In Los Angeles, Jews are arming themselves, in response to Hamas orders to kill



“There’s another order coming from Hamas to kill the Jews. I happen to be Jewish, and I don’t want to be killed.”

That’s the succinct explanation Joshua, a doctor in Los Angeles, gave for why he decided to buy his first gun this week.

He’s far from alone. New owners and trainers alike described scenes of gun stores and safety classes full of Jewish Americans hoping to protect themselves from the kind of slaughter that played out on Oct. 7 when Hamas terrorists streamed over the border into Israel and ruthlessly slaughtered more than 1,400 men, women, and children.

“I was at a local gun store a couple of days ago, where my wife was doing her firearms training test, and it was full,” Joshua, who–like several others who spoke to The Reload for this story–did not want his real name revealed in large part due to safety concerns, said. “There was a line outside to get in for people to do their tests, or buy firearms, or practice on the range. And I would say it was 90% Jewish people and Israelis.”

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  1. I DON’T BLAME THEM ONE BIT! I never understood why most Jewish people vote Democratic after how they were treated in Germany. I am also puzzled that they would choose to rarely arm themselves.

  2. According to Dave Rubin, who lives in Miami, this is also happening there. Jews are buying guns for self protection.

  3. American citizens arming themselves to exercise their natural human right to Life (AKA not getting murdered by some Muslim refugee we welcomed with open arms and are probably paying for) is a call to arms for the rulers of California. The only thing worse to a California liberal than seeing guns in private hands is the death of a downtrodden refugee who was just living the American Dream, exercising his/her/its Free Speech and Assembly rights to ransack Jewish owned businesses and homes to protest conditions in countries they fled at their first opportunity.

    • Riddle me this… Which president banned bump stocks after the Los Vegas shooting via executive order? Which president also proclaimed to take the guns first and leave the investigation for later regarding red flag laws? I’ll give you a hint, he lost the popular vote in 2016, and lost the election as a whole in 2020.

      • So… we had one President that did not fully support the 2nd Amendment.
        And, how many democrat President, Senator, Representatives, Mayor, Governor, and City/State legislator are actively seeking to disarm every law abiding and responsible American?
        Let’s add them up and find out which political party supports individual rights, shall we?

    • If they are Jewish, there is better than a 50% probability they vote D without even checking the name of the candidate.

    • Trying to build some “gun guy” cred there Greg?
      You know what else it looks like? Practically every gun based on the 1911 ever made.
      Not working. Everyone sees right through it. Would have been better if you never commented at all.

  4. I’m not a Jew but you can bet I’m always CCW. Good for them, exercising their 2nd Amendment.

  5. There are over a dozen reasons why many are saying that Israel must have given a stand-down order to let Hamas get through the fence without any opposition for 6 hours on purpose. Even extremely pro-Israel Charlie Kirk said it.

    The battalions protecting the Israelis were removed just before the attack.

    And ISRAEL TOOK THE GUNS away from the Israelis living in the Gaza envelope, using the excuse that they were being stolen. So the Israelis couldn’t defend themselves when Hamas attacked.

    Charlie Kirk said “the country was separating.” Mass demonstrations were taking place, protesting Netanyahu’s policies. This event, which is clearly a false flag, brought the Israelis together in hatred of Hamas, and is fueling a lot of hate now in the US.

    Bill Clinton tried to bomb Gadaffi after he was caught with Monika Lewinsky to distract.

    Netanyahu has been facing possible prison time too for corruption charges.

    Israel actually disarmed the Israelis, prohibiting them from defending themselves and their families, one of the many coincidences that happened at the same time to let Hamas run amuck without anyone doing ANYTHING for 6 to 12 hours! Helicopters didn’t even come!

    Even Lt. General Michael Flynn said there had to be “some type of stand down order given.”

    Part of it was taking away the guns.

      • It’s called Brandolini’s law, and it’ also known as the BS asymmetry principle.

        Brandolini’s law states “The amount of energy needed to refute BS is an order of magnitude bigger than that needed to produce it.”

      • Rich Thorne,

        I don’t mind *at all* being asked about sources, asking for documentation is good, but suggesting Alaskans are slandering, having malicious intent before simply asking can itself be slander, and doesn’t help Alaskans communicate.

        I was reporting what I heard Israelis themselves report. Many are shocked that the invasion could have happened at all. One Israeli, Efrat Fenigson is a former IDF soldier, who is now an independent journalist on X (Twitter) and Substack. She loves Israel, and is aghast at what happened. I posted her video on my website.

        Now, Israelis are afraid to say anything because they’re being told they may be *imprisoned* for saying anything that could hurt moral (unified pro-war mentality) if a proposed emergency legislation is passed.

