52,650 votes in, but Eagle River lags as Bronson campaign rallies the base


Dave Bronson can’t take Anchorage in a new direction without Eagle River voters.

So far, Districts 13 and 14 are lagging in voter turnout. Only 17 percent of Republicans have voted in District 13, and 25 percent in District 14. Those voters are part of the family-oriented, country-loving conservative base that Bronson needs to become mayor of Anchorage.

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On Thursday evening, a big rally in Eagle River is intended to change that calculus and build up the excitement for a new direction for Anchorage. Sen. Dan Sullivan, Congressman Don Young, Gov. Mike Dunleavy are headlining the rally, along with Assemblywoman Jamie Allard. The rally starts at 5 pm at the Eagle River Lions Club, and a big crowd is expected.

For overall turnout for Anchorage’s race, 52,650 ballots have been turned in by Wednesday evening for the election that ends May 11. Political analysts believe there could be as many as 100,000 ballots.


  1. Unless conservatives harvest ballots as aggressively and effectively as the Left, this race will be lost. And Anchorage will die…

    • Timothy – 100,000 ballots voted, based on how many were sent, how many voted on April 6, and how many have come in already. It’s a prediction. -sd

  2. Mail-in voting is BS. If you live in Eagle River Chugiak do not put it in the mail and do not put it in the drop box in Eagle River Library it needs to be taken downtown at the last minute on the 10th or 11th. The fix is in at the muni Department of Elections. If the activist who are working there have their way every ballot from known conservative areas will be scrutinized and or thrown in the garbage. The headline “Eagle River lags behind” is absolute proof they are dumping those ballots in the inlet or burning them in somebody’s bonfire every eve as they laugh and call us all every name in the book. How is it anyone can know what community or area of the city lags behind? This is all a complete construct and fake garbage. Mail-in voting people you get what you tolerated happening. Good luck we are moving.

  3. Craig . . . this stolen vote narrative could lose Bronson this election. Did you know Bronson campaign has organized volunteer vote counting observers ? Good move. But I also seriously doubt the other side is as downright evil as you accuse. The right does need to aggressively play at the get out the vote/vote harvesting game the left has traditionally excelled at.

    Good luck on your move . . . but to all of us staying please vote ! with any of the options given (Mail, drop box, any of the in person locations).

  4. Drove by the rally tonight. Super proud of all the people out there supporting Bronson. As long as everyone does their part and votes, it looks pretty good for us. Please, just remember to vote. It really does count! 🙂 #BronsonForMayor

  5. What’s wrong with the people of Eagle River? Are they lazy or like Anchorage, socialists? Get off your —- and get involved!

  6. I hope other Eagle River voters are just doing what we’re doing…….waiting to turn our ballots in on election day. I have 5 ballots from family members (all Bronson votes) but we will NOT turn them in any sooner than necessary. The longer election officials have them, the more potential for shenanigans. It’s sad that it’s come to this but, unfortunately, that is the new reality until there’s some common sense election reform. So, come on Eagle River…….let’s show them the groundswell of support from Eagle River on election day for Dave Bronson and his vision for the future of our city! You have to VOTE if you want change. I do, and I hope enough other people feel the same way. Enough of the insanity…….let’s take our city back!

  7. Yes I would not live there either.
    Many years ago, Anchorage was an Awesome place to be

  8. The only way to change mail in ballots is for people to get out and vote. Vote early, vote often, the other side does.

    The longer conservatives wait to vote, the more resources that the Bronson team has to expend on the Get-out-the-vote campaign.

    Waiting to vote hurts your candidate.

    I don’t understand why so many self-described conservatives would rather stay on their high horse and lose election after election instead of just following the current rules, so that we have a chance at fixing the rules and the city.

    Yes, mail-in ballots are designed to suppress conservative votes, but it only achieves this suppression when conservatives refuse to participate.

  9. Dropped off our ballots on Wednesday, 2 more votes for Dave Bronson, Eagle River will come through for Bronson, let’s hope Anchorage does too.

    There should be a way for voters to track their votes to make sure they haven’t been switched as I trust this election system about as far as I can throw it.

  10. Craig. Concur with Bob E. This is no time to be running conspiracy theories that may cause conservatives to give up the fight. Everyone MUST vote. I do like the recommendation to not use the Eagle River drop box and bring ballots down to City Hall on the 10th or 11th. That will give Dave a big spike in the end when the City Hall votes are counted. Craig E. Campbell

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