Wrangell landslide photos


A slideshow of photos from the deadly Nov. 20 Wrangell landslide, provided by the Alaska Department of Public Safety. See more at this link:


  1. Devastating! All that ground cover and trees and it still happened. It makes you wonder where to build a house with some assurance of safety. For all of the high winds and power outages there is a lot to be thankful for if your house still is standing. Thanks for sharing the link. Such a beautiful area.

    • Lucky?! To have watched their neighbors, who include children, be fished from the landslide wreckage?! To watch a community mourn the loss of amazing people who weee gone in an instant, forced down into the cold sea water, pummeled by tree shrapnel and left to freeze in the night as the tide came in?! WilliamM you must not know anything about the reality of this devastation to say anything so ignorant. The road to that home is gone. Access to that home is gone. Neighbors are forever gone. Along with any sense of security or peace. Please recognize how damaging your inconsiderate comment is to the people who are there at all hours of the night, risking their life, soaked and cold, digging in the landslide with their hands to find the bodies of the beautiful family lost to this tragedy.

      • Good grief M. Take a pill. May no one dare say happy holidays to you this coming season unless they have a chair to sit in while you go off on them.
        With that said, please have a blessed holiday season.

      • Given your thorough description, I’d say that indeed they were lucky. If there house was 20-30 feet in the wrong direction then they would have suffered the horrible fate you’ve described.

      • They’re lucky to be alive. Perhaps you want equity but obviously it was not their time to go. Go in peace now.

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