A call for courage: Dr. Li-Meng Yan in Anchorage, and the Covid truths the mainstream media would not report



In October 2021, the Alaska Covid Alliance held an Early Covid Treatment Medical Summit in Anchorage, during which early treatment options were discussed by experts. Even with little publicity, more than 1,200 Alaskans came to the conference to learn about how they could better protect themselves and their loved ones from Covid-19. 

At that time, the federal government’s recommendation for early treatment was to “do nothing.” We were told to stay home until you couldn’t breathe, then go to the emergency room.  

Unfortunately, death rates were high among those who had to show up at the emergency room. 

Our Alaska Covid Alliance experts spoke of simple things you could do. This included the use of Vitamin D3, so crucial to Alaskans who live in a very dark world for much of the year.  

These experts also spoke of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, medications that put the mainstream medical community into a tizzy. The presenters did not address inpatient care; they only spoke of what could be done prior to hospitalization and, hopefully, to keep you out of the hospital. 

The keynote speaker for the Alaska Covid Alliance Conference was Dr. Li-Meng Yan. Dr. Yan is a Chinese virologist who worked at a WHO reference lab in Hong Kong. 

She stated in Anchorage that year that Covid-19 was created by military scientists of the Chinese Communist Party as a “biological weapon.”

She went on to say the Communist Party of China seeks to divide America — to divide and conquer. She discussed a Chinese biowarfare document that stated the CCP is “looking forward to economic destruction and social unrest in the U.S.” 

Click on link for Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s presentation at the Alaska Covid Alliance Early Treatment Summit.

At that time, many in the scientific and medical communities dismissed her findings as flawed and a mere conspiracy. She was vilified for daring to express the truth that the Covid-19 virus was created in the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab.  The “fact checkers” said it was false information.  

Dr. Yan also stated in 2021 that the virus release was intentional.  

The Anchorage Daily News quoted registered nurse Jennifer Meyer, a public health researcher who studies misinformation as an assistant professor at the University of Alaska Anchorage, as she disparaged the conference participants for using “anti-vaxx tactics.” Meyer live-tweeted a series of “fact-check critiques” during the conference, and criticized Mayor Dave Bronson for speaking at it.

“I get concerned when vulnerable patients are listening to false claims and that might influence their health care decisions,” Meyer was quoted by the newspaper as saying. “I feel sort of ethically bound to voice my concerns otherwise I’m not practicing nursing and nursing is a science-based profession, and so is public health.”

The Anchorage newspaper also called the Alaska Covid Alliance “a shadowy group.” It implied the doctors who presented at the conference were not qualified and were peddling misinformation.

Other American physicians and virology researchers who dared to disagree with the groupthink were attacked as conspiracy mongers, not just by the Anchorage Daily News but by nearly all mainstream media.  

Last month, Dr. Yan re-iterated to Tucker Carlson on Fox News that the virus was not only released from a lab, but that the Chinese government had underestimated its transmissibility.

When people were trying to find the truth in 2020 through 2022, the government was working overtime to hide it. The Leftist media went wild. Those who dared to state the Covid virus came from the military lab in Wuhan China were immediately labeled as xenophobes and racists.  

There were attempts to state the virus was originated in a wet market in Wuhan. That of course is interesting, as wet markets are seafood markets where bats would not be sold. When the World Health Organization went to investigate the wet market and look for the alleged bats and pangolins, they found none.

It was crucial to keep up the façade. 

In January of 2020, Kristian Anderson, a Danish-born and British-educated scientist at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, Calif., sent an email to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the now-former head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, stating the Covid-19 looked to be man-made.  

Five days after that email, Anderson had a phone call with Fauci. After that phone call, Dr. Anderson recanted his belief“The main crackpot theories going around at the moment related to this virus being somehow engineered… and that is demonstrably false.” 

Interestingly, a short while later, Dr. Anderson was given a $1.8 million grant and $16.5 million funding from National Institutes of Health.

New York Times: Scientist Opens Up About His Early Email to Fauci on Virus Origins

Coincidentally, more than 9,300 military members from around the world attended the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan in October of 2019.  The event was a first for China and the military athletes came from 109 countries.

