7-day report: Dunbar puts out call for funds as Bronson books more war chest


Anchorage mayoral candidate Dave Bronson has out-raised opponent Forrest Dunbar by $77,000 in the 7-day report required by the Alaska Public Offices Commission.

Seven-day reports cover all the money coming in and going out between the 30-day report and the 7-day report, 23 days total, for the May 11 runoff election.

Over 47,000 ballots have already been cast in the Anchorage mayoral runoff, which is over 50 percent of the expected vote. That means all campaign fundraising and expenditures after the 7-day report will be used to reach a diminishing number of potential voters.

Dunbar shows $222,378 raised in his 7-day report. His total raised in his quest for mayor is $591,070, and he has $94,000 in bank, and $91,000 in debt. He has dozens of contributors from outside the state.

Bronson shows $299,708 raised in his 7-day report. He has $65,000 in debt and $66,000 in the bank. Bronson has raised close to $559,029 since beginning his campaign, about $32,000 less than Dunbar overall.

In his latest email quest for funds, Dunbar tells donors that he is $75,000 below what Bronson has raised, and they need to open up their wallets to help him pay for social media, radio, television and literature.

Dunbar has reported spending a total of $501,301, while Bronson has spent $480,456.

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  1. Dunbar gets his funds from Lower 48 men with husbands and women with wives. That and Big Unions who want to take the Permanent Fund away from the rest of us.

  2. Dunbar is spending money he doesn’t have! Just like he has been doing in the Assembly!
    No concept of fiscal responsibility!

  3. Plus Dunbar has to hire “volunteers” for pay whereas Bronson has a dedicated, ever-growing, group of true volunteers that want to work towards a better Anchorage (Muni).

  4. I can envision Dunbar playing the Joker, in The Dark Knight. When asked how much he wants for killing the Batman, he says “Half.”
    That’s probably half of every dollar that will flutter past his nose if he wins this election.
    And he better deliver all of it to his Dark Money sponsors, or take the risk of getting knee-capped, or worse.

  5. Money is important in elections, but the most important factor of all is in incumbency,

  6. Well, another good article Suzanne. One that should remind us that this race to defeat Dunbar is far from over. Despite the fact that I am not an Anchorage resident , I will, after pushing send for this message go onto Bronson’s website and make another modest donation. I hope Patriots Statewide will do the same. This is do or die time folks, do it for Alaska, or as Billy Clinton would say, ” do it for the children”.

  7. If Democrats and Republicans don’t get the average joe more self sufficient. then they will eventually have to rely on the Few big donors to fund ALL their candidates campaigns as the older retired and retiring generation are aging and dying, since the rest of us will be debt laden and too poor to do contribute anything really useful. the only thing one can donate is 5.00 per person. Worse for Us! The parties will collapse and we’d be ruled over by One ruling governance type—ewwww!
    Dunbar monetary contribution hint to me Democrats can’t count on their base for financial support, that either is pointing to Democrat families and individuals are either debt laden or poor money spenders. That doesn’t say much good about Alaska’s leaders (Democrat and Republican leaning), they aren’t giving us enough jobs and they are making this place too expensive to live, so we are unable to contribute at least 500 dollars to candidates during campaign season without it breaking our own budget.

  8. He already ponied up. The road to the Senate leads through mayor of silly little Anchorage.

  9. As a regular visitor from Outside who has avoided Anchorage for the last 10 years because of the criminal vagrancy and crime problems, we am looking forward to supporting your city again in our travels. It was such a wonderful downtown not that long ago. Bring it Mr. Bronson!

  10. He could save himself some money by not sending his stupid flyers to our house, I’m sick of getting them and they are so filled with lies about where he stands and who’s backing him. I think I might have received 1 from Bronson, who has already got our vote.

  11. Dave Bronson is a cheater who got caught cooking the books. The only way Conservatives ever win is by lying and cheating. Looking at Dave Bronson or hearing him talk makes me feel dirty. In fact, being on this page makes me feel like I need a shower!!!

  12. Once again a liberal/democrat fool accuses others of what he is guilty of. Right out of the democrat playbook!

  13. I think our state national guard needs investigating, if this is a officer and gentleman, I’m the damn pope! This NG captain — on the constitution after taking an oath to uphold it. Nobody else see the problem here, his word is crap!

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