Word police: Stanford wants you to stop saying ‘American’


Stanford University has entered the brave new world of language policing. Only you can’t use the word “brave” in this colorful new world. You can’t say “tribe.” You can’t say “he,” but should say “they” to refer to s singular male.

The university wants its campus community to stop using certain words and use other words that it says are not offensive. For instance, people should not say dumb, and should not say someone is an addict. They should not say someone committed suicide, when it’s more accurate, according to Stanford, that they “died by suicide.”

Among the more controversial entries in the new language guideline is the discouragement of the word “American.” Instead, the university wants you to use the word “US citizen.” Why? “This term often refers to people from the United States only, thereby insinuating that the US is the most important country in the Americas (which is actually made up of 42 countries).”

This “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative” is a project to address what the campus sees as harmful language in IT at Stanford in fulfillment of the “Statement of Solidarity and Commitment to Action” published by the Stanford CIO Council and People of Color in Technology group in December 2020.

The goal is to eliminate many forms of harmful language, including racist, violent, and biased (e.g., disability bias, ethnic bias, ethnic slurs, gender bias, implicit bias, sexual bias) language in Stanford websites and code, the university report states.

Some of the words that are now discouraged are:

addict – say person with a substance abuse disorder

addicted – say hooked, devoted

basket case – say nervous

blind review – say anonymous review

blind study – say masked study

committed suicide – say died by suicide

confined to a wheelchair – say person who uses a wheelchair

crazy – say surprising/wild

cripple or crippled – person with a disability

dumb – say non-vocal, non-verbal

handicap parking – say accessible parking

insane – say surprising or wild

lame – say boring or uncool

mentally ill – say a person living with a mental health condition

OCD – say detail-oriented

The list goes on. You cannot say “Karen,” but should say “demanding or entitled White woman,” the document says.

Read all about the dumbing down of America by the language police at Stanford University at the PDF below:


  1. I’ll say what I want until the police bust down my door and haul me to the ditch to be shot in the head and be rolled down the bank to the bottom of the pit. Wake up America! (I’m old, so maybe I’ll get the magic needle). Snort!

  2. Whenever anyone corrects my speech I tell them if they don’t like it they can suck it. Pretty simple. Speech control is mind control, don’t let it happen to you or those you love.

  3. Stanford used to be a really good university.

    Now these woke morons not only want to suppress free speech, they want to limit the words we use, and how we say them? What a joke.

  4. Heretofore we shall substitute the clearly harmful word ‘Stanford’ with the far more appropriate and by our command, socially acceptable word, ‘Transford’.

  5. I wish I had time in my day to sit and think up all this nonsense. Some parent (or birthing persons) are paying over $100K per year for they to write and learn this garbage. Not sure what they’ll do when they graduate, maybe become a staffer for Kamala.

    • My grand nephew was accepted at five institutions of “higher learning” after recent graduation from high school. Stanford was one of them. He turned it down. I have yet to know which one he accepted. Maybe I’ll find out during the holidays.

  6. All these ivy legue universities have always been Stupid- there! it missed one- its graduates nullified numbed by one’s wealth and pride. They can’t tell people what can and should be said. I told my child once when they corrected my everyday language only to get my response, ” i’m not speaking to the Governor, i don’t need to change my everyday language. Correcting or fixing ones language is disrespectful, your stupid english teacher is predjudice by their democrat ideology that’s why you no longer go to that stupid school.” you have different people, regions, nations, you going to find different ways of speech. A universal speech, it is colonialism.

  7. Problem with appointing us-man- to leadership is we are appointed with our Sin nature and we
    can be just as
    worse and Worser than leaders before us- increased tyranny like law enforcement for speech.

  8. Americans are allowing this by not fighting against it. Allowing these woke idiots to be ruled by their “feelings”! Most of us parents teach our children self control and self discipline, and actually disciplined our children for bad behavior, we did not coddle them and their “feelings”. We treat our children with respect and dignity and insist they do likewise, try to do the same now that you are an adult. Vote for conservatives who will fight against this woke mob, do not tolerate woke behavior wherever you are, and do not engage in any shouting matches. The first person to lose their temper, loses the fight. Remain an adult, stop the woke and commie behavior everywhere you go. None of us are are responsible for the color of our eyes or skin, the place of our birth or our heritage. Love the skin you are in! Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, and a very happy new year to us all.

      • Mine too when I’m driving on the Glenn Highway at a reasonable speed in a snowstorm in the right lane, and a monster pickup barrels up behind me with super bright LED headlights glaring! (They are blinding in certain conditions and should be illegal). Snort!

  9. So, with all of these suggestions from our esteemed educational institutions, why does the Anchorage school district still classify its slow learning students as retards.

  10. American American American come and get me Stanford . It’s called freedom of speech given to us by the constitution. Try teaching that instead of BS.

