Final week push shows momentum in Bronson campaign, malaise for Dunbar


In the final week before the May 11 runoff election, the Forrest Dunbar campaign is ramping up with ads and flyers that paint a picture of an opponent who calls names, rather than offers solutions. Dunbar leads with his 10-point plan to repair Anchorage and his push to keep people masked and vaccinated for their own good.

Bronson also has a 10-point plan: Nine new Assembly members and a mayor. And he did say in a recent debate that Dunbar doesn’t have the sense God gave an anvil, but that descriptive phrase falls short of actual name-calling.

The Bronson campaign is driving the message home that everyone already knows what Dunbar has done while on the Assembly. He’s broken the city, everyone knows it and that, “We’re done with you, Dunbar.”

The ad is playing on cable and on radio stations in Anchorage, with Bernadette Wilson saying, “Forrest Dunbar, you think Anchorage residents are stupid?”

Hard hitting messages are nothing unusual for the final week, but what’s really driving the voters is not the noise over the airwaves, but what is taking place behind the scenes with direct targeting, text messages, and get-out-the-vote efforts. Each side is looking to see who their voters are, which of them has not yet voted, how the candidate talks to those potential voters, and how to motivate them to turn in a ballot.

“It’s a test of the breadth, and depth of the campaign and it’s purely about momentum,” said Art Hackney, campaign consultant to the Bronson campaign. “So many campaigns play all their cards too soon. In the final few days, you are making everything come together.”

The challenge for the Dunbar campaign is his well-known radical leftist history and his record of pushing Critical Race Theory tenets, such as when he said the U.S. Constitution is shot through with race. His ads have attempted to paint him as a conservative in a town that still leans conservative. But there is no visible momentum building on the Dunbar campaign in the final week.

Neither campaign has sprung an “October Surprise,” or in this case a “May Surprise,” some damaging bombshell about an opponent that leaves the targeted person little time to defend against it. Time is running out for bombshells; if lobbed too close to the end of a mail-in election, they could backfire.

Both candidates are now required to register their incoming funds with the Alaska Public Offices Commission every 24 hours. So far, it appears Bronson has the campaign fund-raising advantage, but only one day’s reporting has been logged.


  1. Be very wary:

    The Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary by Boris Bazhanov, published in 2002. Translated from the Russian, the version which, according to Bazhanov, was uttered in 1923 by Stalin in reference to a vote in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, was this:

    “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.”

  2. Bernadette Wilson is one awesome Alaskan with the courage to speak up in support of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”! She’ll have my vote and support if she decides to actualize her potential and run for public office!

  3. You are very bias, Suzanne. You are a reporter and should be neutral in your postings. Just the facts and let the people decide for themselves.

  4. Take your garbage to the Valley Burnadette! You and your beliefs are not welcome in Anchorage. Next time you have a rally over at the At&T center, I will make sure to come by again; this time, I will hold Forrest Dunbar signs and make all of you as uncomfortable as I possibly can. Do you people think you are activists in our city? Haa, you have seen nothing yet; I am the Fascist rights worst nightmare!!!

  5. The left owns fascism and totalitarianism. Never forget- not only did they Murder 100 million (largely, of their own people) last century, but anytime they get all the levers of a nations government..they build walls..

    …to keep people in.

  6. I think that Forrest Gump had really hoped to play up his service in the National Guard. That collapsed when his opponent turned out to be Dave Bronson with a lengthy and substantive military career. So, with that card gone, he has tried the “10 point plan to re-open” and the “bringing Anchorage together” approaches. Neither one of those rings of much truth. Now he has to worry about the albatross of his “systemically racist country” comments. None of this appeals to voters. In the end, Forrest Gump is a weak candidate with a poor message.

  7. This woman sounds like nails on a chalkboard when she speaks. Anchorage does not want to be like the filthy Valley. If you want Covid Super spreader events like Church and Sports events, then go to the valley. WE WILL NOT VOTE FOR DAVE BRONSON; we are sick of corrupt Republican garbage in our city!!

  8. Nice try, Chris. We have already been staring the nightmare of the left in the face for the last 9 years. You and your sign aren’t really that scary. Interesting, however, that once again you allude that your screeching and feigned threats will get you what you want. Typical leftist move. Isn’t going to work.

  9. Lol. Dunbar is over his head and out of his league. Look up The Peter Principle in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of Dunbar.
    His uber-left wing fascism will not fly in this city.

  10. Sandra take it back over to the ADN sugar, there a almost no places for people who are conservative to get stories reported with anything but left sided smears. This is a place to get reportage that points out what we all see…..liberal bias, lies, malfeasance and contempt. I see your one of the people who doesn’t like having the lefty shortcomings pointed out, maybe you will be more comfortable getting editorials at Alaska’s news source, the press, nbc, cbs, msnbc, cnn, the Atlantic, vox, huff post, WaPo, NY times or any other mainstream news source, kek.

  11. Chris F…… way to bully. We are all very intimidated…..mmm. This type of internet tough guy talk is why Anchorage is not your town, “you and your beliefs are not welcome”.

  12. Anchorage is done with you types. Here is clue move to Seattle, Portland or Frisco real Alaskans don’t have time for your shizza.

  13. Chris F. Take your leftist bs to CA where it will be embraced. You are far from a nightmare, keyboard kowboy is more like it.

