Bronson directive: No masks or vaccines required at muni facilities


Mayor Dave Bronson’s first day in office came with an executive directive that made good on one of his campaign promises: No more masks for employees or visitors are required at municipal facilities. And there will be no vaccination mandates for city employees.

“As COVID infection rates decrease and vaccination rates increase across Anchorage, it is time to re-open our businesses, community activities, and government operations. With hospital ICU beds usage down, and sufficient availability of ventilators to manage potential future COVID infections, we must start the process of returning Anchorage to the vibrant community we experienced prior to the pandemic,” his directive says.

“Effective today, mask mandates in all Municipality of Anchorage owned, leased, or used buildings is rescinded. While individuals may make personal choices to wear a mask as a protective health measure, masks will not be required to be worn b y anyone entering or while with a municipal facility. In addition, the Municipality of Anchorage will not require any employees, or applicants for city employment, to be vaccinated.”


  1. Art Chance will not have to drive out to Palmer now to have lunch….with the rest of us as well…

  2. FINALLY(!!!) … Leadership action demonstrating logic, reason, and common sense. It’s long overdue!

  3. Without acknowledging the mitigation effort had served no redeemable purpose, his words were a letdown. Every politician that has removed the diaper mandates has only done so because cases were down. Meaning when they go back up, the mandates will start back up, because you know… science…

    • NP Adam, you must be making reference to “Political Science” because there isn’t any “Science” to support your political belief stated above.

    • new boss same as the old boss. out with the comrade in with the boomer con horse shoe theory is alive and well.

  4. Good! And follow this up please, Mr. Mayor, with a directive requiring that all MOA employees return to their previously assigned offices/work spaces for regular business hours. Stop the “working at home” option.

  5. The vax

    We keep arguing over the vax

    Both sides presenting their facts

    Some say it’s safe haven

    Others acting quite craven

    But the arguing only detracts

    They keep moving the goalposts around

    Trying to find solid ground

    They’ll be vaxxing the womb

    To stay out of the tomb

    As the approved age keeps moving down

    Now they want a booster shot

    Sounds like the next thing that’s hot

    Roll up your sleeve honey

    We can keep making money

    Year after year, that’s the plot

    Yet your mask you still need to wear

    ‘Cause Fauci’s on another tear

    Double it up he will say

    Dacovid ain’t going away

    We need to double down the fear

  6. Can you clarify this Suzanne? Your article states: “Bronson’s first day in office came with an executive directive that made good on one of his campaign promises: No more masks for employees or visitors are required at municipal facilities. And there will be no vaccination mandates for city employees.”

    Did we miss the official announcement on July 1, or did the media not broadcast it or was it delayed in being issued?

  7. He did in one day what Governor Stand Small hasn’t managed to do in years. Take a Stand.

  8. Mask wearing and social distancing should always been Voluntary. Look around! Everyone is happy now that they can choose whether or not they will wear a face mask. Even those choosing to still wear a face mask look happier, a little smug, but much happier now that its their choice. Hahahaha

  9. Does that include the People Mover, or does the federal rule requiring them on public transportation still apply there?

  10. Is this ONLY for municipality, does this also include Federal Places?? If so…… When will the mask requirements end when riding the People Mover Bus system and Anchor rides..??

    • Lunacy is NOT ending!
      This is a small local reprieve. Keep standing and pushing back. The left is unhinged and will stop at nothing.They are on the offensive on all fronts. Nationally it’s terrifying if you dig in for a look. The Constitution is only a speed bump at this point. It will take a effort by all, to reign this back to any sense of what this country was founded on.
      BE COURAGEOUS or ALL will be lost.
      Steve Bannon is all over this and is a great source of relevant information.
      Of several hundred people I know only a handful are engaged in anyway. We will surely fall, if we do only nothing.

      • You are right on the money Reed, America is in the fight of its life and Alaska is not immune. The commies are here too and will try and implement the same insane policies that the illegitimate fool in the Whitehouse is currently doing. We currently have an invasion on the Southern Border that is managed by the Biden crime family and Drug Cartels. The States are taking action but will it be enough? Alaska must weed out the politicians in Juneau that refuse to represent the people. We need to repeal measure 2 as well. Alaska must do a forensic audit of our election as are the other States. They know Alaska was hacked and monitored by the CCP just like the Battleground States. If we do not act now, our freedom will be stolen away just like Biden’s crooks stole the election.

  11. I’m pleased to see Mr. Bronson in office, he has a long road ahead of him and I truly wish him the best and fortitude to stay in the fight for a better community. WE THE PEOPLE have been being conditioned for decades on many fronts. To stay focused on this topic, it has been war gamed over past decades; EVENT 201 was a consortium of “officials” war gaming a pandemic that would have at least 65 million people dead. Look it up, do your research. AGENDA 21/30 – depopulation agenda; look it up, ROCKEFELLAR LOCKSTEP agenda- depopulation agenda; look it up, KLAUS SCHAUB – the great reset- a general take over of the middle class- you will own nothing and love it, look it up. Bill Gates, his father, Margret Sanger and Planned Parenthood – population control- look it up, Review the Georgia Guide Stones ideology (a world population of only 500 million), to include the Kissinger Report- look it up. To put it in simple terms there are factions of old and new money that are deep seeded in an ideology of overall control. It is not possible to convey the amount of collusion involved with in this moment.
    The UN, WHO, CDC, F-I, C-A, Justice Dept., Education, FDA, TSA, Telecommunications, DARPA, Military, NASA, Industry, Big Pharma, just to name a few are compromised @ the top and mid-levels. Let’s not leave out the Federal Reserve created by rich men in 1913 @ Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia- look it up. Don’t think that these areas of government and industry don’t have an adverse influence in our Alaskan LIVES, not to mention the world.
    America’s frontline Dr.’s, Sherry Tenpenny, Carrie Medaj, Robert F. Kennedy, Dr Mercolla, Dr. Peter McCollough, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, World Dr.’s Alliance, Judy Mikovits PHD, Del Bigtree (highwire), just to name a few, look it up. They all have perspectives that should be reviewed for discernment. Any time spent researching the Pineal Gland and it’s connection to a higher energy is some interesting reading, as well as it connection to current events- look it up.
    Research is a conscience effort that is truly time consuming. The truth is only as real as one’s ability to have an open mind for the purpose of connecting the dots and making informed decisions for your LIFE and you loved one’s.
    H.R.6666 116th congress (2019-2020), H.R. 4373 116th congress (2019-2020) look it up, H.R.666 & S. 54 another interesting topic- look it up.
    Don’t be scared, be prepared. To be open to what is possible, is to be aware of what is probable. I am guided by my connection to RIGHT and WRONG. The beauty of existence is the imperfections of being human. There is no mistaking that control is only an illusion. However, mitigating personal stresses is paramount to one’s health and longevity.
    Someone knocken at the door, somebody ringin the bell, do me a favor and KEEP YOUR DOOR LOCKED. HeHE.

  12. The people that call mister discernment a fanatic are lazy… they can’t stop watching Fox News long enough to look it up

  13. I was in Anchorage today and I couldn’t believe how many Covidiots are still wearing their bacteria-infested masks. I was at a cafe yesterday out in the Valley, where I live, and I didn’t see a single mask the entire time, and I was there for several hours.

  14. Does this now include the buses as well? I see the front signage on them still says “Masks Required.”

  15. Buckle up, Kidz. Our senile president was heard on the radio today accusing all unvaccinated people of “killing people.” The feds will certainly violate your civil rights and ignore any and all protections under HIPAA in order to get everyone into their vax database. Local native owned businesses are already firing employees who refuse to take The Shot..

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