With Rep. Jim Jordan out as Speaker, might this UAF alumnus score the seat?


Rep. Jim Jordan is officially off the ballot for Republicans in the U.S. House, when it comes to nominating a speaker.

Although he is popular throughout the country, the House Republican conference voted to drop him as a nominee after he failed to get enough votes for the third time on the House floor on Friday. Rep. Mary Peltola of Alaska voted for radical Democrat Hakeem Jeffries.

Before Jordan, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise also failed to get enough votes, and was pushed aside in favor of Jordan.

Now, three others are eyeing the Republican nomination.

One of them, Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota, has strong ties to Alaska. He has not formally announced he will seek the role as Speaker, but is rumored to be making calls about it.

Emmer is a former chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee and is the current majority whip. He is considered the most likely frontrunner if he does decide to run, and he has former Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s endorsement.

Emmer went to college at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where he also played collegiate hockey. He graduated with a B.A. in political science and went on to earn his law degree from the William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minn.

After practicing law for several years, he opened his own law firm. The next 20 years were spent balancing family, business, coaching hockey, and serving on the city councils and in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Emmer ran for governor of Minnesota and received an endorsement from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. He was beaten by Democrat Mark Dayton by less than one percentage points.

He still plays recreational hockey and recently led the “Lawmakers” team to a victory over the “Lobbyists” team in Washington, D.C., with three goals scored by Alaska’s own Truman Reed, who is a legislative aide on the Hill.

Also throwing their hats in the ring for Speaker are Oklahoma Rep. Kevin Hern and Louisiana’s Rep. Mike Johnson. Both Hern and Johnson are from resource development states and have strong pro-oil backgrounds. Both have fought against the Biden anti-American energy agenda.


    • No necessary funding will go forward, either. Being in a theater that somebody firebombs is a pretty lousy fate. In reality, the radical conservatives effectively handed the keys to the car to the Democrats to spite their own party.

  1. “After practicing law for several years, he opened his own law firm. The next 20 years were spent balancing family, business, coaching hockey, and serving on the city councils and in the Minnesota House of Representatives.”
    Waaaayyyyy too radical better pick someone safe like Hakeem or Nancy again or maybe mao tse tung you know someone who won’t ruffle democrat feathers…….Jesus wept.

  2. What we are seeing is the end of the Republican party.

    I will not mourn its passing. More then half the caucus has more in common with democrats. Their motto could be “Progressivism at 55 milers per hour”. Combine this with their three and only priorities: get reelected, grift off the donor class or any true believing fool, and war. For so long we were told “Where else are you going to go?” and ” If you don’t elect us…”. Well bullocks to that. Where have you been for what used to be known as conservative principles? Where have you been in defending the culture? Where are you when lawfare is waged against your constituents, some of whom have been kept in solitary confinement for misdemeanors for over three years?* I used to think you were cowardly and incompetent. It took me to realize you like things just the way the are. A pox on your House. I spit you out as you are lukewarm (Rev 3:16).

    * ‘https://www.zerohedge.com/political/1000-days-without-trial-jan-6-prisoner-shares-his-story-endurance-perseverance-and-hope

    • You grouse a lot, but offer ZERO constructive ideas – you don’t like what is going on, get involved friend. I did, and the best thing we have available is the Republican Party. Keeping it from grousers and trolls is a lot of work, but try we must. Complaining, especially with the bitterness you exhibit, is fruitless and a waste of everyone’s time. Get involved. Help us make it better. Did you even vote this month? I thought so – an armchair sniper who can’t be bothered to vote because he’s so full of hate… That’s why we lost bozo – because YOU didn’t vote.
      The Alaska GOP has a great platform (I chaired that committee in the 2022 Convention) – making it work in a divided Congress is challenging. We must never give up. I see a thin point of light on the eastern horizon – the beginning of a predawn glow. It’s not morning in America, not yet, but I can see it coming.

      • 1-you have no idea what he may or may not be involved in. First mistake.

        2-you didn’t (couldn’t) refute his points. Second mistake.

        3-you assume he didn’t vote. Third mistake.

        4-you assume the Alaska GOP has done anything to earn votes besides being socialist lite. It hadn’t. Fourth mistake.

