Another urban trail shooting, this time deadly



Around 6:25 p.m., Anchorage Police dispatch received a report of shots fired in the Chester Creek Trail area near the Sullivan Arena. A short time later, police received a report from someone saying they had been shot in the woods.

Police searched the area and found two teenage boys in the woods far off of the trail system, both shot multiple times. One of the boys was dead, the other was transported to a nearby hospital with life threatening injuries.

Detectives with the Homicide Unit and Officers with the Crime Scene Team were on the way; trail access at 20th Avenue and C Street is closed due to the investigation, and police ask the public to stay away.

The community crime map shows this to be the 17th homicide in Anchorage since Jan. 1.


  1. Silly me, I thought the phalanx of new police officers were going to result in fewer homicides… Love to hear from the Mayor and Commandante Doll on this matter.

  2. But, but, but, but uh, oh! The assembly voted to save the Alaska climate, using the tax increase and revenue from traffic citations. Anchorage voters are so-o-o-o-o-o gullible. Just idiots!

  3. Seems like many of the same plights facing rural Alaskans are also affecting our largest city in the state.

  4. At the corner of Old Seward and King St., last Friday, there were 6+ Anchorage police cars parked in what used to be Giant Dons parking lot. Every time the traffic light turned red, there was a plain clothes “everyman” walking up and down the line of stopped vehicles, looking into the windows. Turns out, it was a sting operation against drivers that had the temerity to be in their car without “buckling up”. When the plain clothes dude saw anyone without a seatbelt, he would get on his “concealed” radio and call one of the police parked there. When the light turned green, here came the cops, lights awhirl, speedily handing out tickets for not wearing a seatbelt. I was in a shop near where “Harley’s” restaurant is/was, and observed the police, aggressively pursuing citizens in their cars for the “crime” of being unbelted, for quite some time. There’s a sample of “crime fighting” by the “new cops”. Disgusting. There had been all sorts of crimes reported during the past several days, but instead of pursuing those real criminals, the police were pursuing those dastardly un-belters. Be proud of how your tax $$ is being spent, Anchorage citizens. That’s probably the best you’ll get for it.

    How about a quote from Will Rogers?: “Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for”. Have a nice day.

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