Sign of the times


Evidently someone has too much time on his hands. A Bronson for Mayor sign on Minnesota near Tudor Road was cleverly vandalized, giving drivers a reason to take a double take. With exact color match, the Bronson campaign slogan “A New Direction,” was altered to say, “A Nude Erection.”

The prank is even more humorous since Bronson is running to replace former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, who resigned in October after a nude selfie of him surfaced on the internet, compliments of former news anchor Maria Athens. Forrest Dunbar back in October came to the defense of Berkowitz and said that Athens was “unwell.”

Dunbar, who is also running for mayor, fumed on social media that although he doesn’t condone the vandalism, dozens of his signs have been vandalized this election season, costing his campaign thousands of dollars.


  1. LOL! At least Liberals are creative and have a good sense of humor. I can tell you that I personally have had more anti-Donald Trump, pro-Biden signs destroyed than I can count. The right-wingers in South Anchorage use blue spray paint and spray over any sign they don’t like. I always had wished I came across whoever kept spraying my signs; that would have been entertaining!!

    • Lol.………………conservatives don’t resort to destroying opponents campaign signs, that’s what you fruit loops do best and trust me when I say, you don’t scare anyone.

      That said, what an awesome way to bring attention to Bronson’s campaign so whomever did it, thanks!!

  2. “has too much time on his hands.”
    Suzanne! How dare you assign a gender to the prankster!…LOL

  3. Just the same for whoever the persons are vandalizing Dunbar signs. Your energy is being wasted sneaking all over town vandalizing peoples campaign signs when both candidates can use their vandals time better running around town door knocking for them—-Then Dunbar doesn’t have to pay people to door knock for him, if had his vandal door knocking.

  4. What do you expect from liberals supporting Dumbar if not vulgar vandalism. It is also typically Dumbar to not be content to say he condemns the actions of his supporters, but to whine that he to has been vandalized without a showing of proof. Childish response from someone who aspires to be Mayor. Satire Mr Dunbar

  5. Pro tip: say your slogan out loud once before selecting it. Too careless to come up with a slogan that doesn’t invite ridicule=too careless to be mayor.

    You guys see the difference between spray painting over the word “Mayor” and this double entendre, right? Yes, both are vandalism. No, they aren’t equal. Even Suzanne called it clever.

  6. An exact paint match? How curious. My guess is that the E in erection came from the template that made the E in NEW.

  7. I hope Bronson so thoroughly destroys the leftist totalitarians that they need decades to rebuild their hate filled corruption machine.

    That said, the sign was hilarious.

  8. Looks like somebody from Bernie’s wants to get something straight between he and Mr. Bronson.

    My guess is that that might be an easier task w/ Mr. Dunbar.

  9. In the latest Dunbar ad, I heard that Bronson’s plan to lower taxes (on those who will actually put people to WORK) will force homeowners and seniors to foot the bill. Well, not if we actually curb spending. I see this ploy as text book strategy by wealthy progressives to drive out the blue collar worker and make their cities a liberal Mecca which they can totally take over. I wonder if others can see this? I see places like San Fran turn into dumps with high cost, gated communities scattered throughout. Ben Carson called these cities out for what they were trying to do. They control the government. They then put building code changes in place which stifles the construction of multi-family units. Who suffers?….. not the wealthy. Its the lower income minorities. And the same demographic votes for these people. Oh the irony.

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