Reinbold’s ‘victim’ bill passes Senate


Sen. Lora Reinbold’s bill that further defines the official definition of a victim passed unanimously on the Senate floor on Wednesday.

SB 122 adds surviving minors and spouses in the definition of victim if a parent or spouse is slain. It has one of the shortest bill titles ever: An Act relating to the definition of “victim.”

According to Reinbold’s sponsor statement, “SB 122 is a bill that removes the word ‘adult’ before the word ‘child’ in the definition in AS 12.55.185 (C ii). By removing the word adult, the definition of a victim will include a child of a person who has been a victim of a crime when a parent or guardian is deceased. SB122 will ensure victim rights for a child of a deceased parent or guardian.”

This is Reinbold’s first bill to pass the Senate since she joined the upper chamber in 2019. She had six bills signed into law and a resolution passed when she was in the House of Representatives.

During today’s floor session, she also asked to be given the chair in Judiciary, which was stripped from her by unanimous vote last month. Reinbold represents Eagle River.

The bill goes to the House for consideration.


  1. Poor poor Alaska!
    Its so important legally correctly define who is a victim here.
    We tell people they are victim enough times and it grows into a mentality thinking everything is owed to them out of our pity for their grief.

  2. Oh Lora, you can be so tone deaf.

    Instead of graciously thanking and congratulating your colleagues for passing this simple but worthwhile bill, you had to spoil the moment with another misguided, ineffective, and frankly dumb request.

    Do you really think 17 of the 20 members of the Senate have – outside of your work on this bill – changed their minds about your otherwise poor performance and accumulation of silly antics in the Capitol, and that they will reverse their decision to remove your chairmanship from the Judicial Committee? Of course they won’t – so why ask? You embarrass yourself.

  3. Reinhold remains you of a child that after being asked twenty times to clean their room they actually do the job but request a reward for the effort.

  4. Bill: It’s all about obscure but vital legalities. If Lora doesn’t request reinstatement now, she allows a prescriptive case being built against her, and any successor, from having any claim to that chairmanship.

  5. My mother always said, you don’t ask you don’t get.
    I agree it’s probably No. But why not, you have nothing to lose, it’s already gone, maybe something to gain
    You Go Girl !

  6. Juris.diction. Diction matters. Bouviers Law Dictionery has been around as long As America. Try that one too.

  7. I’m not sure it will ever pass the house. Bryce Edgman and the other scabs currently infesting the legislature won’t agree on anything coming out of the Senate. I tend to vote on what’s best for them instead of what’s best for Alaskans.

  8. It is not a legitimate role or function of government to help the actual victims of crime or the tangential “victims” of crime.

    The role of government in this area is to find, apprehend, prosecute and punish the offender(s) so that we aren’t forced to do it ourselves.

    It is not a role of government to take money from people who had nothing to do with the situation to give to people who were impacted.

    That is CHARITY and charity belongs in the private realm where people have a CHOICE to help out or not.

    When the government takes your income or wealth through force or threat of force (taxation under threat of prosecution for non-payment) and then doles it out to someone else for ANY reason other than in return for equal value in labor or material that IS NOT charity…that is socialism.

    That is why America has been a socialist country for as long as any of you have been alive.

    Turn it around now or we’ll eventually go the way of every other socialist country…down into ruin.

  9. Well, it was the Democrats that started all this victim crap. Oh, those poor illegal aliens coming across our border are victims because they can’t vote in our elections and legally drive on our highways. The true victims are the American people that are being stripped of their Constitutionally protected rights! The victims are the children that are being sexually and mentally abused by human traffickers thanks to the illegitimate criminal sitting in the Whitehouse. The victims are all the great small businesses that have gone bust due to unconstitutional lockdowns and mask mandates that do nothing to stop a virus but actually make people sick.

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