  14. Chris F / May 4, 2021, Don’t waste life being somebody’s nightmare. You got a purpose but it’s not that.
    Bronson folks won’t be discomfited if you bring all the Forrest signs you can.
    They’re more likely to invite you to the party, and the really cool part is you’ll get to experience what it’s like to be among friends for something instead of acquaintances against everything.

  15. Chris, you might be wary of your threats. Did you notice the support behind Bronson? Like the rally held at one of Anchorages larger contractors. I highly doubt you will be so bold in your emotionally charged comments. Did you actually get a estrogen shot instead of your Covid ummmmm vaccine? Dunbar is done and you know it. Why is his campaign calling in all of the out of state help?

  16. Don’t worry, the left is printing and harvesting ballots as we read this. The more behind Dunbar appears to be, the more ballots out of state money will produce.

    The best thing that could have happened was for it to appear that Dunbar was leading but now that the lefts voting machine knows they are behind, they will change the outcome.

    Chris, So the people who use fascist tactics are anti-fascist? You should look up the definition of fascist and you will find you fit it to a “T”. Just so you know, lefties do not have the capability to make conservatives “uncomfortable”.

  17. Dunbar supports CRT, which will teach your child and every other child in Anchorage to be a racist and notice the color of other people’s skin first and foremost. It will teach your child that white people are genetically racist.

  18. Whoever enters the mayor office the city still needs new district city councils, school board members, assembly members, and generally overall new managers all across the employment industries.
    Hopefully Bronson enters the mayor’ office for Dunbar’s sake, Dunbar needs more humility and to reevaluate what he has been taught.

  19. Sandra Murray – what exactly in what is presented here not true?

    And Chris F – do you know whom the real fascists are? Who is actually behaving racist? Who is instituting stringent government controls? Who is using violent suppression of opposition? Perhaps you need to expand tour horizons and read from broader news sources regarding all the violence against opposition – it isn’t coming from conservatives like Bernadette. Sorry, I believe you are are on the wrong side. You are not recognizing who the real fascists are not the danger of Marxism.

  20. Had a visit from a Bronson worker today. They wanted to make sure that I corrected the rejection of my ballot for a”bad signature” I have already sent in my verification form.

  21. Chris F, I don’t think you’re in Anchorage. If you were, you’d know that Anchorage is filthy. From addicts shooting up in front of the Boney Courthouse to homeless people having s*x in the parking lot in the midtown Walmart to homeless shoving each other into traffic in Spenard, Anchorage is disgusting. You don’t have to go far to find used needles, empty discarded booze containers and literal, actual piles of human feces. Anchorage hasn’t always been this way, it used to be much cleaner and far safer. Berkowitz and his minions on the Assembly, your people, have turned Anchorage into Seattle light. You don’t speak for Anchorage. For a guy who evidently thinks he’s tough and thinks showing up to a Bronson event with a Dunbar sign is “activism” you reveal how weak you really are by exposing your fear of church and sporting events, two situations I’m sure you feel out of place in even in pre-COVID times. They aren’t super spreader events. Our numbers are declining. If you want to be afraid of COVID and hide in your house, go right ahead. No one is stopping you. In fact, I’m inviting you to hide. Save the rest of us from having to deal with your hysterical foot stomping.

  22. Chris F/Chris,

    You’re on the wrong side to dish out your mental and emotional frustrations. If you have any beef, turn your loud speaker toward the extreme liberals, fascists, radical leftists, etc. Go over to ADN and show your support for Dumbar, the extremists, who should be terminated from the military service for failing to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution after he took the oath. Putting up with the CORRUPT and DECEPTIVE liberal democrats has been going on far too long! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! It is time for the new leadership to take command and head toward a new direction. We need a SOLID and COURAGEOUS leader like Dave Bronson who will stand up for the people and do the right thing every time and all the time.

  23. Chris is a troll. Bernadette is a small business owner who has more integrity and honesty in what she has to say when speaking about a person whose life reflects a total mental breakdown of confusion and destitution, and whose actions have bankrupted the city along with the assembly members who have given way to a politicized lie in violation to our civil liberties. No thank you, Chris, you need a reality check in a mental institution if you follow the likes of Dunbar.

  24. Putty is a better description , seeing the indoctrinated actually thinking they are informed. Maturity comes a little later in some peoples lives. I hope
    we get to experience that point in your life.

  25. This is the kind of campaigning our local assembly person engages in. He/she/it/they (Forrest) employs out-of-state robo-callers to send text messages to random phones. Al Gross’ campaign did the same thing. So far, I’ve received two from this Montana area code and one from another state. Apparently, I’m Patricia. I suppose that’s in the event that if they get caught they can feign ignorance in saying they dialed the wrong number: “Hi Patricia, I’m Adam, a volunteer with Forrest Dunbar for Anchorage Mayor. Ballots are due in just one week! Do you need any info on how to return your ballot before May 11 to make sure your voice is heard in this pivotal election?” I’m assuming they’ll handle everything from picking up and delivery your ballot, to actually filling it out for you and, if you’re voting for Bronson, they’d include throwing it out for you at no extra charge.

  26. Anchorage if you don’t vote, don’t complain. There is only one person who wants freedom for the residents and businesses. The other is a lock down socialist. Your choice!

  27. @Chris F.
    Please do come and bring your Dunbar sign. Unlike those tolerant liberals, the average conservative supports your right to disagree.
    Here is the difference between the two sides of the political aisle:
    Conservative: “I just want to be left alone and live in peace.”
    Liberal: “No.”

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