be patient. But know that we’re working behind the scenes fitting Democrats into the best seats, waiting for redistricting maps to be finalized, and doing all the prep work behind the scenes to run successful races. But if you want to encourage things along, here’s something you can do,” the newsletter says.

“First – does the thought of having State Sen. Elvi Gray-Jackson representing Alaska in the U.S. Senate excite you? We have reasons to believe with the right candidate, this is a winnable race for Democrats, FINALLY! Just think of it… A Senator who doesn’t bob and weave, no tiptoeing around positions, no more equivocating and backtracking, no being ‘concerned’ and then doing the wrong thing. No more being Charlie Brown while our Senator is Lucy with the football,” the party writes, describing their disillusionment with Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

The party used an old Charlie Brown cartoon to illustrate their feelings about Murkowski, who is too conservative for the party leadership:

“Elvi is solid. She’s decisive. She says what she means and means what she says. She believes in people, and that they deserve a leader not someone who licks their finger after every question to see which way the wind is blowing. She’s a rock, she’s whip smart, and she works really hard. AND, she’s thinking about running for U.S. Senate,” the Alaska Democratic Party posits. The party has been messaging for months that it is done with Murkowski, a candidate many Democrats have supported over the past two decades, due to her pro-choice position on abortion, and other stances.

This up-and-coming Senate candidate is the same Gray-Jackson who has authored legislation that some view as anti-police and anti-public safety.

She also authored legislation this year to make Juneteenth made into another official legal holiday for State of Alaska workers, shutting down government for a day and paying state workers to play. This summer Congress passed similar legislation that allows federal workers to take Juneteenth off.

Some of the legislation Gray-Jackson has authored that has not passed this year is SB 1, use of force by peace officers; SB 2, relating to how police de-escalate situations; SB 3, mandating officers must give warning before shooting a firearm; SB 4, use of force and ban of shooting from a moving police vehicle; and SB 5, the Juneteenth holiday for state workers.

Gray-Jackson represents the Anchorage midtown, Spenard, and U-Med District in the Alaska State Senate; she ran for former Sen. Berta Gardner’s seat when Gardner retired. She also anchors the far left of the Alaska Democratic Party in a state that voted for Donald Trump for president by 53 percent.

It’s unclear what Gray-Jackson will be able to do in the way of campaigning, since that is prohibited for legislators while they are in session. Will she resign in order to run for U.S. Senate?

Gray-Jackson has a long career in politics. Before joining the Alaska Senate, she was on the Anchorage Assembly for several terms, and she was an Assembly aide before that.

A Republican candidate, Kelly Tshibaka, has won the Alaska Republican Party endorsement and is already campaigning hard. She will appear on the brand-new open primary ballot on Aug. 16, 2022. Sen. Lisa Murkowski has not yet declared her candidacy, although she, like all members of Congress, keep their campaign accounts alive at the Federal Election Commission, and she has continued to raise millions of dollars.

The general election is a ranked-choice voting scenario with the top four winners from the August primary on the ballot Nov. 8, 2022.


  1. What is it about leftists and their love for pretentious hyphenated names?
    I refuse to acknowledge such names — in referring or addressing such people, I always just use the name after the hyphen.

    • Hyphenated names DO NOT distinguish between political parties, my friend.

      Many women have hyphenated names.

      It doesn’t matter if you’re a democrat or a republican.

  2. Is it an improvement to trade a liberal for a marxist? The prohibition of sitting legislators campaigning while in session will be declared racist and ignored.

  3. Politico’s from both sides of the isle are a grey vapid empty bunch. At least Elvi is stylish, glamorous and commited/committable (politically speaking).

  4. This does post a bit of a dilemma.
    On the one hand a RINO in full flower and on the whose liberal flame glows a little less brightly than the RINO. Seems Alaska is bent on self-destruction so it becomes a matter of which might get the job done most quickly. Of course there is another choice but the primary media, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Demmunist Party and the unions has their campaign of personal destruction underway. Is there anyone left alive with sufficient intelligence to see through that?

  5. Why bother? They already have everything they want in big spending, anti-gun, anti-conservative, pro-choice Murkowski.

  6. Elvi would be a guaranteed vote for the socialist democrat agenda. Tax and spend with a limitless program of how to waste other people’s money. A dead end for Alaska and America. You only need to look at the last 9 months of “D” control in DC to understand that “D” stands for destructive.

  7. Here we go again. No future accountability for the sacred cow minority population and endless media blaming of skin color instead of culture. My Lord, what a racket! Marx would love it!

  8. Vote Dustin Darden for United States Senate on August 18, 2022 and then again on November 8, 2022.

    The only true Conservative in the game. Who will not fold like Dunleavy. Who will not go along to get along like Tshibaka.

    Darden has consistently supported individual liberty, the Constitution, Freedom, and limited government. He understands we have a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy.

    Time to get back to basics. Darden for Senate to represent Alaska. Jesus is King.

