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Women’s History Month features a great male rioter from New York City

Now that it’s March, it’s Women’s History Month, and the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault wants to highlight women leaders, such as Vice President Kamala Harris, and rioter Marsha P. Johnson.

The social media graphic that made the rounds on Facebook started with a post from Sitkans Against Family Violence, which also celebrates Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, Katherine Johnson, Toni Morrison, and Stacey Abrams for their accomplishments.

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Who is this Marsha P. Johnson, and why is she being celebrated for rioting?

Marsha is actually a man. Born Malcolm Michaels Jr., he was a gay liberation activist and drag queen who was prominent in the Stonewall uprising in 1969, and who was a founding member of the Gay Liberation Front and Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries. He performed drag with the group “Hot Peaches.”

The history books refer to the Stonewall riot as an uprising of gay activists in New York City, but in fact it was a several-day violent clash, where gay patrons of the Stonewall Inn fought police, who were trying to shut down the gay bar in Greenwich Village.

In Johnson’s hometown of Elizabeth, N.J., gay rights activists are trying to have the statue of Christopher Columbus removed and replaced with a statue of Johnson, who died in 1992.

It had to happen sooner or later. Not only are women being celebrated for rioting in 2021, but men who identify as women are now being celebrated as women rioters during Women’s History Month.

Funded by public money, including state and federal tax receipts, the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault’s members are the 23 domestic violence and sexual assault victim service agencies within Alaska. 

Here’s the public awareness message from the two domestic violence groups in Alaska in honor of Women’s History Month:

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Well…if they are stupid enough to include a biological male as one of their honorees, guess I know what organization(s) will be losing donor dollars, especially if they are honoring a violent person.

    • Please don’t pick click give to these organizations. Men are not women. It is womens history month, not imposters in womens clothing. It is for actual Women that have made a difference that should be remembered and celebrated. It is too soon to celebrate newly elected women because they don’t have enough of a history for “good” yet.

  2. Interesting article that conflates fact and fiction. You’re trying to drum up anger over celebrating a trans woman who stood up for change and tolerance. Just because it doesn’t fit your, admittedly narrow and highly hostile world view, doesn’t give you credence to attempt to tear down a woman who deserves to be celebrated for standing up against the inhumane treatment of people like her.

    • A woman is XX, a man is XY (hate to burst your bubble). With so many real difficulties facing the world today, why do some insist on wasting time on stupid garbage like this? One day we will truly face crisis and while some stand to deal with it, too many will quiver like Jello while they try to figure which potty to use.

    • “doesn’t give you credence to attempt to tear down a woman”

      Except that as clearly stated above, Malcolm was in fact…..NOT a woman.
      You can put as many dresses and as much lipstick as you want on him, and he is(was) still a man, so your lying actually demolishes your own idiotic, narrow, and highly hostile world view……

    • Why can’t this person be honored in their own right if what happened helped? Why does a man who wants to be a women but isn’t being honored as a women? Women are now the lowest people in out country. What happened to women’s and girls’ rights? They are being thrown under the bus for “social justice”? Right!

    • I stand up for peaceful assembly of Americans and Alaskans inhumanly treated by violent leftist cointel-pro conspirators, like the ones who created the mayhem Jan 6.

      That includes Alex Jones and black cube. No Policeman was bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher. You people, and I use the word loosely, Have No Shame! Will stop at nothing and stoop to any filthy trick in the book!

      But feel free to peacefully make fools of yourselves. However, planting bombs is not what I call peaceful.

      • MRAK has edited my comment because apparently trannyboy from Thailand is an ethnic slur and a supposition. Is this abridging my first amendment. Who arbitrates what constitutes hate speach? If you wanted to edit an ethnic slur you should have censored Blackcube as well.

        • I arbitrate it, Joeb, and am trying to provide a civil discourse here. First Amendment refers to government abridging, not me. – sd

    • And you abide by facts? Truth? How about science? Whom here is ‘conflating facts with fiction?’ Seriously? Is Marsha Johnson a woman? Dig deep here and don’t deny the facts or proven science. This award recognition is for women. Biological women. Show me the DNA proving that Johnson is factually a woman. Marsha/Malcom is free to pretend to be whomever he wants but that does not make him biologically a woman. This is a slam against women. All women. You are part of the lie that is actually canceling out identity not upholding it. You are not “woke” but very much “asleeep”.

