You’ve heard of predator control in Alaska, but have you heard about Predator Poachers snaring perverts online?


Alaskans are accustomed to reading about the thinning out of predators like bears and wolves in Alaska to enable the caribou and moose to thrive.

But in Texas, they’re thinning out human predators around the country. Or sometimes just outing them on social media.

Alex Rosen, the founder of Houston-based vigilante organization “Predator Poachers,” conducted a sting operation that has evidently ensnared the LGBTQ+ chairman of the Maryland Democratic Party — a high-profile Democrat leader who has been a regular guest at the White House and at Vice President Kamala Harris’ home.

With a camera rolling, Rosen confronted Michael Knaapen after he had allegedly communicated with Knaapan for over an hour through the fake persona of a 14-year-old boy, which Rosen says Knaapen then proceeded to send sexual messages and videos to, including photos and videos of himself masturbating.

“Rosen walked up to Knaapen while he was in a restaurant and brought him outside to engage him about the messages he allegedly had with the teenager. Rosen asked Knaapen about multiple different explicit messages that he was allegedly sending to a 14-year-old boy. Knaapen seemed to admit to the messages on video,” wrote the Post Millennial website.

The Maryland Democratic Party has since removed all evidence of Knaapen from its website after Rosen made public the receipts from that online encounter on Thursday. Knaapen has erased all of his own social media presence.

In an edgier version of the television show “To Catch a Predator,” Rosen launched Predator Poachers in 2019 to get pedophiles who use the internet for hunting their young prey locked up.

Predator Poachers is a group of independent journalists and private citizens who travel the country conducting intervention-style sting operations to catch child predators. OUR MISSION is to take pedophiles offline, off the streets, and away from kids, one predator at a time,” his website states.

Rosen’s website claims to have helped with evidence that led to the arrest of at least three men who were trying to meet children as young as 9 on the internet.

In the video of the encounter, Rosen can be be heard repeating to Knaapen what he had supposedly written to Rosen: “Some of this stuff said here … like, you know, ‘I want to rape you,’ … ‘I want to see how much of a fa–ot you are.'”

At that point another member of the Predator Poacher team added, “You said, ‘I hope you try to get away once I start f—ing you. You need a good raping.'”

“I like the fantasy,” said the man who is said to be Knaapan. “And he seemed to enjoy it and I didn’t know this person and I never intended to do it. I thought it was sexy and fun, and I don’t picture the kid.”

Until his profile was removed from the Democrats’ website, it stated, “His profile on the Maryland Democrats page stated, “Michael Knaapen (Mike, he/him) is a native Wisconsinite who has lived in Montgomery County, Maryland, for all but one of the past ten years. There he has helped form and lead the LGBTQ Democrat of Montgomery County, lobbied in Annapolis for LGBTQ measures, and organized Stonewall Riot commemorative events.” 

Knaapen will not be prosecuted, Rosen explained, because according to state law of Maryland, the recipient of such sexual overtures must either be a police officer or a child. Otherwise, a citizen-led sting does not qualify as a chargeable offense.


  1. “………..Knaapen will not be prosecuted, Rosen explained, because according to state law of Maryland, the recipient of such sexual overtures must either be a police officer or a child……….”
    Too bad, that. He needs 20-25 in a cooler.

  2. Since the internet is a primary hunting ground for pedofiles, it’s nice to know that this group will make life far more dangerous for them. Look forward to many more successes.

  3. Tolerance is putting up with something you don’t like . Why are founding stock Americans tolerating any of this multicultural cancer? It’s is of absolutely no benefit to us.

  4. How many background “checked” public school teachers have been exposed? The NEA would rush to their defense.

    • “…….There he has helped form and lead the LGBTQ Democrat of Montgomery County, lobbied in Annapolis for LGBTQ measures, and organized Stonewall Riot commemorative events………..”
      The guy was a flashing neon sign screaming sexual illness. My bet is that the founder and leader of the LGBTQ Republicans of Montgomery County is in trouble, too……….if such a person can be found……….

