There is so much for which to be thankful



On Thanksgiving in 2023, it is evident that the world is facing a multitude of challenges. There is a war in the Middle East, inflation at home, corruption among government officials, and widespread confusion regarding the biology of gender. In addition to these global issues, many of us also grapple with complex family situations. These challenges are shared by us all.

In Alaska, we contend with our own set of natural adversities, including unpredictable weather and shifting geology. While these occurrences are annual events, each year brings its own unique dangers. In recent times, we’ve experienced Typhoon Merbok battering the coast of Western Alaska, as well as incidents like landslides and rockslides in Haines and Skagway. Just this week, a deadly landslide occurred in Wrangell, and it’s been a heartbreaking week for many.

Residents of the Prince William Sound area are acutely aware of the potential devastation that could result from the large slope in the Barry Arm fjord. While the exact timing of its collapse remains uncertain, history tells us that, much like the 1958 Lituya Bay earthquake and tsunami, and the 1964 earthquake and tsunami, the forces of nature will ultimately prevail. After all, this is Alaska, a land in the perpetual process of reshaping itself.

(On that note, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our first responders, including our police and firefighters, paramedics, emergency room professionals, and those diligently monitoring the switchboards and computers that keep our lights on today.)

In the midst of our tumultuous and ever-changing world, some individuals with excessive free time have sought to undermine Thanksgiving by instilling guilt over a tradition rooted in gratitude and family togetherness. Websites like Greenmatters claim that “Thanksgiving Glorifies the Abhorrent Colonization of Indigenous Peoples.”

It is clear that the Left is downplaying Thanksgiving, as if it were a source of shame. There is a noticeable decline in the once cherished national holiday’s recognition.

However, for those of us who cherish this tradition, we will persevere. The world has always been a complex place, filled with conflicts, dangers, and trials. Like those who came before us, we practice humility and express gratitude for all that is virtuous, benevolent, and nourishing to both body and spirit. We offer thanks for our families and, when separated from them, we are immensely grateful for the friends who stand by our side and fill the role of family in our lives.

Here at Must Read Alaska, our gratitude extends to all our readers and supporters. As we undergo a transition in ownership and transform this news platform into something that will endure for generations, it is Alaskans like you who have built something worth preserving for conservative news and perspectives. Our appreciation for you is a daily practice.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Suzanne Downing, founder and managing editor


  1. Happy Thanksgiving and make lots of beautiful memories
    with you families. We need them now more than ever 🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸

    • Hallelujah, Kirk! Thank the Lord, it’s only for one day: there will be plenty of time later to bash each other. (For many at the Road House, the real feeling of brotherhood sinks in following the second bottle of wisdom: why waste any time?)

  2. A gratitude spirit looks more attractive on a person than one with a complaining spirit.

    Thanksgiving is time to remember all the good that came our way because of the Lord’s goodness made it come. Even during the troubles He was there going through it with us just as He was there with like pilgrims of Plymouth Rock and Squanto before, after, and future. Non believers of God don’t know, yet, what Christians see why the pilgrims and Squanto could be friends and why through all their own hardships they didn’t turn away from God. Just as todays events they had all reasons to turn away too however the tests their lives endured strengthened their faith.
    Non believers need the believers to focus on life matters so perhaps one day they can have an example to look toward of a person or people choosing Life over death.

  3. Great full for the hope that corruption will finally be revealed! Obama, Biden, you bet they are wicked! Here at home we have our own deep state crap as well. You Susanne along with your corporate buddies like porcarro and damboski have been covering for the deep state! Illumination of the wickedness by dunleavy and his administration including his department of health and human services, his AG, OCS, etc will hopefully be brought to court and tried in our own Nuremberg trials 2.0!
    I can’t wait and I’m deeply great full!

  4. Alaskans celebrate Thanksgiving today with the rest of the country. I am grateful to my family, my friends, fellow Alaskans and all the farmers who grow the food we eat. The bounty we have here is incredible. I look for Alaskan Grown food everywhere.
    As you celebrate today, please remember to thank the farmers who grow our food.

  5. Amen! This is a Holy Day set aside to stop and be thankfull for every blessing. Eat, drink and be merry my fellow Alaskans!

  6. Thanksgiving blessings to Alaskans and those who take the time with their talent to keep free speech out in the open. Thankful for every adventurous person in history that by blood, sweat and tears helped create and maintain our country. Thanks to the designer and her spirit to share all issues of our people in Alaska and beyond. Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful Suzanne!

  7. anybody else have one more helping than they should have?
    Right now I’m grateful it’s my wife’s turn to do the dishes.

  8. THANK YOU Suzanne – been reading your work since nearly the beginning, if not the actual first newsletter.
    As our Nation and State turn further and further from God, it is no wonder many downplay the importance of the Thanksgiving holiday – to whom does the atheist give thanks? Are atheists even capable of gratitude? Perhaps in some small measure… This is not Turkey Day – a paean to Gluttony – it is a day proclaimed by multiple Presidents to be a Day of Thanksgiving to Almighty God (Washington and Lincoln come to mind first).
    I am thankful – we are blessed beyond measure!

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