Young woman dies; execution-style killing by 16-year-old, police say



Cynthia Hoffman was reported missing by a family member on Monday. The family member said that the 19-year-old had been seen by a friend at Polar Bear Park, possibly on Sunday at 4 pm. She was in blue jeans, a hoodie, and tennis shoes.

That turned out to be partially true. Detectives now believe the family was given false information about Hoffman’s whereabouts and that she was killed — shot in the back of the head after being bound with duct tape.

Kayden McIntosh, age 16, faces multiple charges, including Murder 1.

The preliminary investigation found that the victim, her friend, who is an adult female, and a juvenile male went to Thunderbird Falls trail on Sunday.

The three walked down to the river bank where the Hoffman was bound with duct tape by the female and male. At some point, an altercation took place. McIntosh allegedly shot the Hoffman in the back of the head and pushed her into the river.

Then he and the woman took off, driving to Polar Bear Park with Hoffman’s belongings and sending text messages to the girl’s family members via her phone, stating they dropped her off at the park.

The family members used that information to file a missing person’s report the next day. McIntosh and the woman then drove to Lions Park in Mountain View and burned the victim’s belongings.

On Monday, officers contacted a family member of the adult female who provided information that the victim may have been shot and pushed into the water. She didn’t have a location or any other details.

She said the adult female told her this information and hasn’t seen her since. Meanwhile, other officers continued to investigate the Polar Bear Park circumstances with the victim’s family believing it was true.

Tuesday, detectives located the adult female and McIntosh and questioned them. That’s when detectives discovered the fake story. Officers went to Thunderbird Falls trail and discovered Hoffman’s body.

This story will be updated.


  1. Tragic! Where do teens get these kinds of ideas that they can act like adult gangsters and kill execution style, then escape like Bonnie and Clyde? TELEVISION and the MOVIES. But the Left-wing Democrats and liberal media will spin it down to the need for STRICT GUN CONTROL.

      • Mark must be a left-wing Democrat. Did Mark hear Maverick say that the TV was the fault? That’s not what I heard. Maverick was saying that the violent films and movies are the influencing factors on these young minds. But Mark also believes that guns are the fault that produce the violence, and thus we need to regulate the guns. Typical twisted logic. But then, Mark must be a left-wing Democrat, and we know what goes on in their minds.

        • TC: MAVERICK specifically suggested TELEVISION AND MOVIES could have planted the ideas. Mark said nothing about guns.

    • Death to SELF!!! We need Jesus!!! ALL of us because we all deserve death. I pray in Jesus name for the family and friends of Cynthia during this time of grief and loss. That the Lord would comfort them as they mourn and they would find it in their hearts to forgive. I also pray for those who persecuted her too death, that they would come to repentance and heal from any past hurts and pains that led them to this tragic event. I pray also for godly counsel for all that lacked proper guidance in life. May the Lord’s peace be upon all. Let us not point a finger, yet ask the Lord to reveal any wicked way within our own hearts to be a change in this dark world. In Jesus name!

  2. If Anchorage was a modern, progressive city, like, let’s say Boston or San Francisco, we would have around thirty sworn police officers per ten thousand residents. Thus, with a population of 290,000, we should have a force of 870 officers. That shouldn’t be hard Mayor Berkowitz — we have about 370 officers today. And I am sure we could achieve the goal with only a modest increase in taxes. And it would be for our own good.

    • I certainly hope you’re being sarcastic, JMARK. Did you copy and paste your comment directly from Mayor Berkowitz?

    • We can’t afford 370 cops and you want 900? Where’s the money going to come from to pay for them genius? By the way, those modern progressive cities still have a lot of murders in spite of their cop to resident ratio. Cops don’t prevent murders they show up afterwards and solve them.

  3. So we have a 16 year old involved in this murder and a 12 year old suspect in the last shooting in Anchorage…
    Why are so many young people disenchanted with their lives?
    What are the schools doing to improve the mental health of our youth?
    Obviously, families play a large role in a child’s outcome but we must address the collective problem or Anc is going to wind up as the new “windy city” of the North.

    • Steve, I couldn’t help notice your comment “what are the schools doing to improve the mental health of our youth?”. The schools? Is it the schools’ responsibility to improve the mental health of our youth? Let me guess….throw more money at the schools? Well, if it is ASD that is responsible for improving the mental health of the children, no thank you! Educators like Geran Tarr? This boy is clearly sick beyond sick. The manifestation of this boys troubles will be interesting to track back. But for now, we have a murdered girl and a grieving family. It is a sad, sad, time.

    • Schools?! It should start in the home! Raise a child right. Quit pussy footing around and passing the buck. We’ve given them entirely too much power. I’m a firm believer in spare the rod spoil the child. If we are raising young respectable human beings and not letting them get away with everything with a Simple slap on the wrist this crap wouldn’t be happening like it is. My personal opinion.

  4. What a horrible crime. I’m so so sorry for the victim and her family.
    What about the adult female that accompanied he killer and victim to the creek? This woman assisted the actual killer in this horrible crime. Why was she not held and charged?

  5. Thunderbird Falls has a history. Same thing happened 13-14 years ago to a young father of 2. The killer is doing 60 yrs for shooting him 4 times, twice by him, twice by the female with him. Also shot in the head and left by the river. She walks free. She was 18 at the time: Hikers found him the following morning. Anyone else remember this?

  6. Another violent crime where Marijuana is a contributing factor………….but to the Hop Heads their Cannabis god can do no harm.

    • Oh, but don’t you know? Pot is good for you! There is nothing wrong with it! Let’s put it on all the corners. Easy access baby! What can possibly go wrong?

    • Are you f-ing kidding me? “#freekayden”? I used to live down the street from the Hoffman family and I’d go over and play with them growing up all the time till the day I moved out of the trailer court 5 years ago. And when I saw that Cynthia was missing my heart sank and I hated that I read it and then while I was at work I got a notification and it had Cynthia’s name on it and I got excited cause she may have been found but then I opened it and read it and the more I read the more my heart sank and felt so bad not only for Cynthia but for her family and I pray for them every day since. And now a person like you “zay” says free the person who shot and killed an amazing person. It’s not my place to hold a grudge but I hope the lord has a special place for you. And I hope you and I dont cross paths cause if you support people shooting and killing innocent people and then set free you should be in their with Kayden. If you have more to say “Zay” leave a comment I dare you.

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