Lawless: 19 hours before a mysterious Assembly meeting, and still no documents available


The liberal leadership of the Anchorage Assembly is keeping a lid on what its special meeting is about on Monday. All the description says is that it relates to Covid policy. The meeting takes place in a small conference room in City Hall, clearly an effort to eliminate public involvement. And the meeting is not taking place during the lunch hour, but at 1 pm, when many from the public cannot participate.

As of 5 pm on Sunday, no associated documents for the meeting were posted on the Municipality’s website. This is unusual.

The ordinance is said to be about mandatory wearing of masks in Assembly meetings. It may also have something to do with vaccines or Covid-related workplace rules for municipal employees. But the Assembly is not telling the public what it’s up to.

The primary agenda item is: Introduction of Assembly Ordinances related to the COVID-19 pandemic and executive appointments and confirmation. 

The Assembly leadership may also put forward an ordinance that requires the mayor to put its appointees forward for confirmation in a certain amount of time. Library Director Judy Eledge has not had to sit through a confirmation process with the Assembly, whose liberal majority is clearly hostile to her, since she does not have a library science degree. There are no documents related to that proposed ordinance either.

The agenda can be seen here.

City Clerk Barb Jones’ note clarifies that: This is not a public hearing item.”

More than 250 people attended at Covid policy listening session offered by Assemblywoman Jamie Allard and Mayor Dave Bronson on Saturday at the more spacious Loussac Library. Clearly those vaccine-choice Anchorage residents will not fit into the conference room at City Hall, which has only a few seats for audience.


    • Well, if the residents of Anchorage don’t do something about it, then you can expect skullduggery to happen again and again. Y’all voted for them.

  1. The people of Anchorage created these problems, their lack of interest in the government and voting process. The assembly is definitely a socialist anti-American assembly. Enjoy!

  2. I am telling you that until we take a page out of their playbook, and make every minute of their lives miserable and uncomfortable it will continue.

    • The hard left is playing for keeps. The center right is playing around. Until we force them to take us seriously they will continue to abuse their power and our lives.

      Dunleavy has tried playing nice and cordial. Look where it’s gotten him. Look what it’s done to us.

      No violence. Only in self defense. But showing up where they are, treating them like they treat us is the only way to get their attention.

  3. Haha Mayor Bronson and the people have them resorting to secret meeting!!!!

    We are winning!!! Now lets get those assembly seats.

  4. Once again: the Assembly will ignore Bronson and rule like a politburo until the citizens stop them.

    The Assembly is counting on you to be sheep like you were through the lockdowns.

    Will you be? The future of Anchorage is on the line.

  5. Unfortunately, Leftists can count. They have the votes to put Bronson through the knothole until they can impeach him. Homelessness, Covid mandates are simply tools to inflict pain on non-Leftists.

  6. Just like a liberal democrat to behave like a secretive tyrant. I am floored how people can even defend, support and vote for these anti-human, anti-freedom, Pinko liberal clowns. How did society become this stupid and afraid?

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