Who’s the most popular Republican in America?


In a third-quarter 2023 poll published by YouGov.com, former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger came out on top as the most popular Republican in America.

The poll measured both the fame of the Republican’s name, and the person’s popularity. In the fame category, Schwarzenegger was a 95 out of 100. In popularity, he ranked a 58. Following on his heels was former President Donald Trump, who also was a 95 in the fame category, and scored 42% in the popularity category.

Coming in third was former President George W. Bush, who scored 97% in the fame category, and 40% in the popularity category.

Ben Carson, the neurosurgeon who visited Anchorage last month, was fourth. He was 80% in the fame category and 40% in the popularity category.

Following up after Carson is the late Sen. Bob Dole, and then Sen. Ted Cruz, followed by Henry Kissinger, Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sen. Tim Scott, and Sen. Rand Paul.

Sarah Palin, former governor and former vice presidential and congressional candidate, was 13th on the list.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski was 71st on the list. She and Palin were the only ones who were on the list of the most well-known and popular Republicans from Alaska. The last on the list is Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming, at 112. The entire list is at this link.

To see who the most popular Democrats in America are, check out this YouGov link.


  1. What a garbage culture we live in if Kristallnacht Arnie is anywhere near the top. (I wonder what your father did during ww2 Arnie?) He is a mouthpiece for the regime, war pig, and adulterer.

    Also, YouGov? Seriously? Any self selecting poll is worthless. You run too much hard news (and do it very well) to bottom feed like this MRAK. This is what corporate media does.

    • Arnold has been quite active decrying Nazis, denouncing hate, and encouraging and human compassion. If your best response is to insult his father’s activity from 80 years ago, it’s your father who is the bigger failure.

      • He has encouraged war, disparaged the innocent, all to consume it unto his flesh as he looks to receive the accolades of the world while dishonoring his family. That is who you attempt to honor.

        And if the world seeks to disparage me, as you do, I care not. Begone from me.

        “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”
        ― Augustine of Hippo

  2. Arnold “screw your freedoms” Schwarzenegger is no republican…….it’s sad that in this day and age he’s even considered as one. Cheat on your wife….encourage vaxxxination……be an immigrant…..seems like he’s directly out of left field to me.

    • Your fallacy of attacking him and his immigrant status is sad. I will agree with the “screw your freedom” and pro Vax stance, stupid thing to do and say by him. And yet, how many did that?

  3. The two most popular Republicans among conservatives are Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. Here’s what Justice Thomas wrote in his concurring opinion overturning Roe:

    “ In future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell. Because any substantive due process decision is “demonstrably erroneous,” we have a duty to “correct the error” established in those precedents.”

    Justice Thomas is not beholden to swing voters, so he can day what conservatives truly think: its time to overturn and ban things that conservatives dislike.

    Alito is a conservative hero for his majority writing on Brnovicj vs. DNC, in which he essentially kills the Voting Rights Act, and sets the stage for a 2024 victory in which 76,000,000 GOP voters will establish dominion over 90,000,000 Dem and Independent voters.

    Democracy is not the future of American governance. A conservative minority of 38-46% of the electorate is entrenched to hold power and to prevent more popular movements from interrupting the status quo. After 2024, the military and the federal executive branch will be co-opted into the GOP political machine, and elections will not be necessary. Straw polls of GOP voters and donors will decide who sits in state Capitols and the White House, and the Democratic party will have as much political power as thw Whigs.

    This is all thanks to Alito and Thomas. Trump will be in the White House from 2024 until his death, at which point a 7-2 conservative SCOTUS will appoint the next POTUS to a term unbound by popular election. Single party rule is coming soon, and liberals ans Democrats will have no voice, no vote, and will be driven out of their careers, homes, and eventually, existence.

    • If one wants to know what progressives are planning, pay attention to what they accuse others of.

      A classic case in point right here.

      • Agreed. This guy sadly has indoctrinated his brain out of existence. 76M GOP and 90M Dem voters? Out of all the research I read, theres no more than 120M registered voters in America! There’s some Marxist math for ya!

    • “…….The two most popular Republicans among conservatives are Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito……..”
      Hear! Hear! And Scalia, their mentor, was a huge loss to the conservative ideology when he passed away (God Bless His Soul).

    • “Democracy is not the future of American governance.” …true enough because America is a Constitutional Republic NOT a democracy. But the simple minded (liberals and Democrats) keep insisting otherwise. Maybe these underground authoritarians who applaud mob rule (aka pure democracy) would feel much differently if the votes didn’t go their way or couldn’t be manipulated to appear to go their way. Sure, citizens get to vote BUT the things they get to vote on have constitutional constraints and limitations that recognize our fundamental human rights. That’s why we can’t vote to enslave people again, as much as the Democrats (the party of slavery and Jim Crow) would like that. The best they’ve been able to do to regain Master status over their former subjects is to wrap them in the chains of welfare and government dependence using the money they stole from the rest of us. Unfortunately Jimmy has his predictions all wrong…it’s the disgusting Democrats who’ve already taken over our government and disenfranchised the conservative majority and it’s not the GOP political machine controlling things – it’s the electronic voting machines. Vote your conscience and feed your ballot into the machine and what comes out is determined by the invisible code running in the background (that we can’t inspect because it’s Intellectual Property). Any junior coder could write code that would tell the voter that his vote was accurately tabulated, even to spit out a receipt, when, in fact, it might have been ignored or modified any way the machine was programmed to do it. The only thing we need to know to throw the entire system into question is that we’re not allowed to see the code! You know the saying…if you don’t have anything to hide then why are you hiding things?

