Al Gross keeps a $3.1 million mansion in California



U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan has been subjected to an unrelenting air-bombing campaign by Al Gross, who is running as the Democrats’ candidate for Senate. But finally, Sullivan’s side is punching back.

In a new ad aired by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, it’s revealed for the first time that Gross owns a sprawling home in Santa Barbara, where he also got a medical license to practice.

It’s not just any home. He has a luxury, $2.6 million home, the NRSC says, and by Alaska standards, it is a mansion.

It’s also a mansion by Santa Barbara standards, where the average home assessment is $509,000.

The NSRC was charitable in that it underestimated the house value by quite a bit — it’s assessed at over $3.1 million — but the message is clear: Gross is Richey Rich-level wealthy.

View the Santa Barbara house property assessment here.

Gross makes over $100K in profit from the Santa Barbara house, which he currently rents out. His house in Anchorage is worth over $500,000.

Gross, who has attempted to portray himself as a camo-wearing, bear-killing, fish-slaying doctor, actually has quite a record for charging ungodly rates when he practiced in Juneau, where he spent 20 years doing surgery and where made his early millions. He’s attempted to make Sen. Sullivan look like an outsider, when it was Gross who left the state for several years to settle in California.

Al Gross’ luxury home in Santa Barbara.

While making his millions off of Alaskans, Gross sued numerous Alaskans for unpaid bills for as little as $11. CourtView contains a long list of Alaskans who were sued by Gross


  1. Ahhhh surely this will be front page above the fold in the ADN tomorrow..?? and KTUU WIll be doing it as breaking news..??

  2. Gosh, Doctor Al must be really taking a step down to live in his place in Anchorage. But if he can use it to gain a seat in the US Senate to pretend to represent the foolish little people back in Alaska, it will all be worth it. All behind a facade of public service.

    Suggestion, Doctor Al: Go to California and stay there. Be California’s Bear Doctor.

  3. This article is very inaccurate. The Pedregal Drive property is in a lovely area of the Santa Barbara Mission. The neighborhood has many homes that are mansions. Dr, Gross’ property is very modest and utilitarian if not austere for this area. Dr Gross earns a salary that is typical for surgeons in the US including Alaska. My own second home is located in the nearby uber wealthy enclave Montecito and a short hop, skip and jump from Prince Harry and Meghan, Steve Martin, Robert Zemeckis, Ellen, Oprah, et al. Montecito is the estate area of Santa Barbara, not the Mission district. Please get your facts straight.

    • Sweet neighborhood, but you ain’t runnin for senator on the fake home-boy ticket.
      Plus you’re not a lying, malpracticing, opioid-pushing sack of …whoops can’t say that!
      Are you?
      Do remember us to Prince Harry and Meghan, Steve Martin, Robert Zemeckis, Ellen, Oprah, et al.
      We miss them as much as we’d like to miss Peoples Doctor Gross.
      Straight enough?

      • Well, Morrigan, lots of people who have been born and raised in Alaska have second homes in warmer areas. I guess a life of shoveling ice and snow can merit a little comfort in retirement. Just ask any number of Republican businessmen. Feel free to drop by and pay your respects to the captains of industry and entertainment but be sure to bathe and put on some clean clothing first! Best regards.

        • True ‘dat…
          But none among them seem to be trying to lie their socialist selves into the U.S. Senate, yes?

    • What’s your point here Dave? He lives in CA, in a house that is worth 5 times that of the median home price in the area. I suppose if I lived in a $1.7 million dollar home here in Anchorage, mine is valued at $350K, then I to could live on the hillside with our filthy rich residents. The guy is a fraud through and through!!!

    • Talk about inaccurate. The place is valued at over $3 million. (I have the documentation to prove that.). If this is “modest” you have redefined the term beyond recognition.

    • How he earned some of that income included breaking certificate of need regulations dealing with self -referral and misuse of services. That is on record with Health and Human Services. He captured more than his ancillaries until called out.

      • He was just giving us some facts. In this day and age, both sides of the political spectrum usually only give us 1/2 the picture cuz they want to think for us! For those of us who want to think for ourselves, the whole picture is appreciated.

        • No he wasn’t. He is trying to make us think Al Gross is the poor boy on David A Jones rich boy block. Austere? Did Al, David or you for that matter, grow up in a trailer? Or on a rez? I might be considered trailer trash to people like you but I am not stupid. I know that Montecito and Santa Barbara are high end. I don’t need condescending buddies of Gross telling me so.

