Too smart? Stutes kicks Rep. McCabe off Legislative Council


House Speaker Louise Stutes today reduced the political minority membership of the Joint Legislative Council. She removed Republican Rep. Kevin McCabe and put Democrat Rep. Neal Foster in his place.

There was no reason given, but observers say Stutes had earlier believed that as a freshman, McCabe would be a weak member for the Republicans. Instead, he has proven to do his homework, come to meetings prepared, asked good questions, and voted his conscience during an emergency meeting that was hastily called for last Thursday.

Stutes also removed herself from the Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, and removed Democrat Rep. Harriet Drummond from the Tribal Affairs Committee. She put Republican Rep. Laddie Shaw, a veteran, on the Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

Stutes removed herself from the joint Armed Services Committee, and plugged Democrat Rep. Chris Tuck into that slot.

Legislative Council is still dominated by Republicans, since all the seats in the Senate but one was assigned to a member of the Republican Majority.


  1. Rep Stutes is dangerous. She and Ivy Spohholtz(D) coordinated and delivered the unfounded attack of sexual harassment on Judge Johnstone during the Joint Session Confirmation hearings. Their allegations at the last minute on the Floor without the Judge’s chance of due process essentially killed his nomination for the Fish and Game Board. Stutes and Ivy are the epitomai’s of Cancel Culture.

  2. Kevin McCabe can’t be bought.
    Kevin McCabe is super smart.

    That’s the two things Stutes can’t match.

  3. This is how they do. There’s too much grift at stake. These people aren’t going to just lie down and let the people get the PFD or let the governor make cuts. What are you crazy? Follow the money. When you find the money trail leads to people, or corporations, there you go. When you find it leads to a non profit or “foundation”? Well then.. you’ll really know who calls the shots. Hint: it ain’t the electorate…

    • If the behavior you describe is not acceptable to you, what can you do to elect more people with the business behaviors you want?

      • Term limits would be a good start. But just more limited government in general. We have created a class that thinks they rule over, instead of work for, the electorate. Behind them, are those that fund them. Make the politicians less powerful and we will make their paymasters less powerful.

        The essential problem with government, is that about 1/2 the people in a society, want to live and let live, and another 1/2 want to be able to not just tell the other half how to live, but to force them to comply. That’s always going to be the tension. Best way to mitigate that is to reduce the potential power any one side can have over the other. The unfortunate reality though is, when ones side sole ideal, is the acquisition of power, then truly ANY means justifies the end. This is made even more difficult to strive a balance, is if the other side sees power as corrupting. You’ll have one side fighting to gain power, and one side trying to restrain itself just as much as it’s opposition. It’s truly fighting a battle with one arm tied behind your back.

    • He sounds like a smart and fair man. He just keep trekking the straight path, no compromising, and he’ll get his reward. Alaska need more people like that never leaving the straight road.

  4. McCabe has scrubbed his website of all the campaign promises he can’t keep including a full PFD with no new taxes. If Republicans control the legislative council there must be a reason he was removed other than Stutes

    • I wouldn’t be too quick to judge McCabe just yet. I saw him last Sunday and asked about his website; he never had one, but is working on completing it. He has a state email so far. Stutes is a loose cannon playing reindeer games because she is power hungry and she can get away with it.

    • McCabe was removed because he is sure to come prepared and will ask the hard questions. He is not the shrinking violet they expected and made waves on your behalf. This is the ONLY reason he was removed. His is a strong representative for his district and they should be proud and stand behind him. He has a difficult job and is fighting as hard as he can with what he has. If you want to rightfully ride someone, do so with well place ire in the laps of the Rino turncoats.

  5. List of accountability actions that we the people have as tools for speaking to these fools who “lead”us?
    Page 2
    Nothing written or known!
    We’re screwed

    • I disagree. I find Alaska legislators to be very accessible. Many legislators are reaching out to their constituents regularly and value calm productive conversations with idea sharing.

      Approach determines response.

  6. America is well on its way to the nationwide strikes, which happened in France and other countries.

  7. In your opinion, Is apathy to high for effective action? Anyone can express dissatisfaction by destroying the property of others. This is not effective. Are there enough people to take effective actions and achieve real change? What would those actions be?

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