Zaletel adds sneak item to Assembly agenda: Mandatory masks in Muni

Meg Zaletel

Assemblywoman Meg Zaletel put a “laid on the table,” which is a last-minute agenda item, into the Assembly meeting packet: It’s an ordinance requesting that the mayor enact a mask mandate in all indoor areas of municipal buildings, and to enact some unspecified mitigation measures for the entire municipality when Anchorage is in a “substantial risk or high alert level for community transmission of Covid-19.”

Zaletel represents midtown Anchorage and is the subject of a recall election that may reach voters in her district in October.

One of Bronson’s first acts as mayor was to lift any mask mandates for the municipality.

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Tonight’s Assembly meeting, which starts at 5 pm at the Loussac Library, may be contentious for that, in addition to the Assembly’s expected rejection of Sami Graham as the city librarian. Graham was nominated for the post by Mayor Dave Bronson. Numerous Democrats have lined up against Graham, who is the former principal of Grace Christian School. The Democrats have flooded the inboxes of Assembly members with letters of opposition.

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  1. Going on by Democrats thinking who should be qualified, I see unless you are a small business owner and you have a M.B.A no one should be allowed run a campaign to hold public office. The lifeline vein to communities life are peoples businesses. The Assembly Members who don’t have an M.B.A should be fired for being underqualified.

    Fortunately for them ANYONE can run a campaign for public office and can serve with and without a college degree.
    I for one will be so encouraged seeing a resident who was popular and intelligent enough not because of they accumulated prestigious stuff, but! Because they loved their community and people so much they are self educated without any degrees or only an associate degree.

    • Just run a simple credit check on them all, you’ll be amazed how inept they are at controlling their own poor lifestyle choices.
      Next, before any can mandate ANY health related policy on responsible healthy people, do a health screening ON THEM first, looking at you Felix Rivera, spilling out of your chair chugging those unhealthy sodas. A mask, and a clot shot isn’t going to help you bud, find time to care for your heart and loose 100 pounds.
      Fact. Over 40% of the COVID casualties are obese by 100 pounds or more.
      #followthescience #obeisitykillsmorethancovid

      • Take out obesity and severe health conditions and COVID is no more dangerous than other flu. Furthermore, recent studies show how useless most masks are, all theater. But too many big mouth narcissists refuse to take any personal responsibility ant punish society to accommodate for their own shortcomings.

  2. People of Anchorage, wake the hell up. The democrat assembly is trying to destroy the quality of life. The governor needs to get out from under his desk and fight for the Alaskan people.

  3. I sent emails to all the assembly members asking that they confirm all Bronson nominees. John Weddleton responding saying that they haven’t rejected any of Bronson’s nominees. I guess that’s his spin.

    • Technically Weddleton “could” be correct but, since he was an ardent supporter of Dunbar for mayor, all credit that I previously gave him as someone just left of center went down the drain. You’re right then in assuming that the answer he provided is his spin on the current process. There’s no talking to the Greasy 7. I think most of us saw this coming.

  4. The Assembly is gonna oppose anything Bronson wants to do.

    If he wants new toilet paper, they say use your hands.

    Alaska is broken

  5. What she trying to do strangle us again?? far as
    I see, she’s on her way out..out..She’s already violated City’s ordinances.. She can try, but has REAL no authority anymore.

  6. The problem is Bronson is an immigrant to government, whereas the Leftist assembly members are natives. He can barely understand what’s going on and very much being forced to react. Their objective is to keep him from accomplishing anything and to make him look as bad as possible. So far the Leftists are winning.

  7. Maybe they should grant Bronson the same power they did with berkowitz and the dictator they installed AQD

  8. More of the same, leftist control freaks wanting to place their thumbs on your life Alaska. Just the fact there was so much opposition to a Christian woman says a lot about where these people are as human beings. We need more, not less Christians in government positions. A Christian will adhere to the rule law and to the truth about mandates. They will weigh the facts and real data, not propaganda, to decide if something is warranted and if there is any need to issue a “mandate” that restricts peoples constitutionally protected rights. Dictators don’t care about your rights and will use false propaganda to institute unnecessary mandates that restrict those rights. Just look at what is happening in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. They don’t have our Constitution or 2nd Amendment. Look at what the government is doing to them now. Lockdowns, arrests and a complete disregard for any freedoms they had. It is criminal folks, some of the world’s greatest democracies are now being oppressed by their own governments. It is happening here as well and Americans of all stripes need to stand together to weather this storm.

  9. “Democrats”….”Liberals” ….are people still using those outdated words? It is “Socialists” and “communists”. Anyone who thinks these people are liberals is stuck in the Stone Age. Prove me wrong.

    • I’m a liberal. I believe in free markets and freedom to choose what I want to do with my time and money. Somehow what is illiberal is now considered liberal. It’s backwards pants century.

  10. If this ordinance passes, I will be contributing to the recall campaign in a big way.

    If the circumstances allowed, Ms. Zaletel would enjoy being a brutal dictator. In many ways, she is the face of the fashionable Left of today.

    • Don’t mess around with the recall. She is up for reelection next April. Find a good candidate. Back that candidate and defeat MZ at the ballot box. Recalls don’t work. Elections do. Cheers –

  11. Voters in all areas of Anchorage need to get out and act at the booth.
    Anchorage residents that vote are the ones that chose this path.
    Get the people who have given up to get involved in the Bronson way forward.

  12. I was wondering: How do we end this experiment? Where’s the antidote? People in VAERS system think you are in violation and this experiment should have been shut down per the Nuremburg Code. Hope history is not repeating.

  13. Please point to your special power. We are all free and equal. Government receives just power from our consent . You do not have it. You are not a monarch or a prince. You do not have special power to alter or reform our government. THE founders formed it already.. No one has exclusive power even in an emergency. You are not exercising a pillar of Islam.

  14. The Branch Covidians are getting bolder, while at the same time getting sneakier and sneakier. Masking and vaxxing are their new religion. My grandson is eight. I can imagine going to his high school graduation and walking through the doors being checked to see if I have my mask and my annual COVID booster shot. Sounds crazy, I know, but if people like Meggy Z have their way…

  15. The Assembly can force their mask mandate on people the same way they forced their easily corruptible mail-in vote scheme on the same people.
    So why did The Meg not do so?
    Because the policemen’s union and the Alaska Bar Association who own and operate Alaska’s judiciary told The Meg they want no part of such a predictably city-shattering disaster?

  16. Dem’s will fight to their death. There’s living proof! Just read there are enough valid signatures to have her recalled!

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