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Yikes! State economist says number of North Slope workers are back to 2005 level

Neal Fried, an economist for the State of Alaska, says the number of employees working on the North Slope are back down to the numbers of employees working there in 2005. There’s no recovery yet, as it takes longer in Alaska than in other oil-producing regions, he said.

Fried was a presenter at the opening of the Alaska Resource Development Council’s annual meeting, which is being held via teleconference this year.

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Fried also said that last year, Alaska experienced deflation, but this year has experienced record inflation.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Interesting…the chart shows North Slope employment went down under Trump but is increasing under Biden.

    • It went down under COVID, genius. It’s creeping up because Biden restricting supplies has raised the price of oil.

      • Oil prices are not from Biden restricting supply. He has only stopped or suspended new oil development on federal land. None of what was stopped would be on the market anyway. The high price of gas is related to higher demand. Oil production slowed during the initial phases of the pandemic and is slow to recover.

        • Wrong.
          The mere fact that Biden is recklessly and single mindedly pushing a strictly (solar/electric) economy, full bore, with no incentives to oil/gas, pretty much scared oil companies from investing very much especially in Alaska. Biden’s handlers wouldn’t even allow oil exploration up by Nuiqsut, which was approved under Trump.
          Btw, oil moves underground and gets depleted. If you stop oil development and exploration, you are literally telling oil companies what you have left is all your getting. Like having a bank account with a little money but with no income.

    • It down during the first year of the plague and now it’s risen slightly. Yeah, that must be Trumps fault. Rent free, baby.

    • Huh???
      Trump was president from 2017-2021 and employment according to this chart was in a downward trend under Obama, then stabilized under Trump and tanked when Biden took over and has not recovered. Not sure what your are looking at? If you are referring to the second chart, that depicts INFLATION and yeah Biden definitely kicked that one in high gear.

  2. What’s oil at now, about $80 per bbl. The Biden plan to disable this state is taking hold. Here in Juneau its spend, spend, spend, with decreasing revenues. Oh well, we can always raise property taxes.

  3. Biden and his appointees are most likely jumping for joy. They are doing their best to shut down oil production in America and Canada.

    The further from the railbelt of the urban lifestyle in Alaska, the more expensive it’s going to be for you.

    If you think wind turbines and solar panels are going to help you in the near future, more than they currently may be, take a look around you and post on here how this Administration in Washington DC is helping your community by buying oil from OPEC.

    Alaska’s economy is a Resource based economy. Our legislators are putting all the eggs into a Wall Street basket, which means less private industry to employ people. Our legislators think that the only way to invest our earnings from Wall Street is too grow government. That means taking the PFD from the people that spend the PFD, purchasing goods and services from the private sector.

    If you think this is smart, check out Black Friday and the Stock Market collapse that initiated the Great Depression.

    Wall Street is not to big to fail. If and when it happens again, the State of Alaska will have nothing but a leaking basket of scrambled eggs.

  4. 6,800 private enterprise workers directly on site on the slope engaged in natural resources extraction that drives the real wealth creation for the whole state. These are the real essential workers.
    Oil, mining, and fishing produce critical and tangible products that have actual value. We also have timber resources currently regulated to be wasted.
    Yet our “leaders” rely on speculative wealth generated and leveraged by Wall Street to finance a mass of state administrators. The majority of residents now rely on State “job” dependence, local government grant dependence and welfare dependence in a massive gamble that the Wall Street house of cards economy will continue. This mass of people produce nothing of value, contribute nothing of value, but expect to maintain a 1st world lifestyle. It is not enough that what little private enterprise remains supports the mass, the regulators seek to restrict this too.
    Aside from the immoral aspect of suppressing free enterprise, individual productivity and personal responsibility, this Wall Street dependent and controlled economic/regulatory system destroys a healthy society.
    Our children’s heritage and future opportunity has been taken away. A service based third world style economy is not a viable and thriving economy.

  5. Thanks Plugs Biden for shutting down Alaska’s oil production, ANWAR and All Federal Lands to Fracking, shutting down all Nuclear energy (no carbon) and in less than a year turned Amerika into a non Independent energy producer. You and your supporters hate a strong American economy.

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