There were 300 military attendees from the U.S. at these games. At the end of the games, these Americans returned to over 219 home bases in 25 states, without being screened for possible Covid-19 infection. Less than a month later, the first “case” in China was reported.  

A report by the House Republicans stated the games were “one of the earliest superspreader events.”  

Read the House Foreign Affairs Committee report at this link.

Here’s the newsflash: The U.S. Department of Energy now states Covid likely resulted from a lab leak. This recent bombshell from the Energy Department was also affirmed by FBI: The virus came from a lab.

Once this information was released by the Department of Energy, other agencies tried to minimize the lab leak theory as the cause of this massive pandemic. They were quick to tell us this Energy Department statement was made with “low confidence.”

The FBI, however, gave the same Covid origin story “moderate” confidence.  

How quickly the mainstream media attempted to backpedal.  

The truths now spoken by the federal government about the origin of Covid and what to do to prevent contracting it is coming unraveled. 

We now know masks don’t work for Covid. Natural immunity is better than getting the jab. Getting the jab didn’t protect you from the virus. In fact, people who had all the jabs are more likely to get the virus. Myocarditis is more common with jab than getting Covid. School lockdowns didn’t work. There is no need to vaccinate children and mandates didn’t work.  

10 myths told by Covid ‘experts’ are debunked   

The list goes on and on. Looking back, it’s reasonable to ask if it was more important to the government to protect government officials and Big Pharma than to protect the American people.

In 2021, Dr. Yan stated in Anchorage, “The hope is in America. The truth is there. You just need the courage.” Dr. Yan is the face of that courage.

Linda Boyle is a member of the Alaska Covid Alliance.


  1. I’m still holding true to the hypothesis that traitors Miley, Schiff, nan nan and a few “ select “ others coordinated this as a reason to fake the need to illegally change voting laws. Blackmail a few select judges…………. The fake media road the hay wagon for free.
    Tell me Zi and company didn’t all have the same end game.
    “War is hell” casualties are a given. In their eyes it was an acceptable given.

  2. What is being done by whom to destroy toxic, expired Covid Vax on Alaskan soil? Are there any intact men among the legislators who would get on board with announcing that information to the voters in Alaska? Hopefully not down the drains per se.

  3. If “they” don’t know what they must do with it could you like figure it out? First, someone you can be sure paid for it. SO the ones still holding it own the problem. Depending upon what is in it and who apparently can know, what is best practice to remove it from the Alaskan environment where it of course is excreted out by living things ok. Then the expansive dosage forevermore based upon how much salmon you eat, whale etc. Perhaps Ms. Murkowski could give a little treatise on this since she so cozy with CDC, WHO, NATO and all.

  4. The various Covid viruses are very amenable to manipulation in the creation of bio weapons. Covid gain of function (manner to describe lab creation of a more dangerous virus, often associated with bio weapons) research was being conducted at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. In 2014 the Obama administration banned this in the US, but outsourced and funded with public monies this dangerous research to other countries including China and Ukraine. American based big pharma companies were researching mRNA to create “vaccines” for Covid long before there was any general public awareness of Covid, with approximately 119 patents on their research before the first known Covid-19 human infection was known. The nonsense concerning the spread of Covid from an animal to humans in a wet market was obviously a cover up at that time. The utter corruption, bad motives, economic destruction, unnecessary deaths and governmental abuse of power we experienced during the virus outbreak is overshadowed by the forced use of mRNA toxins.

  5. I don’t know if I believe Dr.Yan regarding Covid being deliberately set loose. I don’t know if I don’t.

    I have no problem believing the Chinese capable of it. Genocide on its own people is a hallmark of Communism. But so is rank stupidity and carelessness.

    Time will ultimately tell.

    Regardless, if the plan was to split America in half culturally, it worked to protection. We have never been more divided.

    Depending on the issue we don’t trust the press, our elected leaders, our public systems, and each other.

    But the three institutions which were exposed the worst were healthcare, the scientific community, and industrial education. No three other groups worked harder at the expense of the good of the American people than the trio of dunces.

    Education showed brazenly how its goal was to indoctrinate.