        Israel does NOT have a First or Second Amendment. Here’s what I’ve today found, while looking for a news report:

        Nationwide, only about 2% of Israelis are allowed to have pistols with a max of 50 rounds; even though, all Israelis, men and women have been soldiers, trained in weaponry.

        If I was able to edit what I said above, I would say “the rifles” were taken away “from the security teams,” who were assigned to protect the Israeli residents. The army battalions had been recently relocated to Samaria and to guard an Israeli official in another Arab region, according to Efrat Fenigson, which sounds like it was very recent, but I haven’t heard exactly when.

        Some have likened this to the US removing our troops from the North Korean border.

        Only these security teams were left, most only having pistols. Many of the Israeli residents probably had no weapons at all. It doesn’t seem like Hamas were being fired at from inside homes when they went house to house, in the videos I’ve seen.

        I found this article, which was posted today, 10/22/23:
        “Ben Gvir says 10,000 assault rifles purchased for civilian security teams”

        It now says, after Hamas’ successful invasion: 10,000 rifles, helmets and body armor are to be distributed to the •security teams• in towns close to Israel’s borders.

        So the security teams that were all who were left to defend the Israelis from Hamas, may not have had helmets and bulletproof vests too. They and the residents really were sitting ducks.

        As to the timing of when the rifles were taken away, the Times article says: “Approximately three years ago, the IDF began taking away firearms….” And one member of a Gaza perimeter security team said “recently”:

        “The IDF took our rifles *recently*, they left us with just a few. We repelled a Hamas commando terror cell with just pistols.”

        So Israel recently removed and relocated the IDF forces (I’ve heard ‘battalions’) who were stationed at the Gaza perimeter, which is why we can see Hamas walking among many Israeli tanks lined up side-by-side, unopposed.

        And Israel “recently” removed the rifles from the security guards who were assigned to protect the Israeli citizens.

        So this run on guns in the US now was caused in part by Israel partially disarming some its own citizens who were among those allowed to have guns.

    • It may have been the same group that bombed the world trade center towers and used the jets as a distraction…..
      AND Bill Clinton didnt get “caught with Monica”. He was actually showing her off in hopes that Hillary would fly the coop so He wouldnt have to listen to her ragging him for spending so much time with his golfing Buddy on Epsteins Island.
      What are the other 11 reasons?

      • Andy,

        I put together this list of 18 points which show Israel must have let this attack happen on purpose to bring about the desired result:

        • Egypt warned Israel the attack was coming, 3 days prior
        • Former IDF soldiers have reported in videos (which I’ve posted) that breaching the fence is impossible without being detected. The fence even has subsurface detectors. Hamas was even able to go back through with hostages many hours later
        • IDF forces didn’t arrive to help those attacked until 6-8 HOURS later. No helicopters, nothing!
        • Israelis’ cellphones were working to call for help [BBC Hamas Attack Survivor video 10/13/23, Maya Alper – a Nova Festival Massacre Survivor w/ Efrat Fenigson 10/20/23]
        • IDF battalions had just been removed from the Gaza strip to other areas
        • Within the last 3 years, Israel took the rifles from Gaza envelope Israeli security teams, which they’re only now reversing (Times of Israel, 10/10/23 “..10,000 Assault Rifles Purchased…”). Israel has no 2nd Amendment
        • Israeli news didn’t report the event until 12 hours after it started
        • Hamas released video footage three weeks before the attack of their exact plan (Efrat Fenigson on X, 10/11)
        • Hamas prepared for the attack in open air for over a year
        • MOSSAD intelligence is the best in the world, had many agents and informants in Gaza
        • Patrick Bet-David asks Charlie Kirk (PBD Podcast, Ep. 314): Was this Netanyahu’s “get out of jail card” so “his legacy can be ‘he eliminated Hamas,’ … because the world [now] gave us permission to do so?” Kirk: “The whole country is a fortress … I find this very hard to believe. I’ve been to that Gaza border … The country was separating.” Netanyahu’s support in Israel was tanking — an approval rating of only 27%. Hundreds of thousands have protested in the streets for six months his extreme reform plan to eliminate the judicial branch of government, and he’s been facing corruption charges and possible prison time. Israel also have force-vaccinated ALL citizens. When Bill Clinton was caught with Monica Lewinsky, he bombed Gaddafi to distract, striking a pharmaceutical factory instead. Charlie Kirk: “There were protests planned this week against Netanyah…. That’s all gone,’Patrick. Netanyahu now has an emergency government and a mandate to lead.”
        • Netanyahu is on video (which I have) telling Israelis that America is easy to push around. He’s a major liar, lying about Iran having nukes 7 times since 1992, and Israel’s nukes, which they deny they have
        • MOSSAD’s former motto was: “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”
        • Israel was the main country involved in our 9/11 attack (, after which Americans were willing to launch reverse-Christian wars (overt and covert) that regime-changed Israel’s neighbors
        • General Michael Flynn said on 10/11/23 he believes there was “some type of stand down order given.” (AMPNews video)
        • US Rep. Michael McCaul’s official statement as chairman of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee on 10/11/23: EGYPT DID WARN ISRAEL of Hamas attack; PLANNED as long as A YEAR ago. We don’t know how Israel missed it. “A failure of intelligence”
        • Even a famous rabbi says the attack was an ‘inside job’ (Steven Ben-Nun, Israeli News Live 10/10/23)
        • 10/15/23 Haaretz: “Likud Minister Formulates Emergency Regulations to Imprison Citizens Who ‘Harm National Morale’”. They’re striking fear into Israelis who “spread information” about the stand-down