        5-you assume the national GOP has done anything to earn votes. It hasn’t. In fact the clown show Gaetz put in motion is likely gonna cost votes. You bozos (your word) are proving in real time the GOP is currently incapable of governing. Fifth mistake.

        6-you admit to being a part of the poop show of 2022 that epically blew the midterms. 6th mistake.

        7-you display an arrogance and butt hurt indicating you can’t or won’t learn from the metric ton of mistakes the GOP makes daily. 7th mistake.

        If you want to understand why the GOP is held in low regard, start with finding a mirror.

      • You don’t know jack about me, but you sure want to tell me about it. So typical among the rank and file GOP- just like the democrats. You have no idea about what the American people actually think other then your projections. It would be pitiful if it wasn’t so destructive.

        I worked in the republican party for over 25 years. Treasure, sweat and much time. Also, I voted last month. And contacted the candidates beforehand, submitted questions to them, then told my church men’s group about their responses. But continue to tell me republican man about that which you know nothing of.

        Constructive ideas? First stop feeding this system and much as you can. Find a God affirming, Christ centered church and serve there. Strive for food security. Homeschool- or if you have already as my wife and I have- help with your knowledge to other homeschooling families by teaching or tutoring. Get married. Stay married. Have many children. This is a generational war and it will take a generation to heal. Also, leftists have a hard time procreating hence their propensity to groom others children. Do not watch any corporate media / state propaganda. Find independent media sources. Verify them by your own research. Drastically cut down on all screen time. Read books. Share the great works of art of the Western tradition in literature, painting, film, photography, ect with others- esp. young people. Stay on the sunny side in your relations with others around you. It is a hard world right now and a kind word or gesture goes far. Create as many parallel structures as you can in your community that do not involve the state.

        “[The parallel society] began in spontaneous acts of mutual self-defense in different parts of society. Those who take part are active people who can no longer stand to look passively at the general decay…rigidity, bureaucracy, and suffocation of every living idea or sign of movement in the official sphere. And because these people sooner or later recognized that efforts to bring about the slightest improvements in the official sphere were exercises in futility, it was only a matter of time before they said: Why not invest our talents, abilities, goodwill, and enthusiasm into something that no one will be able to corrupt, that we will be able to decide about ourselves in the end.”
        ~Ivan Jirous, Parallel Polis: An Inquiry

    • Rev 3:16 is talking about the church of Laodicea. Some people say the churches is acting as Laodicea. It can be just the society. I look at further from a self accountability examination what condition is the person. If you notice the conservatives become Luke warm, it’s more likely the society we live the generations are acting as the Laodicea church described in revelation chapter three.

      America has been walking away from the roots that held up this nation for a long time. Its history has had crisis because of it had lapses in faithfulness to God. Christians through America’s history have prayed during such crisis for revivals during times when society became wholly depraved and immoral, when that generation questioned can America survive. Back then those revivals were to God’s own glory that he turned peoples hearts back to him.

      The generations today (millennials, Boomers, GenX, and even Gen Z) a lot of Americans not only Democrats but also Republicans not only leftists but also moderates, Conservatives had not grown up under a honest household who read God’s Word and understood it to teach it into their next generation. Learn to give a little God’s grace to those Conservative and Republican leaders like the Alex Keaton’s from Family Ties who grew up not in a Christian home, however have developed Republican and Conservative values because of they don’t know any better. Just as Rich Thorne as well as leaders at the ACLJ say the Republican leadership have to work together. If you -leaders- don’t know God’s Word then you will act like a grouse and troll and we will be lacking discernment to which one of us we elevate representing us and he’ll not only respect the things of God but also the things of America.

  3. As soon as the new Regime took power they begin arresting and incarcerating Americans on trumped-up charges; turning misdemeanors into felonies in a demonstration of their control and power. Their ongoing extra-judicial persecutions against J6ers and Trump are a show of force and a signal that Constitutional protections do not apply to the Regime’s political opposition. In fact, in this process the Constitution itself is subverted. The Regime enacts the the powers of a totalitarian government and destroys the underpinnings of the economy, social cohesion, as well as nullifying the liberties that protect American citizens.

    To date, the American people have allowed the conquest of their country to continue unabated. The supposed opposition party has no intention of interfering with the ongoing deconstruction and looting of our country and the termination of our Constitutional Republic for a totalitarian state ruled by global elites and their paid puppets.