    Institutions like the CDC lost so much credibility they need to be burned to the ground. Possibly literally.

    But healthcare was easily the worst. A profession already overrun with giant egos and God complexes got what it always seemed to want. Control over our daily lives.

    Directly and through morons like Dunleavy they got to dictate how close we could get to each other. What businesses could and couldn’t stay open. What healthcare a patient could get, and when. Even down to denying people the chance to say goodbye to dying loved ones.

    And they stuck to it, even as more and more evidence they couldn’t squash showed them wrong.

    A profession full of people with their heads up their own butts suddenly found themselves unable to remedy this due to the size of their massively swollen egos.

    Generations of trust ruined in two years of ego stroking.

    I was privy to this discussion within my own family. One, a nurse (profoundly full of herself), was being obnoxiously critical of another who is a retired military. The nurse was defending not treating patients during Covid. They, the medical staff, were “on the front lines”, and frankly knew better.

    The soldier, vet of three wars, wasn’t buying it. Wasn’t fighting disease what they signed up for? In the military they have a word for people who fold up under pressure and won’t do their jobs. Cowards.

    Needless to say they’ve never spoken since. Split the extended family into two branches that don’t speak anymore either.

    Worse is coming nationally if we’re not very, very careful.

    So in the end it doesn’t really if the Chinese did this deliberately or stupidly. They are getting what they wanted. A broken America.

    • I don’t believe Governor Dunleavey dictated the rules. he actually left it up to the individual town and villages to self determine. I thought he did an admirable job of letting the people decide for themselves how to deal with the virus. In addition, anyone who doesn’t believe that CCP and Fauci created this has their head in the sand.

  6. Just look in the US Patent office. All those diseases – Bird Flue, Swine Flu, Ebola, etc. have patent numbers. I have a copy of the SARS 2. It’s 72 pages long. It lists the names of the persons who worked on it and pictures of the viruses and grafts. Why would they have to patent a disease unless they did something to it?

  7. The people how labeled other as conspiracy theorists and misinformation spreaders will never apologize for their words or actions , they are all communists.

  8. For sure protecting big pharma and government. FYI corporations are our government. They are the ones lining everyone’s pockets. FDA CDC WHO FBI And on and on. They don’t give a rats how many die. It’s about the money folks. Why elce would they get immunity along with no accountability for their incompetence? For me all party’s of our government are accountable for this one.

  9. Killing his own people for political gain is something Putin does with Russians, I do not believe that China would do that, unless you are Muslim. If Covid-19 came from a lab, it was an accidental release IMO

    • Frank Rast, you probably don’t remember Mao’s Cultural Revolution in which nearly 60,000,000 of his fellow Chinese were killed. Do you have Mao’s Little Red Book, perchance?

        • With the memory of a goldfish, and the contempt for history of a know-nothing Neanderthal. No, strike that — Neanderthals were certainly much more intelligent than “frank rast”.

        • BTW, the Chinese Cultural Revolution led by Chairman Mao was from 1966 to 1976 until the day he died. You may have been in college then.

        • Ok, how about the genocide camps currently being run against the wiegers(?)

          Or the deliberately unreported amounts of Chinese nailed into their homes during Covid who were left to starve?

          Or the pro democracy protesters in Hong Kong who frequently disappear never to be heard from again?

          It’s like shooting fish in a shallow barrel.

    • Spoken as a true communist. I think you mistook Putin for Stalin. How about what your types did in Cambodia, Bosnia, and of course the biggest cover up, the genocide of the Amenians at the hand of the Ottoman Empire
      Please tell us Frank is it ok how the North Koreans starve their population in the name of keeping control?

  10. Most in my circle, and likely on this board, realized and accepted most of what is revealed in this article as it was happening over the last 36-months. We are generally skeptical of trusting our government and its unholy relationship with big pharma and others. We knew this all along. We take no pleasure saying “I told you so” to all the sheep deceived into taking the phony vaccine.

  11. How many have recanted their support for masks and covid-19 vaccinations? I searched for the study showing masks do not prevent covid-19 and was directed to a page disputing that study because it was diverse. The examples it cited supporting mask wearing were not of a higher quality, either. So when we talk of moving forward past misinformation, it is difficult if people are not honest or humble enough to admit when they were wrong.