          • I know nothing of David except what he mentioned in his answer. I did not know that Montecito and Santa Barbara are only high end. And while I didn’t “grow up in a trailer or on the rez” I knew people who did. I have spent adult time living in a trailer. Regardless, I’ve always abhored the term “trailer trash”.

    • Wow! Talk about someone out of touch. This second home is hardly “austere” or “utilitarian”. Most – and I do mean MOST Alaskans don’t have a primary residence like that. SMH.

    • Dave Jones —- How are the facts not straight? Nothing you have said contradicts the story or the facts Suzanne has presented- data that is from primary sources and in public record.. You have only added more info about the neighborhood. The home is assessed at 2.6 million. It is not a hovel, even by SB standards.

      Dr. Gross has called Dan Sullivan an ‘outsider’ – when indeed Sullivan has built a life here and hasn’t left. Hence that is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black.

  4. I have never encountered a more offensive man than Al Gross. Talk to the people who have worked with him. He is NOT widely liked or respected.

  5. So, if he gets “installed” (RBG’s phrase) he’ll be living/working from a spiffy brownstone in DC, vacationing/partying at that lovely CA mansion, and campaigning/slumming at the $500K “casa de Gross” every 6 years back here in AK. #carpetbagger

  6. Doc Gross is the King Opioid Peddler of Alaska. His level of competency as a doctor has always been in question. His ability to gain $$millions from writing opiod prescriptions is legion.
    Opioid peddlers care little about human life after surgery. This man is despicable and should never be in the US Senate.

  7. He would make a great US Senator – Just needs to find another state and California would be a perfect fit for Gross Al.

  8. Honestly, in the beginning I thought Dr. Gross had a fresh outlook on politics and wanted to make some progressive changes for our future…then the more I watched his campaign align with the national Democrats, I wondered if anything would change by electing AL over DAN?
    Currently, I feel his campaign has become a conundrum of contradictions…
    How can you feel climate change is a big concern yet you are all for opening up ANWR?
    How can you denounce “big money contributions” when you accept them?
    This is right off of Dr. Gross’s website:
    “I will work to end money’s influence on our politics and will always put your voices ahead of those of the wealthy campaign contributors.”
    It seems like we can choose b/w a “blue” millionaire or a “red” millionaire but each option have ties to the national parties/big oil and both candidates will go against the national consensus & open up ANWR to drilling ….I guess Dr. Gross is also all for Canada shipping their Bitumen to our fishing ports?
    At this point 2020 looks like a big two party illusion to Non-Partisan guys like me.

  9. His ads have offended me plenty. Some are misleading if not outright lies. His website brags that he “isn’t taking corporate PAC contributions.” But his campaign is swimming in millions of outside money from groups like Act Blue and the Lincoln Project. And his annoying commercials are everywhere, all the time. I guess he thinks that’s all it takes.
    Gross assumes Alaskans can’t read, and are too stupid to see through this transparent attempt by coastal democrats to buy a senate seat cheaply from a state they think is populated by idiots.
    Go back to California Al. And stay there.

    • “No corporate PAC contributions” – but lots and lots of dark money.
      Gross has received millions of dollars from the super PAC North Star and the pop up PAC Get Mitch or Die Trying – both Outside groups funded by big money liberal democrats.
      His ads use a quote from a dishonest, discredited, anonymously sourced article from the Atlantic to disparage Trump and then criticize Sullivan for not condemning the President.
      And this guy is a doctor? He is not honest.
      Would you believe him if he told you that you needed surgery?

    • Gross is a hypocrite. Calling out Sullivan for being from the East Coast. Gross characterizes himself as a full-time Alaskan who does hand to hand combat with grizzly bears. This gas bag doctor was a privileged liberal from birth. He is a third rate physician who has dispensed opioids like candy to his patients. He isn’t honest with Alaskan’s about his motives and philosophy. And we now learn that he is fabulously wealthy, lives part-time in Alaska, and won’t release his medical malpractice claims and settlements to the public. Let’s see his income tax returns.

    • Point is the image is so hilariously at odds with the candidate’s self-described rustic independent frontiersman-medic image… almost makes one forget what’s likely to happen to productive Alaskans if Gross is elected.

  10. Richie Rich level, I laughed. I guess ripping off the US government on roofing contracts is earning your money while being a successful surgeon is stealing. Really Dan Sullivan does not own more than one house?

    • Does he? Maybe he does but he hasn’t tried to portray himself as someone he isn’t.

      Al Gross is trying to pretend he is conservative and not connected to any radical left individuals. He has made numerous inaccurate claims toward Dan Sullivan, all easily refuted, yet he himself hides behind an engineered persona in an attempt to lure the gullible to vote for him.

