Unseating Peltola: Nick Begich talks about his congressional run on the STAND podcast



Following Rep Mary’s Peltola’s election in 2022, Alaskans have awaited the 2024 election for the opportunity to remove her from office. Having previously run against Peltola in 2022, Nick Begich has again chosen to take on the challenge of running as a Republican for House in an effort to secure Alaska’s future. 

“I’m an America-First candidate.” Begich stated during an interview on STAND, with Kelly and Niki Tshibaka. Peltola, he argued, does not have Alaska’s best interests in mind. “People run for the right reasons…and they start to compromise…and this is the problem we have with our current representative in office.”

Begich spent the interview discussing topics important to Alaskans, including the complications surrounding resource development, the troubles with ranked choice voting, and the intolerable social extremism of the radical left. 

“It’s common sense values that are on the ballot this election.” Begich said. “It’s the left, the radical left today, that is trying to deconstruct that constitutional republic. That form of government that we so value.”

Begich also highlighted the many issues he and Alaskans have with Peltola’s representation, especially about her flimsy stance on resource development. 

He told the story about how Peltola undermined Alaskans on a bill the House introduced to push back on Biden’s attack on Alaska’s resource development. “Mary Peltola in committee votes for it, says she’s supportive of it. It hits the House floor and she sends a ‘Dear Colleague’ letter to all the Democrats and says, ‘Please, I urge you, vote no on the bill’ that she had just co-sponsored and voted for in committee! And then, when it actually came up for the vote, she didn’t vote yes, she didn’t vote no, she voted ‘present.’ And that is a gutless decision, a gutless move from someone who is supposed to be supposedly her words, carrying on the legacy of our former Congressman Don Young.” 

He also expressed Alaskans’ concerns with her high rate of staff turnover. “She has one of the highest staff turnovers in Congress…she’s definitely in the top five,” Begich pointed out. 

The interview also covered Peltola’s endorsement of Joe Biden for president, refusal to denounce anti-Semitism, and her massive amount of non-Alaskan campaign funding.

Begich also pointed out that Rep. Peltola votes 90% of the time with Nancy Pelosi and 85% of the time with leftist squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar.

“If there’s anything that I’m certain of when it comes to Alaskan political ideology,” Begich said, “it’s that we would never hire Nancy Pelosi to be our representative. She is a San Francisco Democrat. We have nothing in common with her. She has no interest in seeing Alaska grow or develop. And yet here Mary Peltola is voting in virtually lockstep with her.” 

Begich, on the other hand, has vowed to be a conservative, Alaska and America First candidate, should he be elected to office. “America does best when government is small, kept in its lane, and the people are left alone”, he declared.

Begich has been endorsed by America First candidates like Vivek Ramaswamy, Congressman Scott Perry, and Congressman Byron Donalds. 

To hear more about Begich’s campaign and his plan for Alaska’s future, catch the newest episode of STAND. You can also view the episode on YouTube, Rumble, and your podcast streaming platform.

Kelly Tshibaka is the host of the podcast, TV, and radio show STAND, and the 2022 Alaska Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. She co-hosts the show with her husband, Niki Tshibaka.


  1. Thanks for another great article, Kelly and Nikki.
    But the underlying issue here is NOT about Mary Peltola ………yet. It’s about Nancy Dahlstrom’s personal ego to run for a seat she could never win. Nancy is truly a selfish woman and is placing herself above what’s best for Alaska and America. Without Nancy Dahlstrom in the race, Nick Begich wins big. With Dahlstrom, Peltola wins. I think you see the problem. It’s obviously Dahlstrom. Please join hundreds of us and write to Do ald Trump and ask him to DUMP DAHLSTROM.

    • In my view, she had a better chance of winning than a 2 time proven loser like Nich. All he can prove he is good at is splitting the Republican vote and running up campaign debt. He already owes himself almost half a million dollars in campaign debt. Not good business practices. He should have bowed out last time when he knew he couldn’t win, but instead of doing right for Alaska, he stayed in, starving both Sarah and himself. Putting Mary in the seat solely rests on Nich’s shoulders. His actions have proven time and time again that he is for himself, and not what’s best for the sstate. He talks s fair talk, but I’m not sure anyone is listening.

    • ………especially with yet another divided Republican/conservative/moderate bloc facing ranked choice voting. Conservatives will never learn. This will go on forever.

    • Greg,
      I wouldn’t say empathically that Mary of many names wins all the Native vote. Turns out that Native People are smart folks who know bovine excrement when they see it. Mary can talk a good game about fish, (and never say anything) but her actions siding with the Environmentalist Whack Jobs has hurt the oil patch and the Native Corporations who are invested in Oil.

      You are correct however about the Leftist commie types, sadly there isn’t any redemption for the hard core commie. Pity that!

        • Smart? Smart for yourselves, maybe. In other words, looking for free stuff and better rights…… but only for Natives. To hell with all other Alaskans, …….who happen to be the majority. Selfish people, ……kind of like you, Greg.

  2. Getting Nick to replace Mary would be almost as awesome as getting Lisa to join the #walkaway movement. If you’re going to wish, might as well wish big.

  3. Kelly, please ask President Trump to remove his endorsement for Dahlstrom. This entire scenario is ridiculous. Alaskans do not want Mary Sattler Peltola doing another term and destroying our state any further.

    • Then stop bickering amongst yourselves and uniformly vote for someone who can win
      You won’t, but you should. The Dems laugh all the way to DC if you keep on keepin on.

    • Something very strange here. President Trump is very smart and savvy about who he supports. Why would he support Nancy over Nick? I see Byron Donalds supports Nick, which is good, but why has Trump not done so? Something stinks and we need to find out why.

  4. Man, conservatives just can’t let go of their obsession with Pelosi, can they? She hasn’t been speaker in 2 years and they still trot her out as a cautionary tale. Try something new because what you’ve been doing hasn’t seemed to work very well, has it?

    • The hammer guy missed his real target. But his legal defense team also missed a great opportunity to pin the entire assault on Nancy as the accomplice who hired him. That would have been a dream criminal trial. Much more entertaining than Trump hammers Stormy.


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