More details released on shooting of trooper in Anchor Point


Troopers have released details about the events that preceded a man shooting at an Alaska State Trooper on Aug. 23, when an Alaska State Trooper assigned to Anchor Point observed 60-year-old Anchor Point resident Bret Herrick at a business in downtown Anchor Point.

Herrick was known to the officer to have multiple warrants out for his arrest. The trooper attempted to arrest Herrick on his outstanding warrants and Herrick produced a handgun and fired on the trooper, striking him multiple times.

The trooper also fired his service pistol, and as another trooper arrived, Herrick fled on foot.

“Law enforcement from across the region, Department of Public Safety aircraft assets, and Alaska State Troopers Special Emergency Reaction Team members from across the state descended on Anchor Point to search for Herrick. Search efforts were ongoing throughout the day and into the evening.

On Aug. 24, 2021, at approximately 0840 hours, an Alaska State Trooper SERT team located Herrick near his Anchor Point residence while following up on a tip.

Herrick was arrested without incident for his four outstanding arrest warrants, and additional charges are anticipated for yesterday’s incident.

The name of the trooper who discharged his weapon (and who was also wounded by the suspect) will be released, per department policy, after 72 hours.

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    • Hopefully, a judge will not let him go this time. If in NYC he would because his attempt didn’t end in the death of the officer.

  1. God bless our Alaska State Troopers, may justice be served and this evil man spend the rest of his days in prison.

  2. I wish the troopers would have let us know earlier about his warrants. We see him all the time walking down the highway in his black or camo outfit carrying his sword. . He is a very troubled man.

    • Sword. Great. Another kook wandering about among innocent people because government absolutely refuses to deal effectively with the mentally ill.

    • The Troops actually publicize arrest warrants, sort of. If you go into their site, through DPS and then AST, there actually is an active warrant list and it’s public record. It’s not simple to find and obviously they aren’t pushing it out there.

    • They’re out looking for drunk drivers to add $$$ to their coffers, while violent druggies are overlooked and let go more often than not, they’re perceived by the courts as needing help. Look how many drug and petty theft offences are “dismissed”.

  3. Not to worry. Fauci and the CDC plan to study gun violence as national health emergency.
    That will certainly make them feel safer. How about you?

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