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Biden orders girls’ and women’s sports, restrooms, locker rooms open to males

On his first day of office, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that attempts to eliminate discrimination based on gender identity.

The order makes it clear that an entity receiving federal funding may not deny access, services, employment, or participation to anyone based on their gender or how they express their identity.

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That includes allowing boys to participate and compete with girls in sports competitions, and to use their locker rooms.

“Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports,” the order reads, in part.

Read this presidential order here.

Title IX permits schools to create single-sex teams for girls, meaning that girls have the right to compete on a single-sex team for girls or to participate on a coeducational team.

The new order means boys can now choose to compete against girls at all levels, even beyond puberty, where their physical strength becomes a distance athletic advantage.

The order also may prohibit homeless shelters for women from denying a bed to transgender men.

In Anchorage, the Downtown Soup Kitchen / Hope Center was sued by the City of Anchorage for denying entry to a man who wanted to be sheltered in the women’s shelter. The Hope Center, with Alliance for Defending Freedom, fought it in court and won.

Biden’s order instructs federal agencies to reinterpret federal laws and regulations that prohibit sex discrimination—including Title IX—to include gender identity so that women and girls are no longer protected in sports, locker rooms, and other contexts:

“Unfortunately, the Biden administration wasted no time in demanding policies that gut legal protections for women by denying female athletes fair competition in sports, ignoring women’s unique health needs, and forcing vulnerable girls to share intimate spaces with men who identify as female. Under a similar policy ADF is challenging in  Connecticut, two males identifying as girls have taken 15 women’s state championship titles, depriving numerous female athletes of medals, advancement opportunities, and fair competition. This isn’t equality, and it isn’t progress. President Biden’s call for ‘unity’ falls flat when he seeks to hold those receiving federal funds hostage if they don’t do tremendous damage to the rights, opportunities, and dignity of women and girls,” said the Alliance for Defending Freedom.

“And the damage doesn’t stop there. Where similar policies have already been enacted through state or local laws, they’ve also repeatedly been used to force Americans to celebrate events and speak messages that violate their core beliefs. Males and females are different and ignoring that truth doesn’t erase reality. Americans deserve better than this new administration’s swift and ill-considered effort to wipe out long-standing protections for women and girls,” the organization said.

As a candidate, Biden promised many things for LGBTQ Americans, but never mentioned the ability of boys to compete with girls in girls’ sports or to be permitted to use their restrooms and locker rooms:

As President, Biden will stand with the LGBTQ+ community to ensure America finally lives up to the promise on which it was founded: equality for all. He will provide the moral leadership to champion equal rights for all LGBTQ+ people, fight to ensure our laws and institutions protect and enforce their rights, and advance LGBTQ+ equality globally. Biden will:

  • Protect LGBTQ+ people from discrimination.
  • Support LGBTQ+ youth.
  • Protect LGBTQ+ individuals from violence and work to end the epidemic of violence against the transgender community, particularly transgender women of color. 
  • Expand access to high-quality health care for LGBTQ+ individuals.
  • Ensure fair treatment of LGBTQ+ individuals in the criminal justice system.
  • Collect data necessary to fully support the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Advance global LGBTQ+ rights and development.
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Biden is just a talking head doing the bidding of his masters Kamala and Susan Rice. Pity for incompetent (and likely incontinent) old Joe. We are living the progressive dream. I want to see his MoCA (on which Trump scored 30/30).

  2. What will it take for at least half the people in this country to stand up and call “Foul!” on this travesty? Men should be calling this out too for the demeaning loss of dignity for women and girls in the intimate space of showers and bathrooms, and the gross lack of recognition of basic biological advantage that men have over women in competitive sports. Really–are we really now going to be forced to swallow the crap sandwich that there are no obvious differences between boys and girls and men and women? You cannot even reprogram their brains to think alike. In the words of all liberal activists everywhere: This is unacceptable!

    • Glenn, I am perplexed at your level of confusion on this matter. In case you did not realize, the largest demographic within the universe of leftist activists in general is women. Even female athletes, when confronted with the question of transgender competition, never speak against it directly and openly without reservation. They always hedge for fear of being labeled as a bigot. They are making their choices. They need to learn to live with them.