  11. Al prolly had that there bear he kilt, stuffed, and moved into that there trayler of his’n that’s in the pitcher. Maybe hauled it there in his fishin boat while catchin’ salmon on the way.

    LLM = Limousine Liberals Matter

  12. The house looks like a house that would appear in “Mister Rogers Neighborhood”. The most important question is… who looks better in a cardigan, Sullivan or Gross. The fate of future generations depends on this answer. The answer will be historic!

  13. The choice is clear. A vote for Dr. Gross Malpractice is a vote for stateside interests and more liberal nonsense from a guy that has trouble being truthful.

  14. David A. Jones, many Alaskans just can’t afford a second so-called “austure” home in another state. In fact, they can’t afford a modest home in Alaska. How can Mr. Gross possibly relate to the average Alaskan? I’m happy for you that you get to hang out with the beautiful losers at your second home in Monticeto, but what relevance does this have for our Alaskan election? Mr. Gross is deeply funded by dark money…Soros comes to mind. There is NO WAY that I will trust this man with my or my children’s future.

    • Very well said. Al Gross has no business running for office in Alaska. California is a better fit for him & his dark money.

  15. The Gross views on gun control, taxes, the military, and health care are perfectly aligned with California, so why should he not have a residence there? The big question is why and who put him up to running for office in Alaska?

  16. Gross | Definition of Gross by › dictionary › gross
    (Entry 1 of 3) 1 : flagrant or extreme especially in badness or offensiveness : of very blameworthy character a gross violation of the rules of ethics a gross abuse of trust.

      • True. As it stands now, he is just a rich, left-wing Democrat trying not to let his conscience bother him for destroying so many lives with his opiod prescriptions.

        • Gross was my orthopedic surgeon at one point and he was not a reckless dope dispenser. He encouraged physical therapy, ice, and over-the-counter solutions. Did you have a different experience with him, Ms. B? I’m assuming you wouldn’t make these accusations without first hand knowledge.

          • I did not. But one of my best friends in Juneau, a professional wildlife biologist did. He has little doubt to this day that Dr. Gross was incompetent and the several medical malpractice suits against him (settlements sealed) were the impetus for his early retirement from medical practice. The opioid stories comport with post-surgery treatment, but with no reference to tapering. And therein lies the problem for Dr. Feel-good.

  17. Fishing must have been very good to poor Al Gross – NOT! Typical uber-rich surgeon, attorney, lobbyist , etc. using the tax write offs commercial fishing affords to other income in order to subsidize their 42-foot yacht at common taxpayers expense.

  18. We should be concerned if someone can become a multi-millionaire by simply being a surgeon. Think; how has that profession become a path to great riches? What have we wrought with government/insurance interference what was once a free market? Look into the pricing structure of Lasik eye surgery (which is uninsured). Insurance should be outlawed like gambling.

  19. He is a Liberal, hands down again. Following in the footsteps of all the other Democrat elite. I really like his new statement about increased government intrusion. Really? It was the elite Democrats that tried to sucker us in on the “Save the Salmon” fiasco. Gross needs to stay in California.

  20. This is a nothingburger. Do you know any surgeons who aren’t millionaires, or darn near close? Nothing wrong with being successful, it appears that being wealthy means you can’t be a politician?

    • I agree. I guess I missed the memo that says conservatives are now opposed to wealth and/or second homes.

    • On the face of it, your comment makes sense. However, we should be asking why a career choice of surgeon is a track to $millions. There is obviously some sort of monopolistic advantage being played.

  21. To be fair, a 1960s tract house costs $1 million here in SB. It’s not really a “mansion”, it’s just expensive to live here. That issue aside, I wouldn’t advocate voting for this guy!

  22. I always give the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to see what this AL guy was about, well after seeing the response from his next door neighbor David Jones, this just nails it for any republican’s . This guy as the rich always have to make it about themselves, his quote made al gross sound like the peasant of the neighborhood. Jones’s Quote (Gross’ property is very modest and utilitarian= ( designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive) if not austere ( having an extremely plain and simple style or appearance) for this area. Dr Gross earns a salary that is typical for surgeons in the US including Alaska.). Wow what an ass to try to make this guy look like his property is inadequate. Al Gros is no different then any other Politian out for there own and this guy is on the wrong side. So its better to go with the better of the two and vote Dan Sullivan. Al Gross if you feel that strong about Alaska, especially that you were born here, a true fisherman wouldn’t fall for what your pushing, come over to the right team and fight the left so Alaska can be the strongest state in the U.S. Otherwise stay in California because you lost the right to call your self an Alaskan, you left and fell for the California way.

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