    • Tshibaka is the epitome of a swamp creature.
      Overwhelming majority of her adult working life was spent in the DC Swamp – working for federal agencies.
      She’ll be a McCain, Romney, McConnell, Bush repubic.

      • Makes one wonder doesn’t it. I wonder, at what point do they forget who they’re supposed to be serving.
        You can add military service into the mix, looking at you Gen. Mark Milley (former warrior turned pathetic politician).

  9. Gray-Jackaon does not represent Alaska she is a divisive egotistical person who if Alaskans are smart kick her down the drain very quickly. She is a Racist, Bigoted individual.

  10. Okay, so the thing that I’m not seeing is: has Gray-Jackson ever held a job? Has she ever had to work for a real paycheck? Does she understand what it is like to lose a job because some dicky-bird might make a nest on an oil valve? What it is like to have month at the end of the (earned) money? Does she have any idea what it takes to run a business to provide jobs? Has she ever signed the front of a check?
    We need producers for leaders, people who understand what makes civilization work, who understand where an egg, milk, gasoline, 2x4s, batteries, and a tire come from. We definitely don’t need another community organizer.
    If it can’t be grown, it must be mined.
    And I liked her spiked hair better, but I don’t vote against Rosie O’Donnell for her looks.

      • Yes, whoever advised her on the new doo doesn’t have a clue.
        She always has been strikingly stylish, and those wild eyes, wow.
        Pity about her politics, if she’d have taken the right path, the one less travelled, the establishment would’ve thrown gobs of cash and support in her direction.
        As it stands, she’s too feminine and too nice for the lunatic leftist gay mafia of the DNC.

  11. She is one of those legislators who does not understand the moving parts. When she is on a department’s Finance Subcommittee she makes statements and poses questions that embarrass her staffers and have the other legislators trying to not look at one another. She is not unique in that of course. She is the affirmative action presence Anchorage sends to Juneau. She votes straight Democrat and no one expects much of her. Often there are legislators who are obnoxious as well as stupid, and she is seldom obnoxious.

    • Lawrence

      A soul is either in service to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ; or they are deceived and being used by Satan.

      There are no degrees of good. One is either good or one is evil.

      In our Declaration of Independence the first natural right a government must protect us the right to life. Those who do not oppose the death clinics of the child human sacrifice clinics cannot be seen as champions of any of the subsequent natural rights derived from one’s perfect creation in the image of Christ Jesus

  12. No comments for 6 hours??? ‘Nuf said. BM2 needs flushed – we could actually wind up with this angry communist as senator under BM2… Stinks – repeal BM2.

  13. She will be their pretend candidate to convince Republicans that Lisa is not really a Democrat. If they left it as Lisa (D) vs Tshaibaka (Swamp R) it would have looked too suspicious

  14. “Over the course of the summer, Gray-Jackson has changed up her edgy, spiked hair style to something more … senatorial.” I literally laughed out loud when I saw this. And how true! Giving her a makeover to try and fool us into thinking she’s not just yet another left wing whacko!

  15. Oh dear lord, how much worse can it get? This is Lisa’s, sacrificial lamb as stated above, to split the vote between left and right and deny Kelly T in stupid jungle voting. Why isn’t Dr Opiod Gross challenging Lisa?

  16. I have a good idea. Let’s continue to play pussy foot with these people. Let’s not say what needs to be said. Instead, let’s hide behind false words like ‘liberal’ so we can all feel better about not having to do the hard trouble of honestly confronting these Bolsheviks? At least that way we can all go fishing and be home by supper. Deal?

  17. As well as whose dark money is supporting these campaigns. I would also like to know whose MONEY is making our representatives from federal, state and local lives better. How come we don’t demand to know who is filling their pockets…..

  18. Senator Gray-Jackson would be the more reliable democrat that Senator Lisa Murkowski has never been.

    Gray-Jackson may play well in sections of downtown Anchorage. However, she will scare the living hell out of Alaskans who live outside Anchorage. Of course, the more the people of Anchorage watch their freak show of an Assembly, the more they may reject that form of arrogant ‘progressivism’ that Gray Jackson epitomized during her Anchorage Assembly career.

    Alaskans are getting to know Kelly Tshibaka. The more they see, the more they like. They recognize she is conservative, very intelligent, experienced, and extremely ethical. Bring it on Senator Gray-Jackson!

    • Kelly is a swamp creature who will carry on the Murkowski tradition. Dan Sullivan 2.0. I will not vote on the Dominion machines unless we get a real patriot like David Eastman on the ticket

  19. This could be a blessing in disguise. If she has to resign her state Senate seat to campaign, then that’s one less “D” active in the Senate.

    A step in the right direction.

  20. I knew the leftists would turn on Murkowski, she’s not one of them. She tried, but they never did accept her. Now the Democrats have abandoned her and she’s alienated the Republicans. She should have know this would happen.

  21. ALASKA, you better get educated on Rank Choice Voting and how it reall watc y works(like a shell game). Be prepared! The democratic choice AND Murkowski know exactly how this works and ballot harvesting too. Watch your vote, watch your polls. Good luck!!

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