      • That “largest demographic within the universe of leftist activists” is still a very small minority. Their numbers have little statistical significance.
        I also think that “fear of being labeled as a bigot” is not a fair choice.

        • You said: :”That “largest demographic within the universe of leftist activists” is still a very small minority. Their numbers have little statistical significance.”
          This is correct. However, this is what makes it especially intolerable. When we consider all of these things that are happening, such as legislation being passed, bills, executive orders, etc., we see these things are all about appeasing and pacifying these incredibly small groups that would have been considered “fringe” and ‘outcasts” not that long ago. They have rewritten everything in order to accommodate what they have long been planning for this country – it’s truly alarming and terrifying. In the 1950s homosexuality was something that could get you arrested if you even poked a pinky toe outside of a closet – fast forward July 2015 and Obama’s rainbow lit white house after legalizing sodomite marriage nationwide. Few people truly grasp the evil that comes from the top down. There are more of us than them, we SHOULD be able to stand up and resist this depravity. Unfortunately, we have too many traitors in our midst who are so broken in character and moral backbone and pray to the god of materialism (and selling out) – the rest of us are suffering for it…for now?

          • It’s not fringe and outcasts, it’s all about appeasing males and capitulating to their feelings. Because, “Screw women!” is why. Same as it ever was.

        • 2010 Pew study confirms 56% of women view themselves as leftist while 44% of men do the same. Additionally, over 10-million more women than men vote in national elections L Lowen 2020. The arithmetic is easy Joseph. The small sliver of women athletes in the mix is viewed as dispensable by the average woman voter.

      • Mr. Coogan, you are speaking a truth that is, unfortunately, very uncomfortable for many. About the only pushback I’ve seen in the way of female sports is at the junior high/elementary level, and the coverage never makes it beyond local news – and even then, it gets a few minutes of air time and is quickly memory-holed. With the USA being so invested in athletics (get them started young and hoping for the big professional level payday), by high school years most young athletes, male and female alike, have already been coached in the “go along to get along” mentality if they have any ambition of moving on to the next level, getting scholarships, endorsements, contracts, etc. It’s all so criminally manipulative I struggle to find an appropriate word for it. I will settle on evil and trust it suffices.

    • The marines have a saying. Is this the hill you want to die on? In other words pick your battles. I think this would be a good hill. How can 2 or 3 very confused people be so pompous as to think they can change the rules for everyone else. I for one can’t wait to go to my county school board and have them give assurances that Biden can take a flying leap. He has earned a reputation for being unable to keep his hands off women and children, even knowing he is on camera. I hope everyone will visit your school board and tell, don’t ask. What keeps the females out of the men’s showers? Absolutely nothing! Let us ALL speak up and out.

    • Rob, I must correct you. We were “already heading in the wrong direction” 50-yrs ago when parents turned over the moral training of their children to unionized government bureaucracies (called public schools). What we are seeing now is the end result of that trend…. brainwashed adults.
      See 2Chron7:14.

    • Actually, this is what happens when your justice department, FBI, court system, supreme court, and congress all collectively turn a blind eye to clear indications of mass fraud. The corruption and tyranny has be revealed to any serious observer.

      • This is what happens when the DOJ, FBI, both houses of Congress, and now the Executive Branch are captured operations. We have been infiltrated and all but conquered from within by the CCP.

      • This is the result of the Deep State mission creep and the failure to drain the swamp! Cesspool. Septic Tank.

  3. Well girls’ sports is over. Looks like it’s going to be mixed from now on. what can we expect from a pervert commander-in-chief? Where was he in the 1970’s when we as high school boys wanted to share showers with the girls?

  4. Well all the democrats that were so blinded by their Trump hatred, can now enjoy the fruit of their labor.

  5. Any boy who wants to compete against females because it gives him a better chance of winning is a lower life-form anyway. All of this is unspeakably wrong. We are physically different, no matter what any hare-brained person says. You can pretend to be whatever you want to be, but when it comes to your physical composition (DNA), you are either physically male or physically female, and cutting of your ‘nads or breasts and taking hormones isn’t going to change any of that. Anyone who wants to argue against that is mentally challenged and needs psychological help in a big way.

