Chester Creek shooting suspect is 12 years old



The person who shot two teens near Chester Creek Trail on Sunday, killing one of them and badly wounding the other, is just 12 years old, police say. Detectives have arrested him and he’s now housed at  McLaughlin Youth Center in Anchorage. Charges have been forwarded to the Division of Juvenile Justice.

The person-of-interest, LaShawna Nettles, 45, was questioned by detectives and released.

The slain teenager has been identified as Thomas Williams, age 18.

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  1. What a difference , three brothers serving their country out of love and patriotism against our enemy. At present there are twelve year Olds killing their country men every day in this country , what has been going horribly wrong since then ??

    • AnneMarie,
      I think I can shed some light on the issue. It’s not a common occurrence for youngsters, as mentioned, to be killing anyone, no matter if in Alaska or America. What has “gone horribly wrong”, in my opinion, is the leftist/socialist attempts to take over America. They start indoctrinating children at a pre-school age now days, into their socialist, resist by any means, opinions of “what’s best for America”. That’s what’s wrong, mostly, in America today. Children are not being taught moral values that might prevent this sort of tragedy. They are being taught that, anything but leftist/socialist values are invalid, and people disagreeing with their philosophy should be “corrected” by any means available, including violence. The majority of the country’s violence problems, in a nutshell. Of course, there are instances of exception to that statement. One instance would be lack of parental guidance. Another is influence by peers that have already learned the leftist/socialist values. Another is the drug culture that is being validated and abetted by those in a position of authority. Our entire country is at risk, not just Alaska. Those responsible appear to be willing to stop at nothing to achieve their aims of “fundamentally transforming” America. Remember who parsed that phrase? America is now paying the price and it will only get worse, until the leftist/socialists “programming” of our kids is stopped. Again, a quote by Napoleon: “Ten people who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent”. Citizens with moral, American values need to start speaking in a louder voice. Not just thinking about it.

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  3. I totally agree with you. Why would you expect values and morals to be taught both by the family or schools? It’s against all Democratic values and principles.

  4. Hard Leftists like Robert DeNiro and Woody Harrelson, playing the role of gangsters and killers in movies, must bear an accounting for influencing the minds of vulnerable young people. And yet, the irony is that DeNiro, Harrelson and the overabundance of Hollywood nutjobs, continue to advocate for the control of ….guns.
    And these nutjobs walk around with their own bodyguards and firearms.

    • Do you reach much in real life, Joker?
      Of course you have no idea of what the issue is here but felt the need to diss on a few lefty’s-is Art Chance an uncle of yours? A suggestion is to learn a bit about Occam’s razor, but that might keep you up nights.

  5. I know many fine parents raise children who get involved with drugs. What I would like to know is how many children and young adults who commit crimes like the above have parents who are involved with drugs. Are the perpetrators “drug babies”? Are they raised to fend for themselves at whatever cost?

    Just some thought in an attempt to understand.

  6. What ever happened to strict discipline in the home and a smack on the child’s bottom TO get his attention and THE DO the lecture OF RIGHT and wrong. Next get rid of the video games and make them to understand THAT DOING chores around the house builds character. And dont tell me I am stupid just because I spent 12 years in the marines force recon during VIET NAM plus raising 4 boys and 2 girls AND all of them are up standing PEOPLE with great CHILDREN THAT they learned how to raise by being brought up in a home where there were moral values and respect for others

  7. Gangster rap and unbelievably violent video games funneled into angry, entitled, fatherless homes.

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