  3. “Marsha is actually a man. Born Malcolm Michaels Jr., he was a gay liberation activist and drag queen who was prominent in the Stonewall uprising in 1969, and who was a founding member of the Gay Liberation Front and Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries. He performed drag with the group “Hot Peaches.”

    These are the same people that say they are for women’s rights, yet highlight some drag queen transgender as a BLACK female for WOMEN’S HISTORYwhen they are not a female at all. It is nauseating to watch this garbage unfolding in our nation. This is where we are Alaska and America. We are allowing gender confused men in locker rooms of girls and bathrooms of the same. Violent members of the black community bullying people at every turn for their views, like the mafia threatning folks who stand their ground… As far as Iam concerned, BLM and the LGBTs are our enemies and are doing FAR more harm to our kids and young people than we realize. We have a dementia ridden president who thinks that is ok. Right has become wrong, and wrong is now right. Absolutely, no way do they hold women in any regard other than a stepping stone to whatever freak they have going on that day. Unmoral beyond any belief. This is not the Alaska nor the nation I was born into. This is some sort of frigging horror story…. Heading quick into “1984”.

    • I agree. There are other great women from our past to celebrate like: Condoleezza Rice, Nancy Reagan, Melania Trump, etc.

  4. This TIME is the only time when they can recieve their glory. So, I guess let them have it and enjoy it. Although its not enough they are living in sin that they have to encourage and corrupt others to live it too?
    I think its past time AK women Republicans groups begin a little project create our own list of Alaskan natural women and girls making their own contribution toward women rights and safety.
    While SAFV wasted their time reminding us who we already known, they could had made a new list of local Alaska women and girls. I remember hearing a story about Tlingit woman the cecilia kunz. She was the one who worked to have the women prisoners segregated from the men prisoners at LCCC. Is that someone local bettering women’s lives here?

    We Alaskans don’t know our state’s history let alone American History and SAFV director, staff and volunteers are no different. These figures have become talking points, figurines one brings out like a trophy because of not knowing who else to bring out. Boring! Women deserve better, we are not history!

  5. Why not? Society is falling. The sooner we hit bottom the sooner sane people can build a new society.

  6. Call me ignorant but, my celebration of a woman begins with her ability to bring a life into being. Without a womb you just don’t get into such an elite club, wearing a dress isn’t enough…

  7. There have been deeply researched and well reasoned treatments of the Stonewall Uprising in NYC in 1969 (Suzanne Downing’s sophomoric hot take is not one of them). The gay, lesbian, and transgender community had long been targeted by the NYPD and routinely had their freedom of association and speech violently suppressed by law enforcement, often at the request of bigoted city leadership. Any reader of MRAK who claims to be conservative and purports to value freedom of association, speech, and expression should know well that these are our sacred rights and are worth defending. Marsha P. Johnson deserves our recognition for standing up for herself and her community. No one deserves to be targeted because of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, or gender expression. You’re free to argue otherwise, but you’ll be doing so on the wrong side of that handy little creed: and justice for all.

  8. These so-called minority groups get full months of recognition. Is there even an outside chance for middle-age and older White males to get ONE DAY?

  9. So March is Women’s History month and this indicates that all honorees are either black and/or male? Wow, so Caucasian women, Native women, Hispanic women, Indian women, Asian women made no contribution to the planet? Are we THAT far through the looking glass? Why can’t we stop identify politics and hold up the character and accomplishments of a person regardless of the color of their skin, sex or other divider? These months of celebrating our differences only serve for further divide us. Once I’d like to see us celebrate traits instead of colors – Intelligence Month, Ingenuity month, Innovation Month, Audacity Month, Courage Month, Bravery Month, Kindness Month, Compassion Month, etc. Select people to honor based on their actions – not the color of their skin, but the content of their character.

  10. Would appreciate you reporting on Dr. William Cox’s letter in the Nome Nuggeteer 2/25 as it relates to gov D political hit job! All told I’m glad to see Ben go. Nome has seen enough of Bambi Tyree filth being covered up.

  11. Male = Boy
    Female = girl

    Mary gave birth to baby Jesus
    He will save us from all this craziness

  12. Kamala Harris and the word “uniter” should never be used in the same sentence, she is anything but a leader. One look at her past and how she got here tells you everything you need to know about her.

  13. If this is supposed to be Women’s History Month, whey aren’t there any white, Hispanic, Native American, Asian women pictured?

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