    • Sorry Karen, you are so 1950s. Today they are normal and you warrant a ???phobic diagnosis (DSM-10) with medication and reeducation to bring you into their mainstream. Welcome to Demworld.

      • I, too, then, would be considered “so 1950s”…and that’s really sayin’ somethin’ considering I wasn’t around…I guess mentalities are ageless, however, eh?

        • There is always natural law, which you might bend from time to time but in the end it remains sovereign. With the inmates now running the asylum this is a good time to learn a second language, with the only decision being whether Chinese or Russian

      • So you don’t believe in science? Why is it that lefties tout science when it is in their favor but when it is not, they throw it right out the window?
        Even if you think you are a female, you will have the strength of a male. This is not opinion but scientific fact. Also, some women naturally have an excess amount of male genes and IOC test for that. Some women have been disqualified because of this.
        Males are physically superior to women (not superior just physically superior).
        You do realize that transgender females are smashing girls athletic records like crazy. Why is that?

    • It looks like leftism just killed feminism. Leftism is lethal to every other culture, value, concern, virtue, ethic, activity, or thought. It promises to fulfill the hopes of its slave ideologies instead it kills them and wears their skins as trophies. Just look at how they’ve eviscerated and Newspeaked MLKs “I Have a Dream.”
      Leftism is late late stage 4 cancer of the soul.

    • The constitution provides for people to engage in fantastical behavior. They then trample on the constitution by seeking to have you persecuted for criticizing their fantasies. The say you are using “hate speech” and it should be criminalized. Meanwhile, the majority quivers in fear of being demonized in that manner; they remain politically-correct and agreeable while our nation is driven over a cliff.

  6. This is only the beginning of four years of Biden’s executive directives. Hang on, it’s going to be a turbulent time until the next president replaces him in 2025.

    • Kamala’s 2nd Term? Unfortunately cheaters never win but as long as the can pretend to nobody else can either.

    • Oh are you delusional. He’s going to last at most 2 years and then medically retire ushering in President Harris. She will run and win 2024 and possibly 2028. It will take true conservatives to restructure the Republican party or form one of their own to combat this insanity.

  7. I heard Biden’s inaugural speech and he emphasized “UNITED” states of America as though his handlers knew that secession is a threat. Let’s make it true!!!

  8. At least one Democrat understands reality. Too bad she chose not to run this time.

    Democratic Hawaii Rep. and former 2020 Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard introduced a bill into the U.S. House of Representatives that would dictate Title IX protections for female athletes be based on biological sex—a term often used to refer to gender assigned to a person at birth—that advocates have decried as inherently transphobic.

  9. Remember some months ago when a string of boys started to enter a women’s bathroom in a Fairbanks school and the first boy in got his cajones kicked up under his chin? I believe that girl who did the kicking got suspended. Heheh!

      • The four behind him suddenly decided they didn’t need to take a leak. And why would “this administration” want to get involved in such a fiasco? Further, how could this girl have known his intention just because he had his peepee out?

  10. Let Alaska be the first to threaten to secede to make change under this administration.
    The administration knows nothing of us Alaskans and our struggles, and murkowski is too ambiguous.
    We have the power!

  11. This is called leadership?
    Whew…….in less than 24 hours, insanity has permeated the White House. I already miss Trump.

  12. More reason why parents and grandparents should had already made a new budget reducing things parents thought they had to buy and own. This way a reduced more pricey lifestyle they can afford sending their children into a private school or teach themselves as a parent how to homeschool. when parents can’t protect their child, then who can? or who knows how when parents fail?

    • Sorry, Jen, but families will need an new budget just to survive. With ‘free’ money and new trade policies shipping our food and resources overseas, get ready for skyrocketing food and energy prices. Survival NOT ON THE GOVERNMENT DOLE should be the next goal as, same as Obama, this administration gloats about how many people they can force onto food stamps. Once you take the handout they own you, but that is their goal all along.