  12. Hmmm seems like the administration and their underlings have been trying to soft peddle tensions with China I.E weapons sales to Russia now maybe its time for the Neocons to start getting the right on board

  13. The harsh kitchen ceiling light of truth has been shone on cockroaches like Merijeanne Moore, Pat Dougherty, Tom Hennessy, Steven Floerchinger, Benjamin Westley and more. You remember them? They joined 100 physicians who sought to to have the licenses revoked of two doctors who spoke at the Alaska Early Medical Treatment Summit. When will these people who undoubtedly added to the death toll be held accountable by crushing anyone who dared provide options for patients? First, do no harm. Remember those oaths, doctors?

  14. Sure Dr Li said all the right information.But If you listen to her on talk shows she is obviously being fed information.China has police stations throughout this country and Interpol.Do you think that they can’t find her?Like I said she gave creditable information but something doesn’t sit right.She is an ophthalmologist and I have yet heard her speak of the retina vax disease connection.She wasn’t the one that exposed the Wuhan lab.It was known way before she came into the picture.Listen carefully to this Dr where little information given on who she is.

  15. Truth, misinformation, and deceit are constant questions throughout humanity. Deceit and misinformation were used to promote an unfortunate agenda regarding COVID. Why?
    I was in Shanghai on Nov. 2, 2019 and found a very busy airport but 3 weeks later our flight was the only group of people in a closed for business aviation hub. Dr. Li-Meng Yan informed that China closed Shanghai on November 4, 2019. Currently I am in Incheon airport in Korea, which is a busy airport of people wearing masks and some not. In November 2020 I got COVID to recover a week later, which my protocol was lots of Vit. D, C, zinc, and rest. Upon arriving in Juneau as legislator we were told that we had to get swabbed weekly before entering the Capitol, and those who had COVID would only have immunity for 90 days. Some 108 days after getting over COVID I was quarantined for supposedly being exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID. I did my protocol isolation from my apartment, which I attended committee meeting by phone. After the protocol period I was swabbed as protocol and in all situations never had COVID. I was honored to be the scientific legislative “guinea pig” but unfortunately the outcomes were not politically correct thus it did not make the news.
    As then and is now, I strongly encourage the State of Alaska medical community and Departments to approach the care for Alaskans in an objective and pro-active manner. Whether it is Ivermectin, Insulin, pain relief or other medications, we need to reach out beyond hypocrisy and publicly detached policy making to assure at the least that Alaskans have the opportunity to obtain desired treatment options.
    I return from Asia being more informed of efficacious medical interventions which “third world countries” are taking the lead. My hope for the future of Alaska is not be succumb to misinformation or deceitful medical practices, rather cutting edge informed and pro-active to give our 700,000 plus residence internationally best practice care.

    • Why does Dr. Zink still have a job in the Dunleavy administration? She was a loyal follower of Fauci, the World Health Organization, the NIH, FDA & CDC all of whom have now been thoroughly discredited as regards Covid protocols. If she had any moral compass she would have resigned by now and saved Dunleavey the embarrassment of having to fire her. Incompetence should have consequences even in a State job.

  16. This is worth repeating:

    “She went on to say the Communist Party of China seeks to divide America — to divide and conquer. She discussed a Chinese biowarfare document that stated the CCP is “looking forward to economic destruction and social unrest in the U.S.”

    Biden lets 8,000 illegals into our country every single day. None of them are vetted. As these illegals arrive, with no respect for our laws or culture, they phone home and tell their fellow gang members, relatives, neighbors how easy it was to break into the USA. So more come. Fentanyl pills that used to cost $20 each now cost $1. These pills are coming across our border in such numbers that Americans are dying by the thousands.

    Here’s a snippet of the destruction these illegals cause all across our nation:

    “Two men in Nebraska have been cited after hunting and killing a bald eagle, according to the Stanton County Sheriff’s Office. The men, who are citizens of Honduras, have been charged with unlawful possession of a bald eagle, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.”

