Sullivan votes no on $1.7 trillion omnibus spending monster, while Murkowski votes yes


Alaska U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan voted against the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill today, filled with controversial earmarks and gun control measures. Sen. Lisa Murkowski voted in favor of it, and it passed on a vote of 68-29 for the 4,155-page appropriation package.

Sullivan released the following statement:

“End of year omnibus votes are always difficult because of the looming threat of a government shutdown and the fact that some of the provisions in these bills inevitably are ones that benefit Alaska. However, these massive spending bills are usually crafted through backroom deals with no debate and no time for Senators to do their appropriate due diligence on what is actually in them. This dysfunctional process is not worthy of the country and people we represent.

“There are a number of things in this bill that I support and strongly advocated for, such as robust funding for our military to counter the threats of this new era of authoritarian aggression led by Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping. Specifically, this bill increases defense spending by $45 billion above the President’s anemic request, which is something I fought for as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and will continue the significant buildup of the U.S. military in Alaska. This bill also addresses other important Alaska priorities, including items I authored and coauthored, like the Alaska Salmon Research Task Force Act, the Visit America Act, language granting the University of Alaska’s land transfer, and funding to provide disaster relief for Alaska fishermen.

“However, this is a more than $1.7 trillion dollar spending bill consisting of 4,155 pages, with thousands more in supporting documents, negotiated and agreed to only by House and Senate leadership, and their staff. We were given approximately 48 hours to read and analyze it. Decisions were made behind closed doors, many of which are clearly beyond the expertise of those making them, and the legislative process once again provided no meaningful opportunity for further input from Senators. 

“Case in point: The final package we’ve been asked to support undermines national security in the Arctic by cutting funding for the building of Polar Security icebreakers and striking funding for the purchase of an icebreaker that the Coast Guard is planning to home-port in Juneau. This was a priority for the Alaska delegation. We have worked hard to get both the Trump and Biden administrations to support these critical American Arctic assets, and we were able to get them included in President Biden’s budget request, as well as in appropriation and authorization bills. But in the final hours of this opaque omnibus process, these funds were removed. By whom and for what reason, is not clear. This decision could further set back our nation’s ability to provide persistent presence in the Arctic for years. This is a major disappointment for our state and country. 

“As I have repeatedly emphasized, we need to fix our broken budget process that is not serving our military, government or the American people well.” 

Sullivan has a reputation for wanting to read the bills he votes on. This bill was the equivalent of more than three of Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

In addition to Sen. Murkowski, 16 other Republicans voted for the passage of the bill, including: Blunt, Boozman, Capito, Collins, Cornyn, Cotton, Graham, Inhofe, McConnell, Moran, Portman, Romney, Rounds, Shelby, Wicker, and Young.


  1. Although Murkowski and Sullivan are both great senators (Double Barrel Shotgun) for the Great State of Alaska, retrieving Alaska’s fair share, Sullivan on the national level likes to shoot pool with a rope 😉

  2. Cotton surprises me. But I did just hear he’s decided again a POTUS run. Maybe a chance to reward his owners via unbelievable graft.

    Frankly it’s getting hard to care anymore. This farce will go on until we end it by the ballot or by revolution.

    • He always polls around 3% for POTUS nominee among Republicans, so I guess he felt he had nothing to lose betraying us in the Grand Old Party tradition of screwing the voters who put him in office.

      Dan Sullivan hasn’t quite gotten there 100% yet.

  3. If you’ve seen the garbage in this bill you would puke.
    It’s about as anti-American as it gets.
    That’s why Murkowski voted for it. I’m suprised mini-me Sullivan didn’t.

  4. According to Jesse Kelly, Senator Murkowski had 19 earmarks in this Omnibus bill. Of course she would vote for this porcine laden abomination.