  13. Once again, I will remind all good Americans, keep the faith. One never knows what tomorrow will bring. You can’t deal with a snake without seeing the whole slimy serpent. Our President (I’m not talking about Biden) did not desert us. He is there, the military is there and lots of non rino conservatives are there. The final hand will soon be on the table. Do not lose faith. We will prevail.

    • Donald J Trump father remarked to their enemies when an enemy of him gloated over a setback and failure DJT faced. He said, ‘I bet on your ranch Donald comes back stronger than before.” Builders always continue building. If one tower got knocked over, if the plan was flawed and made a flawed creation, the builder will rebuild.

      Although in all reality iI believe Joe Biden is the 46th president, hopefully the Democrats or angry GOP Congress members don’t try to get rid of him to replace him with Vice President Harris. Biden has been wanting to be president since the 1980s, right? This is his dream come true, he just had to wait until my grandparents generation died cause they were smarter than Biden, and they saw through his shenanigans and didn’t want him as president.

    • ……but they love men dressed as women, women dressed as men, transexuals dressed as rock stars, women with beards, men who sashe’,
      children who’s parents are the same sex, and children who experiment with same-sex curiousity. ie. Democrats are freaks!

  14. This is exactly what we should expect from any democrat – “If you don’t vote for me you ain’t Black” or whatever identity is du jour. Identity politics is inherently divisive and racist (or whatever …ist). UNITY is for them another word whose meaning has changed – to “you lick my boots”.

    • It does seem like leftists hate women, as a previous commenter stated. The lack of concern for a woman’s privacy and dignity seems to confirm that. This stupid edict by democrats does not seem to correlate with the fairness and equal rights for women that the left constantly espouses.

  15. So the State of Alaska receives Federal funding.
    Is it a stretch to say I should be able to walk into the State office building in Juneau and as a man, use the women’s restroom?
    To prove a point obviously.

    • Yes. All you need to do is say that you identify as a woman or any other of the many pronouns that have been invented out of thin air. Isn’t this awesome?

  16. All women should decline for a year to participate in a sport and let those who identify as women have their fun. A team of 1 or 2 or maybe even zero will show how many biological men really want to compete against a person of equal biological builds. Today I identify as skinny but guaranteed no salesperson would take one look at me and take me to a size 2

    • Girls in high school will just stop as they know they won’t have a chance against to actually compete.
      As a father, all hopes of my daughter playing girls sports has just went out the window.

  17. This is the best first day news yet. You leftists, especially feminists are reaping what you’ve sown. I look forward to so much more of this type of action from 46.

  18. Suzanne love your site
    Thanks for taking a break you deserve it.

    As for all this stupid Sick stuff, It’s so wrong.

    Wait Joe’s this so called Christian man. Look at what he’s going to do with the abortion stuff more Sick Joe

  19. Wow, Joe the illegitimate president certainly wasted little time in correcting two wrongs that were at the forefront of concern of freedom loving Americans everywhere. First the Ordering of wearing masks on all Federal Lands at all times and then correcting the age old division of boys and girls in the restroom! Such courage! Such foresight!
    Lisa, Dan and Don, thank you for aiding china joe so that we can enjoy his enlightened leadership!

    • Is there a “statute of limitations” on federal money being used, i.e., Alaska Capitol? Ramona Barnes where are you when needed? 🙂

  20. Seen this post and just have to say one thing, there is an episode on the TV show South Park, that actually shows what kind of exploit this is LOL. I know that most people will not watch that show so I will give just a brief recap of what happens. In the show there is a character by the name of “strong woman “and it shows her training to compete in the women’s events of the olympics. A transgender enters the competition by the name of “Heather “who is actually macho Man Randy Savage. It shows just how a man can all of a sudden identify as transgender and then compete and Decimate women’s sporting events. I seen this just the other day and when Biden signed this in I was shellshocked because how serendipitous is that?

  21. There is a man ballerina who has been given ballerina principle role in the Pacific Northwest Ballet company based out of Seattle. I am not sure what to think about it. Hahahaha. Each to their own. Except the female ballerinas now have more competition for company positions and principle roles then when they just competed against another female. Eventually the unbalance will reveal its disastrous problems.