    We need to sue China. Congress needs to pass legislation to allow that to happen. We can’t collect trillions in damages from China until then.

  17. Who are the real Conspiracy theorists nowadays?
    Masks are effective protection against Covid – NOT!
    The vaccine will prevent infection from Covid – NOT!
    The vaccine will stop transmission of Covid – NOT!
    The vaccine prevents hospitalization – NOT!
    The vaccine is safe – NOT!
    Lockdowns were effective-NOT!
    The Covid virus was not engineered – NOT!
    Fauci did not fund gain of function research in China- NOT!
    Sloppy Joe Biden doesn’t have dementia – NOT!

  18. The Chinese government started an undeclared war with us soon after it was announced the efforts to return manufacturing back to the US. Besides the biological attack, they have an entire structure of western educated workers feeding discourse into our social media and contributing large amounts of money to radical organizations and political campaigns in order to divide our nation. This doctor should have been taken seriously with her warnings, but certain groups only saw opportunities for gain. Even now there’s a lot of effort taking place to suppress the facts. Many are trying to save face. Fortunately, we don’t mostly use the same methods of shutting people up as our adversaries, just suppression of the news. And only until they see the financial gain for letting the cat out of the bag.Soon I hope. The dormant mole on the President is not going to make much revenue.

  19. When I consider the number of trips the highly effective president we have now traveled to China to meet with Xi during his vice presidency under THE almighty Obama it makes me wonder why so much of his precious time as VP was spent there as well as Ukraine. He even loved to brag about spending more time in China than the US. And then covid pops up and he suddenly becomes president out of a field of 20 candidates???? Now we are pouring Billions of taxpayers money into highly corrupt Ukraine? Its not rocket science. We have been sold out by Biden Inc. Obama has the same stink on him as dementia Joe who thinks we are asleep at the wheel as he is. Thank god Billy Walkers trip was not as effective as Joeys. We would have a Communist owned gas pipeline in Alaska delivering gas to China. That would be the only project approved for our state-one that only benefits China!

  20. “We now know masks don’t work for Covid.” It depends on the mask and the circumstances. As some have said from the beginning, a cloth face covering isn’t a mask and never was.

    “Natural immunity is better than getting the jab.” It depends on the individual immune response to the vaccine and which vaccine was given, it’s also dependent upon the individual immune response to the unnatural man-made Chinese disease. While some people are fine letting a Chinese disease run rampant through their bodies with unknown longterm side effects, some would prefer the unknown longterm side effects of a western made vaccine.

    “Getting the jab didn’t protect you from the virus.” This is simply and demonstrably untrue.

    “In fact, people who had all the jabs are more likely to get the virus.” I’d like to see any information to support this claim.

    “Myocarditis is more common with jab than getting Covid.” I’d like to see any information to support this claim.

    “School lockdowns didn’t work. There is no need to vaccinate children and mandates didn’t work.” Finally some actually verifiable information.

    Some people are comfortable allowing the CCP into their lives and bodies, others aren’t. At this point in time we should be honest and stop spreading demonstrably false information. Some of us knew not to trust our government when they lied to us, others defaulte to not believing our government even when they told the truth. One thing is for sure having our government lie to us for years about any and everything isn’t good for the long-term health of our society.

    • You are still in denial dude.
      Do more research and you will find more answers. Refresh your files cuz you need to stay up to date.
      Science is changing and you need to keep up with it more often than it appears you have by looking at your responses here.
      Yesterdays talking points do not hold water to todays truths.

      • Please do share, I’ve been staying up to date and would be interested in reading any new information that you might have.

    • Fact is, no studies can support some of these claims because none have been conducted. When you buy a unique car then you start to notice how many their are; so are what many of us perceive as a high rate of strokes and heart problems the same? We need a study to determine this, and it doesn’t seem to be forthcoming. We currently have more information on the mating habits of snails.

      • There is a 2022 study that clearly indicates the vaccine is worse than the disease.
        “COVID-19 vaccines – An Australian Review was published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature on Sept 21, 2022.”
        Authors: Conny Turni and Astrid Lefringhausen.
        Few highlights from the paper:
        “A worldwide Bayesian causal Impact analysis suggests that COVID-19 gene therapy (mRNA vaccine) causes more COVID-19 cases per million and more non-Covid deaths per million than are associated with COVID-19 [43].”