  5. Traitors to Fiscal Conservatism:

    Blunt (R-MO)
    Boozman (R-AR)
    McConnell (R-KY)
    Moran (R-KS)
    Murkowski (R-AK)

    • Each one of the above are all afraid of Mitch McConnell. They are the Mafia boss’s lieutenants. Thanks solely to RCV, we have Lisa Murkowski, who is dumber than Frankie, and a stoolie for the Democrats. Apparently, she loves to be bullied, just not by House Husband.

      • True, Ted. Lisa told me that if I ever got in her way, she would kick me overboard. I just keep smiling, wearing my shorts and sandals year round, drinking a lot, and counting our retirement money. So glad my last name isn’t spelled Murkowski.

    • NINE RINOS Help Pass PORK:

      The nine include Reps. John Katko (NY), Chris Jacobs (NY), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), Fred Upton (MI), Rodney Davis (IL), Jaime Herrera Beutler (WA), Steve Womack (AR), Adam Kinzinger (IL), and Liz Cheney (WY).

      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was the only Democrat “no” vote. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) voted present.

    • They are more than traitors to fiscal sanity; they are traitors to this Republic! This bill was to give the middle finger to all American’s because it has language added that set in place a way to change the electoral college and how it works to give voter fraud an edge. It also set in place 12-gun control measures not the least of which bribes States to implement the Red Flag laws for money. It also launders another 45 billion dollars of taxpayer money through the corrupt Ukrainian government. Zelensky is extorting our politicians for more money, or he will expose their crimes that he has the evidence of in Ukraine. See how this works? Ukraine is the epicenter of the Deep State financial network where our money disappears to make them rich and payoff their friends. The United States government is so corrupt, it is now a criminal syndicate that ignores the will of the people. Congrats America, you have lost control of your government and if the courts or military do not step in to fix this, we are in big trouble.

  6. Well I’m glad he voted ‘No’. This should have been a CR and been debated after the first of the year.

    But whoever he has writing his statements is doing him no favors. The statements explains that he voted ‘No’ and did so because of backroom deals and no public debate. Makes sense. Then it goes on to whine about not bringing enough pork home to Alaska.

    Dan! As a U.S. senator, you should understand that your concern over national interests such as military spending, ice breakers, and the fact that this is an omnibus bill instead of an actual budget, is right there in your wheelhouse. Chase down those details and fight for the betterment of our country.

    But, complaining about not getting the money you want, to study salmon in Alaska, is an insult to our intelligence. That’s a state issue, Dan. How about you spend some more effort in D.C. keeping the feds from taking so much of our money from Alaska, so we can spend OUR money on the projects that benefit OUR state. Otherwise, we’ll end up, time and again, hat in hand, asking D.C. for some spending money

    • Sullivan didn’t take a stand. Now that he got his Commie team in place (Murkowski and Peltola), he goes back to pretending to be a conservative because he knows most Alaska Republicans have a memory that lasts about 48 hours, and he knows you’ll all go back and vote for his sorry tail again.

  7. Nice to see Dan with some common sense though it may be a little late. We all knew Lisa would be for it. She’s a Democrat so she loves this stuff and probably gets a skim. Doesn’t look like she’s going to repay her FTX monies either.

  8. Wait, it had gun control in it? Is this the bill that they try banning all guns without anyone noticing? Which guns does it ban? Why on Earth would ANY republican vote for this??? If this is true this is the nullificaiton of the constitution right under our very eyes!

  9. America would have been better off with a shutdown than with this monstrous bill.
    I am glad that Sullivan at least read the bill and voted against it rather than follow the CYA herd like Murky does.
    What a sad day for Alaska and America! Shame on you Lisa!

  10. Thank You Dan. Like John Kennedy stated The Omnibus Bill is PORN For sure the Alaskan Democrat Lisa Murkowski would vote for it. We do not have a country anymore. Love the money over 3 million for the Michelle Obama’s trail in Georgia. The Democrats leaving the congress got 1.7 billion for what they wanted.
    When does this end? Are we not close to being bankrupt. Oh no, just keep the money printers going.

