500 show for Bronson rally in Eagle River


Crowds could even not get inside the Bronson for Mayor rally in Eagle River at the Lions Club on Thursday night, where Sen. Dan Sullivan, Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Assemblywoman Jamie Allard and even candidate for U.S. Senate Kelly Tshibaka drew in people from all over Anchorage to bring home the vote for their candidate.

A convoy of cars and trucks decorated with Bronson for Mayor signs left the Cabela’s parking lot in South Anchorage at about 4 pm for the 5 pm rally.

Conservatives for Anchorage, an independent group started by business leaders, had over 20 industrial McKenna Brothers dump trucks leading the convoy, each one without a speck of dust on it. Dozens of cars and trucks followed.

McKenna Brothers trucks head to Cabela’s to line up for the convoy.

The message from Assemblywoman Allard was a request that everyone in the room sign a pledge to commit to making sure that five friends or family members vote. Over 300 people signed the pledge on a slip of paper. Each of the speakers reinforced the message.

Justin Matheson, campaign consultant to the Bronson for Mayor campaign, said “you could just feel the momentum. For me it’s reassuring to see so many people being involved, and a lot of people being involved for the first time. They want their city back.”

The mayoral runoff ends at 8 pm on May 11.

Secure drop boxes for ballots are located at:

For those needing to vote in person for any reason, you can vote at If you need assistance voting, or if you need to replace a lost or damaged ballot, or if you didn’t receive a ballot, please protect our community in the public health crisis and call 243-VOTE (8683).

If the April 6 election is any indication, lines could be long at the three in-person voting centers next Tuesday.


City Hall
632 West 6th Avenue, Room #155

Weekdays, May 5 – 10, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday, May 8, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sunday, May 9, noon – 5 p.m.Election Day, May 11, 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Eagle River Town Center 
12001 Business Boulevard, Community Room #170
(same building as the library)

Weekdays, May 5 – 10, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday, May 8, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sunday, May 9, noon – 5 p.m.
Election Day, May 11, 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. 
Only Chugiak-Eagle River ballots will be available at this location. 

Loussac Library3600 Denali Street, First Floor, Assembly Chambers
Weekdays, May 5 – 10, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday, May 8, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Sunday, May 9, noon – 5 p.m.
Election Day, May 11, 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.


  1. Gerry, I see the Branch Covidians are still spreading their “gospel” and science and statistic be damned Great event yesterday!

  2. No men in skirts, boyz in high heels, angry women, BLM, CRTs, antifas at this rally. Good old Alaskans with pioneer spirit ready to take back their city and state.

  3. Gerry Mandering- Shame on YOU! That isn’t a nice way to speak of Michelle Obama at all!
    Chewbacca indeed!

  4. I’m sure that the AEA is in overtime having all their San Francisco imports manufacturing Dunbar votes.

  5. Zero Masks, Zero diversity, Zero respect for other people’s health. This is 100% a right-wing rally, no mistaking it!!!

    A vote for Forrest Dunbar is a vote for civility and a Mayor who will fight for ALL of the Anchorage residents.

  6. Gerry, I will pray that your heart be softened towards those that believe. You can make fun of us all you want but people like Kelly and myself only answer to one being. Much higher than any of us. We hope some day you will have that peace of mind whether you speak in tongues or not.

  7. Chris F. I assume that you state sarcasm.
    Yesterday in the Valley my family entered two restaurants (both staffed by young people), finding both closed to indoor dining. I loudly stated that I would not tolerate their hysteria and we walked out. We finally dined at the Valley Hotel with many other old people (many using walkers and none with masks). I told them exactly why I drove that far and why they earned my business. I tipped generously. All except sick and very elderly run greater risk of dying from suicide over Covid depression than of Covid itself. I’m tired of the social conditioning.
    If you’re not sarcastic then you need to crawl back into your cave and shut up because you do not deserve the liberties earned by the blood of our forefathers.

  8. Chris F just pack your bags and go to Seattle, Portland or San Francisco real Akaskans don’t need your trash here. Must be a Dunbar Lackey

  9. Look in the mirror, Chris F. You’ll see that you’re the intolerant one who’s marching to the progressive drumbeat. I’m assuming that you and Gerry Mander hold a similar view on climate change in that YOUR science and YOUR opinion are the only valid options and be-damned to anyone who thinks otherwise. As for diversity, were you there? Did you have a clipboard to check off all of the minority boxes? You’ll find that conservatives are the ones who are color blind, not the pandering progressives who derive self-satisfaction by pleading “Guilty as charged” to the latest cry for equity and justice and, like mask wearing, expect everyone else to mindlessly raise their fists in solidarity.

  10. People who see everything through the lens off ethnicity are the true racists. Every single person has the right to be represented regardless of their skin color, religion, gender or age – even this room full of mostly white folks, who are probably very decent people for the most part. If liberals posting their tripe on sites like this really cared about diversity, they wouldn’t have a white man running for mayor. The hypocrisy is typical at this point.

  11. If the Dunbar’s supporters werent living fearful, he’d probably be more encouraged by his turn out crowds and supporters would be less cautious for his door knocking and phone calling events. Because of fear it’s easy for the public to skip over his campaign or vaccine events. In the way he voted to lift the Covid-19 restrictions, he was admitting ‘to hell with the public safety restrictions, this is campaign season! And the people need to see him and know he is running!’ Hahaha

    Fear is a real handicap.