        “An abundance of studies has shown that the mRNA vaccines are neither safe nor effective, but outright dangerous.”

      • Trig,
        Some studies have been conducted, but that doesn’t mean much when people claim things like “We now know masks don’t work for Covid.” We have always known that actual masks do work for covid, it just depends upon the mask. A properly fitted and worn N95 is going to protect most people in most cases, but most people in most cases will never wear a properly fitted N95. Likely what the author meant was face coverings that are not masks don’t work for covid…but there’s still money to be made from covid and some people will squeeze this turnip until it bleeds.

        As I noted on a couple of the quotes above I’d like to see any information supporting some of these claims, I don’t expect to have anyone here provide it because it’s easier to simply repeat what one hears than to look into it and understand what one is saying. I don’t know how many cases of Myocarditis were normal in the population before covid, I don’t know how many cases are caused by covid or any of the numerous vaccines, but simply saying “Myocarditis is more common with jab than getting Covid.” without anything whatsoever to back it up isn’t going to get anyone but the most gullible to believe what you’re selling. Maybe it is more common with certain vaccines, maybe it is more common with all vaccines, maybe it is more common with covid…I haven’t seen any studies and getting anyone to share them seems like it’s harder than pulling teeth.

        What is clear is that to question those without answers on either side labels you a heretic to both sides.

    • Pointing out the exception does not disprove the rule there Steve.
      And, look for a recent (September 2022) paper titled: “COVID-19 vaccines – An Australian Review was published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature on Sept 21, 2022.”
      Authors: Conny Turni and Astrid Lefringhausen.
      It pretty much destroys your claims about the vaccine’s safety or effectiveness.

        • I gave you the title, and the authors. I know reading comprehension is not your strong point, but seriously? This is sad even for you.
          Here, let me hand hold you, because you are, apparently incapable of actually doing your own reading.
          Journal of Clinical & Experimental Immunology
          Published Sept 21, 2022
          Waiting for you to declare it is bullchit, so I know you have nothing, and I made a point.

        • Bill – the only “study” that claims the vaccine is safe and effective was conducted by Pfizer. You know, the company that recently had the dubious distinction of paying the biggest fine in history for cooking the data on clinical drug trials!

        • No, Bill, I have not been known to bullchit.
          Just because your “points” were rebutted by me does not mean I am bullchitting. On the other hand, every time your comments are disputed, your automatic response is to declare them bullchit, and you refuse to back up your assertion with anything that resembles facts. Or, anything at all.

      • CB,
        Thanks for the suggestion, I will take a look at it when I get a chance. A link would have been helpful since the only way I could find it was to search the authors names and covid study…that’s not a great start. When I copied your quoted wording I couldn’t even find the paper, but when I searched “conny turni and astrid lefringhausen covid study” it came up right away.

        Just from reading the abstract that states in part “with the main focus on the COVID-19 mRNA
        vaccines” it’s clear this paper is limited in its scope. As I’ve pointed out previously there is more than one vaccine, there’s even more than one mrna vaccine.

        • Steve-O:
          No study is unlimited in scope. There is not enough time in the universe to account for every variable in a study, and it is unreasonable to dismiss any conclusions from this one because it did not include the J&J vaccine.
          And, Suzanne does not generally allow links. Sorry you had to do some google-fu, but you found it easily enough.

  21. So, basically, what I seem to be hearing is that the parties responsible for duping our country have achieved high positions and are not interested in any studies that would discredit them. And those who went along for the ride don’t wish to be made fools. So I guess the rest of the population are just crazy and incapable of holding any professional position, or opinion. The real fact is that the Constitution was completely ignored in the process by use of emergency orders and mandates directed at only certain sectors, while allowing other sectors to profit. Don’t need a stinking study to substantiate that. Much damage was done to our country, and will take many years to repair. And the damage was not across the board. The money that was supposedly to help mitigate the damage was largely misspent and little is being done to investigate this, other than a few token cases that didn’t kick back to a designated 501(c)4.


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