    • Netanyahoo was facing fierce political blowback for his corruption & judicial policies before the Hamas attack. While BiBi is certainly Jewish, he is a sleazy politician first and as such would never let a crisis go to waste, hence the inexplicable delay in responding to the attack. The current crisis may keep him around for a short time, but the handwriting is on the wall – Israelis are pissed off at his corruption and ineptitude. Remember, Egyptian intelligence has stated that they warned the Israelis three days before of “something big coming out of Gaza”.

    • Jews scared for their lives are fear mongers?

      Please elucidate. This should be interesting.

      Also, the Reload is a publication covering gun culture. It has, at best, a passing affiliation with the NRA.

      You’re really not good at trolling. May I suggest something more your speed? Say the McDonalds drive through.

    • Fear mongering.
      Well, when a video doorbell captures someone shouting anti-Sematic things at homes owned by Jews, one might think… “maybe there is something to be afraid of here.”
      And, when the leaders of various muslim nations call for the extermination of Jews… One might be justified in being a bit afraid.
      When protestors in NY and, well pretty much every other city in the US, show nazi symbology, and change “Gas the Jews…” one could be forgive for being a bit fearful.

    • Perhaps you should organize a rally to support Hamas in your neighborhood like Talib and half of our nations Woke Universities are doing now that the indoctrinated idiots dont have to pay back loans.
      It would be interesting to see how many in your community would show up to support this radical bunch.

    • The president of a Detroit synagogue was killed outside her home. Said synagogue had been under threat since Hamas began their butchery.

      An unhinged professor at UC-Davis threatened “Zionist journalists” saying their hone addresses can be found and they should “fear us more” on Twitter. Then ended it with ax and knife emojis.

      A instructor with (possibly formerly with) Art Institute of Chicago when on Twitter to call Israelis “pigs, savages, and irredeemable excrement”. Ended it by saying they should all “rot in hell”

      And those are examples I know of. I could find 1000s more if I tried.

      Fear mongering my backside.

        • Says the individual who could not wait to be first in line for the COVID shot.
          What was that, rational self interest? Please… turn that critical eye toward your own behavior before you use it on others.

          • I was afraid. People were dying all around me. Many my friends. 5 shots later I’m still afraid, but not as much as in 20-21. I’m not afraid of you though. People too afraid to use their own name are pussycats. Hide under porches. Nothings.

        • You were afraid.
          And, you still are, despite your advice to the opposite.
          What happened to “you are afraid only if you allow yourself to be.”
          Or does that only apply to others?

  6. Terrifying and angering that they have to be so threatened but maybe they will think twice now for whom they vote for, not to mention the dark political road too many Jewish American citizens have chosen. Leftists are not their friend.

  7. I’m good with arming oneself against our own homegrown criminals, and now we must prepare for the middle Eastern immigrant terrorists. Of course, one does not become a shottist merely by acquiring a firearm, just as one does not become a musician by bringing home a piano. One needs to find a competent coach and make time for solid practice sessions, and then to seek out more coaching and regular practice sessions. Becoming proficient with a handgun will not be as difficult for most people as learning to play the piano, but do not cut corners in training. Unintended bullet wounds will be more troublesome than bungling a piano recital. Finally, the 10th Amendment declares that the federal government has no authority whatsoever in this business.

  8. As a young kid I watched the documentary World at War. I believe it’s now called WWII in Color. I watched film of the Jews being herded like cattle into the cattle cars and sent off to the gas chambers. I said never would that happen to me. I prepared long ago. Hopefully the Jews arm themselves to history won’t repeat itself.

  9. The folly of group identity. The American identity is the individual. This is the land of opportunity and each person has value. What has value is worth protecting. Expect the best from people, but be prepared for the worst. A 9mm is the tool of equality.

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