  12. Chris F. Dunbar has been on the assembly since 2016. Only thing he has done is spend other people’s money and support special interest groups.

  13. No code enforcers… wonder why…
    Might be interesting to see how this squares with Eaglexit…

  14. Got my vote done right away!! No way do I want my borough to be in such a state of disaster because of idiots in assembly and mayor office. Let’s get it done and vote for Bronson…..

  15. AK…There are dining rooms closed in the Valley not because of Covid fear, but because no one wants to work due to all the money being raked in from unemployment. Once we pay people to work, instead of not working, then we’ll find a lot more dining rooms opened back up.

  16. Having a rally in a place where your support is strong is not the best idea. Bronson people need to be rallying in areas where Dunbar is strongest, not where he’s weakest.

  17. Cabela’s likes to kick people out for not wearing a mask. They also gave a massive donation to Biden.

  18. Who cares. Guess we know who is paying for his campaign to get him ion office now.

    Covid politics aside people just get vaccinated and lets move on.

  19. Anyone who watched the debate between Bronson and Dunbar would agree Bronson is NOT right for our city! Bronson mumbled and stumbled the whole time while proving he is 100% incapable of being a real leader. All Bronson can do is throw around dumb slogans with ZERO substance based on reality! I could see Bronson being Mayor in Wasilla, but NEVER in Anchorage, where we are extremely diverse and inclusive to all people!

  20. Don’t feed the Trolls. They hate you, they hate Alaska, and most of all they hate liberty. There’s no breaking bread with people who despise all that you love. Leave them to their hate and division. Pity them. That’s all the know. They are miserable people, and more than likely have friends and family who tolerate them, at best.

  21. Come on Anchorage, free yourself from the tyranny of Forest Dunbar. Vote Bronson or face ruin and despair under the authoritarian leftism Dunbar promotes. Alaska is under attack just like the lower 48, they want you compliant to the cancel culture and leftist policies like CRT (critical race theory) which is by design meant to divide our people and cause our children to rebel against parents and each other. It is time to hold our elected officials accountable and reclaim our schools that are being used to indoctrinate, not educate. Embrace liberty for all people and expose the leftist agenda to destroy America.

  22. Erik, and you are right on about paying people to not work, the reason for my big tip. ‘Those who do not work shall not eat’. My generosity has gone to the wayside. I will pay well for a job well done but I shall not fund those who will not work. Let those who will not work starve-there comes a time when the productive grow tired of feeding the parasites. A young, able body man sat on the sidewalk hold a sign begging for money in front of a sign advertising for clerks, cooks, dishwashers and housekeepers. What is wrong with this picture?

  23. Chris, oh yes! The slick smooth talking salesman is always the best as he sells you the car with the transmission filled with sawdust. But his suit is so pretty and he talks so good! And all the other candidates certainly lacked the charisma of slick young Adolph in 1932. How did that work out for 56 million dead?

  24. Based on some of these comments, I can see where Dunbar is spending some of his campaign $$. Paid Trolls.

  25. @Chris That’s an interesting correlation. You assume that anyone that’s quick to respond with an answer is also right which is a delusional conclusion. You have been mislead and a quick thumbnail review of Mr. Dunbar’s accomplishments will confirm that.
    Both you and @Chris F have curiously similar responses which roughly parallel the mental image many of us have of an individual that exists on Federal handouts, stimmy checks and unemployment and refers to the low self investment lifestyle as diversity (which it is not). It’s easy to see how such aspirations might seem incongruent with a new Mayor that doesn’t appear interested in rewarding vagrancy however, parasitic behavior exist in every strata of society so there will always be room for you. It might be a Maytag box along the Bean’s fence line but room is room.
    Don’t forget… do like Mr. Dunbar does and…
    – breed only with those incapable of incubating your progeny, and
    – prepare to move to wherever he’s going next.

  26. I find it so ironic that most of the liberal sights have removed the comments section while you can still comment on conservative sights, such as this one. It is funny how lefties have to now come to conservative news sites to speak their opinion. Even if the lefties opinions are skewed, conservatives let them talk.
    Wake up America (yes, I am talking to you lefties out there).

  27. The whole state of Alaska is hoping Bronson is mayor. Nobody wants to see any more anti-science, face diaper wearing, fear mongering, virtue signaling, control freak, corrupt, communist, far leftist, democrats destroy another American city. If Bronson isn’t the next mayor then Anchorage is doomed to end up as another racist, anti-freedom, critical race theory, communist, lock down, hell hole like Portland or Seattle. Hot beds of crime, filth, and communist revolutionary youth patrolling the streets holding citizens hostage in a color revolution culture war. Hopefully Anchorage doesn’t allow these leftists to steal another election like we have seen in the past. Remember, communist leftist have a habit of cheating to get ahead, because pinkos don’t play by the rules, and instead use kangaroo courts, and corrupt thugs like the FBI to engage in criminal lawfare to get away with their crimes. They then use big tech censorship to silence the public, steer the numbers into a illusion of having a majority support in their narrative, and then use the fascist run media to gaslight the easily manipulated, fearfully masses, to parrot their propaganda. They repeat the same lie over and over again until they have their followers, (who highly lack any critical thinking skills) to parrot their narrative to shame the rest into compliance. Don’t let these losers steal another one.

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