  11. We can always count on Princess Lisa to run to the defense of the corrupt and sociopathic status-quo power structure. It is apparently her life’s mission to be a abject lackey for The Swamp.

  12. Dang! Just when you write Sullivan off, he does something right! I’m not saying I’ll ever support his candidacy again, but… I applaud Senator Sullivan in voting no on this porky bill!

  13. It’s GREAT that Dan is addressing the issues that he feels are important to further his bills for what he considers to be his job – bringing home the bacon for Alaska. To large majority of Americans he is a just another mealy mouthed politician that is ignoring the big deal and patting himself on the back while not saying a word about how our County is being intentionally collapsed by runaway spending by both sides of the aisle, Remember, not one senator tried to stop this by filibustering it, they just added their pork to it to try to pretend they are doing their job. What about the OATH you took DAN ? YOU AREN”T DOING IT dude !
    Killing the Golden Goose (America) is what you pledged to protect against from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  14. The US spends more on defense than the next 8 countries spend on defense combined, and Sullivan calls that anemic?

  15. ““However, this is a more than $1.7 trillion dollar spending bill consisting of 4,155 pages, with thousands more in supporting documents, negotiated and agreed to only by House and Senate leadership, and their staff. We were given approximately 48 hours to read and analyze it.”

    Indeed. In fact, I’d call this taxation without representation.

  16. Sullivan vote yes to move the bill, then voted no on final passage. And many are thanking him for standing. You can’t make this up, these representatives do not represent the people. The people don’t vote most of them in, the machines select them. Stand anywhere you can, even in little ways. It’s only tyranny at this point but worse is soon to follow.

      • 70% of the voters in exit polls show they vote for change, but outcomes do not reflect it.
        Counting stops in the middle of the night in multiple states and the next several days mirror each other in final results.
        The evidence goes on and on with thousands of sworn affidavits by whistleblowers pointing out fraud.
        The machine companies are denying all attempts to see the source codes that would prove fair or fraudulent elections.
        If your serious about election evidence look for yourself, stay away from npr and the other propaganda sources.

  17. Those who voted for this insanity hate the United States. We are being invaded- now to the tune of 10,000 people every day. These invaders do not speak our language, share our customs, or even pretend to care that breaking into our country is illegal. Many have criminal backgrounds. Our cities are being flooded with this invasion, and the total POS president does not care. In this $1.7 tillion dollar pork fest, there is language that actually encourages this invasion. Rep. Roy of of Texas said it best:

    “What is more important than sitting down here on the floor and highlighting the fraud being perpetrated on the American people right before our eyes? A complete and utter disastrous fraud, endorsed by 18 Republican senators…I hope none of my Republican colleagues in this chamber, but we’ll see. A bill that will fundamentally limit our ability to secure the border, it’s actually in the dang bill. They don’t even pretend anymore, ladies and gentlemen. They don’t even try to hide it. They actually put the text in the bill that says this money cannot be used to secure the border of the United States, it can only be used to process people. That is in the text of this bill. Let me be clear to those 18 United States Senators: that alone, that alone should have been enough to have you vote no on this bill. And yet you voted for it.”

    “Mike Lee dared to try to do something about that. Oh, and you should have seen the wailing and gnashing of teeth. ‘What are you going to do? We don’t want to be here until Christmas.’ Why don’t you tell that to George Washington and the boys crossing the Delaware in 1776? Or the boys in Bastogne in 1944? What were they doing on Christmas? Were they trying to fly out of the nation’s capitol in their jets back to their homes, run their warm fireplaces, so they can be with their families after they absolutely just royally screwed the country and their kids and grandkids? Because that’s what they just did. That’s what this body, this House chamber, the people’s house is going to do.”

  18. At this point, it really doesn’t matter how Sullivan votes. After shilling for Murkowski’s re-election, EVERY SINGLE VOTE SHE TAKES SHOULD BE IMPUTED TO HIM. He is responsible for her votes too, because he chose to help a Senator get back in who he knew would cancel out his vote. Dump #DeepStateDan!

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