    But does a man have to be a homosexual to dance en pointe? A shoe is a shoe.
    Although I see culture has made masculinity bad and femininity good.

  22. Hold it! You mean there are actually some parents out there that object to having trannies and butches use the same bathrooms that our children use?
    Those parents just aren’t woke.

    • Just because they have a mental illness doesn’t mean that they are pedophiles. I wouldn’t want my kid to be around them either not because I’m afraid that something might rub off, but I just wouldn’t choose to let that happen the same as I wouldn’t want a cobra to be in a nursery.

  23. Why do 60% of women support the socialist democrats then complain about their policies? Did you not know who or what you were voting for?

  24. The illegal decrees of a Pedophile who stole the election with 13 million more votes than registered voters. Ignore it the Demented Pedo In Chief has no clothes

  25. I’ve noticed with teachers here in the Juneau school district that some have a “him/her” or “her/him” moniker behind their name. This lists their “born with” gender and how they identify today. So, one can morph back and forth between genders depending on how they feel or what they want. I believe they’ve taken inspiration from the Clownfish, which can readily change genders. Hence the name “Clown.”

  26. Look at the bright side!
    President Biden may have provided a golden opportunity to restore the quality of public education to what it was before addiction to federal funding made it what it is.
    Why not quit the addiction cold turkey?
    Why not, for example, refuse federal money, de-fund Alaska’s Department of Education and school boards, return money thus saved to local school leaders with the proviso that leaders are personally, financially, and publicly accountable for education outcomes?
    Rewards for good outcomes, termination with penalties for bad outcomes, total curricula transparency… why not?
    Sure and there’s the risk of producing generations of classically educated, literate, patriotic, employable Americans, secure in knowing which sports, restrooms, and locker rooms American culture expects them to use, secure in knowing they’ll never kneel to receive instruction from a Person In Government (PIG).
    So local taxes increase, places where they never paid taxes, they have to start, education industry union-management teams get starved out… it looks like President Biden just gave productive, decent Alaskans a once-in-a-lifetime excuse to create a world-class education system –not– addicted to federal funding.
    What have we got to lose?

  27. When I took the Abnormal and Deviant Behavior course at UAF the DSM defined gender confusion as a mental illness. Made sense then and still does.

  28. They are special. Haven’t you figured that out yet. They support the defund police movement yet they have police guarding their homes.
    They are special. The rules don’t apply to them. Only to us.

  29. I think yall need to get over this whole “trans women arent real women” thing like it’s really boring to hear that over and over again when literally science disagrees with you, social studies disagrees with you, and history disagrees with you. But I mean if yall wanna keep being literal snowflakes over what’s in another persons pants then go ahead. I’m just saying I’m pretty sure you’re making trans women feel more uncomfortable than theyre making you.

    • Right. All that they lack are the chromosomes and anatomy. Ever study David Reimer? I suggest research him. We each make personal choices and must live with the consequences (gosh, a novel idea unknown to liberals!). I don’t care what people do or how they live, but if I identify as Jack The Ripper today does not give me the right to impose my lifestyle upon you.

  30. Actually, Bree, science disagrees with YOU. No matter how many surgical procedures a person undergoes to mutilate himself /herself, or what he/she does to alter his/her physical appearances, his/her DNA remains the same as it was at the time he/she was conceived.

  31. Super frustrating. Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how big sex trafficking is becoming. Hypothetically speaking someone of the opposite gender does decided to enter a woman’s locker room with the wrong intent.. does that make it okay? It allows more accesses & incentive for a woman to get taken advantage of without any suspicion considering this is the new “norm” what IF this does happen? Then what? Will any unitive take place, or will it just get swept under the rug??

    • Sex and human trafficking has been “big” for eons. Human slaves are the currency used by the purveyors of evil throughout the world, but the magnanimity of the evil was brought into light by President Trump. The only way we will be able to cut the head off the snake so to speak is by purging the land of wicked rulers.

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