  11. Growing up I was told

    ” Sticks and Stones will hurt my Bones, But words will never Harm Me”

    If you wonder why all the changes are coming about, you need to look no further than our Colleges and Universities. Just think parents are paying to have their children brainwashed,

  12. Even here on MRA, there are posters who make statements about how Trumps language was harmful, or that we need to change our terms for people and subjects in order to ‘not offend them’. Even have people, right here, that claim other countries have lower opinions of the U.S. because of something that was spoken.
    Sorry, but those people are just stupid. We do modify the specific wording in accordance to the setting, (i.e. ‘i cannot agree with that statement’ in a resturaunt, instead of ‘you’re a dumba**’ in front of your friends). But notice that the point of the statement remains the same. Very few words in the American version of the English language are truly SO offensive that they need to be avoided. Heated words spoken in private are never a reason for termination. And, I’ve been on both sides of those conversations. Give the other person credit for keeping it a private conversation. If you don’t like the specific words of a politician in a speech or at a rally, the first thing you should consider is whether you have EVER liked that politician. That answer is a resounding NO.

    Which brings me to this subject of any institution banning specific words. Completely ludicrous. Banning words, citing euphemistic use, is akin to sweeping the sand off a beach in a windstorm. All words/phrases that might not be acceptable in a setting of any give type have innocent sounding substitutes. Think of the never ending list of words used to indicated sexual attributes or acts. Are places like stanford prepared to eliminate all of those words? If they do, I’ll give the population about thirty seconds to replace them with more words. See the stupidity of all this?

    • The only thing harmed by Trumps language was his re-election bid. Give Karens something else to complain about.

      We used to be a nation of laws governed by grownups. No longer. We are post Constitutional, post sanity, and way post logic. Sadly we’ve been banning words for decades. N-word, B-word, on and on. Yet somehow George Carlins 7 deadly words are acceptable in polite discourse.

      A buddy of mine said a few weeks ago our society has gotten so sick he thinks the radical Muslims could be right. We are so culturally corrupt this society does need to come down.

      In 7 decades on this planet I’ve seen society go from nuclear families, high education standards, and most personal kinks were practiced indoors to drag queens in libraries, stupid kids in indoctrination centers, and drug use everywhere.

  13. John Elway would be ashamed of what his school has become. So if you use one of these so-called derogatory terms, are you going to be blacklisted or have a little check mark next to your name on the enrollment sheet so that libtard instructors know to fail you in their course? Of course there’s always that pesky first amendment lurking around. I guess Stanford forgot about that.

        • Ha. John Elway. That name brings to mind several memory associations: orange jerseys and cobalt blue, Dineen Chevrolet, a chimpanzee changing oil for Valvoline TV commercial, Joe Montana, Bill Lagatutta, Andrea Joyce, Jeane Schultheis et al. But, seriously, I think some of the word associations help people realize that other folks are people before they are named any other medical condition than that of ‘alive and kicking’. Most folks with diabetes have a time in their lives before they could (offensively) be called, “hey, you diabetic over there” so, why not say they are a person with diabetes?

  14. The Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative is a “multi-phase” project of Stanford’s IT leaders. The list took “18 months of collaboration with stakeholder groups” to produce, the university tells us. We can’t imagine what’s next, except that it will surely involve more make-work for more administrators, whose proliferation has driven much of the rise in college tuition and student debt. For 16,937 students, Stanford lists 2,288 faculty and 15,750 administrative staff.

  15. An elite university is seemingly walking back a rigid campus language code two days after it was rolled out to widespread criticism.

    Stanford University appeared to have removed mention of its “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative” from its website as of Monday, according to The Washington Free Beacon. The initiative was a product of the university’s IT department.

  16. These “nervous” “non-vocal, non verbal” woke “devoted” are “wild” and “living with a mental health condition”

  17. Imagine, the Hoover Institute calls Stanford University home! It won’t be long before we “sanitize” Chaucer and Shakespeare or simply ban their works! Then we’ll move right along into giving all those who “qualify” frontal lobotomies!

  18. Or if you offer to take some time to support a community commission and have made pointed, oppositional viewpoints differentthan an exiting servant in a small population state – an otherwise nondescript person as a last act opposed your nomination and willingness to support a commission you care about. “American”? Not so much.

  19. Everything is “ok”. Every first generation with a culture from a different nation complains about the homogenation process of shared experiences in public education that gives one, his kid, an identity as an ‘American”.

  20. Ah, well. An intellectually challenged fornicate is always an intellectually challenged fornicate, no matter the level of supposed higher education, or supposed institution of said higher education.

    Said such must actually unlearn what was known inherently as a first-year student within kindergarten, who are actually wiser within their honesty than the same students 13 years down the road after said supposed higher education.

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