  4. “What we are seeing is the end of the Republican party.
    I will not mourn its passing…….”
    I suspect you will. Did you notice what happened when the Pharisees were finally done away with? Titus completely destroyed Jerusalem, he renamed the place ‘Palestine’, and the tribe of Judah was scattered throughout the Earth for two thousand years. So if the Republican Party dies, start practicing life in a Democrat world. No brakes. No steering wheel. And remember to thank Matt and gang.

    • You seem to assume the death of the GOP will make this a one party system. Granted, it pretty much is now, but I see that as an incorrect assumption.

      If the GOP dies, something will take its place. The ideals won’t die, just find a new home with people better suited to push them. Political parties die or evolve naturally. The Whigs became Republicans (mostly). The Democrats kept the name but abandoned the principles they claim to stand for.

      As you pointed out, the GOP clown show lead by that idiot Gaetz has thrown the House into turmoil.

      In my opinion we the people will be better served without the current GOP as it is constituted.

    • I have no problem with “Pharisees were finally done away with?” Christ did not. (Matthew 23)

      > So if the Republican Party dies, start practicing life in a Democrat world. No brakes. No steering wheel.

      That’s the snake oil the republican party has sold for three generations, if not more. And there was a time that was true. Look at your party now.


  5. The Republicans threaten to shutdown the government, thereby causing thousands of employees to go without pay. Yet they, on the other hand, gridlock the House so that nothing can be accomplished while continuing to receive full pay and benefits.

    How sick is that?

  6. Now the Republicans just need to show up for the vote. What was assigned under the last speaker would been for naught if republicans went home for the weekend missing vote giving the speaker position to a democrat

  7. Rep. Emmer has 2 paths:

    1) Govern from an extreme hard-right position: ban abortion, impeach Biden, bring bills to the floor overturning legal contraception and banning gay marriage.

    2) Govern by consensus, pass bills popular with 60% of the US electorate that can pass the Senate and be singed into law, then wait for the death threats and the GOP coup to ensue.

    At some point rational conservatives will have to understand that they need to run the country, not obey the 30% of the electorate who scream fraud and deepstaye everytime they don’t get their way.

    The temper tantrum wing of the GOP is outvoted. The death threat wing of the MAGA people are outvoted. Time to grow up and govern.

    • 33 T in debt. 8% interest. 6% inflation. The people you call “rational” are the ones bankrupting the country, not because they are afraid to stand up to the Dems, but because they are getting a piece of the back end just like the Dems. 60% of the country is not for more money to Ukraine and 1T interest only payments on the debt in perpetuity.

  8. Distraction after distraction…all criminal leaders should be prosecuted by now. Biden should be impeached and tried for crimes against humanity by now. Everyone knows “The Big Guy” received millions in bribe money via pay to play schemes with Hunter and the rest of the Biden Crime Family.

    Biden Crime Family is no different than the Clinton Foundation other than Clinton Foundation has corrupt 501c status.

    Obama – “I will fundamentally change America” is the worst crime family leader in our history.

    All of these corrupt leaders and many, many more got fat off of tax payer money. Including Fauci who violated ethics laws, gain of function laws, etc. but nothing happens.

    As long as the corrupt stay in power, We the People will continue to suffer! The corrupt are so embolden that helplessly watching this all play out I wake up every day feeling like we are all stuck in the Twilight Zone!

    Any rational human being knows we are ALL BEING PLAYED by the corrupt appointed politicians. The billion dollar question is how do we fix this mess?

  9. someone needs to rein in the class clowns. who has time for social media if they are supposed to be running the country. there should be a minimum requirement of some sort before these ass hats make it to Washington. if it wasn’t so painful to watch the destruction of a unipolar power at such a critical time t would be laughable. vote out the idiots and social media attention seekers, keep that for “the apprentice” crowd

  10. Emmer is the reason republicans completely flopped in the midterms on the house level. A good conservative will never be speaker because the backroom in DC is completely corrupt. What was the reason Jim Jordan was rejected? Nobody explains because there was a lot of talk behind closed doors. The congressional republicans are complete scumbags, and the uni-party will never take this country to the promise land.

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