  4. Another phoney poll. Don’t believe what you read. Anyone can throw a poll out there on any given day and manipulate the results to whatever they want as an outcome. Arnold Schwarzenegger is an ego maniac who has a pretty low IQ. But he was a famous bodybuilder and a action movie star. There are a lot of stupid people out there that think this combination puts him in the category of Einstein. I wouldn’t trust Arnold in the same room as a 13-year old house cleaner from Mexico.

      • Among how many others? The stories go that when he wasn’t posing in his bodybuilding bikini and shooting massive quantities of steroids, he was porking everything on Santa Monica Beach.

        • That comment flies but mine doesn’t? Screw your freedoms, and the domestics. Everyone knows Arnold pre-bunked the housekeeper.

          • Schwarzenegger was then, and is now, a egomaniacal, self-embellished, body-builder who cannot get over himself. His heart is in his biceps and his brain is in his gluteus maximus. And he’s a pissed off American knowing well that he can never run for President because he was born on foreign soil. ……….just like Obama.

    • I actually met Arnie back in the 1980’s. I can’t remember ever meeting anyone else who had a larger ego than Schwarzenegger. His personna just boomed……..”I’m full of myself.”
      He actually thinks that he is the greatest human being to ever walk on the planet.

  5. Figures. Simple people like shiny things.

    Arnold is in the Bill Walker school of alleged Republicanism.

  6. What a weird and sad list.
    I read through the entire list, and it’s a sad testament to our times.

    As our most Liberal and back stabby governor, Sarah is only on there because she calls herself a Republican, even though she’s proved many times over that she is not one….

    • Queen Sarah has a sizable following outside. They believe the hype, not having lived the experience.

      GOP jock sniffers like Hannity helped the hype.

  7. “Screw your freedom’: Schwarzenegger calls out anti-vaxxers. Arnold Schwarzenegger called anti-maskers “schmucks” in a powerful interview where he railed against Covid-19 deniers.” Arnold’s authoritarian side peeks out as he demonstrates his misunderstanding of the Covid scamdemic. Understandable, I guess, when you’re fully immersed in the government/media fueled fear porn environment of Communist California. Fear is a powerful motivator. When you’ve become convinced that every unvaccinated, unmasked citizen you stumble across is a deadly threat to your life it’s easy to understand how you’d support draconian measures. Arnold and many other so called conservatives were just one step away from supporting forced vaccination…or, maybe, they did support it but just couldn’t implement it this time. Do you think that Arnold can now identify a bit closer with his former countrymen who fell in line behind the Nazis out of fear of consequences? Probably not and he likely feels completely justified in calling for the suspension of our right to control our own bodies to his imagined benefit.

    • If they believe in the vaccine, then they have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated.

      Notice their facial reaction when You tell them. lol

      • Arnold has had many heart surgeries. Quadruple bypasses. Most of it due to radical steroid use from the 70’s and 80’s. One more vaxx will probably kill him off.

  8. This should have been a popularity poll for the big government, pro-war, uni-party but I guess that’s the same thing as Republican.


    Schwarzenegger Told Americans ‘Screw Your Freedom,’ Now He Thinks He’s Still Got a ‘Home’ in the GOP.

  10. The untold story in this article/poll is how unpopular Republicans are as compared to Democrats. Take a look for yourself.

    I don’t know when enough data is enough to show that the current trajectory/plan/message is not working.

    Kamala Harris is more popular than than Donald Trump according to this. Time to rethink things.

  11. “……Sarah Palin, former governor and former vice presidential and congressional candidate, was 13th on the list.
    Sen. Lisa Murkowski was 71st on the list……….”
    LOL. I hope that chaps Murkowski’s seat.

    • Why would it bother her? She has been an established far leftist ever since daddy’s political mortal sin of extreme nepotism.

  12. Is that just based on Schwarzeneggar movies popularity or Californias state policies and direction during his Governorship. I can’t really believe the survey people would really put Schwarzenegger, who has been out of the limelight, him over Donald Trump. Is this just to get people away from talking about Trump to talk about someone who was popular culture.

  13. This is classic propaganda. This a attempt to make Americans think we as a whole are this stupid. We are not!!!

  14. President Donald J Trump remains the cool number one conservative in this nation regardless iof inappropriate, mysteriously politically motivated lawfare.

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