  5. So, uh, you gonna talk about any of the prominent republican and christian leaders who’ve been caught attempting to diddle kids, animals, or non consenting adults, or are you going to conflate pride month and the LBGTQ community with pedophilia because of this Michael Knaapen nut job?

    In other words, are you going to do actual journalism or just more of sensational fear mongering?

    • There is no shortage of reporting on such monsters within the Catholic Church clergy or Protestant ministry. Where have you been for the past thirty years? It’s been a world wide circus event. Just in the past couple of weeks the most queer-defending Pope in the 2000 year Church history has been all over the news complaining about the level of “faggotry” among his clergy, and then getting attacked for using that word. And maybe finding a Republican pedophile is just a really difficult feat? Maybe dangling jail bait in front of the founder and leader of the LGBTQ Democrats of X County is just too easy of a way to catch rats? Knaapen can’t be criminally prosecuted because he wasn’t responding to police or a child? Why weren’t police running this sting?

  6. Look no further than the Democratic Party to protect all of their perverts. Of course Democrats embrace LGBTQ, and even promote it. You look at the Democrat leaders, the mainstream press, Hollywood, and many elements of the legal profession and you will find perverts, perverts, perverts. This is their life.

  7. I wonder if anyone has thought about trolling for the head hair sniffer in charge with a younger female child.
    Makes me wonder just how deep he would go without secret service or Dr Jill reigning him in.

  8. I really wish MRAK and so many readers on here would stop conflating being homosexual with being a pedophile. Do people think being heterosexual automatically makes you a pedophile? I only ask because an even cursory glance at the data dealing with this crime makes it clear that most pedophiles are heterosexual. Some studies vary in their percentages but it usually hovers around 21% of pedophiles being homosexual; with some studies showing an even larger proportion being straight.

    • To cman, staistical evidence appears to support correlation between homosexuality and pedophilia:
      “Using phallometric test sensitivities to calculate the proportion of true pedophiles among various groups of sex offenders against children, and taking into consideration previously reported mean numbers of victims per offender group, the ratio of heterosexual to homosexual pedophiles was calculated to be approximately 11:1. This suggests that the resulting proportion of true pedophiles among persons with a homosexual erotic development is greater than that in persons who develop heterosexually.” (‘
      “Those who practice homosexual acts are at least 12 times more apt to molest a child sexually, and with suitable corrections for bisexuals (who molest both genders), probably at least 16 times more apt to molest a child.” (‘

  9. To the above commenter, the vast majority of studies have shown a preponderance of convicted CSA perpetrators identify themselves as exclusively straight. A very commonly cited large study from the 80s (pre-“woke mind virus”, if that abates any of you), Cameron et al., shows the proportion of exclusively heterosexual to non-exclusively heterosexual CSA perpetrators as 11:1. Other studies show similar proportions. The attempt to conflate homosexuality with child predation is malicious and sick but nothing new, and all it does it obfuscate the real issues surrounding CSA and put more children in danger. As a mother, I’m obviously disgusted by this kind of behavior, but I’m sickened that whenever it’s a gay person who does it, these lies almost always end up in the conversation. When I try to point out this reality and how lies like these are just that, lies, and incredibly damaging, I’m accused of ignoring reality or some other claptrap, typically by people who wouldn’t know how to begin interpreting a scientific study. It’s infuriating.

  10. Oh, and to reinterpret the statistic you cited (I recognize the study as I was prompted to do my own research on this topic out of concern years ago), it was found that 21% of molesters of boys identified as having homosexual tendencies. This is something that most can’t seem to understand, CSA is a crime of OPPORTUNITY. Men are not regularly trusted around girls, and most of the time, the perpetrators of these crimes are in some way related to the child in question. When you understand this, it begins to make sense why men who are prone to predating children are frequently likely to predate a child of either sex.


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